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There are numerous Benefits of Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. Nutritionists, medical professionals, and our parents have been telling us for years to eat fruits and vegetables. The problem for many of us is that we

tend to put our health needs last. If we do eat some fruits and vegetables throughout the day, chances are that we’ve fallen short of our daily requirements. Juicing allows you the ability to consume many more fruits and vegetables throughout the day in a much faster, more efficient manner. For example it would take a large portion of our day to eat the following: Apples, Oranges, Celery, Kale, Lettuce, Wheatgrass, Carrots, Berries etc. If you were to Juice the above fruits and vegetables you would be able to consume them much faster than eating them whole. If you enjoy eating some of these fruits and vegetables whole then do so. Juicing is flexible and you should incorporate it into your diet however you want. What are the Benefits of Juicing?

What are the Benefits of Juicing?   

Abundant in nutrients Quick nutrient absorption-bodies experience the health benefits of Juicing quicker Juicing fruits and veggies is more effective than eating them whole since most of the fiber is separated from the plant, allowing you the ability to consume more fruits and vegetables Juicing preserves nutrients more effectively than cooking does

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Juice is 100% natural so there is no need to read labels Juicing is more efficient, allowing you to eat more varieties of fruits and veggies; this is an excellent way to receive the many varied benefits of each fruit and veggie Easier to consume your daily recommended allowance of fruits and veggies Most of the vitamins and minerals we need are in fruits and vegetables The abundant enzymes found in Juice helps to break down solid foods allowing your body to make better use of the food Less taxing on your digestive system Stronger immune system-helps fight common colds, flu, run down feeling Disease prevention-The Medical Benefits of Juicing are: Can help diabetics reduce their reliance on medications Increases heart health Destroy cancer cells Weight loss Detoxifies/cleanses your body of harmful toxins Anti-Aging-improved cellular function, detoxifies your skin and is good for hair and nails Juice doesn’t have the chemicals associated with processed foods Juice contains sufficient phytochemicals that are found in plant products Increased metabolic rate, increased energylLevels Improved alkalinity- a more PH balanced body can help with acid reflux and ulcers

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Benefits of Juicing Explained: Faster Nutrient Absorption - Juicing fruits and vegetables allows our bodies to absorb

the nutrients found in carrots, spinach, tomatoes, melons and peppers into our bloodstream faster. This allows our bodies to experience the benefits of Juicing quicker. Some of the nutrients in fresh vegetable and fruit Juice (including vitamins and minerals) are natural and very potent. There are live enzymes and trace elements in fresh Juices that are only found in plants. One of the health benefits of Juicing is the small amount of digestion needed to absorb these nutrients. This means you can get the benefit of vitamins and minerals from many different varieties of vegetables without having to eat them. It becomes easy to get the required amount of vegetable nutrients when the vegetables are Juiced. If at all possible, try to Juice organic fruits and vegetables only. This will reduce the amount of harmful toxins entering your body. Another benefit of Juicing is reducing the amount of fiber ingested into your body. It is believed that agrochemical residues get stored in the plant fiber, and when it is Juiced, the toxins along with the fiber are almost completely discarded.

Easier Intake of Healthy Nutrients - Many of us struggle to take in our daily

recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Juicing affords you the opportunity to consume many more fruits and vegetables daily. You can drink 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables in just a couple of minutes, whereas eating them would take much longer. Increased Metabolic Rate - The enzymes extracted from fresh vegetable and fruit Juices

help to increase our body’s metabolic rate. This in turn, helps the body burn calories faster, promoting weight loss. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable Juice regularly can help counteract the unwanted weight gain that can be brought about by stress. Disease Prevention - There are many health benefits of Juicing. For example, fruit and

vegetable Juices are excellent sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants have anti-aging benefits as well as assist in keeping the heart healthy. Phytochemicals that are created in plants from sunlight protect the plant’s cells, but recent research has shown that they can also protect humans against disease. Some of the most well-known phytochemicals are lycopene in tomatoes, flavonoids in fruits and isoflavones in soy. Some of the phytochemicals in broccoli may prevent or cure breast cancer. Grapes may protect the DNA in each cell, citrus fruits have chemicals that help the body remove carcinogens and some green vegetables also protect against cancer. Enzymes are phytochemicals that are destroyed when plants are cooked. Enzymes are essential for digestion because they help convert food into body tissue for energy at the cellular level. They are also required as catalysts in thousands of chemical reactions throughout the body. One of the benefits of Juicing is the consumption of large amounts of these enzymes. Most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, therefore not benefiting from phytotochemicals. This is where the benefits of Juicing come in. You can get several servings of vegetables and fruits simply by Juicing them. Stronger Immune System - A major health benefit of Juicing is a stronger immune system. Juicing will boost your immune system, helping to prevent colds, flu and other diseases. Improved Alkalinity – Juicing can help restore PH levels. Good PH balance can restore bone density and assist with osteoporosis as well as decrease the chances of getting acid reflux and ulcers Digestive Health - Juicing allows our digestive system to “take a break” by not working as hard to digest food. Eating large meals or many processed foods taxes our digestive system, making it work extra hard. If our digestive system malfunctions,

this can lead to serious health complications. It’s important to feed our bodies healthy foods that promote digestive health. Good digestion is an integral part of good health and one of the benefits of Juicing. Fresh Juice with the fiber removed keeps the digestive enzymes as well as the nutrients. Rather than work to digest the tough plant fiber, these enzymes break down food debris left in the digestive tract. The nutrients regenerate the organs and glands connected with digestion that may be impaired from an improper diet, so the digestive excretions are more efficient, the stomach and intestines are stronger and able to absorb the nutrients more efficiently. With no undigested food in the digestive tract, the body will have more energy. Guaranteed fresh – Preparing your own Juice will ensure you’re drinking the freshest and best quality Juice available. Store bought Juices lose their benefits in the pasteurization process due to the high heat needed to produce them. Juicing Quick Tip: Lemon or lime Juice as well as fruits can improve the taste of the

Juice and effectively offsets the bitterness of the darker green, leafy vegetables.

Medical Benefits of Juicing Can Include the Following:       

Urinary tract infection prevention Juicing can also prevent the onset of: Arthritis, rheumatism, kidney stones Detoxifies your blood Keeps your hair, skin and nails healthy Prevention of heart disease The ability to fight cancer

In addition to Juicing fresh fruits and veggies try eating some whole fruit and veggies along with nutritious meals. We’re striving for balance.

If you haven’t tried Juicing you owe it to yourself and your body to give it a try. The benefits of Juicing will undoubtedly make a difference in most diets or weight loss plans. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the benefits of Juicing, or how Juicing has improved your health. If you think this article can dramatically improve the health of a friend or family member please share it with them.

How the Benefits of Juicing Can Change Your Life  
How the Benefits of Juicing Can Change Your Life  

There are numerous Benefits of Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. Nutritionists, medical professionals, and our parents have been telling...