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Engine Coolant Flush in Santa Maria Welcome to Main Street Shell Service, your trusted auto shop for cooling system maintenance in Santa Maria.

With temperatures reaching as high as 4,500 degrees, it's important to ensure your engine cooling system is working properly and efficiently.

Engine coolant, also known as anti-freeze, flows through the engine and prevents it from overheating by absorbing a tremendous amount of heat.

As time goes by and the miles add up, constant exposure to extreme heat can cause coolant to break down and lose it's effectiveness. Grease, oil, and other harmful deposits can also build up inside the cooling system. A professional engine coolant flush will remove debris and replenish your cooling system with fresh antifreeze.

Help prevent expensive repairs and overheating by having your cooling system inspected by one of our ASE certified mechanics.

Stop by or give us a call today.

We are located at 1204 East Main Street, right off the 101 freeway next to Marian Medical Center.

Engine coolant flush in santa maria  

Radiator Flush- Engine Coolant Flush In Santa Maria. Main Street Shell Service will clean, lubricate, and replenish your cooling system with...