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Different types of bra explained First of all I would like to say that I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything new lately but I’ve been sooo busy this week I didn’t have time to breath. But I’m back now and today I’ll try to make things simpler for everybody visiting my blog by explaining again what a quarter cup bra is, but also I will cover different types of bra like the shelf bra or the open cup bra.

Quarter cup bra I’ll be brief regarding this one because I talked about it in the first post of the blog. The quarter cup bra is a bra that offers little support as it covers just one quarter (the name is suggestive) of the breast. It’s not appropriate for women with big breasts since it’s not very supportive. When to wear a quarter cup bra? First of all not daily! Second of all in a nice night as it will move everybody’s attention to your sexy cleavage. And that’s pretty much it about the quarter cup model, let’s move on. Click here to find out more about it

Shelf bra I already talked about this also in the previous post so I’ll be quick. It’s not a separate bra, it’s just an elastic band. This is something you can use along a quarter cup bra which turns it into a quarter cup shelf bra – which is my favorite as I mentioned in the previous article. This will offer more support so it’s a good option for women with larger breasts (not too large though as it’s just an elastic band!). But you can use the shelf bra with any kind of bra you want, you’re not limited to anything. You can even use it with a sport bra when you go to the gym or you go jogging. Remember it’s an elastic band which will offer you more support. It’s that simple.

Open cup bra The open cup bra refers to a bra that doesn’t have a cup – we can say that the quarter cup bra is anopen cup bra since it doesn’t have a cup to cover the breasts, but the open cup term refers to much more than just one type. It’s the name of the bra style that doesn’t offer a lot of support and it’s used in the bedroom or to “highlight” your cleavage. It can also be used in situations where you have to go without a bra due to your outfit – you can take this one if you’re not comfortable going without anything. But even though it will offer you advantage as it will push your breasts up, it will make your nipples visible. Again, don’t take this kind of bra at work or when you’re running – it will be uncomfortable and I don’t think that you want to show your co-workers your nipples

Click here to find out more about it

Full cup bra

This is what you would use if you have larger breasts. The full cup bra covers the entire breast and it’s used by women with larger breasts, by pregnant women or by women that usually wear tops with a high neckline because are not comfortable in showing…anything. The full cup bra doesn’t necessarily have a large band size so if you have something huge in your shirt you cannot wear them without extra support (you can use a shelf bra for this). If you want extra support you need a plus size model which is for larger women – no shame in that. On this one there is more material and it has a high cut so it will offer a nice round, natural shape no matter what is the outfit. And yes, you will see beautiful women wearing this – having a deep cleavage doesn’t make beautiful.

Demi-cup bra This is probably what you’re wearing on a daily basis but you don’t know that it’s called a demi-cup bra. It covers only half of the breast (demi means half in French) and offers plenty of support. Men love this bra when it comes with a bare necked shirt or low neckline dress since the upper part of the breasts is visible. Not much to say here as the demi-cup bra is the most known type.

Well, I think this must be it. It was a nice Saturday lecture and I hope that I managed to shed some light on all these types of bra. Now when you go back to work on Monday you can explain to your friends what a quarter cup bra is or what an full cup bra is. You can give them some advices about

what to wear on a nice date but tell them to put their imagination to work as these are just some suggestions, you don’t have to do exactly as I say. If you’re comfortable wearing a shelf bra while running, then do it, don’t worry about what others are thinking – the most important thing is to feel good with yourself.

Different types of bra explained  

I’ll try to make things simpler for everybody visiting my blog by explaining again what a quarter cup bra is, but also I will cover differen...