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Eva Alvarez Hugo Hinsley>> Body of knowledge, what is education (AA form students to become useful persons), where education happens, how might I do it? Realistic or speculative projects? Confronting teaching to research? How evaluate students’ work and progress? Mark Cousins>> Can we teach architecture? Can we teach? Fortunately, we can learn.

() Body of knowledge coming from practice>> Jupiter (1609, Astronomia nova, Kepler), biau () Training, knowledge, innovation, education >> Aicher >> critical thinking and acting () Architecture <<>> Design>> Scott Brown (Having Words)>> design as analysis, analysis as design () Specific field of design research?

Personal research as part of learning processes Research as public knowledge creation>> transmissible> diffusion Research by design? Which conditions in? AA research by design () What is educating in values? The raise of the questions who for and what for >> Scott Brown () Professional work is part of personal life, time is limited Upv>> Polytecnic University Hybrid finance Most teachers work outside upv even full time contract () Competence of architects in Spain>> architectural design, urban design, structures calculation, profession legal frame, profession administrative framework>> Spanish architects in AA, Harvard, Columbia… experts due to a mixed professional and academic activity curriculum) Schools and faculties (Campus Vera>> 11; Alcoi, 1; Gandía 1; associated, 2) >> School of Architecture (datos El Mundo) Studies plan Infrastructure Services Support (lectures, exhibitions pedagogical seminars)

Departments (upv>>42)>> Architectural Projects department Teaching>> Undergraduate (Talleres>> T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, TA, TH)>> Bolonia process, >> PFC (Juries)

() T1>>PFC>> Alvarez (Jury)>> FFF (forces, functions, forms)>> on previous knowledge and experiences>> environment, programme, construction>> who for, what for>> gender approach Masters (Heritatge, MAAPUD, ReCity) Researching>> masters (TFM), PhD, groups of research (Giac>>Eram, InParâ&#x20AC;Ś) Debate>> Department exhibition Trim sessions Congresses Workshops>> On Stage!

Institutes Research and technological transfer Heritatge and Restoration

Services and franchises Laboratories, models workshops, printing facilitiesâ&#x20AC;Ś

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Eva Ă lvarez Teaching>> (PFC), master, Hannover, etc Research>> Gdus, Giac, Eram, Denise Scott Brown Others >> departm exhibition, seminars (TS, On stage! Valencia), biau, albaceteplural, writing Practising>> carlos gomez+ eva alvarez arquitectes

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Being in the edge of experimentation (or any other thing) needs to be in the eye of the hurricane Confronting teaching to research>> Research vs diffusion AA EDITORIAL AND DIFFUSION POLICIES NETWORKING


Educating in values>> 2003 RIBA report>> Re-defining the (successful) professional profile>> TIMELINE>> Unfairness (contar nĂşm profesores y profesoras en departamento proyectos y aa) But talent losing>> economic lose

Incomplete understanding (privilege is invisible to those who enjoy it)>> Unable to produce real critic processes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jupiter>>

time (you never see the same planet critical thinking (Training, knowledge) Stucking processes>> we need all the architect profiles, all the approaches ANOTHER WAY, MAYBE


script of thems to speak on May, 31st 2012

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