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Our quality process

Eurtex count on a Chemical Engineer who controls all the process and ensures that the production phases have been done correctly according to the European laws. We have been enhancing our laboratory with new resources and new technics that make a continuous improvement in terms of R+D. We work by in-house production in which all the departments are in the same building, allowing us to supervise all the steps that fabrics are undergone as well as solving problems immediately. By the way, we have a Control & Quality Manager who analyses the product at the end of each phase. First of all, we analyse the raw material (the yarns) so as to corroborate the manufacturer’s specifications. After the weaving, we check again in order to control the fabric; and finally, it is undergone into a final quality control before being sent to costumer.

We need to know how to interpret the client’s idea to make it original, unique, lasting and at the same time, industrially posible. Being honest about the product means having an in-depth knowledge of each one of industrial processes involved in its manufacture.

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• Technical keys

Colour fastness

Technic is the essence

Colour tester


Eurtex acquired a colour producer machine called Testherm that enable us to create the specific colour that the customer is asking for. Thanks to this acquisition, we can find the exact colour for the product.

Hand-cut Long vs. short fibres Eurtex uses only long fibres as its resistance, durability, strength, softness and handling are better than the short fibres. In addition to this, Eurtex is a member of Masters of Linen, which is the guarantee of linen 100% Made in Europe, from plant to yarn to fabric. A registered trademark and a seal of excellence for both the trade and the consumer.

All our clothes are hand-cut, using this method all the fabrics are straight carved, furthermore, as each piece is cut individually there is no chance of wrong carving. Our traditional way to cut the fabrics is because even though it is slower, every linen that is cut is perfectly straight, moreover, as it is handmade, any mistake is spotted by the employee and the problem is quickly solved. At the end, it is all about taking care about the detail.

Shrinkage control All the fibres suffer from shrinkage after being washed, so Eurtex considers the size reduction of wrap and weft when we design and weave the fabrics. After-washed, our products have the exactly size requested.

Mitred vs. through corners Mitred corners make the corner be well finished, as statically talking is more beautiful; moreover it provides the corner with a neater finishing that enables the product to be more resistant as it is better fixed.

long fibres

short fibres

For us details are very important and, in order to keep it, most of our corners are made with mitred corners.

In order to check the dying process Eurtex is provided by a lab that analyses the colour fastness by testing the decolouration and loss of tones. However, our dying process is made with indanthren dye that penetrates better into the fibres. With the washing test we do on our textile fabrics, we can prove that Eurtex products have a large life expectancy.

Last generation looms Eurtex is provided by excellent looms that let us produce high quality fabrics. All our looms are made in Europe, with excellent pieces that prevent the loom to stop and consequently the fabrics have less defects and are better woven. Thanks to our looms, as well as our yarns, they make a whole in which quality becomes a reality that can be appreciated in all our products.

Technical keys  

One of our distinguishing points is quality, as we offer the best raw materials and fabrics as well as products that are carefully handmade....