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4 - 10 January 2018 / Costa del Sol

Five courses or nothing! Mike Senker

In my opinion Views of a Grumpy Old Man WELL that’s that lot over for another year. Christmas and New Year’s Eve done. I went to the UK for Christmas. Was it uneventful? What do you think? The BA flight out was absolutely fine. They put a big label on my wheelchair saying, ‘return to aircraft door on arrival.’ Did they? Of course not and it finished up going to the baggage reclaim. I had a bit of a moan but there’s no point. It’s nothing to do with BA - it’s the ground staff and they do as they wish. We then went to the 4-star quaint pub/hotel I had booked. Well, the only four stars I saw were through the hole in the roof! I walked in the room and knew instantly we had a problem. The girl that was checking us in didn’t know anything about the rooms as I’d asked for a room with disabled access. She was just the barmaid and was helping out as the manageress wasn’t there. So in steps my daughter, who has become very protective of her ‘rents in recent years, and demands to see the manageress. When the boss finally appears Dr S explains the room is totally unsuitable for a disabled person and, on top

of that, the room is really shabby. The boss, who was nice and polite, agreed and said, ‘I suggest you find somewhere else to stay!’ So there we were - Christmas Eve and there’s no room at the inn! Sound like a familiar story? There was nothing else to do but go last-minute shopping for food, pressies and now a hotel room. As luck would have it, the extraordinarily expensive, beautiful hotel just down the road we had originally discounted due to the horrendous price, had had a cancellation. So our budget trip turned into an expensive but luxurious outing and a good time was had by all. One thing I did find strange was that on Christmas Eve the only food choice at this fabulous hotel was either a £75 per head fivecourse dinner or nothing! No room service literally nothing - which I thought was a bit out of order. Anyway I’m not one to complain, as you know, plus it was the season of goodwill or maybe it was Mrs S dragging me out of reception that stopped me screaming the place down. How can anyone think a fivecourse dinner or nothing is acceptable? So here we are in 2018. My New Year resolution suggested by Mrs S is to moan less. Yeah right ‘o let’s see how we go with that one!



LEGALLY SPEAKING Time to check your lights again WE answer some common driving questions, kindly provided by members of the Guardia Civil based in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, who set up the N332 website and Facebook page to help break down barriers.

ESSENTIAL: Working lights. ALTHOUGH we are getting closer to the time when the evenings start to get lighter, the lights on our vehicles have possibly been in use more than ever, and so it’s a good time to check that all of the lights on our vehicles are fully working. Until quite recently, all vehicles had to carry a spare set of bulbs, this is no longer the case. The Spanish government recognised that changing a bulb is no longer a simple task, and in many cases can only be done by qualified mechanics, and so carrying a spare set was pointless, if the ability to change the bulbs had been removed. However, it is still important to check all of the lights on a regular basis, even those not used too often, such as fog lights. It is better to have an assistant to help you do this so that one of you can be in the car operating the switches, the other on the outside monitoring the results.

Remember, check every light, headlights (including full beam), indicators and hazard lights (front and back), rear lights and brake lights, reversing and fog lights, and the lights that illuminate the number plate at the rear. If your vehicle is a modern one you might also have Daytime Running Lights installed. Although these lights are often more reliable than traditional lights, on account of them being LEDs, they should also be checked on a regular basis. If you don’t have anybody to help you can still carry out the checks by using reflective surfaces such as shop windows or other parked vehicles. Make sure you do this in an isolated location though as you don’t want to confuse other motorists. If any of the lights have failed make sure you get them replaced immediately as it is an offence to drive with defective lights.

For more news and articles visit or search N332 on Facebook.

Can their plan work? My partner and I reside in Mallorca. We are both residents. I started a Death Benefit Policy with her as beneficiary some years ago. My teenage daughters live in South Africa with their mother. They will move to Europe and study at universities when they finish school. They both have Netherlands passports as I have. My partner has a German passport. The insurance policy will pay out a substantial amount on my death. What is your opinion of the following plan? My partner could purchase two apartments in the names of my daughters to avoid inheritance tax on them when she herself dies. She would establish an usufruct enabling her to rent out the flats until she dies. After that my daughters will be in full possession of them. Can we do this? H L (Baleares) Yes, you can do it. It might be a good idea for you and your partner to register in Mallorca as a ‘pareja de hecho,’ which is a

David Searl You and the Law in Spain

common-law couple and gives you many husband and wife benefits, such as lower inheritance tax. You need a good lawyer to see you through this.

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.

Euro Weekly News - Costa del Sol 4 - 10 Jan 2018 Issue 1696  
Euro Weekly News - Costa del Sol 4 - 10 Jan 2018 Issue 1696  

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