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THE RESPONSIBLE LEADER Leaders must remember that they are the custodians of society’s most powerful institutions. They must therefore hold themselves to a higher standard. Leadership is about change, hope and the future. Display a commitment to learning and developing yourself. If you aren’t educated, you can’t help the uneducated; if you are sick, you can’t minister to the sick; if you are poor, you can’t help the poor. Develop the ability to put personal performance into perspective. Over your long career, you will experience both success and failure. Humility in success and courage in failure are hallmarks of a good leader. Be ready to invest in the development of other people. Be unstinting in helping your colleagues realize their full potential. Realize the importance of loyalty to organization, profession, community, society and, above all, family. Most of our achievements would be impossible without our families’ support. Assume responsibility for outcomes as well as for the processes and people you work with. How you achieve these results will shape the kind of person you become. Balance achievement with compassion and learning with understanding. Be conscious of the part you play. Be concerned about the problems of the poor and the disabled, accept human weaknesses, laugh at yourself – and avoid the temptation to play God. Leadership is about self-awareness, recognizing your failings; and developing modesty, humility and humanity. C.K. Prahalad Distinguished University Professor Harvard University

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WELCOME TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY SWITZERLAND CLASS OF 2012 Dear Students, Parents and Alumni, Welcome to the 2012 European University Switzerland Commencement Ceremony. First of all, I would like to thank you parents for your support of the students; students for your hard work; and all of you for your passion and dedication. The world today is changing at a rapid pace. Neither I nor those of you who are graduating today can predict with total certainty what the world will look like in 12 months, much less in five years. I got my degree in 1973. Most of you parents will remember that as the year of the largest Oil Crisis in history. The future seemed especially uncertain and many mornings, we couldn’t use our cars because the gas to run them was simply too expensive. But here we are today – most of us car owners – celebrating this joyous occasion, demonstrating that the challenges that in their moment seemed so daunting eventually fade into distant memories. It goes without saying that although all events – good and bad– inevitably pass, success always comes to those people who are prepared and ready for anything. For this I would like to advise you to always follow the three Ds: 1. Make the Difference; it is as much about being different as it is about making a difference in the world. 2. Be Diverse; do not put blinders on and shut out everything else. It is most important to know a little about everything – one never knows when those accordion lessons may come in handy. 3. Distinguish yourself; as the world grows it also shrinks, clients want special attention from a knowledgeable expert so specialize and find your niche. Keep this advice in mind and you will possess the basic tools to prosper in this world. Please stay in touch with us.


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SECOND BACHELOR’S DEGREE WITH ONLY ONE MORE SUMMER SEMESTER Go into the job market twice as prepared with two independent accredited degrees.

European University (EU) and International Business School at Vilnius University (IBSVU), offer a joint Dual BBA degree where students can obtain two completely independent, valid degrees. IBSVU is state-certified and the premier Lithuanian center for business education. For the Dual BBA, students complete six semesters at EU and then one summer semester at EU following the IBSVU curriculum.

IBSVU is certified by the European Foundation for Management Development, Principles for Responsible Management Education, Consortium of International Double Degrees, International Chamber of Commerce, Russian Association of Business Education, Baltic Management Development Association and the Central and East European Management Development Association. | | |


DISTINGUISHED GUESTS Saint Bernard Pass Charitable Foundation

Award Sponsor

Dr. R. Seetharaman

Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank Group “Doctor Honoris Causa” “Corporate Social Responsibility Award”

Last year, the Saint Marché family through their Saint Bernard Pass Charitable Foundation began an initiative to give six individual awards at each of the EU annual commencement ceremonies. These uncirculated medallions recognize: • • • • • •

Substantial efforts in corporate responsibility Sustainability Leadership Social responsibility Family business management Special award to the top MBA graduate who exemplifies innovative entrepreneurship

Below please find a brief note from Christina Saint Marché: “Our family made this commitment because we wanted to continue to be connected to European University long after our son graduated. I ask you today, as parents of these fine graduates, to stay connected to the university as well. The more you lend your voice to this university and its educators, the stronger EU will become. The value of the diplomas that our children are to receive today is derived from the core strength of this institution. A wise man once said to me; “In order to make a difference… have to be the difference.” I ask you today to think about how you can “be the difference” for the students who follow our children and for the university as a whole. Congratulations to this year’s graduates and their parents, who made it possible.” | | |

Dr. R. Seetharaman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Doha Bank Group, Chairman of Doha Brokerage and Financial Services Limited and Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank Group. He is a prominent personality in the banking industry throughout the Middle East, an economic expert who has achieved remarkable success for his contributions to Banking, Trade, Investment, Environmental Causes and Social Responsibility. His recent accolades include Best CEO in Middle East at EMEA Awards (2008 & 2012), Outstanding Contribution to the Industry awarded by Banker Middle East Industry Awards (2010) and International Indian of the Year Award (2010) among others. Dr. R. Seetharaman has been acknowledged for transforming Doha Bank into one of the best performing banks in the Middle East Region, recently being awarded The Best Bank in Qatar (2011) by EMEA. Academically, Dr. Seetharaman is a Chartered Accountant and holds certificates in IT Systems and Corporate Management. He specialized in Managerial Economics and was a gold medalist in his graduation, Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Madras. He is often invited by CNBC, BBC World, Reuters, Forbes, Sky News, Dow Jones and Bloomberg to share his expertise on economics, banking and environmental issues.


H.E. Abdulla Falah Abdulla Al-Dosari The Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar “Doctor Honoris Causa”

His Excellency, Abdulla Falah Abdulla AlDosari served as an Ambassador for the State of Qatar for several years. Most recently, he served as permanent representative to the United Nations Office (UNOG) and other international organizations. In addition to his Ambassadorial roles, he has acted as the Qatar Consul General of the State of Qatar in Switzerland and President of The Council of Head of Arab Permanent Missions to the United Nations. His Excellency began his career in diplomacy in 1980 with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The State of Qatar after completing his Bachelor of Political Science in the United States. His experience and leadership abilities have placed him in a variety of diplomatic roles across the globe including positions in the U.S. Belgium, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Switzerland. In addition to his professional roles, His Excellency received the Austrian Grand Decoration of Honor by the Federal President of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fisher (2011) as well as The Distinction Grand-Croix de L’Ordre de Léopold II, by His Majesty the King of Belgium. | | |

The Hinduja Group Owners, Hinduja Group “Doctor Honoris Causa” “Family Business Award”

The Hinduja brothers: Srichand, Ashok, Prakash and Gopichand represent one of the few Indian business families who have gained prestige on a global scale. Today the Hinduja Group, initially built on merchant banking and trade, is one of the largest diversified groups spanning all the continents. The four brothers have extended the business into a variety of other sectors including a significant emphasis on social and charitable contributions, even making large contributions towards university scholarships. The Group prides itself on its commitment to over 40,000 employees and modern management practices, encouraging employees to practice the Verdic principles of work: ‘Service with devotion’ and ‘Willingness to see fulfilment of one’s self-interest in the active promotion of the interest of the collective’. In addition to their influence in business, the brothers have also demonstrated a strong loyalty to creating better understanding between the peoples and the governments of the world. Srichand Hinduja: Chairman Hinduja Group and Hinduja Foundation Ashok Hinduja: Chairman, Indian Hinduja Group Prakash Hinduja: Chairman, Europe Hinduja Group Gopichand Hinduja: Co-Chairman, Hinduja Group of Companies; Chairman, Hinduja Automotive Ltd., UK


Dr. Koen P. Wilms

Ms. Nicola Spafford Furey

Dr. Koen P. Wilms began his career at 3M in 1987 after finishing his Master of International Management in the United States. Initially working in Belgium, Dr. Wilms worked his way up the ladder holding key leadership positions at 3M in Benelux, Great Britain and the United States. Last September, Dr. Wilms was promoted to 3M Managing Director in France from his previous role as Managing Director for the Benelux Region. In his current role, Dr. Wilms is responsible for a sales turnover of USD 920 million and 13 manufacturing plants across seven cities. His 24-year tenure with 3M is best characterized by his ability to identify opportunities and capitalize on them. Dr. Wilms is also a European University Alumnus, holding his Bachelor’s in Business Administration (1986) and his Doctorate in Business Administration (1999). Dr. Wilms credits his success to his highly effective communication skills and remaining calm under pressure. A firm believer that every person controls their own destiny, he has consistently exhibited determination and drive. His dedication and commitment to excellence truly exemplify the core values of the European University.

Ms. Furey, Vice President of the Earth Focus Foundation, has lived in Geneva for the past twenty years. Inspired by the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan founder of the Earth Focus Foundation she was determined to continue his work and today aims to find opportunities for young people to be involved in sustainable development projects, especially the Green Map project which stimulates, motivates and challenges young people to reflect on global issues. Ms. Furey is a humanist, altruist and environmentalist who envisions the future of Geneva as a center for the ongoing dialogue on the environment and human rights that in turn will create a better future for all.

Managing Director, 3M France “Leadership Award” | | |

Vice President, Earth Focus Foundation “Sustainability Award”


Mr. Joop Post & Mr. Bert Kranendonk

Mr. Edgard Bovier

Mr. Post began his career as a professor in Holland in 1971, eventually transitioning to an entrepreneur and politician. His political endeavors started small in his hometown of Velsen, later working in Northern Holland, considered the most diverse EU economic region. He recently became founding Chairman of the United Asian Company (VAC) which hopes to improve trade relations between Europe and Asia through its Flagship venture. Mr. Kranendonk is a leading architect and concept developer of various marketing campaig ns i n t he Net herla nds. M r. Kranendonk specializes in brand experience and human development projects, including creating Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. In addition to his work with the UAC, he also works as CEO of O’Talent, responsible for the realization of several experiences and discoveries all over Europe. The United Asian Company Flagship Europe venture will become the world’s first floating convention ship. The project, which focuses on Asia, aims to create invaluable and sustainable business solutions aboard its Queen ECO2 ship by hosting exhibitions, conferences and corporate parties while docking at various Asian cities. Mr. Joop Post, a top political strategic advisor and Mr. Bert Kranendonk, CEO of the United Asian Company have been spearheading the project since its conception.

Mr. Edgard Bovier, Executive Chef of the Lausanne Palace & Spa and Valais native, grew up in the culinary world. Both his father and grandfather were restaurant owners and from a young age, Mr. Bovier knew his passion was to follow in their footsteps. After working as an apprentice in Sion and Saint-Moritz, Mr. Bovier began to work as a chef around the Mediterranean and today many of his dishes draw upon this influence. In 2004 Mr. Bovier took over all restaurant at the Lausanne Palace & Spa and since July 2008 has also managed cuisine for the Château d’Ouchy. Today Mr. Bovier has over 40 years’ experience working in hotel kitchens and was a crucial component to the Lausanne Palace & Spa’s recent distinction as “Hotel of the Year” by Gault Millau. The ranking, considered one of the most influential French restaurant guides, also notes that when Mr. Bovier’s restaurants overseas are tallied, he has accumulated more Gault Millau points than any other chef in the world.

United Asian Company, Flagship Europe Project “Social Responsibility Award” | | |

Executive Chef, Lausanne Palace & Spa “King Fellow Award”


AN MBA OPENS DOORS IN TODAY’S JOB MARKET EU offers tailored and flexible master’s programs

“MBA preferred” is one of the most popular phrases in modern job listings. MBA graduates are sought after for their ability to think critically, deal with ambiguity and solve complex problems. In the current, uncertain economic climate, individuals are increasingly looking for any advantage that will help them progress their careers in this increasingly competitive job market. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degrees from European University (EU) are internationally-recognized, graduate degrees that serve as passports to successful management careers.


The MBA and EMBA curricula are tailored to accommodate each candidate’s needs. Utilizing a pragmatic approach to business education which emphasizes the case-study method, these programs effectively prepare students for leadership positions in the modern business world. Being able to compete on an international level is vital for any person wishing to secure a successful career in the modern business environment. The university encourages students to participate in inter-campus exchanges in: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Malaysia and China. EU has developed innovative business education programs that deliver high-quality teaching. It offers majors in International Business; Communication & Public Relations; International Marketing; Global Banking & Finance; Entrepreneurship; Leadership and E-Business among others.

October 8, 2012 January 7, 2013 March 18, 2013 October 7, 2013 | | |


EU bachelor’s graduates get automatic acceptance into EU MBA programs.

They also get a 20% scholarship toward tuition.

EU has a large variety of programs to choose from, including the option to get a dual MBA degree.

You have the opportunity to continue studying in a familiar environment with many of your present classmates.

Villeret Collection

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PROCESSION OF STUDENTS, ‘Pomp & Circumstance’ by E. Elgar The audience stands while the graduating students enter.


WELCOME ADDRESS Prof. Stef De Jong Professor, European University Switzerland


COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Dr. R. Seetharaman Chief Executive Officer, Doha Bank Group


PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS Dr. Dirk Craen President, European University Group



“Corporate Social Responsibility Award” Dr. R. Seetharaman Doha Bank Group 2 “Doctor Honoris Causa”

H.E. Abdulla Falah Abdulla Al-Dosari The Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar

4 “Leadership Award”

Dr. Koen P. Wilms 3M 5 “Sustainability Award” Ms. Nicola Spafford Furey Earth Focus Foundation 6 “Social Responsibility Award”

3 “Doctor Honoris Causa”

-Mr. Strichand Hinduja -Mr. Ashok Hinduja -Mr. Prakash Hinduja -Mr. Gopichand Hinduja

Mr. Joop Post & Mr. Bert Kranendonk United Asian Company, Flagship Europe 7 “King Fellow Award”

Mr. Edgard Bovier Lausanne Palace & Spa

“Family Business Award” The Hinduja Group 18.40





VALEDICTORIAN SPEECH Ms. Kierre De Muyt Childers


CLOSING ADDRESS & RECESSIONAL The audience will stand while the graduating students leave.


COCKTAIL RECEPTION The ceremony is followed by a cocktail at the Intercontinental Hotel. | | |






Bachelor of Business Administration Vladislav Kovalev, Russia Alexander Odirachukwu Okeke, Nigeria Leticia Pereira-Hajiyev, Brazil Stéphanie Marie T. Ruessmann, Belgium

Master of Business Administration with a Major in Global Banking & Finance Yodith Gideon, Switzerland Hasti Haghparast, Iran Richard Chance Saint-Marché, United States of America

Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations Mohamed Al Bastaki, Bahrain Bachelor of Science in Shipping Management Gueorgui Dimitrov Jelev, Bulgaria

IMMINENT GRADUATES Bachelor of Business Administration Oscar Rey Baneira, Spain Andres Cazarez, Mexico Kirill Chuvychilov, Russia Sara Khaled Mohamed Samy Elsayed Elashram, Egypt Giseele De Sousa Gusmão, Brazil Ali Hussain, France Lyubcho Mariov Minev, Bulgaria Elena Maria Del Sol Henschen Molina, Spain Aly Mokhtar Helmy Monib, Egypt Aliagha Muradov, Azerbaijan Francisco Muñoz Rico, Spain Nana Ofori Okyere, Ghana Mirza Susilo, Indonesia Imanuel Javier Deymon Tombeng, Indonesia Salome Tsveraidze, Georgia Sabina Yermekbayeva, Kazakhstan Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management Anastasia Zakharova, Russia Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management Muhsin Asil Bilgehan, Turkey Bachelor of Science in Business Finance Béatrice Antoinette Batistier, Sweden Daria Chizhova, Russia Mina Sedigheh Safai, Switzerland

IMMINENT GRADUATES Master of Business Administration with a Major in International Business Leyla Allahverdiyeva, Azerbaijan Seyed Vahid Reza Falakfarsaei, Iran Anar Hasanov, Azerbaijan Tien Thanh Le, Vietnam Ahmed Omar El Mughasei, Libya Aleksandrs Popovs, Latvia Anastasia Tishchenko, Russia Master of Business Administration with a Major in Communication & Public Relations Salah Ali, Libya Master of Business Administration with a Major in International Marketing Alexander Baranov, Russia Alexandra Shirokovskikh, Russia Mitra Vakil-Gilani, Iran Master of Business Administration with a Major in Global Banking & Finance Dinara Bakytkyzy, Kazakhstan Dileep Kumar Bompally, India Yazan Chachati, Syria Dianna Grigorias, Canada Hicham Jradi, Lebanon Ricardo Suarez Montes, Mexico Orkhan Suleymanov, Azerbaijan Inna Zubareva, Russia | | |

Multi-Functional Like You !

The first WENGER multi-functional Swiss Army Knife featured a sharp blade, screwdriver, reamer and can opener. It became an essential tool for soldiers whose survival depended equally on food and a working rifle. To this day, this same knife is the inspiration behind WENGER’s mission to create multi-functional equipment for the outdoor enthusiast.






Master of Business Administration with a Major in Leisure & Tourism Management Radhika Agarwal, India Faith Ching Yue Cheng, United Kingdom Timur Dzgoev, Russia

Theodoros G. Androutsopoulos, Greece Mark Azzopardi, Malta Supareak Chomchan, Thailand Panagiotis Dantis, Greece Rudina Degjoni, Albania Kenneth Kien Ann NG, Malaysia Nektarios G. Smirnis, Greece

Master of Business Administration with a Major in Entrepreneurship Kierre De Muyt Childers, United States of America Chidiogo Geraldine Uzoma Enwegbara, Nigeria Rami Omar, Russia Rosemary Okailey Sampah, Ghana Luca Silvestri, Italy Kanokkan Tangchit, Switzerland Cynthia Vanvoorden, Belgium

IMMINENT GRADUATES Nasrin Davis, Switzerland Sara Elkhayat, Egypt Hamidreza Falakfarsaei, Iran Samira Majdpour, Iran

Master of Business Administration with a Major in Leadership Daniel Kimanzi Mwange, Kenya Master of Business Administration with a Major in E-Business Yaroslav Romanenko, Ukraine | | |

European University Barcelona Ganduxer 70 08021 Barcelona, Spain Tel: +34 93 201 81 71 Fax: +34 93 201 79 35 European University Geneva Quai du Seujet 18 1201 Geneva, Switzerland Tel: +41 22 779 26 71 Fax: +41 22 779 26 73 European University Montreux Le Forum-Grand-Rue 3 1820 Montreux 2, Switzerland Tel: +41 21 964 84 64 Fax: +41 21 964 84 68 EU Executive Center Ch창teau Maison Blanche 1853 Yvorne, Switzerland Tel: +41 24 466 68 69 Fax: +41 24 466 68 71 EBCM Munich Branch of European University Gmunder Strasse 53 81379 Munich, Germany Tel: +49 89 5502 9595 Fax: +49 89 5502 9504

Programs in: London (United Kingdom) | Freiburg (Germany) | Moscow & Rostov-on-Don (Russia) | Almaty, Astana & Aktobe (Kazakhstan) | Taipei (Taiwan) | Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Beijing (China) | Kuala Lumpur & Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)

Graduation Booklet Switzerland  

Graduation Booklet Switzerland

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