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November 2026 Volume I Issue I

WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD IS COMING FROM? Food for Thought Magazine is teaming up with to encourage the public to buy local produce. Events will be held in a major city near you starting June 15, 2026. Readers will receive coupons to Annie’s Organic Foods, and get a chance to speak with local farmers in their area. Become a part of the conversation online at

Miss ion Statement: Our purpose is to provide the public with access to healthy recipes and healthier lifestyles. We combine a “greener” way of living, easy to follow recipes, and simple ingredients to enable the reader to create gourmet style meals from the convenience of their own home. Readers can take advantage of our multimedia presence through our blog, twitter page, and Facebook. Also, our staff is readily available to be contacted and provide instant feedback to readers via our 24 hour email service.

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Food For Thought  

For foodies of the future!!

Food For Thought  

For foodies of the future!!