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Volume IV

Eustoria Saint Anne Catholic School Volume vi 2017-2018

Letter From the Editor Dear Readers,

It’s kind of weird to think that we’ve made it this far. I mean, when

Grace, Mrs. Rainer, and I all started this huge, unforeseeable project in the fall of 2014, I don’t think any of us visualized making it to the finish line. The line in question pertains to my departure from St. Anne, and grandiose exit into the great unknown of college. Soon to follow me will be other, all of the original writers, contributors, and staff, until there is a totally new generation of high school kids who like to throw their ‘art and soul’ into an 8x12 in compendium. In my opinion, it’s only fair if I can recount some of the many, many things that we have learned because of this magician.

1. You must keep the magazine in increments of 4

2. If you miss the deadline, Grace will come after you

3. If ample time is spent putting all of your effort into one magazine,

someone will take notice

4. Thank the graphic designers, they do the most work.

5. If all else fails, raid the art teacher’s classroom

I am, without a doubt, sad to leave the magazine. But I guess in the way that I am leaving St. Anne, the magazine is leaving me. Although I will no longer be working on it, with some of my absolute favorite people in the world, the knowledge that it has endowed me will stay with me forever. Speaking of my favorite people, I owe a multitude of thanks to a multitude of people. First and always foremost, Grace Riginos, my managing editor, graphic designer, and number 1 person who keeps that magazine from completely failing. I literally would not have continued this magazine without her, and it’s an honor to be able to work with someone as diligent, dedicated, and talented as her. Next, but not any less of a powerhouse is Josie Vawter, our acting Art Director. Not only will Josie chase down any piece of art that is needed, but she will immediately scan, photograph, and send off anything that is needed. She played a pivotal part in this year’s production, and deserves endless praise. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a letter from me without mentioning a thank you to Mrs. Rainier, who first approached me to ask if I would start the magazine. Though she has been able to be more and more hands-off through the years, she always serves as a guiding light to any question we may pose. I must also extend a quick thanks to all of the editors, who spent a superfluous amount of time typing, re-typing, and uploading work from our incredible writers— and along with our writers come our artists, and all of our other contributors who showcase the diverse talents that our school has to offer. And with that, enjoy. It has an absolute treasure to work for and cultivate this magazine,

Rileigh Pack Rileigh Pack ( Editor-in-Chief, more and less-so than ever)

Table of Contents Letter from the Editor.............1 Hold On............................6 She was Not Amused.................8 Sea Peril..........................10 One Second.........................12 Her Bed/...........................13 This Life...........................14 When the Light Recedes.............16 A Friend I Know....................18 All Around the Edges.............20 His Light..........................22

Gally......................25 Pammy......................27 Them.......................34 Seven Deadly Sins..........36 Moonside....................38 Aftermath..................40 Climate....................42 An Unexpected Mission.......48 All Around the Edges........49 Oceans......................50



Hold On Verina Salib they say the older you get, the easier it becomes for you to hold on. but when I look into their eyes, i see a different story it only seems to become harder for them their eyes tells me what their mouths never will— “help.” they’re

asking, begging, i know it

why else would she spend an entire paycheck filling her body to the brim with every kind of toxic drug she can get her hands on. And why else would he Even attempt to justify The two little pale pills He just dropped in her drink. Why else would they look at me with sorrow Filled eyes and with regret Emanating from their skin if they didn’t want, need, help They are asking, begging for it Maybe not with their mouths but with Their eyes Their actions And i was begging for it too Why else would i write this?

Haiden Taylor

She Was Not Amu sed She Was Not Amused

Will Suaso

I smelt like an ape She drove an old golf cart that bucked every twenty-five feet. small talk seemed smaller, June winds amplified everything But there was nothing a lack of actions.

She Was Not Amused Senseless dogs beat around, floating like pollen. Not a thought to cling to, they drift like papercups through sewers. Staring into mirrors, complaning to themselves, until ultimately, they die in a vanity realizing they’ve died sad old men. Grateful they’re not in nursing homes, but not accomplishing more than those who are.

Avery Carpenter

Sea Peril Ella Forrester

I was stranded in the ocean On a tiny little boat. I didn’t see anything for miles and miles, Not a single little motion. I wasn’t sure how long I’d float. It was cold, and all I had was a single coat. I’m not sure how long I stayed in this upside-down exile. It’s amazing that I’m alive for all these days I’ve survived. And then I thought I saw some land. Rescue was so close at hand! But then came the storm, And I started to mourn. I drifted farther out to sea, And I didn’t realize they were watching me. Monsters appeared, Circling my boat. I felt so much fear As they came near. The wind picked up and the clouds turned grey, I feared that I would die today. At the time, I didn’t know what was worse: Drowning beneath the waves, Or perishing from thirst.

Bibi Garcia

For One Second Verina Salib

Sometimes it hurts to be living person it hurts you deep in your bones it burrows gaping holes inside of you until it reaches your heart. It doesn’t stop there it envolopes your heart and squezes and squeezes and squeezes until it feels like you’re burning from the inside out your heart becomes a flaming ball of radiation and slowly burns its way out of your chest the process is gradual and agonizzing and when it finally falls out your scream becomes louder and louder and louder they become so deafening that you think people across the planet can hear you well you’re right, they can. they can hear every ailed cry they can see every scorching hot tear but don’t you think, for one second, that they can feel you don’t you think, for one second that they know what it feels like to hurt simply because you’re a living person.

“Her Bed” Ella Forrester She makes my blood pump. To be with her forever, I would be her knight in armour. My throat closes up, In the form of a limp. She’s anything but creep, But somehow, she’s always sleepy. She sleeps in a bed, With a veil on her head. I will love her forever. Too bad shes dead.

this life Elena Vo

Like a paint palette Some colors Are sorrow and agony. Some hues are luscious and delightful. But prediction never tells The fators That never lie once The future (decision) Will walk to others. Like a trapped bird Free youth Leaves your soul behind But regrets The good old days. But for God’s sake Lives exist Generously spreads the love Eliminates sadness And every blindly doubtful Make yourself new vision Be more Enthouiasm, a little optimistic And more beauty into your life! Love and wisdom.

When the Light Recedes

Alvaro Cuen When the light recedes, the darkness comes and strikes. He rules with an iron fist but a gentle palm. His look causes: beauty, happiness, and bravery. But when the light returns he flees and hides... Until the light recedes once more.

Katelyn Kazmirci

When the light recedes, the sun comes up full of light and powerful rays shine down though the clouds, the sun pushes the moon down Making it drown in the universe, never to be seenagain until nightfall.

A frien Morgan When the light recedes And the darkness caves In, I say hello to my old friend.

Memories of you Start to kick in. Pain and Sorrow, Swell my heart And I start to Fall apart.

“Put your ear down Close your soul

And listen hard.”(Ann You can hear My sadness But you can’t See my scars.

nd I know Richardson

ne Sexton)

I am the guilt that I have buried. I am the darkness in the light. I am alone but I am not alone. As the light comes back in and the darkness fades, The Memories are the only thing that stay.

All Around the Edges Gally Barragan

All around the edges of familiar forces, There are laces to be in cases. Everyone is falling after they hear their calling. Turning to the familiar faces all around the edges. All faces yelped for help no one came So they all melt, all around the edges

I could tell they were all sad Because of all the tears they had Sadness became madness As all the tears become madness. As all the tears became fire They all looked to admire the tears that were all around the edges

His Light eLLA fORRESTER Every night the moon cried. He was lonely, sad, And no matter how hard he tried, He could not be glad. He was enveloped in the dark, Anot a speck of light Was seen by the moon In nothingness of night. He wished for a companion To tell all of his secrets About the stars that seemed so far away, And how he so much wished for the light of day. He desperately wanted a Juliet, As beautiful and daring as the sunset. In the middle of the night, The moon saw some light. At first it was a beam That turned into a stream. Up rose a ball of burning red light. The fire opened her eyes and moon’s world became so bright. As the moon passed the sun in early dawn light, He smiled and whispered: “What light that yonders breaks?” She smiled a smile that seemed almost too big. That night, the moon died, To let the sun live.

Home. There are people hanging on a zipline, sliding. They are in the middle of my home, the ocean. One man was holding onto the zipline, while holding a woman, who was laying in the air. There was another man holding onto both of them. I could see that they were in pain. They were using all their strength to hang on each other. But it did not hold, I saw the man fall and the other two couldn’t save him. They were grieving. All of this monstrosity happened all because of me. I tried sinking the enemy’s ships, ships that were endangering me, but all was a mistake. All ships sunk, including one good ship filled with good people. Three, now two of the survivors tried fleeing, to safety.... Sooner, they didn’t make it. They fell into the river. All because of my doings.

Pammy Greta Hopf

The funeral was on a sunny day, surprisingly- Mama always said it would rain at her funeral. She wanted rain, thunder, and wailing banshees at her funeral, as long as we could afford it- and with Daddy’s fortune, we could. They lowered her casket slowly, beside the memorial of Daddy’s. I remembered how she reacted when the military sent the letter regarding his death. “To the family of Thomas Buchanan,” the butler had read aloud. “Thomas ‘Tom’ Buchanan has deceased in the line of duty in Normandy, France. His body will be buried in an American cemetery nearby.” Mama had stared for a few minutes, before breaking into hysterics. I was twenty-five and held her close by. Before we had received the letter, she had been bothering me about the fact I was not yet engaged to any man. Somehow, she let that topic go after Daddy’s death. As Aunt Jordan would say, this was typical Daisy Buchanan. I was engaged by the time of the funeral, to a dear friend named Charles who was off in Europe for six months when Mama died. After the digger began to cover her casket- marble with golden detail- I left, heading towards the church on the nearby hill. The reception area was filled with friends in dark mourning clothes and tables of Mama’s favorite foods- none of them cheap, to the dismay of my banker. Most of the attendees I didn’t know, and for some this was the first time we had spoken. We spoke in short conversations- they’d tell me, “Sorry for your loss,” sometimes adding in a kind word about my mother, and I would smile, nod, and say, “Thank you.” There were two people at the funeral whose company I enjoyed. Cousin Nick, my distant relative, walked by with Jordan Baker, one of my mother’s closest friends. I smiled and walked towards the two.


“Hi!” I said, smiling, before I remembered why we had gathered. It was not like I didn’t love my mother- it was more that I never saw the two of them and they were my favorite distant family and family friends. “Hello, Pammy,” Jordan cried, gripping me in her tight hug. “I’m sorry about your mother.” “It’s alright,” I told her. “Thank you.” I took a deep breath and sighed loudly. “Oh- how’s New York?” “Busy as ever. I tell myself every year, ‘This is the year I will retire,’ but then I forget.” “Do you remember when you and your parents lived in New York, Pammy?” Nick asked, setting his hors d’ouerve down on a paper plate. “Not really.” I said. Then a memory came back to me. “Wait- there was a man at our house that I only saw once, and Mama asked me something.” “Gatsby?” Jordan asked Nick. “I doubt it. I’m sure many male visitors came over at that time.” “I think it was around the time we moved.” I rubbed my chin, an old habit I got from my father. “It had to be Gatsby,” Jordan insisted. “Daisy never took Pammy downstairs to meet guests- except for Gatsby.” Unfortunately, this was true, up until I hit puberty and suddenly she wanted me married and shown off, even to the milkman. I didn’t think Gatsby was the milkman. “Who’s Gatsby?” I innocently asked. “You really don’t want to know,” Nick interjected. “Of course she does. She deserves to know what her parents were doing while she napped.” I did nap a lot as a child. And I had to admit- I always wondered what my parents were off too. “Who is Gatsby?” I asked again. “Who was Gatsby, you mean,” Jordan began. “And that’s quite the story.” “I’ve actually written it down,” Nick added in. “Do you think it would sell well?”

“I’m not surprised that Daisy never mentioned it. She had quite the history with Gatsby.” “Was Gatsby a girl- with my dad?” “What? No. Myrtle-” Nick shook his head. “He had another one, didn’t he.” “She was the housekeeper, and she would give me her grungy old books in order to keep me away from them. Then they’d throw parties and, well, when my father is drunk, he’s not quiet. Mama quitely fired her once I revealed why I could never fall asleep on the nights she was out.” “I’m sorry,” Jordan gave me a hug. “It’s in the past,” I took a deep breath and shrugged Jordan off my shoulder. “Now tell me about Gatsby.” “I’m... I’m not sure-” “Nick.” Jordan shook her head. “I guess we should start with what happened at the very beginning.” A distant friend walked by, giving his grievances before heading home. Jordan took a deep breath and looked at her hands. “I was sixteen, Daisy was beautiful and popular, and I was just beginning what would become my golfing career. Daisy was in a car, with Gatsby.” “Gatsby was my mother’s former lover, from before she met my father?” “Pretty much. Well, for a little bit.” Jordan sighed. “Five years.” “What she means is that Gatsby was an army officer when Daisy met him, and very soon he was deployed to fight in the first great war. He spent a lot of time in Europe, fighting, and Daisy gave up on him and married your father,” Nick interjected. “But... Mama always said she....” “Who knows what Daisy said to you. She loved Gatsby, I think, but she also loved Tom- or maybe she loved the money, I don’t know.” Jordan sighed. “We shouldn’t talk ill of her funeral.” “Please,” I leaned forward. “I don’t care if you expose my mother as a murderous thief, I need to know.” The two exchanged a look. Finally, Nick said, “Gatsby was a poor man. When he returned from the war, he was penniless.”

“My mother never liked those with less money,” I carefully said. “But she liked Gatsby?” “I was never sure. But Gatsby loved her, more than his own life. Once he returned, he spent years building up fortunes until he could afford a housea castle, really- in West Egg, Long Island, across the bay from Daisy.” “Oh.” “Gatsby got the two of us into his plans, and I guess it just went from there.” Nick leaned back. Jordan smiled and sipped her drink. “So, that’s it? Gatsby stalked her and... that was the end?” “Sweetheart, we’re not as young as we were then, sometimes we need to stop, breath, and take a drink,” Jordan laughed. “No, Gatsby didn’t end that way. He couldn’t, really. He convinced us to help him, and so we did.” “I invited Daisy over to my house, per Gatsby’s request. The two met after five years of seperation- a bit awkward, but very soon she was crying over his shirts.” “Really? I could imagine that. Were they nice shirts?” “The height of fashion, straight from England. Or so he said.” “No wonder she cried. Dad hated spending fortunes on clothing.” “Your dad also hated Gatsby. But he never really noticed Daisy’s absences, for a little bit, at least. Either she lied to him- which could be true, though I would doubt it- or she went to Gatsby when he went to Myrtle.” “Myrtle?” “Myrtle Wilson, the wife of a local garage owner. Your father owned an apartment in New York where they would meet up, throw parties, and enjoy Tom’s seemingly endless supply of money.” “It’s not endless, though.” “For that time, it was. The Depression hadn’t hit yet.” “Right.” I remembered the Depression- we would drive to a school far away from my house, so that I could be educated without interacting with the poor, as Mother wanted. On the drive, we’d pass dirty families in rags, sadly watching as we drove in a mostly-new car. My parents never said it, but I knew their money supply was slowly dwindling. We couldn’t afford a new car, once Mama wrecked it on her way to the grocery store. We just fixed it as best as we could, with help from the cheapest mechanic in town.

“I went to one of their parties. It was... wild, to say the least.” Nick shook his head. “Oh, the glory days of youth.” “So, both my parents were cheating. Did either know?” I swallowed the bile that rose after I said that. I’d known for a while that Dad cheated on Mama, but... to put it in words was more difficult than anything I’d ever done. “Daisy knew about Tom. But she never did anything- until he found out about Gatsby.” “How did he find out?” “Gatsby came over for a lunch or something one day- the day he met you. He and Tom got into a discussion and we all decided to take a trip up to the city. We switched cars, for some reason- Tom took the two of us in Gatsby’s car, Gatsby rode with Daisy in Tom’s car. I wonder if Tom had it all planned- no, he couldn’t have. I don’t know. At this point, we were out of the drama and just unlucky observers.” “That sounds a bit like university.” Against my mother’s wishes, I’d attended an all-girls university, and tried to get employed. However, there weren’t many companies who would hire me, and I guess I finally just gave up and decided to enjoy the benefits of being a rich woman. “In a way, I guess it was, but real-life drama is much more... different than university drama,” Nick replied cautiously. “This drama, though, was unlike anything I ever saw at New Haven. Gatsby revealed his love for Daisy to Tom, and they began arguing over who she loved.” “Couldn’t my mother just say who she loved?” “If she said Gatsby, Tom would have hurt her. If she said Tom, Gatsby would have hurt her. If she picked at all, they would have killed each other. So she stayed quiet, until Gatsby demanded her to tell him that she loved Gatsby, not Tom. I think that’s when she cracked.” “Did she say that she loved him?” I asked in a quiet voice. Nick looked sad for a minute. “I’m sorry.” “Did she mean it?” “No. She said that she loved Tom at one point, but she loved Gatsby, too.” “Oh my God.” “I don’t know if she even knew who or what she loved. Maybe she loved them both. Maybe she loved neither.”

“So she did love Gatsby.” “Pammy, no one knows who Daisy loved.” Jordan pulled me closer. “I think she loved herself, and you-” “She didn’t love me.” Jordan just looked at me. Nick began to protest but I stopped him. “It all makes sense now. I remind her of how careless she was. How she rejected a man because she already had a child.” “She didn’t reject Gatsby.” “Then why did she stay with my father?” “After the argument, Daisy got into Gatsby’s car with him and left. Apparently, she was driving, but couldn’t focus. Myrtle Wilson ran out of the garage, trying to get Tom’s attention, because she thought he was in the car. Daisy slammed the car into Myrtle, killing her instantly.” “So my mom killed someone?” “No one knew it was her. Gatsby was going to take the blame, but Tom got there first and told George Wilson that Gatsby had killed Myrtle. Wilson took a gun and killed Gatsby, then himself.” “Gatsby’s dead?” “I thought it was obvious.” Jordan set her glass down. “Gatsby, Myrtle, and Wilson are all dead. Your parents ran out of New York before anyone could find out Daisy was the murderer.” “So my mom did murder someone.” “Yes.” Nick put his hand on my shoulder. “But I don’t think it was intentional.” I looked over at the fresh dirt on my mother’s grave. The sun reflected off the polished stone, and a small bird chirped overhead. “Thank you for telling me all this.” “You’re welcome,” Nick said. “I’m glad you finally know the truth.” I walked outside, to the grave. The digger had left already, and the priest was heading back to do a Mass at the nearby church. “Hi, Mother.” I said, looking down at the grave. “I know what you did now.”

I remembered some things she’d told me over the years, as I spoke. “Pammy, never try to figure out the ways of men.” The grave stared back at me. I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to lookat the coffin, in the clouds, in my heart. “I wanted you to be a fool, Pammy, a beautiful little fool! Why couldn’t you do that one simple thing for your mother?” “I forgive you. I know you weren’t perfect, any more than Dad was, or I am.” “Pammy, he’s a poor boy who’s never going to get richer. You’ll die if you love him- he’ll die if he loves you. Don’t even try to go out to dinner with him.” “And I know that you’ve done a lot wrong. I know that you wanted me to be naïve and never understand. But I do. And I forgive you.” “There isn’t enough time, Pammy, I could die tomorrow for all we know. We can’t focus on the past- we just can’t! Ice cream?” I felt a chill on my shoulder. A sob went through my body. “Mama- why didn’t you tell me? I could have handled it.” “I’m p-paralyzed with happiness.” An image appeared in my mind. A young mother, torn and battered by the world, keeping up a careless and joyful exterior in order to keep herself from breaking apart. A woman paralyzed, using happiness as way to keep herself from becoming any worse. A woman who had strived for something that in the end, wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t be her legacy. It wouldn’t be what lived on once she died. And then there was a girl who had the same background, the same money, the same problems. I knew who that girl was. And I knew what she had to do. I could see it all now. That is why I am donating all of my money to charity.

Them It was 8’clock. The boy had one hour before they came out. He would have to be quick if he wanted to escape. The only question that lingered in his young mind was…how? He stood on the sidewalk of 36th street, lamp guiding the path that he would soon cross. He could hear them. Their cries grew louder. Who they were or where they came from he knew not. He knew them, deep on the inside. They were dreams, hopes, memories, things to come, and things that had been. They were the future.

The boy ran. His sweaty feet pressing against the hard, unforgiving sole of

his green Reeboks. He remembered what life was like before they came. No pain or suffering. No tears streamed down his cheeks, as they did now. The boy breathed heavily as his feet puned into the ground. He shook with fear, hoping that they wouldn’t continue to pursue him. He remembered his mom. He remembered his dad. They would go on such fantastic trips, whether it was a walk in the park or a calm drive in their Mercedes Benz or a “Haunted Tower of Doom” ride. He remembered his birthday— they al went to the zoo, where they all agreed that their favorite part was the monkeys. The zookeeper would throw them a few bananas, only to have them spat out again. “Almost like they’re asking for a five-star meal, eh son?” his dad would say. The boy laughed at the notion. He always enjoyed his family’s company whenever they were around— the boy was very close with his parents.He also remembered his little brother’s laughter. The goofy smile always lightened up the mood of a less-than-happy atmosphere matter where he was. It was all over, though… It was gone.

The boy regained his consciousness. He was in a small bed, surrounded by his

family. They all seemed motivated to stare him down with scorn and overawelming distaste, almost as if he were a parasitic disease that needed to be removed. His brother spoke to him, finally, in a voice that did not belong to him. “Why didn’t you let them in?” The boy was still confused when his mother spoke. “Why didn’t you let them devour?” She spoke unnaturally, almost forced when her father finally turned to him. “Everything you want is right here.” he said, “Hopes, dreams , all here… Just let us devour.”

And the boy who could not move, cried and pleaded and screamed as they de-

voured him.


A thief of unprecedented success. The holder of all the world’s riches, yet needs more. Houses full of useless stuff. Wallet full of unneeded money. Fridge full of uneaten food. A blackened heart full of a false need for more. Greed is never satisfied. Greed only wants.


A face worth on the big screen. A form that attracts everyone. A wardrobe that leaves nothing to the imagination. A master of subduction. A heart replaced with an empty chasm, for Lust cannot love. Every feeling is material, enjoyable. No feeling is fulfilling.


Always starving, always feasting. Never says a word to others. There is no time to between chewing, swallowing, and taking in more food. Air is not needed, because it cannot be eaten. Drink is an occasion, yet only when


Louder than most speakers. Pride talks and talks and talks, yet only of one thing: self accomplishments. A house with walls lined only of Pride, nestled firmly within Pride’s own mind. Every face is either a mirror image, or nothing at all No family, no friends, for those who come to close can never say a word to him. However, that does not stop the self praise.


Eyes as green as emeralds. Desires everything, but has nothing. A failed thief. A jealous friend. A poor man with a rich man’s philosophy. Envy strives for more, no matter the cost. Envy risks without reward. A criminal with a prize forever to be out of reach.


A fire burns deep, deep, deep within. Nothing kills it, only feeds it. It rages, blindly lashing out to anyone that comes too near. It tears, rips, ruins. Wrath does not forgive. Wrath does not forget. Every step leaves behind pain, tears, and sometimes, traces of himself.


Some believe him to be dead at first glance. Movement is unneeded. Breathing takes too much energy. Thinking never comes into fruition. Activity works in opposition to Sloth’s own philosophy. Those around him slave for him, yet he will not slave back.

The Seven Sins

Being the Moontide Sun I am the moontide sun. I understand the gracious waters and slowly rise about them. My luscious beams and wanton rays, that shine upon all your days. I rise in the east and set in the west, giving off the warmth that is my quest. Two humans ride on a frayed sort of line putt together with hundreds and hundred of twine. A great ship a float conquering the wonderous waters of the sea. I am the noontide sun. That is me.

Aftermath ACT I Scene i DESDEMONA enters. The scene is an area ruined by some natural disaster - suburbs, city, etc. DESDEMONA is in awe of the area. GIRL walks up to a dead body and kneels by it. ALPHONSE enters. A long pause ensues. ALPHONSE Then teach me how I am pulling this all off. DESDEMONA You aren’t even doing this. It’s your little minions that are controlling your machine. ALPHONSE But remind me again, who is in control of those minions. I think you said it already when you referenced the fact that they were under my possession. [A pause.] Look Desi— DESDEMONA Don’t call me Desi you monster. ALPHONSE Look, you’re tired. It’s been a long day and the next storm is coming soon. Let’s go back to the lab where you are safe and dry. DESDEMONA I’m not getting in that helicopter with you. ALPHONSE That car of yours isn’t going to be fast enough to escape the second storm, especially with all the debris that blew onto the roads. Think of your boy back home. DESDEMONA (Reluctantly) Fine. ALPHONSE Thank you. [Calls off stage.] Is the copter ready. SOLDIER Yes sir. Enter SOLDIER. ALPHONSE Good. Please escort Desdemona there for me. SOLDIER Yes sir. ALPHONSE DESDEMONA exits. ALPHONSE hold SOLDIER back. And keep a good eye on her. I have a bad feeling she might... you know. Make an inconvenience for me, got it. SOLDIER I’m on it, sir. SOLDIER exits. ALPHONSE lingers a moment before finally exiting.

Scene 1 1 The scene begins in an office, behind the desk a person works tediously, nonstop behind the computer. Ella (Looks up from her computer with an astonished face of realization) Oh..My..Gosh! I have figured it out!! (Pauses for a few moments) BIG trouble. Spotlight shines on Ella as she stands up slowly, hands on her head. BLACK OUT Scene 2 2 A group of three people are all around a long table, discussing something. BIG BOSS: I don’t have all day where is she, I am a busy man. MICHAEL: She will be here soon, I promise just give her a few minutes. BIG BOSS: Well she better hurry. I have a meeting with the president that I can’t miss. This better be important. (Pauses, looks around and stands up as he says) What does she even want? MICHAEL: I have no clue, she just told me to meet her at 10:30 with all of you here. RACHEL: Well 10:30 was twenty minutes ago. I will give her one more minute, if she isn’t here then I WILL leave. (She turns toward the direction of the clock staring impatiently) MICHAEL: Come on. Come on, where are you Ella?

BIG BOSS: The minute is up and this has been a complete waste of time. (Gets up and starts to walk out of the room and everyone follows) ELLA: WAIT! (Runs into the room looking like a disaster and collapses into a chair, causing for papers to fly everywhere) Just give me a second to catch my breath. BIG BOSS: We have been waiting long enough. Tell us what you want, if not I will leave this instant. I have more important things to do. ELLA: Ok, well I’ll start from the very beginning. As everyone here knows global warming, and climate change has been getting worse and worse very rapidly. Everyone keeps denying that we, human society as a whole, have caused this to happen. In a way everyone has been right, we aren’t the cause of this, it’s-BIG BOSS: Wait, you are telling me you are making me waste my time because of global warming. I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING!! I have to meet with the president in 5 minutes, the president of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DO YOU KNOW WHO HE IS?! ELLA: Yes I know, can you just let me finish. The cause of this problem is not because of us, but because of (Pauses, looks around and leans in a bit) the so called amazing president you are going to see now. (Pauses again) The president is the head of this crisis, but the whole government is involved as well. I have done my research, hacked into secret files, emails, and so on. What I found is disgustingly horrible, and our whole system is a system of lies, deception, secret compromises, and so much more. When I told you I would get to the bottom of this, I did. Here is all of the information I have.

(Places huge stack of paper onto table

making everyone stare at the stack)

This is way more serious than any of us thought it would be, it could-CHRISTINE: Excuse me. (From off stage) The White House is on the phone, the president is waiting for you. What should I say? BIG BOSS: (Dazed, takes him a second to respond back) I, uh, tell them Ihave to cancel, (Looks at Ella) I have a crisis to handle. I will call him later to reschedule. (Stands up and starts to pace around the room) Also Christine, tell everyone to have the rest of the day off, we already are not being here tomorrow because of Christmas, so tell them it’s a gift. And call up Lily. When you do call her, put her on line three for me. CHRISTINE: Yes, sir. I will be sure to tell them. Would you like me to tell everyone involved with the newspaper? Also would you like me to leave after I make those calls? (Starts walking out) BIG BOSS: Yes to both of those questions. Thank you, Christine. CHRISTINE: Alright, sir. I will get right to it. BIG BOSS: (Turns to Ella) Ok, we need to do something about this. How do we....where do we even begin? EXITS WALKS IN (Sighs and looks off into space) Everyone needs to know about this, and yet know one can find out. We will keep this in-between ourselves for now, no one must know... RACHEL: While I do agree with you sir, we need to find a way to get the president on the spotlight, and have every secret unfold. This information we have probably is accurate, but no one will believe it and the president, with one swipe of his hand can deny everything. We need proof that it is all true. (Looks at Ella) So no article on this until we have all the proof I amam-ELLA: Wait, you are telling me that..

ELLA: Wait, you are telling me that.. (Points at the stack of paper) this is not enough proof. This is all the proof possible we could have, it isn’t like the president is going to go right out and announce that he is the center of all problems. MICHAEL: Unless... he does! Ella you said that the whole government is involved, right? (Looks at Ella and waits for response) ELLA: Yes, (Has a puzzled face) the entire government, the president though is the mastermind of it all, but we’ve already been-MICHAEL: Just listen. (Pulls out notebook and begins to write something) This plan is sure to work, everything will be uncovered perfectly, we just need (Mumbles to himself) I’ve got it-(Jumps up) ELLA: Wait up, where are you trying to go with this? What exactly is your plan? You can’t just come up with crazy ideas and not tell us. MICHAEL: Where do I begin? Uhhhhh... (Gets up and starts pacing) Ok, so we need to get proof of all these claims, right? BIG BOSS: Yes, where are you going with this? RACHEL: Better yet, how much time of my day do you plan take up? MICHAEL: If all of you would stop interrupting I could finish quicker and get somewhere, with this. Anyway, this might be a crazy idea but...someone from this newspaper, needs to get a job in the government, preferably closer to the president. This might take awhile, it depends how open people are or how good this person is at what we ask them to do. Knowing that--

BIG BOSS: Why does one of our reporters need to work in the government? Michael you are making no-ELLA: COMPLETE SENSE! (Has a face of realization) Someone needs to get as close as possible to the president to get proof of him acknowledging that he is the real reason of everything that is happening to the world. The person has to be someone unknown to the government, and can be trusted by everyone. This person could report to us daily, telling us what they find out and what is happening inside the government. (Has a face of joy as she jumps up) This plan is perfect!! (Then has a questioning face) The question is... who?? MICHAEL: (Has a face of realization and astonishment) That person is... YOU!!

An Unexpected Mission The last thing I remember is jumping into the icy, rushing water from a tremendous cliff. I jumped because something threatened to cut all the baby teeth from my best friend’s mouth if I didn’t. It was eitherjump or Dustin would have an early trip to the dentist. Back to the point, I jumped into the water. I am just starting to wake up. My breathing is really slow, and I am actually wondering how am I atill alive. As I lay on a wooden plank right on the surface of the water, and I started to shiver due to my drenched clothes. The rough waves kept splashing up all over me and it’s not helping the shivering. I start to look around,trying to see if anything looks familiar, and then I see someone. I can’t believe I am just now realizing that there is another person on the wood plank with me, holding me closely in thei arms. They are sitting up, just looking out into the water.


All around the edges you could see the sharpness of the rocks and the foam of

the waves crashing into it. As I stood on the edge of the cliff, I pondered over various things: my father’s death, my brother’s new child, other things that just seemed to pass through my mind. But only a few thoughts stuck in my head: my father and my new niece, Nora. I thought about how when one life ends, another one begins. Life brings death and death brings life; we are all in one continous cycle here on Earth and it doesn’t matter who you are. As I opened my eyes, I stared at the raging water, spashing against the rocks, that now seem to soothe me. The light mist that came across my face and cooled the burning sunlight on my face. Everything was just so calm, my mind was clear of worry and sorrow. As I took a deep breath of the fresh salty air, I once more looked to the water. And without thinking or giving it a second thought, I jumped.

O ceans Brenda Delgado

Scene II Eden enters her house as two people argue. She passes them and goes into her room where there is a painting of the ocean on her wall. She stares at it. EDEN Is it peaceful there [A beat passes.] What does the wind feel like? I can’t wait to go there. I miss you so much. Devin enters and slams the door. EDEN (confused) Devin? What are you doing here? Devin looks out the window. DEVIN I think that guard from yesterday reported us. Someone followed me here. EDEN What should we do? Devin turns to her. I don’t know but-Devin stops and looks at the painting behind Eden. [softly] Is that.... EDEN Devin...I was going to tell you-Devin pushes Eden out of the way and grabs the painting. DEVIN (angrily) Are you trying to get yourself killed? Do you have any idea what will happen if the guards find this? EDEN Let them. I don’t want to be here anymore. DEVIN How could you say that after everything that happened because of that stupid painting? EDEN Exactly! What’s so wrong about that? It’s a painting. DEVIN Just a painting? This is what got Lacy killed!

EDEN Oh, and why did that happen? Because our government is is corrupt and you know it! A beat passes DEVIN Corrupt or not, I’m not risking loosing another friend because of this. Devin looks at the painting. Eden grabs his arm and tries to stop him. EDEN Stop! Please don’t break it. [Eden pulls on Devin’s arm.] [cries] Please don’t break it ! It’s all I have left of her! Devin pushes Eden and she falls. Devin breaks the painting with his leg. DEVIN I’m sorry but I can’t loose you. Devin and Eden are both crying. Guard breaks down the door with two other people behind them. They pick up Eden from the ground. GUARD Take her away. Eden and the other guards exit DEVIN Eden! [Guard blocks him] Where are you taking her? GUARD Somewhere where she won’t be a threat to our society. Fade to black.

EUSTORIA 2018 VOL IV Rileigh Pack Editor in Chief

Josie Vawter Art Director

Grace Rignos Managing Editor

Brenda Delgado Writing Director

Mrs. Melanie Rainier Mr. Alex Bresalier Faculty Advisors

ASSISTANT STAFF Art Direction Izzy Rainier Haiden Taylor

Editing Macerena Cuen (MiddleSchool) Emily Allen

Graphics Dixon Murdoch

Eustoria Vol 4  
Eustoria Vol 4