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Toledo Street

It’s the principal street of Manzanares. There is a supermarket. Empedrada Street is the best street to go shopping because there are a lot of good shops: there is a shoes shop, there are clothes shops‌

In Jes煤s del Perd贸n Street there is a church called Jes煤s del Perd贸n hermitage, a supermarket (Mercadona), shops...

In this street there is a market, shops, a hermitage‌ It’s a long street

The Constitution Square is at the end of Empedrada Street. It was transformed. In the Constitution quare there is the town hall, shops, restuarants and there is a church.

It’s in the Constitution Square. The town hall is over the post office and next to some buildings and the police station.

The hand It represent the peace and the comprenssion of the other cultures

It’s the castle of Manzanares and it’s next to the San Blas hermitage. The caltle is very big and old.

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