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ISSUE NO. 1555 // 23 - 29 APRIL 2015



When justice fails Exclusive interview by Steve Walsh A MOTHER has been left distraught after the two men who tortured and killed her grown-up son were convicted of manslaughter and not murder. After agreeing a plea bargain, Dubliners Wayne Lennon, 38, and Brian McConville, 30, admitted punching, kicking and stabbing Paul Fether, 31, to death. They were sentenced to 11 years each by a Malaga court, not the life sentences that his mother Beryl Fether, 67, felt they deserved. Beryl came to Spain in midApril, not for a holiday, but to find answers and justice for her son who was “brutally tortured and killed” at the hands of his ‘friends’ in the apartment he shared with his girlfriend in Benalmadena on April 21, 2010. The coroner’s report showed that Paul, who moved to Spain

from Ongar in Essex, UK, died over a period of one-and-a-half hours as a result of beatings combined with 44 stab wounds caused by various implements. Clutching a photograph of her

dead son in one hand and a folder full of court paperwork in the other, quietly-spoken Beryl (pictured) explained her frustration over the court trial that never was. Turn to Page 4


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

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TOWIE bling set for the Costa! LA CALA de Mijas is about to get a touch of Essex bling as TOWIE star Elliott Wright has confirmed to Euro Weekly News that he has taken over one of the coast’s best-known venues. “I’m keen to get going,” he said, “I’m really looking forward to the new project.” Elliott, who will be spreading his time between the restaurant and his UK TV career, remarked: “If it was up to me, I would open it in June, but that’s up to the builders and how fast they can get it finished.” So far the theme is being kept a secret and the name has yet to be decided. Old Mijas Playa freehold owner, Gerry Coleman, said: “He is totally revamping it. It is fantastic news for La Cala, it will bring

KEEN TO OPEN: Elliott Wright, new owner of Mijas Playa. something different to the village, a touch of bling!” Between them, Elliott and his father have three

restaurants, Eduardos in Alicante being one, but this new venture will be Elliott’s first on the Costa del Sol.


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NEWS DFAS talk BENAHAVIS DFAS will be holding a talk, The Cult of the South Pacific from Cook to Gauguin, on April 28 at 6.30pm at Benahavis Town Hall. For more information Puppet show CHILDREN are invited to a free puppet show, El Libro Magico, at Alhaurin el Grande’s public library at 5pm today, Thursday 23, to celebrate World Book Day.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

Promising summer bookings THE Costa del Sol is gaining ground against international competitors for summer holiday bookings from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and other parts of Spain. While tourists from abroad are reportedly choosing the Costa instead of other sun and sea destinations due to the stability and relative safety it offers, increased

confidence in the economy in Spanish homes is leading more national tourists to book up too. A total of 920,214 visitors stayed at Costa hotels between November and February, giving signs of hope for what is to come this summer. Confederation of Spanish Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (Cehat) president Juan Molas stated that the summer is certain to be a

good one as bookings are already up by 7 per cent compared to this time last year with the UK and other European countries confirming 2 to 3 per cent increases. Molas added that travel agents had reported a 20 per cent increase in Spanish tourists over the Easter period, which could well be a sign of increased last-minute bookings to come.

More building THREE construction projects for homes in Las Lagunas and La Cala have been approved by Mijas Council and are expected to provide work for local builders.


ews watch

Tax rebates

ALMOST 61,000 people in Malaga Province sent in their tax returns during the first week of Hacienda’s current tax campaign, and more than €14 million has been sent out in rebates in the area so far.

A TWENTY-YEAR-OLD from La Cala del Moral arrested by the National Police force is suspected of being the urban Midas who has recently been painting waste bins and benches gold in Malaga City and Rincon de la Victoria.

Pollen updates

Children take over SCHOOLCHILDREN dressed in typical costume to represent different countries held a mock-up United Nations Assembly at Marbella Town Hall as part of World Education Campaign activities.

Work accident FIREMEN had to lift a 1,000 kilo tank of bleach and retrieve three fingers a worker lost at Peñon del Cuervo water-treatment plant in Malaga when his hand was trapped underneath.


Suspect caught

Cleaning replacement FUENGIROLA’S town cleaning department will be replacing its 18-year-old street-cleaning machine with a new one, the council has announced.

Survivor recovering THE survivor of a recent tragedy during which three Turkish people drowned on a Marbella beach has left intensive care and at the time of going to press continues his recovery on a ward of the Costa del Sol Hospital.


HAYFEVER sufferers will be pleased to know that the Andalucian Health Service is giving information on pollen levels on its free Salud Responde app, available from App Store and Google Play. INNER SANCTUARY: For an overwhelming scent of jasmine, geraniums and orange blossom.

Blooming wonderful festival in Cordoba

THE COURTYARDS, or simply ‘Patios’ festival of Cordoba 2015 will run from May 4, until May 17. ‘Los Patios de Cordoba’ is Cordoba’s most anticipated, and fragrant yearly event. The first two weeks of May see the most beautiful kept courtyards in the world fling open their doors to the public. Carpets of flowers, handmade Islamic mosaics, striking water features combine with an overwhelming scent of jasmine, geraniums, carnations and orange blossom. Since 1921, the town hall has organised a competition of Courtyards and Crosses in the first week of May, where the owners decorate their houses with great care to try and win the prestigious award offered by the authorities. Over 50 patios will be open free of charge to the public. The town hall has published nine sug-

Quote of the Week I’ve got to kill more people,” said a 13year-old secondary school student in Barcelona over and over again after killing a teacher and injuring another four people on Monday during what authorities are describing as a psychotic outbreak.

gested routes you can visit on your own accord, or you can join a paid tour party to take in these wonderful authentic inner sanctuaries that date back hundreds of years. Firstly the Romans, and later the Muslims adapted the typical design of the popular house to their needs, making the home centre on an inner courtyard (or patio), normally with a fountain in the middle and often a well to collect rainwater. The Muslims made further adjustments, giving the house an entrance from the street which passed through a porch, and filling the courtyard with plants to give the sensation of freshness. A visit is indeed worth the effort, but bear in mind, nearly all the patios close between 2pm and 6pm. For more details and routes, see the website at

Number of the week


non-Spanish people began paying into social security system in March said reports by the Employment and Social Security Ministry. March was the second month in a row to see increases in the number of foreigners finding legal work in Spain.

New projects ALHAURIN DE LA TORRE Council has announced that projects for two new hotels, a golf course, a McDonalds and a Dia supermarket are being considered to attract tourists and create more jobs.

Better fairground THE fairground in Los Barrios will be improved thanks to a new project to add parks, sports facilities and a children’s playground, encouraging year-round use.

Convention visit INTERNATIONAL Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) will be holding next year’s annual Spanish and Portuguese group assembly in Marbella.

And finally... A VIDEO of a choir from Jacaranda school in Sevilla singing La Musica No Se Toca, a song by Alejandro Sanz, has gone viral on the internet after the singer shared it on his Facebook page, stating that he had fallen in love with the entire school.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

No justice for murdered son, says mother From Front Page “If it was in England, they would have got life for murder,” she said. “I was told to expect a five-day trial, where witnesses would testify and all the evidence would come out against them. But on the first day in court, they were told to apologise and they would get a reduced sentence for manslaughter instead of murder. It’s not fair. It’s not justice!” Beryl made it her mission to find out as much as she could from Paul’s old friends and colleagues. She had been kept in the dark for five years being told nothing by the Spanish authorities, and little more by the Foreign Office. She said: “Apparently, the two guys were mates of his, and went over to his flat at 6am that morning after being in 24 Hour Square all night. It was normal for them to call for Paul to go for breakfast. “That’s when it all happened. At 7.30am a phone call was made to one of Paul’s friends by

the chief witness, Paul’s girlfriend, who was tied up and held in the flat along with him while the assault took place. The call told them that Paul had been killed. “Why was she not made to testify?” asked Beryl. “She made three separate statements to the police telling them exactly what happened, then she was moved to a witness protection programme. She told them things that would have proved it was murder.” Beryl continued: “In England she would have been made to testify, even if only by video link, but because she wasn’t here the judge wouldn’t try them for murder, so they were convicted of manslaughter instead. It’s not fair. Paul was no angel, but he didn’t deserve to die, and he deserved justice.” With tears in her eyes she told me: “I just want to know if he was happy living here before he died. If I knew he was happy, I could be content with that.”

Local children star on catwalk LA CALA de Mijas became the fashion capital of Spain for four days for the first edition of the Pasarela del Mar event. Almost a dozen local designers, Andalucian STARS OF brands and top Spanish SHOW: Local fashion names were pre- children. sent at the event. More than 2,500 people flocked to a special trade stands and many tent set up in La Cala other fashion-related which housed catwalk attractions. shows, conferences, But the stars of the

Cyclist injured

Lotto luck show were local children who took a turn on the catwalk on the final day to strut their stuff.

Migrants: To help or not to help?



A CYCLIST aged 72 had to be airlifted to hospital in Malaga on Sunday, April 19, after being injured in a traffic accident on the A7 motorway near Manilva.

Our View

OW desperate would you have to be? What could convince you to risk the lives of your children and spouse, not to mention your own? It must be one of the most difficult decisions anyone would have to make to uproot family and place them in the hands of human traffickers, in the hope of reaching a safer country. But that’s the decision thousands of families take every year, often with the tragic outcome witnessed this week when more than 700 people drowned off the coast of Libya. The problem that Europe is facing at the moment with the influx of migrants landing on our shores is not so much: “Should we help them?” But rather: “What is the best way to help them and us at the same time?” There seem


to be two main camps of thought. Those that say: “Keep them out.” And those that say: “Let them in and never mind the consequences.” Australia would be the perfect example of how zero tolerance works well. PM Tony Abbott said: “If you want to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean, don’t let them set foot on land.” And although it sounds harsh, we cannot deny it has stopped the boats heading for Oz. But European refugee groups say: “Forget the future, save them now and sort it out later.” Which on the face of it is the most humane response. Hopefully common sense will prevail at the emergency EU meetings this week. Maybe a mix of both camps will be the answer. Save them all now! Then stop any more boats leaving port.

Have your say and leave your comments at

A PLAYER in Estepona who held the only ticket with the second category (5+1) numbers for the EuroMillions draw has won €495,368.

More flights AENA airport authorities have announced two new routes for this summer linking the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport to Amberes, Belgium, and Amsterdam, Holland.

Load lost THE A-368 road between Mijas and Benalmadena had to be closed last Sunday, April 19, when a lorry shed its load of metal sheets.

Air rescue A GUARDIA Civil helicopter had to rescue a woman who injured both legs in a fall near Fuente del Pilar in Tolox. The 55-year-old was flown to Ronda for treatment.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

A good economic forecast GROWTH predictions for Malaga Province for 2015 are the best in Andalucia. The latest Andalucian Financial Prediction report by Andalucia Economic Analysts presented by Unicaja has forecast an increase in GDP of 2.8 per cent in Malaga, while the average for Andalucia is expected to be 2.6 per cent. Predicted improvements to the economy are expected to bring more jobs and therefore lower unemployment rates across Andalucia this year. The report has forecast that unemployment will fall by approximately 70,000 people in the region.

Taking the insurance companies for a ride By Steve Walsh EVER wondered why your holiday insurance premiums are so high? David Klein did, until his holiday to Las Vegas turned into a nightmare. When the 78-year-old and his wife Susan left Spain for their dream holiday in Las Vegas, like all smart travellers, they made sure their medical insurance was in order. Little did they know that within a week, David would be struck down with pneumonia. Susan was woken by David gibbering and hallucinating, and after checking with the insurance company, she called an ambulance. She said: “David was covered for up to $30,000, so I thought all should be OK.”

David and Susan

She started to realise things might be a little costly when the emergency services explained to her that this could cost

upwards of $1,000. Her second awakening occurred at Valley Hospital main entrance, where the administration demanded $2,500 before they would let them in. Only then was David rushed to ER and then to Intensive Care. During his recovery over the next two days Susan was not permitted to stay with him. He wasn’t alone, however! From the moment he arrived in the ICU, he was hounded by the hospital accountant demanding money. The fact that the 78year-old disabled man was in Intensive Care didn’t deter the young bureaucrat trying to make David sign over $5,000 at every

opportunity. He said: “The insurance payments are slow from Spain, so we need some money.” David was distraught, and a decision was made to move him to a standard room. They discovered the room was uninhabitable. “The toilet had broken and there was mess everywhere.” They had to wait until maintenance fixed the problem later that evening. Meanwhile, David was left in the corridor. The next morning, the room still hadn’t been cleaned. When Susan arrived, she was again pressured for money, the bill was now $39,000. That was the last straw for David. He removed his tubes and mask, and left the hospital still wearing his gown. The whole experience proved to them that the American medical system is taking the insurance companies for a ride. “It’s a huge scam,” he said. “As soon as they see the insurance limit on your policy, that’s what they’ve already decided your treatment will cost. And more!”


Water fun A NEW children’s playground with water attractions is being built on Calle Palomar in the Las Cañadas area of Mijas Costa and is expected to take two months to complete.

Police expo ALMOST 5,000 schoolchildren are attending a police exhibition today, April 23, at La Malagueta Bullring in Malaga City where helicopters and sniffer dogs will also be on show.

Safer access A ROUNDABOUT being built outside La Cala Hills in Mijas Costa should be open to traffic over the next few days, the council said.

Bucking the trend NEW figures on population fluctuations in Spain have placed Malaga Province as one of just four to gain inhabitants last year. In fact, while population figures dropped almost everywhere in the country, Malaga registered the highest increase, with a total of 1,627,584 inhabitants registered on January 1, 2015. Although the increase was minimal, it has relaunched the upward trend of the past, which was broken in 2013 as expatriates began to leave the area.

E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Identity crisis at Spanish banks

Malaga flavour A TOTAL of 48 local producers will be presenting their wares at Sabor a Malaga (Malaga Flavour) fair on the San Pedro boulevard from tomorrow, Friday 24, until Sunday.

Nasty scare A DRIVER had to be rescued from his car by Mijas firemen after it overturned on the A7 motorway near El Faro last Thursday, April 16.

ACCOUNT HOLDERS: Digital ID now required. left English-speaking expats in the dark. Those who have opened accounts since 2010 may not need to take action as the information should have been recorded when they signed up. Many more, however, who have held accounts longer may face having their accounts frozen without receiving any notice, leaving them unable to honour direct debits, pay bills or withdraw cash. That is because accounts opened years ago before digital information was filed are likely to need clarification of identity. A valid NIE (or DNI for Spanish nationals) or a valid passport will be necessary. In addition you could be asked for a contract of employment, an in-

Vladyslav Danilin

By Jan Gamm MANY bank customers have until the end of the month to prove who they are or face having their accounts frozen. A law first passed in 2010 aimed at preventing money laundering and funding of criminal and terrorist organisations is finally coming into force from April 30. It requires banks to hold digital ID of their customers to pass on to the authorities. But despite having had five years to get their act together some banks have only recently started notifying their customers to provide identification. For many it has come via a message in Spanish when withdrawing money from cashpoints, something that may have




come tax return, an IVA receipt, a utility bill, a recent payslip or a DAE, which is a statement of economic activity. One bank employee told Euro Weekly News: “You wouldn’t believe the chaos this has caused, both for the bank and for our clients. We face so much anger and criticism from our customers but the freezing of accounts is conducted by the Bank of Spain and our hands are tied. We cannot legally delay matters while clients collate their documents.” Anyone unsure of their position should check with their bank.

La Sala sits top in celebrity stakes PUERTO BANUS’S glitzy La Sala restaurant hosted two TV stars for dinner last week, as Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling and TOWIE’s Elliott Wright tucked into steaks. Stelling was relaxing after helping La Sala’s founders launch their new Gibraltar venture, a restaurant and club on board the luxury Sunborn Yacht Hotel. Meanwhile, Wright is on the Costa del Sol to start up his own venue, having taken over the Mijas Playa in La Cala de Mijas. The group was completed by former footballer and La Sala shareholder Stephen Carr, La Sala founders Rob Segal and Ian Radford and Sala Group commercial director Wayne Elliott.

Typical tastes ISTAN is celebrating a gastronomical day this Saturday, April 25, with free tasters of typical dishes and orange juice on offer from 12.30-5pm.

Open-air art WORKS by 22 emerging artists are on show at Malaga’s La Concepcion Botanical Gardens until May 17. The show, Caprichos, includes more than 50 pieces by local and expatriate artists.

Piano concert UKRANIAN pianist Elena Blagulyak will be giving a free classical concert at the Padre Manuel Cultural Centre in Estepona on Tuesday, April 28, at 8pm, playing pieces by Beethoven and Chopin.

Cutting costs ALHAURIN de la Torre aims to save up to €45,000 per year by setting up an electronic system to efficiently control street-lights, traffic-lights, fountains and other public items run on electricity.


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Malaga rolls out the red carpet MALAGA’S Spanish Film Festival comes of age this

Britons in drugs bust THREE Britons are amongst four people arrested by the Guardia Civil during a raid on two marihuana greenhouses in Mijas Costa. One was in Las Lagunas and the other in Calahonda. More than 300 plants were confiscated during the raid along with equipment and materials used to prepare the drug. After the arrests, police officers found that one of the four was wanted by a Fuengirola court.

year and is celebrating with 10 days of cultural events. The 18th edition of the festival started last Friday, April 17, and runs until this Sunday with an impressive 178 Spanish language films and documentaries showing on screens in the city. Open-air screenings, awards ceremonies, film

presentations and concerts are included in the event, with many a Spanish celebrity in attendance. Free concerts at Muelle Uno tomorrow and Saturday (April 24-25) and a display on Calle Larios of pictures from filming sessions in the city are added attractions for visitors.

Oil prospectors pull out of Alboran Sea OIL prospecting in the Alboran Sea, the western section of the Mediterranean, has been cancelled, the Spanish Government has announced. The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has accepted an application from CNWL Oil EspaĂąa to pull out of the investigations the company had been carrying out off southern coasts, the Official State Bulletin for April 20 said. Having agreed that all conditions were met to allow contracts to be cancelled, the company will now have to wait for its financial deposit to be returned.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Caminito trips MIJAS Council has arranged trips to the Caminito del Rey in El Chorro for April 25, 28 and 29. Three hundred tickets are available from the youth offices at Las Lagunas theatre and the tourist office in Mijas Pueblo.

Jewel heist SIX people have been arrested in connection with a jewel heist in Malaga City during which €20,000 worth of goods were stolen.

Band aid MORE than 100 people attended a concert by the Alozaina Band at Benalmadena Costa’s del Carmen church in aid of NGO, Manos Unidas.


ADANA’s Silver Jubilee Dog Show this Sunday ADANA is holding its Silver Jubilee Dog Show this Sunday, April 26, at Estepona’s Palacio de Congresos. Registration begins at 11am and judging at noon with 20 classes including Agility and Obedience, Dog with the Waggiest Tail and Señor and Señorita

Estepona. Entry forms can be downloaded from www.adana. es to save time on the day. Special medals have been made for all the winners, and rosettes and prizes will be awarded to the first four in each class. Euro Weekly News has donat-

ed a silver cup to replace one which was not returned by a past winner of the Best in Show category, which the organisers have warned is expected to hold at least six bottles of cava! Judges at the show will include Sonia Longman, who founded the event 25 year ago,

her sister Hermione, and Steve Davies from The Bookshop in Sabinillas. Stalls offering all sorts of services and goodies for dogs, face painting (for anyone who fancies it), grooming demonstrations (for dogs only!), a bar and a cafe will be on offer, and the dogs for whom ADANA is looking to find homes will also be at the event. A demonstration by the Local Police dog team during the interval is anin meeting them and urged to fill other treat planned for in forms and pay the fees as soon the day. as possible. All in all a great day An average of 25 calls per day out for a great cause were received, leading the gang with entry priced at just to pocket an estimated €300,000 €2 and accompanied chilin fees over the last two years. dren entering free of Five arrests have been made charge. For more information and €46,660 in cash and files on contact David on 952 891 300 victims confiscated from the 193 or visit alleged ringleader’s home.

Suspected gigolo scam gang busted after mum complains son was tricked AN alleged criminal gang making money out of would-be gigolos who responded to false job adverts has been busted on the Costa del Sol. Police began investigating when a woman in Barcelona reported that her son had been tricked out of money after applying for work as a gigolo. The fake advert was found to

have been placed by a company in Fuengirola, which operated by putting personal and job adverts in newspapers across Spain. On calling the number in the ads, scam victims were offered an attractive job but told they would have to pay between €250 and €8,000 in advance fees. The men were informed there was already a customer interested


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Happy birthday! ELDERLY Fuengirola residents with birthdays in April were invited to a joint party yesterday (April 22) at the Puebla Lucia social hall, with a cake and chocolate laid on by the council’s Senior Citizens department.

Climbing thieves MIJAS COSTA police caught and arrested two men just minutes after they had climbed onto a first floor balcony and stolen two bicycles. Although at first they claimed to have bought them at the market, the pair eventually admitted to the theft.

Winning dancers EIGHTEEN dancers from Eva dance school in La Linea brought home two prizes from Flamenco Puro international competition in Turin, Italy.


Help Salon Varietes celebrate 30 years THE Euro Weekly News rubbed shoulders with some of the great founders of the Salon Varietes, Fuengirola, to join in celebrations of their 30-year anniversary. Old and new members of the society have been involved in producing an va anniversary r Sal rt ou o p magazine, which is p Su on sale to raise funds for this wonderful FROM LEFT: David, Norma, Jenny, Pat and Gwen. theatre. how the theatre evolved. publication for all to see. They At the launch, David Pat Palmer accompanied thanked everybody who had Radford, President Emeritus, gave a witty and uplifting speech David, like a magician’s assistant, made the last 30 years a success, to reminisce on the early days of to turn the pages of history of the Val Williams, the president of

Busy day for cruise ships in Malaga port FOUR cruise ships docked in Malaga port on Tuesday, April 21, the busiest day so far this

spring. With capacity for 8,420 passengers plus crew members, the Aidabella, MSC Musica,

Celebrity Reflection and Wind Surf ships spent an average of 10 and a half hours in port.

SALVA, Graham Cherry, president of FOTA (Friends Of The Theatre) and many others. Graham said, “This year has been better than ever as we have produced some exceptional shows such as Allo, Allo, which packed in an audience of 1,400 where we usually have an average of 800 on a show run.” The Salon Varietes Theatre is going from strength to strength as they have a very strong community behind them. There will be a show on June 30 in which 80 people perform an extravaganza of music from various shows. This will be held in Mijas auditorium. There are currently raffle tickets being sold up and the proceeds will go to CUDECA. EWN looks forward to another 30 years and beyond of the company staging many more quality shows.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol



SUMPTIOUS MENU: Sample the luxury buffet every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or dinner from the A La Carte menu, in a spectacular setting.

Sea Grill Restaurant: Luxury Buffet Lunch & Dinner with Live Music THE Sea Grill restaurant of the Puente Romano Beach Resort offers luxury dining in a spectacular setting with direct views of the Mediterranean. Guests can enjoy the terrace or inside dining. Indulge in the luxury buffet on offer every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which includes an incredible variety of

seafood and fish including lobster, king prawns and crayfish plus a wide selection of meats and salads, desserts and cheeses, priced at 69â‚Ź per person, 35â‚Ź for children. Evenings in the Sea Grill offer an elegant dining experience; a welcome cocktail can be enjoyed at the stunning bar before sitting down to a beautiful meal

from the A La Carte menu with live music from our resident pianist. Live music is on offer at the moment from Tuesdays till Saturdays. Special occasions at the Sea Grill can be organised by contacting 952 820 900

STUNNING VIEWS: Enjoy a welcome cocktail at the bar before dinner, with direct views over the Mediterranean Sea.

For general reservations lunch & dinner please call 952 820 900 or email


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Better streets TWENTY Alhaurin el Grande streets including Camino de Coin, Avenida de Mijas, Calle Ollerias, Carretera de Cartama and various others in Villafranco are due to be resurfaced over the next few weeks.

Charity gala CARTAMA Council is organising a charity gala in aid of Caritas for May 10 at Carthima municipal theatre from 7pm. Tickets priced at €10 are available from Caritas in Cartama and Estacion de Cartama.

Posts removed OLD electrical posts have been removed from the pavements of Avenida de Guaro in Monda and cables put underground, improving both pedestrian access and the area’s image.


Dogs being slashed by owners and left to die ANIMAL lovers have been shocked by a growing trend of cruel owners slashing dogs’ necks to remove their microchips in bids to abandon their

dogs without being traced by the police. Andrea Maclean of SOS Animals Spain said: “Hunters are guilty of this cruel practice as they jet-

tison dogs that no longer have value to them, and sadly it could be spreading to other callous dogowners as well.” SOS are caring for Bod-

Phone smugglers collared THREE people have been arrested suspected of smuggling stolen electronic goods to Morocco. Police investigators tracked down an Armenian man who allegedly bought stolen goods at higher prices than thieves could get from secondhand shops. Surveillance revealed that the 41year-old then passed the items on to a couple who were in charge of taking them to Morocco and selling them on. Officers stopped the couple’s fourwheel drive on a road near Marbella and upon searching the vehicle

ie, who is less than two years old and was found with appalling neck injuries after his owner cut out his microchip and abandoned him. He is now at SOS on the outskirts of Coin. Bodie has fully recovered and is playful and affectionate. SOS is hoping someone will give him a home.

“SOS funds are always stretched and much of our income goes on vet bills,” said SOS cofounder Tony Byford. “If anyone has any items that we can sell on our market stall then do please get in touch.” Phone 605 227 155 or 635 987 680, see Facebook SOS Animals Spain, or

Forgetful guard HIDDEN: 26 mobiles and four tablets. found a hidden compartment containing 26 mobile phones and four tablets worth approximately €20,000.

A SECURITY guard is being blamed by the Argentinian press for a burglary at the Marbella home of ex-footballer Claudio Caniggia and TV star Mariana Nannis. The guard allegedly forgot to turn the alarm back on after switching it off to retrieve a cat, allowing burglars to enter undetected.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Samaritans providing emotional support SOME may not be aware that the Samaritans run a support service across the whole of Spain that can help youngsters as well as adults. The Samaritans receive many enquiries from people of all ages, from younger teenagers to those well into their old age with a range of different problems.

Contrary to popular belief, only one per cent of callers are those with suicidal feelings. Increasing numbers of younger people are emailing or phoning the helpline with a range of issues which affect them and are offered a confidential support service. The main aim is to listen to callers and be non-

judgemental and supportive. Posters and leaflets have been sent to more than 50 schools that are members of the Association of British Schools in Spain to raise awareness among younger people that Samaritans in Spain can help them deal with all sorts of issues. To find out more visit www.samari or by following Samaritans in Spain on Facebook. Helpline: 902 883 535

Guardia sort out problems MARBELLA VISIT: Included representatives from 19 EU countries.

Diplomats official visit A GROUP of ambassadors and diplomatic corps representatives from 19 EU countries have been on a visit to Marbella. Along with an official reception at the town hall, the visiting diplomats were taken on a tour of Marbella’s Old

Town, Puerto Banus and other local attractions. Local mayor Angeles MuĂąoz explained during the reception that maintaining a good relationship with ambassadors and consuls is of vital importance to the city, where people of 140 dif-

ferent nationalities live. The council offers space at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos to those countries which do not have nearby embassies, giving diplomatic staff a place to receive and attend to their citizens.

Costa del Sol’s garden ESTEPONA, Jardin de la Costa del Sol is a project the council has been working hard on over the last three years. More than 6,000 trees and 400,000 plants and flowers have been replaced or added to the town in an aim to turn it into an environmentally friendly garden town and tourist destination. Particular attention was paid to the Old Town, with 9,000 flowerpots added along the 12 kilometres of newly renovated streets, giv-

ESTEPONA: Particular attention paid to the Old Town. ing them a traditional Andalucian look. Altogether 29 fountains, many of which have been empty for

years, were restored and turned back on and schedules drawn up to maintain them and keep them working.

SIX people have been arrested in Las Lagunas, Mijas, and another 16 charged after the Guardia Civil was called in to deal with problems. Municipal workers and electrical company representatives had reported that due to certain problematic individuals in the area they were afraid to carry out their tasks or read electricity meters, and many reports of burglaries and animal cruelty had come in. The police operation included raids on a number of properties, resulting in six arrests and confiscation of cocaine and stolen goods. Two fighting cocks and four dogs in a bad state were also discovered and taken to an animal refuge. Three arrests were made for suspected drugtrafficking and one for theft and cruelty to animals, and another two people were also arrested after officers discovered they were wanted in relation to past crimes. During the raids, officers found that many of the homes were illegally connected to mains electricity, leading 16 people to be charged for electrical fraud.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Very odd job THREE people have been arrested in Malaga City after an odd job man claimed they had tied him up and threatened him unless he told them which homes he had worked in could contain drugs.

Mijas sponsors cancer association event MIJAS Council has announced it will be sponsoring Caminamos Contigo (we walk with you), a conference on cancer to be held

in Malaga on April 24-25. Organised by AECC Spanish Association Against Cancer, the congress at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos

in Malaga will host more than 30 meetings for medical professionals, patients, relatives and students and 35 stands will provide information on relevant subjects. “The council has been working closely with the association for years because its work is vital. The help the Mijas branch of AECC gives patients and relatives every day is so important, we at the council can do nothing but thank them and do everything we can to help,” said councillor for health, Maria del Mar Rios. The health department will be providing posters, leaflets, folders and other stationery for the event. Meanwhile the tourism gardener look real. department will be handThis is the 24th addition ing out Mijas information to Estepona’s mural route, packs, free bottles of waand joins another two by ter and tickets for donkey rides at the event. the same artist.

Estepona unveils latest impressive Violent arrest mural during school ceremony A LA LINEA man in his early 30s was arrested for attacking a policeman after being told he would be fined when patrolling officers caught him urinating on a public street.

Providing milk LA CAIXA Foundation and the Spanish Foodbank Association have launched a joint campaign to collect milk for families in need.

THE Bougainvillea Pruning, a mural by Jose Fernandez Rios, has been unveiled at Victor de la Serna school in Estepona. The painting, which forms part of the town’s artistic mural route, was presented to the schoolchildren during a ceremony organised by the school management and parents’ association. Representing a gardener pruning a bougainvillea, the mural covers an entire building with a surface area of 300 square metres,

NEW MURAL: It makes the and aims to confuse the observer, who can be forgiven for thinking the gardener is a real person.


Victim turned suspect A MAN has been arrested for allegedly exaggerating a crime he reported to the police. After having a number of personal items including his car keys (and then car) stolen, the 50-year-old Malaga man placed a report stating that his car had been stolen and violence used, the National Police force said. Yet police investigations led officers to believe that in fact he had exaggerated the crime to try and get compensation out of his insurance company, and the victim became the suspect as the man was arrested for fraud and making up crimes.


Teenagers arrested TWO girls, aged 18 and 19, have been arrested in Malaga City for allegedly trying to sell hashish to younger girls at their secondary school.

Urban run STAGE Two of Fuengirola’s Urban Race Circuit will take place at the fairground this Sunday, April 26, from 10am for runners of all ages.

Fire scare AN ELDERLY man was taken to hospital after a fire at his Torremolinos home. Police said the 82-year-old had been collecting large amounts of rubbish.

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Two Estepona families evicted TWO Moroccan families have been evicted from their homes in Estepona by the same bank in just two days, after failing to keep up with mortgage payments. After a year with no

evictions registered in the town, both families were forced to abandon their homes after a police presence ensured the evictions went ahead in spite of protestors who had gathered outside.

Fuengirola goes back to the 80s LOCALS and visitors are invited to dress up and head back to the 1980s this Saturday, April 25, for a themed street party in Fuengirola starting at noon. Martinez Catena and Lamo de Espinosa boulevards will house a number of 80s’ inspired activities including games for children and music, and Karaoke will be available for those brave enough from 6pm onwards. Nearby bars and restaurants are also taking part.

A group of people later decided to protest outside the town hall, while the council explained that it had offered to cover the cost of a hostel for both families and would also be offering them €1,800 each to help pay their rent.

Fair fares assured TORREMOLINOS’S 135 taxis have now been fitted with taxi-meters to ensure correct prices are always charged. The mayor said the new system was good for both the taxi-drivers and the town, as tourists would feel safe in the knowledge that they would be charged the correct price.

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




Marihuana found at traffic spot check THREE people have been arrested in the Guadalhorce Valley suspected of drug-trafficking. Guardia Civil officers carrying out spot-checks in the area pulled a car over and stopped two people inside, who had hurriedly reached for their mobile phones, from making calls.

Shortly afterwards another vehicle arrived at the check-point and was found to be carrying seven kilos of marihuana. The two from the first car are believed to have been scouts sent ahead to detect and warn of any police presence.

Scammer Police catch car seat theft suspect arrested A MAN has been arrested in Mijas for trying to steal an infant car seat out of a neighbour’s car. A local man went to the police station in the early hours to report he had seen two suspicious-looking people loitering by his car inside a residential complex garage. A patrol was sent to the scene, and officers found one of the men trying to get a car-seat out of the back of the vehicle, which they found had broken windows. Upon identifying the man, the officers discovered he lived nearby and had a record for previous offences.

A NORWEGIAN fugitive wanted in his home country for fraud has been arrested in Marbella. National Police officers stopped the 50-year-old man and upon checking his ID found a European arrest order had been issued. At the request of the Norwegian authorities, the man’s home in Marbella was searched and related items were confiscated.

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Officer uses app to find stolen phone A STOLEN mobile phone was found in just half-an-hour in San Pedro thanks to a tech-savvy policeman. The officer was stopped on his way to work by a young lady who told him that her handbag and mobile had just been stolen. When she mentioned that the mobile was an iPhone 5, the policeman used a

Find my iPhone app on his own phone to locate it and found a signal coming from a parked BMW. When questioned by patrolling officers called to the scene, the couple inside the car denied owning iPhones, even when the policeman made an alarm ring on the stolen mobile, which sounded in the car. Upon searching the vehicle, another five mobile phones and a tablet were found, leading the police to arrest the couple for suspected theft.

Mijas sword attack suspect arrested

A COLOMBIAN man who allegedly tried to kill another man in Mijas last November has been arrested. The 23-year-old suspect is believed to have been behind a violent attack using a katana, a long Japenese sword, which left the victim seriously injured. Although police investigators thought the man might have left the country, they kept on searching and finally found him at a club in La Cala. The suspect, who has criminal record, has been remanded in custody

Discover Manilva MANILVA Tourist Office has arranged a guided tour of the area for local residents for this Sunday, April 26. Tickets cost â‚Ź10, and more information is available from 952 897 434 (Tourist Office) or 678 338 867 (Karen).


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Leaky library closes

Iglesias stays faithful to Starlite JULIO IGLESIAS has filled the final gap on the list of performers for this year’s Starlite Festival in Marbella. Spain’s most internationally-renowned singer, Julio has not missed a Starlite since it was first held in 2012 and festival organisers have confirmed he will be giving a concert on August 5 at the Marbella quarry. The popular singer said: “It’s always an honour to go to Starlite. I love singing there, it’s a top quality European auditorium.” Tickets for the concert are on sale at www.starlitemarbella. com.


MARBELLA Council has given up trying to fix the leaks at the Camilo Jose Cela library on the lower floor of the market building, and has announced that it will not reopen. As waterproofing work proved insufficient and technicians said they could not guarantee more work would solve the building’s problems, the council has decided to replace it with two new libraries rather than continue throwing money at the old one.

PRESENTATION: Dutch flag is unfurled to mark Dutch Friendship Day.

Dutch Day promises to be a friendly affair

MIJAS and the Netherlands will be strengthening their ties with Dutch Friendship Day this Saturday, April 25, at the Plaza Virgen de la Peña from noon until 6pm. Part of Mijas Foreign Residents’ Department’s 30th birthday celebrations, the event will begin with the unveiling of a com-

memorative plaque on the Nations Wall at the tourist office. The Dutch Choir will perform and readings and shows, including the traditional flag dance, will be included in the day’s entertainment, while typical Dutch food and drink will be on offer in the square.

“Mijas has a large community of Dutch expatriates and many more come on holiday to our area each year. With this gesture we want to let them know we’re very happy they are part of Mijas and thank them for their affection,” said Foreign Residents Councillor Mario Bravo.


Faces and Places of Casarabonela AN exhibition of pictures taken in and around the village by international photographer Pat O’Hare, entitled Faces and Places of Casarabonela, will be running from April 28 to May 3. Inspired by his fondness of the people in the

village, the exhibition at Edificio Anaucario, Fernando Diaz, Casarabonela (near the medical centre) will show 30 works taken locally over the last 12 months by O’Hare. Born in Liverpool, the photographer now lives

Benalmadena site goes multilingual A NEW website for Benalmadena tourists in six languages, including Russian and Chinese, aims to cater to every possible type of visitor and provide personalised information. The website - has been created by the Tourism and New Technologies departments of Benalmadena Council and offers a mine of information on the area in Spanish, English, French, German, Russian and Chinese.

in Geneva and has been a regular visitor to the village for 15 years, often staying with friends. The exhibition has been organised by his friend and local resident Ian Parr, with the help of the deputy mayor, Paco Amada.

Charity fair for PADS PADS animal protection group and Mijas Foreigners Department are holding a charity fair this Sunday, April 26, in La Cala from 11am to 3pm. Stalls in the square opposite the town hall will have a range of products and there will be a bar. For more information call Lisa on 658 351 642

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

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E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Come south! ANDALUCIA was present at the B-Travel tourism fair in Cataluña last week to encourage more visitors from the area to come south on holiday.

Meeting up EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) international conference was held in Malaga last week, bringing 250 people from 30 countries to the city for the meeting.

Kitchen fire TWO people required medical treatment after inhaling smoke when an extractor-fan in the kitchen of an Alhaurin de la Torre home caught fire.

Pensioners’ river walk MIJAS tourism councillor Santiago Martin has invited local pensioners to sign up for walks the council is organising along the new riverside path by Rio Gomenaro. “They’ll be able to see all the work we’ve done by the river to improve the area so Mijas residents and visitors can enjoy a nice walk in the countryside by the river,” Martin explained. There is no limit on the number of people who can sign up for the free walks, the first of which are planned for April 23, 24, 29 and 30. All the pensioners need to do is sign up at the Las Lagunas Hogar del Jubilado and be at the entrance to the aquapark by 9am on

RIO GOMENARO: Work has been done to improve the area. the day of the walk to catch the bus. The trips will start with breakfast at a local establishment, followed by a walk along the path ending at

the Hermanos Ayala Tamayo oil press, where the pensioners will be able to see how the oil is pressed and receive a bottle as a memento of the day.

Green campaign launched at school A NEW, nationwide campaign on climate change has been launched at Santa Teresa school in Marbella. Aimed at primary school children, the campaign

was presented by local mayor Angeles Muñoz and will be entering classrooms all over Spain in an aim to raise youngsters’ awareness on what climate change is and what

can be done to fight it. A video introducing 12 ‘eco-tips,’ one for each month of the year, suggests simple steps children can understand and help make, including saving wa-

ter and electricity, recycling and taking care of nature. Calendars, cut-outs, stickers and educational material will be distributed at schools across the country.


New Mijas guide and app MIJAS visitors are now able to discover the village’s attractions in six languages via a new, multimedia guide created by the local tourist office. The audiovisual guides also detail beaches, golf courses and walking routes and can be used in Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch and Japanese. Installed on 24 electronic tablet devices, the new guides will alert carriers when they pass places of interest and offer relevant information. The tablets can be borrowed from the tourist office, or smartphone users can download the free-to-use application at a wifi hotspot at the office.

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Go pick up your passport and eat THE fourth edition of Torremolinos Tapas Route starts on Friday, April 24. Aiming to promote local gastronomy and establishments, the event - organised by the council’s youth and citizens’ participation departments - will allow locals and visitors to try out a variety of tapas, many thought up especially for the event,

in La Carihuela, Calvario, Playamar-Los Alamos and the town centre. Those wishing to take part can pick up their tapas passports (Tapasporte) from participating establishments, the town hall or tourist offices, and have them stamped after trying out tapas in different bars and restaurants. The establishments

ABC for A&E A NEW manual for A&E staff has been presented at Malaga City’s Clinico hospital in an aim to improve treatment and reduce waiting times. More than 50 A&E doctors, trainee doctors and specialists at the hospital worked together to draw up the new guide, which details protocol for frequent cases based on previous real cases resolved at the hospital.

taking part will be offering a tapa and a drink (water, soft drink, wine or beer) for €2 during the event, which lasts until May 3. Tapasportes completed with 10 stamps can be handed in at the town hall or tourist offices to be entered into a prize draw to be held on May 7.

Fuengirola spring clean campaign AN INTENSIVE cleaning campaign underway in different areas of Fuengirola will reach Torreblanca this week. Groups of municipal workers will now be spending approximately three weeks spring cleaning the area. Thirty-two workers will remove weeds, graffiti and other cleaning jobs from 8am to 3pm, Mondays to Fridays.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

Art funds water in Africa A CHARITY Art Auction will be held at Timeless

Gallery in Puerto Banus in association with Ro-

tary Club MarbellaGuadalmina on Satur-

Pottery competition to help out the rescue dogs TEN Costa del Sol dog rescue charities are collaborating with Totem Ceramics pottery school to raise funds for strays and abandoned dogs in May. Dog-loving adults are invited to visit Totem’s studio near Marbella in May and sculpt a clay dog to run in a fun, unique competition. Entry fees of €10 each will go entirely to the participating charity of the payer’s choice and give a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Models will be judged with an emphasis on

‘RUFUS’: Sculpture by Ostinelli&Priest is the first prize for the fundraising competition. character, effort and originality, meaning everyone entering has a chance to win regardless of artistic ability.

For more information visit TotemCeramics or call 952 887 364

day, April 25 at 4pm. Artists will be donating pieces from their private collections to be auctioned at reduced prices at the Timeless premises at Avendia Jose Banus, 2A on the day and will soon be detailed on facebook at: ents/675183735943354 Proceeds of the charity event will be donated to the Mutomo Project in Africa to fund pipes to take water closer to four villages and schools and install water kiosks and a tank. Doors open at 4pm for the 5pm start and cocktails and canapés will be available from 4-9pm. To pre-reserve seats for the auction, book to attend the cocktail party only or for any questions, contact Timeless Gallery: 633 939 836 or ines@timelessgallery



Fun day charity event BENALMADENA will be holding a festive celebration for St George’s Day on Saturday April 25, in Plaza Mezquita, Arroyo de la Miel for ANABE and AFAB charities. The event sponsored by Benalmadena Town Hall and Central FM will begin at 1pm with live music from quality artists including Johnny G, Nikki Rae (Adele), Jordana (Madonna), Lindsay Rose and many more.


Ask the optician – The effects of sun damage on our eyes Leighton Griffiths, Store Director from Specsavers Opticas Marbella SPRING and summer are upon us and after a long period of rain we’re now enjoying lovely bright sunshine and warm temperatures. Yet although the sun is one of the things that attract people to Spain, many don’t realise it can damage their eyes. These are some of our most commonly asked questions on the subject: Q: Can the sun really damage my eyes? A: Yes. The same as our skin, our eyes can also be damaged by UV rays and can lead to various problems. Children under 10 in particular should be protected, as their eyes can’t block as much UV as adults’ eyes can. Q: What are the effects of sun damage

Theatre group meets again THESPA’S April meeting is planned for Wednesday 29, with rehearsed reading performances of two one-act plays. The Bespoke Overcoat by Wolf Mankowitz and Envy Me Not, created and performed by Margaret Spencer-Brooks and Wendy Smith, will be performed as usual at Los Boliches Masonic Hall, starting at 7.30pm. Those interested are urged to book in good time, ideally before April 24, to allow catering to be organised, by calling 622 454 422 or emailing thespabooking@gmail. The entrance com. charge, including set meal, is €16 for members and €18 for guests.

on eyes? A: Exposure to UV rays can cause a number of problems including Cataracts, Macular degeneration, Eyelid skin cancer, Pinguecula (small, yellowish, slightly raised lesions that form on the surface of the white part of the eye that can cause irritation and dry eyes) and Pterygium (scar tissue that can grow over the surface of the eye and impair vision). Q: What can I do to protect my eyes? A: The best protection is to wear sunglasses with total UV protection

and a hat. When choosing sunglasses we recommend that you: • Check sunglasses comply with UNE-EN 1836:2006 + A1:2008 or bear the CE kite mark and are marked UV 400. • Consider polarized lenses to decrease the amount of glare and choose large or wraparound glasses Specsavers’ sunglasses offer the maximum UV protection and are now on offer until the end of June. To find your nearest store or make an appointment, visit

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




Mijas gala recycling campaign success LAS LAGUNAS municipal theatre is hosting the first Mijas Recycling Gala on Friday April 24, at 6pm. The gala is the final stage of a campaign started by the council in January to raise schoolchildren’s awareness of the need to recycle, in which more than 1,000 have taken part. “Mijas is a leading recycler and it’s not strange to hear youngsters reminding their parents to recycle. This is what the

campaign aimed for, to ensure that every local citizen knows how important it is to separate and recycle their waste,” explained councillor for waste, Jose Maria Moreno. During the gala, students will be given prizes and the campaign’s mascot Reciclon will be presented. “They’re all winners, so they will all get prizes: schools will be given sports equipment and students will all receive a gift,” Moreno said.

Healthy food discussion

The best end of the West End

HEALTHIER food choices for a healthier life is the topic for the Diabetics Support Group meeting tomorrow, Friday 24. Held at 10.30am at the third floor restaurant in El Corte Ingles, Fuengirola, the regular meeting will include an interesting talk by Mary, a diabetes nurse.

SALON VARIETES in Fuengirola is hosting Showstoppers, an exciting production by a talented group known as the Mania Performers. Directed, produced and choreographed by Alexandra Avery, a dynamic and vibrant cast of 28 performers promises the best end of the West End, taking audiences on a magical, musical journey from London to Broadway via popular musicals. The shows run from Friday, April 24 until Tuesday 28.

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Parking up MANILVA Council has contracted a local company to renovate and improve parking in Playa Paraiso. With a budget of €44,671, the work is expected to be ready before summer.

Flamenco on PIZARRA’S municipal dance group will be giving a flamenco show at the Casa de la Cultura on May 2. Tickets at €2 from bar La Plaza and Talleres Ruybe.

El Quixote LANGUAGE teacher Paul Mrocek Delclos is giving a talk on El Quixote at 4.30pm today, April 23, at Lux Mundi in Fuengirola for International Book Day.


Malaga captain opens child-friendly restaurant THE captain of Malaga CF football team has opened a new restaurant and aims to combine his football career with catering. Weligton Robson has launched his new project, La Grada, a family

restaurant on Avenida Imperio Argentina in Malaga City. The footballer explained he had wanted to open a business in the city for some time but hadn’t dared to do so before as “you never

know if you’re here or there.” After eight years on the team he decided the time was right to make a move and start thinking about something apart from football.

Proud presentation for Fuengirola scouts FUENGIROLA Scout Group was honoured with a visit from British Consul Charmaine Arbouin at a recent presentation evening. Group members were joined by representatives from Malaga Spanish Scout Group, Gibraltar Scouts and Finnish Scouts in Fuengirola. Alfonso Sanchez, District Commissioner for British Scouting Overseas

SCOUT GROUP: Had visit from the British Consul. District of France and Iberia, introduced Ms Ar-

bouin before giving an explanation of the Silver

Wolf award, the top honour from Chief Scout Bear Grylls given in recognition of services to Scouting of an exceptional nature. Dianne Peel, Cub Scout Leader of 1st Fuengirola Cub Pack, then received the Silver Wolf from Ms Arbouin and a badge and certificate from Mr Sanchez. www.fuengirolascouts. com or 610 755 995.

“I’m doing this with my future in mind, because sport doesn’t last all your life,” Robson stated. As a father, Robson decided his restaurant had to include a play area for children, which will be able to cater for birthday parties and other events as well as keeping children happy as parents dine. “I wanted to open something with a space for children because all parents know that they get bored at restaurants and want to leave,” the footballer explained.

U3A’s next talk IAN PHILLIPS will be speaking on Polio, the most feared disease of the first half of the 20th century, for U3A on April 29 at Lux Mundi Fuengirola on Calle Nueva, 3 at 11am. For full details on U3A please see


Trip to Jimera de Libar for Mijas residents MIJAS Council is arranging a visit to Jimera de Libar, near Ronda, to see its Crafts Fair on April 26. Fifty-five free places are available for the trip and can be booked through the Cultural department. “It will be a busy trip, because not only will we see what craftspeople in the beautiful villages in the Serrania de Ronda get up to, we will also be able to try local dishes and explore the culture of the area,” said culture councillor Santiago Martin. The bus will leave Mijas Pueblo Town Hall at 9.30am and stop at 9.45am at the Ford Garage roundabout in Las Lagunas and 10am at the council office bus stop in La Cala. For more information or to sign up for the trip, call 952 59 03 80 or email

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

Gallery offers artists unique opportunity By Tatiana Lobanova KUNSTHAUS-Berlin-Marbella is one of the biggest and most popular art galleries in Marbella. Owned by Nely Meyer and Fred Friedrich, they not only host social events at the gallery but do educational work by giving lectures and holding film and art festivals. The gallery generously gives artists a great opportunity to present their work free of charge. At the last event, held on April 19 and entitled The Museum Belongs To All, 25 artists were able to show off their work.



On their bikes MORE than 800 people of all ages took part in the 15th Pepe Bravo Memorial Pedal Day in Alhaurin el Grande, exceeding expectations for the cycling event.

New flights

ART GALLERY: Artists and art lovers attended the last event.

Bumper asparagus crop in Antequera RECENT high temperatures in the Antequera area have boosted green asparagus production more than ever.


Fifteen tonnes of the vegetable are being picked per day, leading Horticultores El Torcal group leader Juan Antonio Romero to fore-

cast a total collection of more than 800,000 kilos this year, a 25 per cent increase on last year’s figures. Three hundred people

have been taken on for three months to cover what is being classified as the greatest green asparagus campaign ever in Antequera.

RYANAIR low cost airline has announced it will be adding three weekly flights between Malaga-Costa del Sol and Copenhagen in autumn 2015.

Skaters’ park A NEW skate park has been created by the Fair, Sports and Leisure grounds in Estepona, giving young skaters somewhere to safely practice.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

Coin rocks for charity AS PART of its seventh birthday celebrations, CHAIN charity is holding a Rock and Roll evening near Coin on May 9. Venta La Masia in Villafranco is the venue for this event, at which Karl Mr Entertainer Knight will be performing. Tickets priced at €5 (show only) are available from the CHAIN (Charity For Animals in Need) shop at La Trocha in Coin.

RBL celebrate all things spring ROSEY BROWN came home with a number of awards from the Coin branch of the Royal British Legion’s annual Spring Fair. About 50 members took part in more than a dozen competitions at the fair, which was held at Miralmonte Bar and Restaurant on Wednesday, April 15. Best spring floral arrangement, photograph, bonnet, collage, vegetable and chutney were just some of the categories members entered for on the day. Vice Chairman Jim Cross, capably assisted by Rosie Mahoney, judged the en-

WINNER: Maureen with Rosey Brown. tries and Maureen Ramayon awarded certificates of merit to the lucky winners.

Join sports summer camps SPORTY Marbella children can sign up now for the municipal sports department’s 2015 summer camps at Fuerte Nagueles. The camps are aimed at local youngsters and designed to allow them to try out plenty of different sports, join a variety of workshops and carry out outdoor activities in ideal nature surroundings.

Camps this year will run from June 29 to July 10, July 13 to 24, July 27 to August 7, August 10 to 21 and August 24 to September 4.

For more information on the camps, contact the sports department on 952 761 185 or or Fuerte Nagueles on 952 821 400 or

NEWS Young artists best efforts on display in San Roque A PUBLIC exhibition of the best work of DFAS de la Frontera’s Young Artists’ competition opened on Monday, April 20, at EspacioJoven in San Roque. The best art from Carlos del Pino, Jose Cadalso, Mar del Sur, Sierra Almenera and Sotogrande International schools are on display until tomorrow, Friday 24. DFAS de la Frontera explained that the young artists had created an excellent range of varied and interesting pieces and asked anyone nearby to support them by visiting the display.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


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E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol COSTA BLANCA SOUTH

Open sailing GUARDAMAR’S sailing school is hosting an open day on May 1 at the port where more than 40 sailing schools will be present and offering demonstrations.

News from our editions With six editions and read by more than half a million people, EWN is Spain’s largest free local English-language newspaper

THE Beekeepers Association of Young Farmers (ASAJA) removed a swarm of 6,000 bees from a building in Calle García Morato, Alicante. The bees will be examined and not destroyed, to promote bio- diversity.

AN earthquake in the region of the central highway between Xixona, Ibi and Alcoy registered at 2.7 on the Richter Scale on Friday evening at 10.58pm, particularly felt in Alcoy. The Emergency Coordination Centre received dozens of calls.

THOUSANDS of jellyfish were washed up along the coast of La Manga del Mar Menor following strong winds.

Caritas is 50 CARITAS Orihuela-Alicante is marking its 50th birthday with exhibitions and documentaries. The exhibition ‘50 years with you’ is on at las Cigarreras, Alicante until May 3.


Local oil EXTRA virgin olive oil produced in Tabernas won two gold medals at the agricultural trade fair, AVPA in Paris. The winning varieties are named ‘Picual del Desierto’ and ‘Esencia.’

Weight issue TWENTY-THREE per cent of children and adolescents aged between two and 16 in Almeria Province are overweight. Lifestyle changes have ‘drastically’ affected local eating habits, the regional government said.

Giveaway smell A DRIVER and his passenger were arrested at a Cuevas traffic control after a kilo of marihuana was found in their car. They were alerted by the strong smell, Guardia Civil officers said afterwards.

Ageist list THE PSOE mayor of Cobdar will run for the PP after he was sidelined in favour of younger candidates for the May elections.

Cherry crisis

Evening earthquake

Jellyfish attack

A MAN was taken to hospital with serious injuries after his car collided with a calf on the A-7 motorway just north of Lorca, Murcia. It appears the animal had escaped from a nearby farm.

signed a petition to the cardinal against the imminent transfer of the popular vicar of the Church of Sant Bertomeu, Julian Puras.

THE cherry harvest in the Vall d’Acala near Alcoy is predicted to be 10 per cent down this year due to bad weather, estimated at a total crop of only seven million kilos.

Bee swarm

Calf collision


La Crema Cocentaina SAILOR’S MARKET: Torrevieja transformed into a traditional seascape.

Traditional sailor’s market in Torrevieja TORREVIEJA’S Sailor’s Market welcomed thousands of visitors over the weekend. Opened by the councillor for Trade, Agustina Esteve, accompanied by the organiser, Alberto Almagro, the market saw the Plaza de la The news was like a “cold shower,” he said afterwards.

Days off AN Almeria couple received a nine-month prison term and a €1,350 fine for their children’s repeated truancy. Aged 10 and 12, they missed 82 and 97 days respectively during the school year.


Eurovision star EDURNE, Spain’s 2015 Eurovision representative, visited Nerja to record the official advertising spot for the Tour of Spain bicycle race. The filming was carried out on El Cañuelo beach, at the Maro Cliffs Natural Park.

Street work STREET improvement works of Calle Cadiz in Almuñecar have already begun. With a total cost of €24,000, plans are to renovate the sewage and water systems, as well as paving.

Constitucion and along Calle Caballero de Rodas transformed with fabrics, aromas and sights evoking the feelings of a traditional sailor’s market with around 120 stalls offering everything - handicrafts, jewellery, candles and food.

More spaces WORK in the Campillo de Vidrio car park in Nerja has been completed, including its repaving as well as road sign painting. Parking spaces have been extended from 50 to 80.

Sports facilities WORK to replace the pavement at the sport courts of Maro and the Nerja sports Centre has already begun. The total cost of the project will be €90,000.

Bullying arrests TWO minors from Motril and Madrid have been arrested by National Police for allegedly threatening and harassing another young boy through social media. The victim alleged that the suspects had asked for sexually explicit photographs of him.


Cardinal petition TWO thousand parishioners in Javea have

THE festival of the Virgen del Milagro that began on Saturday in Cocentaina was marked with 27 fogueras (bonfires) in honour of the tears of the Virgin. La Crema was followed by a spectacular procession.

Jailed teacher THE owner of a Valencian language school has been sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment after embezzling €317,283 from various university courses.


Deadly fall A 65-YEAR-OLD woman died on Sunday (April 19) after falling from the sixth floor of a building in Palma. The incident occurred at around 5pm.

Good cause catwalk THE charity children’s fashion runway event held by the Association for People with Disabilities of Calvia (Asdica) last week, raised almost €3,000, which will be donated to the association’s projects for disabled youths.

Injured rider A MOTORBIKE rider suffered injuries after falling in the Cami de Passatemps (Son Sardina). Local Police believe that the fall was accidental although they are carrying out an investigation in case he was hit by another vehicle.

Sustainable transport THE Balearic Islands Regional Government has allocated €300,000 in funding to convert public transport vehicles to use compressed natural gas. This fuel is more environmentally friendly and 40 per cent cheaper than traditional ones.

For more local news from our regions see … EWN top for all the news from Spain.


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FLYING THE NEST: Spanish men wait until they are nearly 29.

Slow to leave

THE latest study on youth trends by Eurostat statistics office has revealed that young adults in Spain are amongst the slowest to leave home in the EU. While the average age for moving out for all the member states combined was 26.1, in Spain an average age of 28.9 was reported. While Spanish women were in a bit more of a hurry with an average age of 27.9, young men take another two years to budge. Scandinavian countries were reported as those where youngsters spread their wings the earliest, with Swedish youths leaving home at an average age

of 19.6, Danish at 21 and Finnish at 21.9. They were followed by Holland at 23.5, France at 23.6 and Germany at 23.9. Yet youths in Spain were not those who dragged their heels the most. Croatians were reported as the latest nest-flyers with an average leaving age of 31.9, followed by Slovakia (30.7), Malta (30.1), Italy (29.9), Greece (29.3), Bulgaria (29.1) and Portugal (29). Across all EU member states females were reported to take the leap earlier than their male counterparts.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Stories making headlines in Europe

VERY few foreigners convicted of crimes in Norway go home to serve their sentences. This year only eight returned to their country of origin to finish their jail terms.

Ebola aid NORWAY’S health minister, Bent Hoie, has confirmed that the country has provided more than NOK500 million to fight Ebola in West Africa.

In Memorium JOHAN MARTIN FERNER, the 87-year-old husband of Norway’s Princess Astrid, has passed away quietly at the Oslo University Hospital.

Legalise drug HANNA WAGENIUS, chairperson of Sweden’s Centre Party Youth Wing, has called for the legalisation of cannabis, following the example of the Netherlands and some US states.

Global best SWEDEN’S Pensions and Social Care systems have been applauded as the best in the world according to the Global Agewatch Index. HAPPY DAYS: Sweden’s pension system is the best in the world.

BERLIN is cracking down on casual holiday rentals in the city following a law passed last year banning unregistered rentals.

A UK pensioner discharged after a stay in hospital found her house cleared of all her belongings - including her dog - by Age UK, authorised by her son. He thought she “wasn’t going to survive.”

Steward theft A RYANAIR steward allegedly addicted to drugs is accused of stealing a passenger’s £500 Nikon camera and trying to sell it on eBay.

Shutterstock/Valentyn Volkov

Local jail

Clear out

No priority UK schools will no longer give entrance priority to younger siblings due to the pressures of a steadily increasing population on available places.

Top Honda THE UK motor trade has placed Honda at the top of its Reliability Index for the ninth consecutive year. Running last are Bentley and Porsche.

Costliest pint LONDON is the fifth most expensive place in

Ukraine investigation UKRAINE President Petro Porochenko has ordered an investigation into the murders of a pro-Russian journalist and a former politician close to Viktor Yanukovitch.

OPEC talks THERE are signs indicating renewed discussions between Russia and OPEC coun-

65 with 17 children

the world to buy a pint of beer, the most expensive city being Paris at €5.87 per pint and the cheapest South Africa at €1.86 per pint.

BERLIN schoolteacher Annegret Raunigk is proudly pregnant with quadruplets, bringing her brood of children to 17. Her 12 eldest are aged 44 to 22: her youngest, aged nine, “asked for a sibling.”

Sunken treasure

Donor found

GOLDEN NECTAR: London has the world’s fifth dearest pint.

A BRITISH-LED team of divers has recovered £34 million in silver coins from the SS City of Cairo, torpedoed in 1942.


at Am ron a A ck/ sto ter t u Sh

THE Norwegian government is looking for private investors in the Norwegian market to improve the national railway service.

GERMAN PRESS Renting in Berlin

BRITISH PRESS Cash for railway


A STEM cell donor has been found for 24-year-old Leukemia sufferer Eva Fidler, who recently gave birth to a healthy baby despite her illness.

Snap happy

tries. Deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovitch has said: “Unprecedentedly active consultations are taking place with OPEC and Latin American producers.”

Open Russia raid RUSSIAN security forces raided the Moscow offices of ‘Open Russia’, a foundation backed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky concerning allegations of ‘extremism.’

Putin accusations PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin speaking during a televised live phone-in has accused the Ukraine government of “cutting off” rebel-held areas of Eastern Ukraine by means of an economic blockade.

Training troops CANADA is to despatch 200 military instructors to Ukraine to train soldiers fighting pro-Russian forces. A statement confirmed: “The trainers will help Ukraine to maintain sovereignty.”

Roof protest BUILDING workers at a spaceport in eastern Russia who have not been paid for four months have painted an appeal to Putin on their hut roofs.

GERMAN police have indicated they would be happy to wear body cameras despite reservations from the union.

School song BERLIN police are questioning a high school teacher following allegations that she had her 17-year-old students march up and down a classroom to a Nazi song.

Dentist loser A GERMAN dentist who removed all of the teeth of a mentally ill patient has lost his appeal against a €20,000 compensation order.

Raising roof A HERD of dairy cows nearly lifted the roof off of their barn in central Germany when methane released by the animals caused an explosion.



23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

business & legal

Press conference protester A PRESS meeting at the European Central Bank was interrupted last week when a woman rushed across the room shouting and climbing onto the table in front of ECB President Mario Draghi. She scattered papers and threw confetti all over the Italian banker while screaming: “An

end to the dictatorship of the ECB!” Draghi has since stressed this was not a protest by FEMEN, the feminist group known for its members stripping off and protesting topless against what they perceive as male economic domination, but actually a former member. Spontaneous lone protester

Spain’s recovery not successful OLIVIER BLANCHARD, Harvard and MIT professor and the IMF’s chief economist since 2008, has both criticised and praised Spain’s performance as it emerges from financial crisis, but on the whole says its recovery “is not a success story.” Speaking from his office in Amiens, France, Blanchard remarked that Spain’s high levels of unemployment have still not been addressed effectively. When asked whether he thought that, despite Spain’s high unemployment levels, it had nonetheless come out of recession, he responded: “Can you say that a country has successfully emerged from recession when it still has 23 per

cent unemployment? Competitiveness and exports have certainly improved and are getting stronger, behaving reasonably well. They are very good news compared to a year ago and can continue.” He went on: “How do you define crisis? The country has been left in growth, but unemployment is too high. Therefore Spain is not cured. Unemployment can only go down through reform. “For me, the key is the duality of the labour market and the need to remove large differences between temporary and permanent workers. Spain should not be living with 10 per cent or 15 per cent - or 23 per cent unemployment.”

Josephine Witt had gained entry to the conference by posing as a reporter. She was dressed in a black tshirt bearing the slogan: ‘End ECB Dick-tatorship’. The meeting was suspended for a few minutes while the table was cleaned up.


usiness extra

Cross-border cooperation IN an article for EU’s, The Parliament magazine, Iskra Mihaylova regional development committee Chair said, “Spain and Gibraltar should work together and coordinate activities as partners in order to boost the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.

Cuban change THE Spanish secretary of state for trade said Spain wants to be at the forefront of the economic changes that Cuba will experience in the coming years, especially with its relationship with the US.

Coca-Cola feeling flat THE Supreme Court has found that Iberia Partners, managers of CocaCola at Fuenlabrada’s (Madrid) bottling plant, infringed its workers’ right to strike when it used other bottling plants within the group to continue business as usual. The court ruled that by doing so

the company had compromised its employees’ right to a reasonable period for negotiation. The vote was taken at eight votes to five against Coca-Cola. A spokesman for the workers, who had congregated outside the court, said: “Today is for celebrating, not thinking.”



STAT OF WEEK IT is anticipated that more than 60 Spanish wine producers and bodegas will participate in The World Bulk Wine Exhibition, the largest in the world, scheduled for November 2015.

DRAGHI: Protester targeted banker.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




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C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -3.40 -0.69 2.25 0.47 -4.00 -0.25 3.00 0.19 31.50 3.12 10.00 1.37 9.50 0.84 24.50 2.20 -10.50 -0.36 53.50 1.13 -1.75 -0.32 7.00 0.68 -4.25 -0.83 1.05 0.41 -1.25 -0.24 1.75 0.15 29.00 2.01 3.13 0.65

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E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Banking on moral investments Loose change A look at finance for females

Jane Plunkett

THE simple mention of banks, bankers or ex-bankers these days sends a chill up the spines of many. Corruption and dodgy practices, along with the aiding and exercise of tax evasion are just some of the nasty things that some banks and people like former IMF chief Rodrigo Rato have been knee-deep in over the years. Historically banks have been viewed solely as financial institutions and morality has not entered the equation. Traditional banks thrive on a thirst for profit, and as we have seen from various news reports over the years this is often at the expense of

SOLAR POWER: Ethical banks invest in ‘quality of life’ projects. morals, the environment and customers. You may also be surprised to find out that the money you put into your typical bank is often used and invested in projects that many might find offensive. Would you consciously support a massive weapon-producing establishment? Or donate to an energy project that plans on actively destroying the environment? Probably not! But indirectly

through your banking choice, you could be doing just that. Current profit-focused behaviour means that the typical big banks finance everything from weapons’ manufacture to the most polluting fossil fuel projects on the planet, as well as causing asset bubbles and financial crises. However, not all banks have profit as their overriding objective and there are other approaches

that are becoming successful. Several banks make it their mission to create social and environmental benefits, by carefully choosing which companies and projects they provide finance to. These are called ‘ethical banks’. Ethical banks still prioritise capital and seek to maximise returns, but in doing so they promise to align their money with their values, by using their capital to help finance ‘real economy’ businesses selling products and services, not speculative ventures. They adopt transparency principles to give public insight to how their money is being used. They consider the long-term impact of their lending decisions, in projects that support quality of life for all. Traditional banks have long embraced a profit-over-people mentality, so maybe it’s high time we looked at where our money spends the night and if we’re not happy, take our money elsewhere.


Fraud arrest FORMER IMF chief and ex-Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Rodrigo Rato was arrested for alleged tax fraud, concealment of assets, and money laundering after his home and office were searched.

Party funds THE Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development welcomed the legislative package on democratic regeneration recently approved by the Spanish Parliament in order to fight corruption and promote integrity and transparency.

Slow progress THE Eurozone crisis was an economic nightmare for many, not least the property sector. While there are signs of growth across the bloc, prices in many countries remain low, according to Eurostat.


Can Hacienda claim back taxes? Q. I read your article on Spanish tax returns. I am 72 and have been a resident here for 12 years. When I became an OAP in 2008, I was informed that (as you pointed out) as a pensioner, I did not pay tax. This year I received a letter from Hacienda. According to the letter, and my accountant, it would appear that on November 27, 2014, a law was passed and my accountant now informs me that I will have to send in my complete bank records of pensions received for the last five years. This is two

You and the Law in Spain By David Searl

A. It seems that you are being audited by the Tax Agency. In Spanish this is called ‘inspección’. And the picture does not look good. Let us clear up two points. First, I never said that Old Age Pensions are

OAP pensions from England and Scandinavia, plus a small private pension, which total about €12,000 per year. My accountant now tells me that according to the new Spanish tax laws, OAP residents are liable to taxation. I am now confused and worried, as I may be facing a back tax payment of several thousand euros. Where do I stand? F W T (Costa del Sol)

not taxed in Spain. It is only Civil Service or other government service pensions that are taxed in their country of origin. Old Age Pensions are treated as normal income. Second, there is no new Spanish tax law which affects you. Yes, the tax reform package for 2015 was issued in November 2014, but there is no change regarding Old Age Pensions. They are liable for tax in Spain, as I

have written various times. If your accountant advised that you were not liable for Spanish tax, he was in error. And you are not liable for fines and penalties because the law has changed, but because you were misinformed. You must now present your records to the Tax Agency. At your level of income, you probably owe little tax, so the charges and interest should not come to much.

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




23 - 29 April 2015/ Costa del Sol



Not everyone was born equal LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT


HE idea that all man/womankind are born equal is complete and utter claptrap. We are not all equal. Even as far as limbs and bodies are concerned, many of us are of course different. The levels of human intelligence and intellectualism are also tremendously varied. Some of us couldn’t hammer a nail in; others are capable of building machines which can bring together proton beams at rates approaching the speed of light. The majority of our human race are followers; leaders are in the minority. Without the leaders, we would all wander off into some New Age state of oblivion. It is therefore my opinion

LEADERS: From corner-shop owners to big business entrepreneurs. that those who are capable and willing to utilise their superior intellect to create companies and occupations for the followers, should reap just rewards for their efforts, not find themselves penalised. From the corner-shop owner

who employs one sales assistant to the entrepreneur who creates jobs for thousands, all should be reimbursed accordingly. So what if the man or woman who employs large numbers has a big yacht or a mansion?

Without their expertise and incentives, many of those they employ probably wouldn’t be able to afford a mortgage, or to clothe or even feed their children. So what if the corner-shop owner can afford to purchase a nice car? Because of his efforts, his sales assistant can no doubt live in a comfortable bedsit and enjoy a relatively stressfree existence. The truth of the matter is that we need these leaders. Outside of themselves, the Labour party do not agree. The Lefties, with their politics of envy, would like to see the back of them all. The powermad, dysfunctional leaders of the Left want the whole country reliant solely on them and their party. They want to kill free enterprise, nationalise just about everything, buy future voters by handing out benefits to all and sundry, and discourage and alienate anyone with

the initiative to think or act otherwise. Have no doubt, if, heaven forbid, Miliband and his awful cronies are elected in a couple of weeks’ time, the brains, entrepreneurs and investors will haemorrhage from the country like blood from an opened jugular vein. This left-wing approach has of course all been tried before and always failed. It’s called Communism, folks. Pure and simple. Do we really want to see the wonderful country of our birth commit suicide by adopting the doctrine of Lenin? Vote for Cameron. You know it makes sense! Lovely mistake in the TV auto descriptions this week when a somewhat average singer told us of the thousands of songs she had ‘sunk’ over the years. Yep! Keep the faith Love Leapy Web:


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

BBC ONE 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Rip Off Britain 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Channel Patrol 12:45pm Cowboys and Angels 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News at One 2:40pm BBC London News 2:45pm Doctors

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CH5 9:00am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 9:15am Peppa Pig 9:25am Peppa Pig 9:35am Toby's Travelling Circus 9:45am Bananas in Pajamas 10:00am Tickety Toc 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:10pm The Hotel Inspector 1:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 1:15pm Secrets of Great British Castles 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours


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9:00pm Alex Polizzi: Chefs on Trial 10:00pm W1A 11:00pm Inside No 9 11:30pm Newsnight

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8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Top of the Pops 9:00pm Luxury in Ancient Greece 10:00pm Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World 11:00pm Wild China 12:00am The Plantagenets

1:00am Top of the Pops 1:35am Time Shift 2:35am Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World 3:35am Luxury in Ancient Greece 4:35am This is BBC Four

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11:50am Judge Judy 12:15pm Judge Judy 12:40pm Judge Judy 1:05pm Murder, She Wrote 2:05pm Heartbeat 3:10pm Where the Heart is 4:15pm The Royal 5:20pm Never the Twain 5:50pm Rising Damp 6:20pm On the Buses 6:55pm Heartbeat 8:00pm Murder, She Wrote 9:00pm Foyle's War 11:00pm Law and Order: UK 12:00am Blue Murder

2:20pm Pawn Stars 3:40pm Pawn Stars 4:05pm Car Chasers 4:35pm Car Chasers 5:00pm Magnum, P.I. 6:00pm The Professionals 7:00pm Pawn Stars7:30pm Pawn Stars 8:00pm Pawn Stars 8:30pm UEFA Europa League Live 11:30pm Quadrophenia 2:00am Benidorm 2:30am Benidorm 3:00am Minder 3:55am ITV4 Nightscreen 4:00am Teleshopping

5:00pm Melissa and Joey 5:30pm Rules of Engagement 6:00pm How I Met Your Mother 6:30pm How I Met Your Mother 7:00pm The Big Bang Theory 7:30pm The Big Bang Theory 8:00pm Hollyoaks 8:30pm The Goldbergs 9:00pm 2 Broke Girls 9:30pm The Big Bang Theory 10:00pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine 10:30pm Marry Me 11:00pm The Inbetweeners 11:35pm The Inbetweeners 12:10am The Big Bang Theory




3:15pm 32 Brinkburn Street 4:00pm Decimate 4:45pm Escape to the Country 5:30pm Flog It!

Crime thriller.

6pm 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News at Six 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders

9pm 9:00pm MasterChef 10:00pm Crimewatch 11:00pm BBC News at Ten 11:30pm BBC London News 11:45pm Question Time

Documentary series investigating whether nature or nurture turns people into killers.

12am 12:45am This Week Andrew Neil presents a political review of the week. 1:30am Holiday Weatherview Detailed weather forecast. 1:35am BBC News

Professor Robert Bartlett continues the remarkable story of the Plantagenets.

SKY MOVIES Action 7:10am The Lone Ranger Unmasked 7:40am The Last Samurai 10:25am Transformers: Age of Extinction 1:15pm Rocky IV 3:00pm Die Hard with a Vengeance 5:20pm The Last Samurai 8:00pm Transformers: Age of Extinction Single dad Mark Wahlberg gets caught up with the Autobots as they battle a shady government plot.

11:00pm Rocky IV After robotic Russian Ivan Drago kills his friend Apollo Creed, Rocky demands a contest.

12:40am Die Hard with a Vengeance 3:00am The Fast and the Furious

7:25am American Pie 2 9:20am Love Actually 11:45am The Grand Budapest Hotel 1:40pm The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear 3:20pm The Top Ten Show 2015 3:40pm The Knights of Badassdom 5:20pm Alien Autopsy 7:10pm Bruce Almighty 9:00pm The Grand Budapest Hotel 10:45pm The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear 12:25am The Knights of Badassdom 2:00am Bruce Almighty 3:50am Planes, Trains and Automobiles 5:30am Brewster's Millions

8:10am Ashes 10:05am All Things to All Men 11:45am Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan 1:20pm RocknRolla 3:25pm Ashes 5:10pm Plastic 7:05pm The Italian Job 9:00pm RocknRolla 11:00pm The Firm 12:35am Green Street 2:35am Outlaw Paratrooper Bryant returns from Iraq to find a London ruled by thugs and gangsters.

4:25am Plastic

8:50am Monster House 10:30am Primates of the Caribbean 12:00pm Cinderella Special 12:30pm Turbo 2:15pm Maleficent 4:00pm Monster House 5:40pm Primates of the Caribbean 7:10pm Turbo 9:00pm Maleficent 10:45pm Save the Last Dance 12:45am Ella Enchanted Ella is put under a spell as a child: she must do everything she is told.

2:35am Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 4:35am Save the Last Dance



7:00am Seve the Movie 9:05am Felony 10:55am Rob the Mob 12:55pm Belle 2:45pm Seve the Movie 5:00pm A Million Ways to Die in the West 7:00pm Belle 9:00pm A Million Ways to Die in the West 11:00pm Rob the Mob

7:35am Gunsmoke 8:35am Gunsmoke 9:35am King of the Wild Stallions 11:00am Westbound 12:15pm The Desperado 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm The Gunfight at Dodge City 5:35pm Never So Few 8:05pm Elvis: That's the Way it is 10:00pm The Devil's Own 12:10am Dangerous Ground

Two down-and-out lovers get in over their heads when they stumble upon a Mob secret.

1:00am Top Dog A football hooligan gets in over his head when he mixes it up in London's criminal underworld.

2:45am Felony

Ice Cube plays a South African exiled for his connection to the anti-apartheid rebels.

2:00am Conan


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

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CH5 9:00am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 9:15am Peppa Pig 9:25am Peppa Pig 9:30am Milkshake Monkey 9:35am Toby's Travelling Circus 9:45am Bananas in Pajamas 10:00am Tickety Toc 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:10pm The Hotel Inspector 1:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 1:15pm Can't Stop, Won't Stop 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours

SKY 1 7:00am The Real A&E 7:30am The Real A&E 8:00am Dog the Bounty Hunter 9:00am The Fanatics 10:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 11:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 12:00pm Hawaii Five-0 1:00pm Hawaii Five-0 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles

3pm 3:15pm 32 Brinkburn Street 4:00pm Decimate 4:45pm Escape to the Country 5:30pm Flog It!

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8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 8:15pm Atlantis 9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 10:00pm Bad Education 10:30pm Bad Education 11:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:30pm EastEnders 12:00am Family Guy 12:25am Family Guy 12:45am American Dad! 1:10am Family Guy 1:30am Bad Education 2:00am Bad Education 2:30am Russell Howard's Good News 3:00am Killer Magic

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11:40am Judge Judy 12:05pm Judge Judy 12:35pm Judge Judy 1:00pm Murder, She Wrote 2:00pm Heartbeat 3:05pm Where the Heart is 4:10pm The Royal 5:15pm Never the Twain 5:50pm Rising Damp 6:20pm On the Buses 6:55pm Heartbeat 7:55pm Murder, She Wrote 9:00pm Agatha Christie's Marple 11:00pm Law and Order: UK 12:00am Blue Murder

1:15pm The Professionals 2:15pm Pawn Stars 2:40pm Pawn Stars 3:05pm Pawn Stars 3:35pm Car Chasers 4:05pm The Car Chasers 5:00pm Magnum, P.I. 6:00pm The Professionals 7:00pm UEFA Europa League Highlights 8:00pm Pawn Stars 8:30pm Pawn Stars 9:00pm Counting Cars 9:30pm Counting Cars 10:00pm Two Mules for Sister Sara 12:20am Shootout

3:30pm The Big Bang Theory 4:00pm The Goldbergs 4:30pm Melissa and Joey 5:00pm Melissa and Joey 5:30pm Rules of Engagement 6:00pm How I Met Your Mother 6:30pm How I Met Your Mother 7:00pm The Big Bang Theory 7:30pm The Big Bang Theory 8:00pm Hollyoaks 8:30pm The Goldbergs 9:00pm The Big Bang Theory 9:30pm The Big Bang Theory 10:00pm Sleepy Hollow 12:10am The Big Bang Theory



3:00pm World Championship Snooker Hazel Irvine introduces second-round action from Sheffield, where a total prize fund of over ÂŁ1.3 million is up for grabs.

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BBC Four is the BBC channel for people who want more.

SKY MOVIES Action 10:50am Zulu 1:10pm Edge of Tomorrow 3:10pm Rocky V 5:00pm Air Force One 7:05pm Elysium 9:00pm Edge of Tomorrow 11:00pm Rocky V 12:50am Air Force One 3:00am Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 4:50am Zulu Based on an actual historic event, this is the story of a small group of British soldiers stationed at Rorke's Drift in Africa who are forced to defend their tiny outpost against an attack by powerful Zulu warriors.

Comedy 7:20am Our Idiot Brother 9:05am Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit 11:05am Last Vegas 1:05pm The Wedding Singer 2:55pm Employee of the Month 4:55pm Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit Deloris Van Cartier is back in front of the big band, but not for long.

6:50pm Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 9:00pm Last Vegas 10:50pm The Wedding Singer 12:30am American Pie 2:10am Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 4:15am About a Boy

10:10am Closed Circuit 11:50am American Hustle 2:10pm White House Down 4:25pm Breakdown 6:00pm Dead Calm 7:40pm American Hustle 10:00pm White House Down 12:15am Pulp Fiction 2:50am Breakdown 4:25am Midnight Express The true story of Billy Hayes, an American caught with hash in Istanbul Airport and sentenced to life in a harsh Turkish prison. In jail, he meets several other Westerners who helped him acclimatise to his new life.

6:30am Turbo: Sky Movies Special 7:00am Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold 8:45am Ever After 10:50am The Croods 12:40pm Khumba 2:10pm The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box 4:00pm Return to Nim's Island 5:35pm The Croods 7:25pm Khumba 9:00pm The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box 10:45pm The Last Keepers 12:20am Return to Nim's Island



7:00am Belle 9:00am You're Not You 11:00am Rob the Mob

9:45am Never So Few 12:05pm Elvis: That's the Way it is 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm Drum Beat 6:00pm The Green Helmet 7:45pm Robin and the Seven Hoods 10:00pm Derailed 11:45pm Planet Terror 1:40am Derailed 3:10am Planet Terror 4:50am Conan 5:35am Container Wars

Two down-and-out lovers get in over their heads when they stumble upon a Mob secret.

1:00pm The Anomaly 2:45pm Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 3:15pm Belle 5:15pm The Inbetweeners 2 7:00pm You're Not You 9:00pm The Inbetweeners 2 10:45pm The Anomaly 12:30am By the Gun 2:30am Top Dog

Each container is a mystery!


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

BBC ONE 7:00am Breakfast 10:00am Saturday Kitchen Live 11:10am World War One Remembered: Gallipoli 1:05pm BBC News 1:10pm Weather 1:15pm Football Focus 2:00pm Paula Radcliffe: The Marathon and Me 2:40pm Snooker

BBC TWO 7:10am The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos 8:20am Sword of Sherwood Forest 9:40am Fred Dibnah's Magnificent Monuments 10:10am Nature of Britain 11:00am Snooker 1:00pm Talking Pictures 1:35pm The Long and the Short and the Tall

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CH5 6:10am House Doctor 6:35am House Doctor 7:00am Milkshake! 11:00am Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11:35am Access 11:45am Ice Road Truckers 12:40pm Ice Road Truckers 1:35pm Ice Road Truckers 2:35pm Ice Road Truckers


SKY 1 7:00am Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? 8:00am Glee 9:00am The Fantasy Football Club 10:00am Game Changers 11:00am Soccer A.M. 1:00pm The F1 Show 2:00pm Driving School of Mum and Dad 2:30pm Fast and Furious 7 Special

3pm 2:25pm Channel 4 Racing 5:15pm Come Dine with Me

3:00pm RSPCA Animal Rescue 3:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue 4:00pm Modern Family 5:30pm Modern Family

3:15pm Flog It! 4:00pm Final Score 5:30pm Snooker

3:35pm Housesitter 5:35pm Tipping Point

6:30pm World War One Remembered: Gallipoli Highlights 7:30pm Gardeners World 8:00pm Snooker

6:35pm Local News and Weather 6:45pm ITV News and Weather 7:00pm You've Been Framed! Yearbook for Ybf 8:00pm Ninja Warrior UK

6:10pm The Simpsons 6:45pm The Simpsons 7:10pm The Simpsons 7:35pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm For the Love of Cars

6:30pm The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 7:25pm Britain's Horror Homes 8:15pm Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away!

6:00pm Wild Things 7:00pm Modern Family 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm Modern Family 8:30pm Modern Family

9:00pm Dad's Army 9:30pm Gallipoli 10:30pm QI XL

9:00pm Britain's Got Talent 10:15pm Play to the Whistle 11:00pm ITV News and Weather 11:15pm Inside Man

9:00pm The World's Most Extreme Roads

9:15pm 5 News 9:20pm NCIS 10:10pm NCIS 11:10pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

9:00pm Hawaii Five-0 10:00pm Poseidon 11:55pm Hawaii Five-0

1:00am Snooker 1:50am Snooker 3:50am Antiques Roadshow 4:50am The Truth About Fat 5:50am This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two.

1:35am Jackpot 247 4:00am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA Jeremy Kyle presents the American version of his popular talk show. 4:40am Nightscreen

12:05am Role Models 2:05am The Last Leg 3:00am Alan Carr: Chatty Man 3:55am Hollyoaks Omnibus

12:05am Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 1:00am Super Casino 4:10am The Devil's Disciple 5:00am Family Secrets and Lies Documentary looking at what happens when things go wrong between family members.

12:55am NCIS: Los Angeles 1:55am Road Wars 2:55am John Wick: Sky Movies Special 3:05am Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men 4:00am Hawaii Five-0 5:00am UK Border Force







8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 8:25pm Top Gear 9:25pm Don't Tell the Bride 10:25pm Tatau 11:10pm Happy Valley 12:10am Family Guy 12:32am Family Guy 12:54am Family Guy 1:16am Family Guy 1:40am Russell Howard's Good News 2:10am Tatau 2:50am Killer Magic 3:20am Some Girls 3:50am Some Girls 4:20am Some Girls

8:00pm Ice Age Giants 9:00pm Wild China 10:00pm Inspector Montalbano

1:20pm Britain's Got More Talent 2:25pm Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality 3:25pm Catchphrase 4:05pm People Do the Funniest Things 5:05pm Mr. Bean 5:45pm Mr. Bean 6:15pm The Vow 7:15pm FYI Daily 7:20pm The Vow 8:25pm Stormbreaker 9:25pm FYI Daily 9:30pm Stormbreaker 10:15pm Britain's Got More Talent 11:20pm Celebrity Juice 12:05am Britain's Got Talent

7:00am Judge Judy 7:20am Where the Heart is 8:15am Where the Heart is 9:15am Agatha Christie's Marple 11:15am The Darling Buds of May 12:25pm Wycliffe 1:40pm The Queen 2:40pm FYI Daily 2:45pm The Queen 3:40pm Inspector Morse 5:55pm Agatha Christie's Marple 8:00pm Doc Martin 9:00pm Foyle's War 11:00pm Inspector Morse 1:20am A Touch of Frost

2:20pm British Superbike Championship Highlights 3:25pm British Touring Car Championship Highlights 4:55pm Smokey and the Bandit II 5:55pm FYI Daily 6:00pm Smokey and the Bandit II 7:00pm Storage Wars Texas 7:30pm Storage Wars Texas 8:00pm Shed and Buried 9:00pm Dr. No 10:00pm FYI Daily 10:05pm Dr. No 11:15pm The Kingdom 12:15am FYI Daily

11:00am Melissa and Joey 11:30am Melissa and Joey 12:00pm Melissa and Joey 12:30pm Baby Daddy 1:00pm Baby Daddy 1:30pm How I Met Your Mother 2:00pm How I Met Your Mother 2:30pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2:55pm Star Trek: Insurrection 5:00pm Made in Chelsea 6:00pm Jane the Virgin 7:00pm The Big Bang Theory 10:30pm The Big Bang Theory 11:00pm Scary Movie 12:45am Rude Tube



5:30pm Final Score Coverage of the latest results, reports and reaction from the Premiership, Football League, Non-League and Scottish League's.

In Taunton, Somerset, three countryside-loving hosts take on an Essex boy.

3:30pm Police Interceptors 4:30pm Columbo: An Exercise in Fatality A health club owner murders one of his franchisees. Lt. Colombo is on the case.

6pm 6:10pm The Princess and the Frog 7:40pm BBC News 7:50pm Regional News 7:53pm Weather 7:55pm Pointless 8:45pm Atlantis

9pm 9:30pm The National Lottery: In It to Win It 10:20pm Casualty 11:10pm BBC News 11:28pm Weather 11:30pm Match of the Day

Panel-based quiz where it is more important to be interesting than right.

The World's Most Extreme takes viewers to the most jaw-dropping places in the world.

10:00pm Paul

An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas.

11:15pm Up in the Air

12am 1:00am The Football League Show 2:20am A Bronx Tale 4:15am Weather for the Week Ahead Detailed weather report. 4:20am BBC News

Drama based on the books featuring the idiosyncratic Sicilian detective.

11:55pm The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill 12:55am Kate Bush at the BBC 1:55am Top of the Pops 2:30am Sounds of the Eighties 3:00am Let's Have a Party! The Piano Genius of Mrs Mills 4:00am Wild China 5:00am This is BBC Four

SKY MOVIES Action 9:05am Twister 11:10am Top Gun 1:15pm Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 3:15pm Pacific Rim 5:30pm Twister 7:30pm Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 8:00pm Top Gun At the US Navy's elite training centre, pilots compete to become the best.

10:00pm Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 11:50pm Pacific Rim 2:05am Con Air 4:05am Shaft 5:50am The Poseidon Adventure)

Comedy 8:05am Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 10:05am The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult 11:40am A Million Ways to Die in the West 1:40pm We're the Millers 3:40pm Three Amigos! 5:35pm Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 7:30pm The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Slapstick sequel with clueless cop Frank Drebin saving the Oscars from a mad bomber.

9:00pm A Million Ways to Die in the West 11:00pm We're the Millers 12:55am American Pie 2

8:10am Fast and Furious 6 Special 8:40am Collateral 10:50am The Fast and the Furious 12:40pm 2 Fast 2 Furious Former LA cop Brian now makes his living driving in illegal street races in Miami.

2:40pm The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 4:35pm Solo 6:10pm Collateral 8:15pm The Art of the Steal 10:00pm Oldboy 11:50pm The Green Mile 2:55am Lucky Number Slevin Two New York crime lords think luckless Slevin owes them money.

7:20am Walking with Dinosaurs 8:50am Epic 10:35am Ice Age: The Meltdown 12:10pm Stardust 2:20pm Bean 4:00pm Walking with Dinosaurs 5:35pm Epic 7:20pm Ice Age: The Meltdown 9:00pm Stardust 11:15pm Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 1:45am Bean 3:20am Son of the Mask 5:00am Free Willy



6:15am Shaun the Sheep Special 6:30am Cinderella Special 7:00am Belle 9:00am You're Not You 11:00am The Anomaly 12:45pm Rob the Mob 2:45pm Belle 4:45pm Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 5:15pm The Inbetweeners 2 7:00pm You're Not You 9:00pm The Inbetweeners 2 10:45pm The Anomaly 12:30am By the Gun

8:00am Gunsmoke 9:05am Gunsmoke 10:15am Drum Beat 12:15pm The Green Helmet 2:00pm High Society 4:00pm The Toughest Gun in Tombstone 5:25pm Wild Wild West 7:25pm The Gunfight at Dodge City 9:00pm Longmire 10:00pm Longmire 11:00pm On Deadly Ground 12:55am The Long Kiss Goodnight 3:05am On Deadly Ground 4:50am Container Wars 5:25am Container Wars

A young man gets more than he bargained for when he becomes a member of the mob.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

BBC ONE 7:00am Breakfast 8:25am Match of the Day Highlights and reaction to all of the latest football action. 10:00am The Andrew Marr Show Andrew Marr talks to key figures from politics, current affairs and the arts. 11:00am London Marathon Coverage of London's marathon which is held each year and raises large amounts of money for charity.

BBC TWO 7:10am The Football League Show 8:30am Gardeners World 9:00am The Beechgrove Garden 9:30am London Marathon 11:00am Snooker 1:15pm MOTD2 Extra 2:00pm Triathlon World Series

ITV 7:00am CITV 9:25am ITV News 9:30am Weekend 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 12:25pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 1:30pm ITV News and Weather 1:35pm Tipping Point 2:35pm All Star Family Fortunes

CH4 7:15am How I Met Your Mother 7:40am Everybody Loves Raymond 8:05am Volkswagen Racing Cup 8:35am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:00am Frasier 9:30am Frasier 10:00am Sunday Brunch 1:00pm George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 2:00pm The Big Bang Theory 2:25pm The Big Bang Theory 2:50pm The Simpsons

CH5 7:00am Milkshake! 11:00am Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11:35am Chinese Food in Minutes 11:50am The Hotel Inspector 12:50pm The Hotel Inspector 1:50pm The Hotel Inspector 2:50pm James and the Giant Peach


SKY 1 7:00am The Hour of Power 8:00am Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? 9:00am Sun, Sea and A&E 10:00am Obese: A Year to Save My Life USA 11:00am Glee 12:00pm WWE Raw 1:00pm The Flash 2:00pm Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew

3pm 3:30pm Sunday Politics 4:45pm Points of View 5:00pm The Truth About Your Medicine Cabinet

3:00pm Snooker

3:40pm Britain's Got Talent 4:55pm Doc Martin

3:20pm The Simpsons 3:50pm Location, Location, Location 4:50pm A Place in the Sun 5:50pm Paranorman

4:20pm Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

6:55pm Ninja Warrior UK 7:50pm Local News and Weather 8:00pm ITV News and Weather 8:15pm Celebrity Squares

7:35pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm Three in a Bed

6:10pm 5 News 6:15pm Labyrinth 8:15pm Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

6:00pm About a Boy 6:30pm About a Boy 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons

9:10pm Coast Australia 10:00pm Hunters of the South Seas 11:00pm The Inside Story 11:30pm W1A

9:00pm Vera 11:00pm ITV News and Weather 11:15pm Perspectives

9:00pm For the Love of Cars 10:00pm The Impossible

10:00pm The Last Stand

9:00pm The Simpsons 9:30pm The Simpsons 10:00pm Hawaii Five-0 11:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles

12:30am Snooker 1:20am Snooker 3:20am Countryfile 4:15am Holby City 5:15am The Ladykillers: Pest Detectives

12:15am Aviva Premiership Rugby Highlights 1:15am The Store 3:30am Motorsport UK 4:30am British Superbike Highlights 5:20am Nightscreen

12:15am Whiteout 2:05am Kali Salwaar 4:05am Kirstie's Vintage Gems 4:15am Come Dine with Me 4:40am Come Dine with Me 5:10am Come Dine with Me 5:35am Come Dine with Me

12:30am Navy Seals 2:45am Super Casino Feeling lucky? Get the authentic, heartthumping casino experience every night. 4:10am The Gadget Show 5:00am House Doctor

12:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 1:00am Hawaii Five-0 2:00am Hawaii Five-0 3:00am Road Wars 4:00am Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men 5:00am Airline USA 5:30am Airline USA







8:00pm Top Gear 9:00pm Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

5:00am This is BBC Four 8:00pm 10 Things You Didn't Know About Avalanches 9:00pm Juliette Binoche: Antigone at the Barbican 10:30pm Renoir 12:15am Tales from the Tourbus 1:15am The Old Grey Whistle Test 70's Gold. 2:45am BBC Young Dancer 2015 3:45am 10 Things You Didn't Know About Avalanches 4:45am This is BBC Four

3:15pm Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 4:15pm FYI Daily 4:20pm Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 4:55pm Scooby-Doo 5:55pm FYI Daily 6:00pm Scooby-Doo 6:45pm Britain's Got Talent 8:00pm Britain's Got More Talent 9:00pm You've Been Framed! 10:00pm Rush Hour 11:00pm FYI Daily 11:05pm Rush Hour 12:00am The Bourne Supremacy

10:05am Heartbeat 11:10am Heartbeat 12:10pm A Touch of Frost 2:25pm Agatha Christie's Marple 4:30pm The Secret of My Succe$s 5:30pm FYI Daily 5:35pm The Secret of My Succe$s 6:40pm Inspector Morse 9:00pm When Kate Met William 10:00pm Heir We Go Again 11:00pm Elizabeth: The Golden Age 12:00am FYI Daily 12:05am Elizabeth: The Golden Age 1:20am The Elephant Man 2:20am FYI Daily

12:55pm Counting Cars 1:25pm Pawn Stars 3:10pm Pawn Stars 3:40pm Smokey and the Bandit II 4:40pm FYI Daily 4:45pm Smokey and the Bandit II 5:45pm Tobruk 6:45pm FYI Daily 6:50pm Tobruk 8:00pm Paula Radcliffe: Sports Life Stories 9:00pm Rugby Highlights 10:00pm The Interpreter 11:00pm FYI Daily 11:05pm The Interpreter 12:35am The Killer Inside Me

10:00am Baby Daddy 10:30am Hollyoaks Omnibus 1:00pm Made in Chelsea 2:00pm Revenge 3:00pm Jane the Virgin 4:00pm How I Met Your Mother 4:30pm How I Met Your Mother 5:00pm The Goldbergs 5:30pm The Goldbergs 6:00pm The Big Bang Theory 8:30pm The Big Bang Theory 9:00pm Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief 11:20pm Virtually Famous 12:05am The Change-Up




Coverage and reaction from the latest Snooker event taking place.

Comedy drama series about a top London surgeon who developed a phobia of blood.

Sitcom about a teenage girl with magical powers.

3:00pm Harrow: A Very British School 4:00pm Modern Family 4:30pm Modern Family 5:00pm Modern Family 5:30pm Modern Family

6pm 6:00pm Songs of Praise 6:45pm Pointless 7:35pm BBC News 7:50pm Regional News 7:55pm Weather 8:00pm Countryfile

7:00pm London Marathon Highlights Highlights from this year's London Marathon.

8:00pm Snooker Coverage and reaction from the latest Snooker event taking place.

9pm 9:00pm Antiques Roadshow 10:00pm Poldark 11:00pm BBC News 11:20pm Regional News 11:25pm Weather 11:30pm Match of the Day 2

Action movie.

12am 12:35am Snake Eyes 2:10am It's a Boy Girl Thing 3:35am Weather for the Week Ahead Detailed weather report. 3:40am BBC News

Archaeologist Indy finds out that his dad is missing.

11:00pm Tatau 11:45pm Family Guy 12:30am American Dad! Animated adventures of a hapless CIA agent and his family.

12:55am Family Guy 1:15am Tatau 1:55am Killer Magic 2:25am Stacey Dooley Investigates 3:25am Vodka Diaries

SKY MOVIES Action 7:50am Gravity 9:35am Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 10:05am Godzilla 12:15pm Rocky 2:25pm Rocky II 4:30pm Rocky III 6:20pm Rocky IV 8:00pm Rocky V 10:00pm Godzilla Legendary monster Godzilla is reawakened, striking fear into the hearts of humankind.

12:10am Gravity When their craft is destroyed, two astronauts are left fighting for survival in space.

1:45am Brick Mansions

7:50am Night at the Museum 9:50am Liar Liar 11:30am The Hangover Part III 1:25pm The Heat 3:25pm Napoleon Dynamite 5:15pm Night at the Museum 7:15pm The Golden Child 9:00pm The Hangover Part III 10:45pm The Heat 12:45am American Pie: The Wedding 2:25am You, Me and Dupree 4:20am National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

8:05am Bad Boys 10:05am Bad Boys II 12:35pm The Call 2:15pm Catch.44 Three stripper friends take on a job for a drug lord that spirals out of control. Crime.

3:50pm Bad Boys 5:50pm Bad Boys II 8:20pm The Call 10:00pm The Departed 12:35am Kill the Irishman Biopic of Danny Greene, the Irish-American dockworker who engineers a corrupt rise to power.

2:35am City of God

7:00am The Reef 2: High Tide 8:30am Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties 10:00am How to Train Your Dragon 2 11:45am Mr. Peabody and Sherman 1:20pm National Treasure Ben finds the map to a secret treasure hidden by America's founding fathers.

3:35pm National Treasure: Book of Secrets 5:40pm Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties 7:10pm How to Train Your Dragon 2 9:00pm Mr. Peabody and Sherman 10:35pm National Treasure Ben finds the map to a secret treasure hidden by America's founding fathers.

12:50am National Treasure: Book of Secrets



7:00am Belle 9:00am You're Not You 11:00am Rob the Mob 1:00pm Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 1:30pm Belle 3:30pm The Anomaly 5:15pm The Inbetweeners 2 7:00pm You're Not You 9:00pm The Inbetweeners 2 10:45pm The Anomaly 12:30am By the Gun

7:00am Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 8:10am High Society 10:10am The Toughest Gun in Tombstone 11:35am Wild Wild West 1:30pm Dive Bomber 4:00pm Rage at Dawn 5:45pm All the Young Men 7:20pm Atlantis, the Lost Continent 9:00pm Longmire

A young man gets more than he bargained for when he becomes a member of the mob.

2:30am Top Dog 4:15am Rob the Mob

Counting Coup.

10:00pm Longmire Ashes to Ashes.

11:05pm A Few Good Men 1:40am Strength and Honour


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

BBC ONE 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Rip Off Britain 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Channel Patrol 12:45pm Cowboys and Angels 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm Regional News 2:45pm Doctors

BBC TWO 8:00am Channel Patrol 8:45am Cowboys and Angels 9:15am Wanted in Paradise 10:15am Victoria Derbyshire 12:00pm Triathlon World Series 1:00pm The Daily Politics 2:00pm Snooker

ITV 7:00am Good Morning Britain 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning 11:55am ITV News 12:00pm This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV News and Weather

CH4 8:10am Will and Grace 8:35am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Frasier 10:00am Frasier 10:25am Four in a Bed 11:30am Come Dine with Me 12:00pm Come Dine with Me 12:30pm Come Dine with Me 1:00pm Channel 4 News Summary 1:05pm Come Dine with Me 1:35pm Come Dine with Me 2:05pm A Place in the Sun

CH5 7:00am Milkshake! 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:10pm Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs 1:10pm 5 News 1:15pm Britain's Horror Homes 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours


SKY 1 7:00am The Real A&E 7:30am The Real A&E 8:00am Sun, Sea and A&E 9:00am Modern Family 9:30am Modern Family 10:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 11:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 12:00pm Hawaii Five-0 1:00pm Hawaii Five-0 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles

3pm 3:15pm Land Girls 4:00pm Decimate 4:45pm Escape to the Country 5:30pm Flog It!

3:00pm The Daily Politics 4:00pm Snooker Coverage and reaction from the latest Snooker event taking place.

3:00pm Judge Rinder 4:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 5:00pm Tipping Point

3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Three in a Bed

3:15pm NCIS 4:15pm Blind Trust

6:00pm Couples Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 8:55pm Party Election Broadcast

6:00pm 5 News 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News 7:55pm Party Election Broadcast 8:00pm The Gadget Show

6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Futurama 7:00pm Futurama 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons

9:00pm The Secrets of Sports Direct 10:00pm Skint 11:00pm Gogglebox

9:00pm Police Interceptors 10:00pm Gotham 11:00pm Person of Interest

9:00pm Modern Family 9:30pm Driving School of Mum and Dad 10:00pm An Idiot Abroad 11:00pm Hawaii Five-0


3:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 4:00pm The Fanatics 5:00pm Futurama 5:30pm Futurama

6pm 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm Regional News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm The Leader Interviews

6:55pm Party Election Broadcast by the Conservative Party 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Snooker

6:00pm The Paul O'Grady Show 7:00pm Regional News and Weather 7:25pm Party Election Broadcast 7:30pm ITV News and Weather 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Coronation Street

A party election broadcast.

9pm 9:00pm EastEnders 9:30pm Panorama 10:00pm New Tricks 11:00pm BBC News 11:30pm Regional News 11:45pm Weather 11:50pm Have I Got a Bit More News for You

9:00pm Alex Polizzi: Chefs on Trial 10:00pm Inside Harley Street 11:00pm Jack Dee's Election Helpdesk 11:30pm Newsnight Comprehensive coverage of the day's important national and international news stories.

9:00pm Wild Ireland 9:30pm Coronation Street 10:00pm Safe House 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 11:40pm The Agenda

12am 12:30am The Graham Norton Show 1:20am Weather for the Week Ahead Detailed weather report. 1:25am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.

12:15am Weather 12:20am Snooker 1:10am The Women's Football Show 1:40am Snooker 3:40am Back in Time for Dinner 4:40am This is BBC Two

12:20am Slow Train Through Africa with Griff Rhys-Jones 1:15am Jackpot247 4:00am UEFA Champions League Weekly 4:25am ITV Nightscreen

12:00am The Island with Bear Grylls 1:00am The Secret Millionaire 2:00am Embarrassing Bodies 2:55am Supersize v Superskinny 3:50am You Can't Get the Staff

12:00am Unforgiven 2:30am Super Casino 4:10am Can't Stop, Won't Stop 5:00am Michaela's Wild Challenge 5:25am Divine Designs 5:45am House Doctor

12:00am Hawaii Five-0 1:00am Hawaii Five-0 2:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 3:00am Arrow 4:00am Critical 5:00am Stargate Atlantis







8:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 8:05pm Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 10:00pm Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia 11:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:30pm EastEnders 12:00am Family Guy 12:22am Family Guy 12:45am American Dad! 1:10am Family Guy 1:30am Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia Teen Model Factory. 2:30am Russell Howard's Good News 3:00am Killer Magic 3:30am Parents' Evening

8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm The Flying Archaeologist Hadrian's Wall. 9:00pm Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death 10:00pm Storyville 11:30pm The Secret Life of the Motorway 12:30am Ray Mears Goes Walkabout 1:30am Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World 2:30am Storyville 4:00am Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death 5:00am This is BBC Four

1:10pm Emmerdale 1:45pm Coronation Street 2:15pm Coronation Street 2:45pm Dinner Date 3:40pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 4:50pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 5:55pm The Jeremy Kyle Show 7:00pm Judge Rinder 8:00pm You've Been Framed! 8:30pm You've Been Framed! 9:00pm Two and a Half Men 9:30pm Two and a Half Men 10:00pm Mom 10:30pm Mom 11:00pm Celebrity Juice

10:30am Judge Judy 11:25am Judge Judy 11:50am Inspector Morse 2:00pm Heartbeat 3:05pm Where the Heart is 4:10pm The Royal 5:15pm Never the Twain 5:50pm Rising Damp 6:15pm On the Buses 6:50pm Heartbeat 7:50pm Murder, She Wrote 8:55pm Wycliffe 10:00pm Long Lost Family 11:00pm Law and Order: UK 12:00am Wire in the Blood

11:25am Ax Men 12:20pm Minder 1:20pm The Professionals 2:15pm Car Chasers 2:45pm Car Chasers 3:10pm Magnum, P.I. 4:10pm Pawn Stars 4:40pm Pawn Stars 5:05pm Minder 6:00pm The Professionals 7:00pm Gunsmoke 8:00pm Pawn Stars 8:30pm FA Youth Cup Final Live 11:00pm Bundesliga

4:00pm The Goldbergs 4:30pm Melissa and Joey 5:00pm Rules of Engagement 5:30pm Rules of Engagement 6:00pm How I Met Your Mother 6:30pm How I Met Your Mother 7:00pm The Big Bang Theory 7:30pm The Big Bang Theory 8:00pm Hollyoaks 8:30pm The Goldbergs 9:00pm Revenge 10:00pm Made in Chelsea 11:00pm Virtually Famous 11:55pm The Big Bang Theory 12:25am The Big Bang Theory




SKY MOVIES Action 7:05am The Top Ten Show 2015 7:20am The Fast and the Furious 9:20am Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 9:50am Captain America: The Winter Soldier 12:20pm Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen An alien race of robots crashlands on Earth searching for the all-powerful 'Cube'.

2:55pm Executive Decision 5:15pm Noah 7:40pm Captain America: The Winter Soldier 10:00pm Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 12:30am Road House

9:25am Ride Along 11:20am Me, Myself and Irene 1:20pm Good Luck Chuck 3:15pm Idiocracy 4:55pm About a Boy 6:50pm Me, Myself and Irene 9:00pm Ride Along 10:45pm Good Luck Chuck 12:30am Idiocracy 2:00am American Pie 2 3:50am Someone Marry Barry 5:20am Brewster's Millions Brewster has to spend $30m in 30 days or he stands to lose his $300m inheritance.

7:00am Blood Work 9:05am Swordfish 11:00am Whole Lotta Sole 12:45pm Veronica Mars 2:45pm Drop Zone 4:35pm Murder at 1600 6:25pm After the Sunset 8:10pm Veronica Mars 10:00pm Misery 11:50pm Kill Bill: Vol. 1 1:50am Kill Bill: Vol. 2 4:15am American Gigolo

7:00am Balto 8:25am Eragon 10:15am Cinderella Special 10:45am Return to Nim's Island 12:30pm Contest 2:05pm Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 3:45pm Ella Enchanted 5:35pm Eragon 7:25pm Contest 9:00pm Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 10:40pm Bad News Bears 12:35am Ella Enchanted Ella is put under a spell as a child: she must do everything she is told.



7:00am You're Not You 9:00am Belle 11:00am Rob the Mob

7:00am Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 7:50am Atlantis, the Lost Continent 9:30am I Killed Wild Bill Hickok 10:50am Westbound 12:10pm Rage at Dawn 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm Murder She Said 5:50pm The Story of Will Rogers 8:00pm Dial M for Murder 10:00pm Rush Hour 2 11:45pm National Lampoon's European Vacation 1:35am Conan

Two down-and-out lovers get in over their heads when they stumble upon a Mob secret.

1:00pm The Anomaly 2:45pm Cinderella Special 3:15pm Belle 5:15pm The Inbetweeners 2 7:00pm You're Not You 9:00pm The Inbetweeners 2 10:45pm The Anomaly 12:30am By the Gun 2:30am Top Dog


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

BBC ONE 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Rip Off Britain 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Channel Patrol 12:45pm Cowboys and Angels 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm Regional News 2:45pm Doctors

BBC TWO 7:00am Homes Under the Hammer 8:00am Channel Patrol 8:45am Cowboys and Angels 9:15am Collectaholics 10:15am The Super League Show 11:00am Snooker 1:00pm The Daily Politics 2:00pm Snooker

ITV 7:00am Good Morning Britain 9:30am Lorraine 10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30am This Morning 11:55am ITV News 12:00pm This Morning 1:30pm Loose Women 2:30pm ITV News and Weather

CH4 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Frasier 10:00am Frasier 10:25am Four in a Bed 11:30am Come Dine with Me 12:00pm Come Dine with Me 12:30pm Come Dine with Me 1:00pm Channel 4 News Summary 1:05pm Come Dine with Me 1:35pm Come Dine with Me 2:05pm A Place in the Sun

CH5 7:00am Milkshake! 10:15am The Wright Stuff 12:10pm Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs 1:10pm 5 News The latest news coverage. 1:15pm GPs: Behind Closed Doors 2:15pm Home and Away 2:45pm Neighbours

TUESDAY TV SKY 1 7:00am The Real A&E 7:30am The Real A&E 8:00am Sun, Sea and A&E 9:00am Modern Family 9:30am Modern Family 10:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 11:00am NCIS: Los Angeles 12:00pm Hawaii Five-0 1:00pm Hawaii Five-0 2:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles

3pm 3:15pm Land Girls 4:00pm Decimate 4:45pm Escape to the Country 5:30pm Flog It!

3:00pm The Daily Politics 4:00pm Snooker Coverage and reaction from the latest Snooker event taking place.

3:00pm Judge Rinder 4:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 5:00pm Tipping Point

3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Three in a Bed

3:15pm NCIS: New Orleans 4:10pm Cedar Cove

3:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles 4:00pm Futurama 4:30pm Futurama 5:00pm Modern Family 5:30pm Modern Family

The first visit is to the quirky Old Bath Arms in Frome, Somerset.

6pm 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News 7:30pm Regional News 8:00pm The One Show 8:30pm EastEnders

6:55pm Party Election Broadcast by the Labour Party 7:00pm Eggheads 7:30pm Snooker

6:00pm The Paul O'Grady Show 7:00pm Regional News and Weather 7:25pm Party Election Broadcast 7:30pm ITV News and Weather 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Countrywise

6:00pm Couples Come Dine with Me 7:00pm The Simpsons 7:30pm Hollyoaks 8:00pm Channel 4 News 8:55pm Party Election Broadcast

6:00pm 5 News 6:30pm Neighbours 7:00pm Home and Away 7:30pm 5 News 7:55pm Party Election Broadcast 8:00pm Police Interceptors

6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Futurama 7:00pm Futurama 7:30pm The Simpsons 8:00pm The Simpsons 8:30pm The Simpsons

9:00pm Alex Polizzi: Chefs on Trial 10:00pm Wastemen 11:00pm Later Live... with Jools Holland 11:30pm Newsnight

9:00pm Midsomer Murders 11:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 11:40pm Northern Ireland Election Debate

9:00pm Kirstie and Phil's Love it or List it 10:00pm The Queen's Big Night Out 11:00pm Ballot Monkeys 11:30pm 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

9:00pm Britain's Horror Homes 10:00pm Sick Note Skivers Exposed 11:00pm Psychopath: The Nazi Killer

9:00pm The Flash 10:00pm Critical 11:00pm Forever

9pm 9:00pm Holby City 10:00pm 24 Hours in the Past 11:00pm BBC News 11:30pm Regional News 11:45pm Weather 11:50pm Del Boys and Dealers

Henry and Jo investigate a murder connected to a stolen ship the Doc has history with.

Comprehensive coverage of the day's important national and international news stories.

12am 12:50am Ghost Town 2:25am Weather for the Week Ahead Detailed weather report. 2:30am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather.

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Animated comedy about family life. Stewie finds out that his life in the future is miserable.

1:30am Killer Magic 2:00am Girls Behind Bars: Stacey Dooley in the USA 3:00am Don't Tell the Bride

Documentary about the deadliest day in mountaineering history.

11:20pm The Secret Life of the Motorway 12:20am India's Hospital Train 1:20am Rude Britannia 2:20am The Secret History of Our Streets 3:20am Storyville Documentary about the deadliest day in mountaineering history.

5:00am This is BBC Four

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6:50pm World War Z 9:00pm Fast and Furious 6 11:15pm Lethal Weapon 1:10am Lethal Weapon 2 3:05am Lethal Weapon 3

Comedy 7:10am The Nutty Professor 8:50am The Man 10:15am Patch Adams 12:15pm Grown Ups 2 2:00pm Bruce Almighty 3:45pm The Flintstones 5:20pm The Nutty Professor 7:00pm Patch Adams 9:00pm Grown Ups 2 10:50pm Bruce Almighty 12:40am The Man 2:10am The Best Man Holiday 4:15am Love Actually Romcom following the interconnected lives of a group of loved-up, and lovelorn, Londoners.

8:00am All Things to All Men A corrupt copper plots to stage a bank robbery in order to catch an elusive London crime boss.

9:40am Cellular 11:30am The Da Vinci Code 2:10pm Reasonable Doubt 3:50pm The Chamber 5:50pm Cellular 7:30pm The Da Vinci Code 10:00pm Scarface 1:00am The Counsellor 3:30am The Canyons Drama following the twisted relationships of a group of Hollywood hopefuls.

5:25am Fast and Furious 6 Special 5:55am Point Last Seen

9:10am Curious George 10:45am Journey to Dinosaur Island 12:20pm Turbo 2:05pm Doctor Dolittle 3:40pm Doctor Dolittle 2 5:15pm Doctor Dolittle 3 6:55pm Saving Mr. Banks Special Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson discuss their touching drama about the making of Mary Poppins.

7:25pm Journey to Dinosaur Island 9:00pm Turbo 10:45pm Doctor Dolittle 12:20am Doctor Dolittle 2 1:55am Doctor Dolittle 3 3:35am The Golden Voyage of Sinbad 5:30am Curious George



7:00am Belle 9:00am You're Not You 11:00am Rob the Mob

7:00am Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 8:00am Gunsmoke 9:05am Gunsmoke 10:05am Dial M for Murder 12:05pm Murder She Said 1:50pm Gunsmoke 2:55pm Gunsmoke 4:00pm Murder Ahoy 5:45pm Blood Alley 8:00pm Zandy's Bride

Two down-and-out lovers get in over their heads when they stumble upon a Mob secret.

1:00pm The Anomaly 2:45pm Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 3:15pm Belle 5:15pm The Inbetweeners 2 7:00pm You're Not You 9:00pm The Inbetweeners 2 10:45pm The Anomaly 12:30am By the Gun A young man gets more than he bargained for when he becomes a member of the mob.

2:30am Top Dog

This western follows the relationship between a tough rancher and his mail order bride.

10:00pm No Good Deed 11:50pm Longmire 12:50am Longmire 1:55am The Escort: Trois 3 3:40am Conan


23 - 29 April 2015/ Costa del Sol



Advertising Feature

Get ready for splashing good fun as Parque Acuatico Mijas reopens YES it’s that time again, for splashing around in the water as we head into the hotter weather when all we want to do is cool down somewhere or someplace. That perfect place is Parque Acuatico Mijas where there is fun for all the family. Every year thousands just can’t wait until this fantastic water park opens its doors each April, with the date set this year for Monday April 27, so only days to go! This year will be even better fun for the children as there is a new attraction to the park called the toboggan slide which promises to be full of surprises. Other attractions include a wave machine pool, the jungle pool, adventure river, kamikaze, Jacuzzi and much more. No wonder you need to

WATER PARK: The perfect place to cool down. spend a day there to try as many attractions as you can, and between all the excitement, if you get hungry there is a restaurant on site. There is also a picnic area should you wish to eat there

and a bar for mum and dad. The fun never stops, and to make sure you take memories back home with you there are plenty of snap shots of the action taken by the park’s own photographers for you to buy.

NEW ATTRACTION: A toboggan slide with surprises. It is a fantastic day out with some good discounts for families and seniors and if you book online you can save even more at . The opening times for April and May are 10.30am to 5.30pm.

For half a day from 2.30pm you get a 30 per cent discount. Thereafter the opening times will extend each month for a further hour so check website for more details. Tel: 952 460 404.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

BBC ONE 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Rip Off Britain 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 12:00pm Channel Patrol 12:45pm Cowboys and Angels 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm Regional News 2:45pm Doctors

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3:15pm Land Girls 4:00pm Decimate 4:45pm Escape to the Country 5:30pm Flog It!

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Action film. A journalist suffers from memory loss after a car accident.

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A special episode of the CSI franchise.

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Series in which the groom must choose every detail of his upcoming nuptials, from venue to cake to wedding dress.

SKY MOVIES Action 9:10am The Knights of Badassdom Three fans of live action role play end up with more than they bargained for when fantasy becomes reality.

10:50am Saving Private Ryan 1:50pm Transformers: Age of Extinction 4:45pm Lone Survivor 7:00pm Saving Private Ryan 10:00pm Transformers: Age of Extinction 12:50am Lone Survivor 3:05am 47 Ronin An outcast joins a band of masterless samurai to wreak revenge against an evil feudal ruler.

5:15am Angel Flight Down A two-year-old girl with a small object trapped in her throat is flown to Denver hospital.

7:00am You've Got Mail A comic tale of romance on the internet. A couple meet in an internet chat room and correspond by e-mail, unaware that they are actually business rivals.

9:00am Grudge Match 10:55am Blended 12:55pm Get Smart 2:50pm There's Something About Mary 4:55pm About Time 7:00pm Grudge Match 9:00pm Blended 11:00pm Get Smart 12:55am There's Something About Mary 3:00am American Pie 2 4:50am Boat Trip Two straight friends mistakenly book onto a cruise for gay men.

7:40am Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan 9:15am Closed Circuit 11:05am The Fast and the Furious 1:05pm 2 Fast 2 Furious Former LA cop Brian now makes his living driving in illegal street races in Miami.

3:00pm The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 4:55pm Solo 6:30pm The Machinist 8:20pm Catch.44 10:00pm Lucky Number Slevin 11:55pm The Firm 1:35am Green Street 3:35am 25th Hour Drug-dealer Monty Brogan is going down for seven years.

7:00am An American Tail 8:30am The Perfect Summer 10:00am Bean 11:40am Escape From Planet Earth 1:15pm The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box 3:10pm The Perfect Summer 4:40pm Bean 6:25pm Greatest Disney Songs A countdown of the top ten songs in Disney history.

7:25pm Escape From Planet Earth 9:00pm The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box 10:45pm Uncle Buck 12:30am The Prince and Me 2:25am Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 4:20am Uncle Buck



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Two down-and-out lovers get in over their heads when they stumble upon a Mob secret.

1:00pm Avengers: Age of Ultron Special 1:30pm Belle 3:30pm The Anomaly 5:15pm The Inbetweeners 2 7:00pm You're Not You 9:00pm The Inbetweeners 2 10:45pm The Anomaly 12:30am By the Gun A young man gets more than he bargained for when he becomes a member of the mob.

2:30am Top Dog 4:15am Rob the Mob

Hemophagia has genetically modified almost an entire race of people.

3:15am Conan 4:05am Conan


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

Spot on about health tourism and illegal immigration I TOTALLY agree with Nora Johnson’s spot on recent articles about health tourism, scams and, especially, illegal immigration. It’s all too clear the UK can’t continue being the world’s destination of choice. I don’t have a problem with immigrants moving to the UK if they ’re decent, honest, hardworking people. However, I think the way in which successive governments have abandoned all control of immigration is downright irresponsible. No one really knows how many immigrants have entered Britain, where they’re from, who they are, or what they’re doing there. Britain’s a tiny island in the grand scheme of things, and none of its infrastructure is suited to deal with this massive influx. Housing, transport, education and health services are all buckling under the strain. Surely it needs to shut the doors and get its own house in order before anyone else can settle there? Andrea Turner (Alicante)

Shady deal AFTER reading in the Euro We e k l y N e w s a b o u t s h a d e b e i n g p r ov i d e d fo r h o r s e s ( Costa del Sol issue 1553 ), I wa s s o p l e a s e d . I c a n o n l y hope this will be done soon before the long awaited summer arrives. We all look forward to a good summer but the horses that pull the tourist carriages really do deserve some shade in between their trips around Fuengirola. Mavis Lloyd, Fuengirola (Malaga)

Don’t panic! THERE is absolutely no need for HV Petty to pay a double taxation bill on his (her?) UK sourced pension(s).




our aRUST dvert isers



Letters for Your Say should be emailed to, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887

Photographs for possible publication should be sent by email with a full caption to:

t u r n ove r o f M u s l i m s - t h e y c a m e o n F r i d ay n i g h t a n d were soon gone - ‘where’ I asked? I was told they had b e e n m ove d t o a h o t e l i n t o w n ! T h e y w o u l d n ’ t s t ay there. I n C a r d i ff I c o u n t e d s i x mosques to one church. They work and go off to pray - no problem! Brits would get the s a c k fo r l e av i n g t h e i r d e s k unattended as they do. My son couldn’t get work - they wouldn’t accept his Spanish qualifications. Human rights Where? Kay, Beniarbeig (Alicante)

Unwanted beauty

ILLEGAL immigrants or drug smugglers? Police in Marbella had to remove this inflatable boat which had been slashed and hidden in a stream bed. JB Mijas (Malaga)

WHEN YOU WRITE All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

Just send an email (or a letter) to the relevant Tax Office in the UK stating you no longer want to pay any UK Tax and they will, in a very short time, send back a confirming note together with any Tax Rebate due (I received £18.64p - not much, but every little helps). HMRC will also at the same time issue a new Tax Code for you which exempts you from any further tax obligations to the UK. Brian Maddox, Beniarbeig (Alicante)

Knee-jerk HAVING read the opinions of those interviewed in the Street Talk last week, could one of them please explain to me how extra security checks and delays to passengers will ensure that some suicidal pilot will not fly me into the side of a mountain. This must be one of the best knee jerk solutions ever. Perhaps they hope that if the flight is delayed the pilot might think his p a s s e n g e r s h ave s u ffe r e d enough for one day. John Maclennan Benamocarra (Malaga)

What rights? I MUST reply to Bill’s letter re t h e M u s l i m s : h av i n g g o n e back to the UK and spent 15 months of hell there. I can tell him that the problem is not the Muslims but the government’s attitude to them.

Racial prejudice has backfired into prejudice against British people returning to their land of birth. G ove r n m e n t p o l i c y i s t o bow and scrape to the Muslims or they shout racial prejudice. The first person I spoke to s a i d t o m e ‘ h o w l o n g h ave yo u b e e n a way ? ’ T h e n h e said ‘You must be appalled by your country.’ I did not unders t a n d w h a t h e wa s t a l k i n g about. At Christmas the councils used to have a nativity scene outside - I found it was true that they no longer did - it would upset the Muslims I was told. ‘Harry’ told me they loved Christmas as it came just after their most holy time in November, they got their kids a small present and had a special meal. It was another holiday for them. We s t aye d i n a h o m e l e s s place which had a large

I KNOW I am a bit late, but may be you are still interested. T h e n a m e o f t h e ye l l o w flower featured on your letters page is Oxalis pes-caprae L. It was imported from South Africa in the 18th century and i s a ve r y i nva d i n g w e e d . D o n ’ t l e t i t i n yo u r g a r d e n (even if it looks lovely) it is almost impossible to get rid of. Angelika Danielsen (By email)

Once bitten C E N T R A L F M ’ S A n d y L i tt l e played a brilliant joke. On his morning show he told listeners that due to the celebration of the 1025 Anniversary of the naming of the Mediterranean Sea, 2,500 boats and ships would be leaving Malaga port at 9am. Sailing along the coast, reaching Benalmadena by about 10.30am and continuing along the coast. He asked people who managed to see this amazing spectacle to post their pictures on Central’s Facebook page! Even one of the other DJ’s fell for it! He did the same thing last ye a r, o n l y t h e n i t wa s t h e S p a c e S h u tt l e b e i n g t ra n s ported on an aircraft carrier along the coast. As a result I was wise to the situation, but not last year. Patty (By email)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol








Famous quote

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The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shore line of wonder.’ Ralph W. Sockman

in history 1564: William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-on-Avon. He became a great English dramatist and poet. He died in 1616 at the age of 52. 1719: The novel Robinson Crusoe, which was written by Daniel Defoe, is published in London. 1746: King George II wins the battle of Culloden, which was the final confrontation of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. 1792: The guillotine is first used to execute highwayman Nicolas J Pelletier. 1852: The first Edition of Peter Roget’s Thesaurus is published. 1898: The United States declares war on Spain. 1916: Martial law is declared by the British throughout Ireland. 1945: The Nazi concentration camp of Dachau is liberated by Allied troops. 1967: Muhammed Ali refuses to be inducted into the US Army because of his religious beliefs and his opposition to the Vietnam War and is subsequently stripped of his boxing title. 1969: Charles de Gaulle resigns as president of France. He was a dominant figure in France during the Cold War. 1980: A rescue attempt of US hostages held in Iran fails when a plane collides with a helicopter over the Iranian desert. 1994: Nelson Mandela wins the presidency in South Africa’s first multiracial elections and serves until 1999. His government focused on doing away with apartheid.

Women’s wit The trouble with some women is they get all excited about nothing and then they marry him.’ Cher

World of English

Teeth extracted by the latest Methodists.’ An advert by a Hong Kong dentist.

K a k u ro

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Based on the true story of Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) who was one of the most successful painters of the 1950s and early 60s. He earned notoriety with his popular paintings of waifs with big eyes, however, the truth was they were all created by his wife and not by him. The film centres on her awakening as an artist and her tumultuous relationship with her husband. Directed by Tim Burton and starring Amy Adams, Christoph Walz and Terence Stamp. Run time: 1 hr 46 mins. Rated: PG-13 TAURUS (April 21 - May 21) You have been learning about certain people very fast. Do you feel as though you are in the middle of a soap opera? In the spring sunshine, it is possible that passions will fire up. Everything seems to revolve round one person and it is upsetting everything else. Try to spend more time with people who have a warmth and generosity about them. GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) This is your week to sparkle and show how clever you are. Why be modest? Let others know what you are capable of; your talents will come out sooner or later. Don't be embarrassed when paid a compliment, for it is richly deserved. You have put on a jolly good show of late and it is now time to listen to the applause. CANCER (June 22 - July 23) Something that you had set your heart on, although still coming, is terribly slow. This is not a time to be a pessimist. Please don't, however, allow your tendency to put all your eggs in one basket trip you up. It is not necessary to go about things the way that you normally do. Remember that variety is the spice of life. LEO (July 24 - August 23) You are moving on in an important area but do not burn bridges before you have others to cross. You will know why I mention this later in the week. You are able to influence others far more than you realise, but with your wish to keep things on an even keel you may be giving away too much. You need to keep a balance. VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) Is there a chance that you are burying your head in the sand? It is likely that something happening right in front of you is being overlooked or ignored. You are able to deal with this more easily than you think. Just take one step at a time and stick to your plan. LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) This is not a time to take anyone for granted. At this time of the year people tend to look at their situation and ask if they are getting enough out of it.



















LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Closer, 2 Afresh, 3 Ghosts, 4 Wagons, 5 Shoots, 6 Beings, 7 Sought, 8 Logged, 9 Course, 10 Solemn, 11 Recent, 12 Throne, 13 Chased, 14 Rushed, 15 Harems, 16 Others, 17 Metres, 18 Hatter, 19 Nearby

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Your Stars

23 April, Brendan Cole, Dancer, 39 Ballroom dancer who starred in the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing as one of the professionals. He also appears in the New Zealand version of the show as one of the judges.

28 April, Bradley Wiggins, Cyclist, 35 Professional cyclist who was the first British winner of the Tour de France in 2012. He first began racing when he was 12. He won his first Olympic gold medal in 2004 and two more in 2008.

25 April, Al Pacino, Movie Actor, 75 Actor and director who won an Academy Award for Best Actor in Scent of a Woman. He originally dreamed of being a professional baseball player but developed a love for acting. He has also appeared in The Godfather trilogy.

29 April, Willie Nelson, Country Singer, 82 As well as a country singer, he is a known activist, poet, songwriter, actor and author. He wrote his first song when just seven years old. He is one of the most recognised country music singers appearing in over 30 films.

Neglecting someone now could store up a lot of problems for the future. Avoid doing anything that could lead to you being blamed later. SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Now is your chance to go straight for what you want. The shock of having this opportunity could cause you to hesitate. Do bear in mind, though, that he who hesitates is often lost. The temptation to keep something for yourself is not selfish but sensible. You may not have the chance again in the near future. SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) A big change means big chances, so don't let small things get you down. In the past six months you have come a long way. You are not back where you started. You are being

How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case D) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

27 April, Tess Daly, TV Show Host, 46 Most recently known for hosting the Strictly Come Dancing TV show along with Bruce Forsyth. She originally worked as a model before being discovered. She is married to Vernon Kay and they have two children.

24 April, Kelly Clarkson, Pop Singer, 33 Kelly won the first American Idol competition back in 2002 and subsequently released the hit song, ‘A Moment Like This.’ She has also won a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for ‘Since U Been Gone.’

given the chance to start again, but this time you have far more experience.. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) Challenges that do not please you are inevitable. That does not mean that your attitude towards them could not change. Indeed, unless you want to continue to be upset, it must. Luckily, you have mostly had your own way recently. Try to be a good loser when you have to accept second best. AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) You have a chance to give someone great delight, so why not go ahead? Your insecure side tells you that it is too good to be true and there must be a catch. Why should there be? This is a situation that you may relax into as only you know how.

FACE BOOK FRIENDS All the questions contain the word ‘face’ or ‘book’ 1. By what name is singer/songwriter Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, whose Poker Face topped the UK singles chart in 2008, better known? 2. In which decade was the Guinness Book of Records first published? 3. In which team sport is play started with a ‘face off’ 4. On which mountain in the Black Hills of Dakota did the Danish-American sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln famously carve the faces of four US presidents? 5. The Jungle Book, first published in 1894, is is a collection of stories by which English author? 6. What was the name of the Roman god of doorways and passages who is normally depicted with two faces on opposite sides of his head? 7. Which American singer had a 1972 UK Top 20 hit single with the Ewan MacColl song The First Time I Saw Your Face? 8. Which British-born comedian starred as dentist Painless Potter in the 1948 Western comedy film The Paleface? 9. Which Chinese leader was famous for his collection of selected statements from speeches known as the Little Red Book? 10. Which is the fourth book of the Old Testament of the Bible, relating the experiences of the Israelites in the wilderness after Moses led them out of Egypt?

TARGET: Average: 14 Good: 18 Very good: 26 28 April, Penelope Cruz, Movie Actress. The Spanish actress starred in Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise and has won a Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She studied ballet before becoming an actress. She is married to Javier Bardem and they have two children.

Excellent: 32


PISCES (February 20 - March 20) Don't look for spooks in the closet when there are none. Not only does it look silly but it also wastes good time. Basing your actions on past disappointments can only lead to more of the same. Show confidence in others and they will show it in you. Sometimes, your patience wears thin but it is in your best interests to remain calm. ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Is someone that you are closely involved with trying to drive a hard bargain? Are you surprised at the amount of time and energy that they are throwing at it? It could be that they are more passionate about it than you realised.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION bane, bang, bare, barn, bean, bear, beau, been, beer, bene, berg, bier, bing, brae, brag, bran, brig, bung, burg, burn, garb, gibe, grab, grub, rube, bairn, barge, began, begin, begun, beige, being, binge, brain, brine, bring, bruin, burin, giber, grebe, unbar, urban, banger, bargee, baring, beanie, bungee, burgee, graben, urbane, auberge, bearing, beguine, AUBERGINE

Word Ladder TOOK


Move from the start word (TOOK) to the end word (FIRE) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


Big Eyes (2014)


10-Star Quiz


The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (PRINTS) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.




23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




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Unscramble the name of a famous novel by Charles Dickens (three words): BEDS ON MONDAY Unscramble the name of a famous Italian composer: VIP’S PEER GUIDE

Play on Words

XX 3 Country, say (5) 4 Begin to jump when surprised? (5) 5 Abraham Lincoln’s first murder victim in good book (4) 6 The best part of Chinese literature (5) 10 Libellous remarks deleted in, remains troubled (5) 11 Tales about ‘Shade of Grey’ (5)

12 Cylinder jammed? (5,4) 13 A legal document, suspect deleted it (5,4) 17 Go after, as in revolutionary (5) 19 Proficient in a small department (5) 20 Requests tea before the chores (5) 21 Noblewoman made change (4)

Code Breaker


Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 17 represents G and 19 represents Z, so fill in G every time the figure 17 appears and Z every time the figure 19 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

Across 1 Give in exchange (4) 4 Morally reprehensible (4) 9 Talk idly or rapidly (7) 10 18th letter of the Greek alphabet (5) 11 Enraged (5) 12 Walk by dragging one's feet (7) 13 Priest's domain (6) 15 Constraint, force (6) 19 Grow worse (7) 21 Conclude by reasoning (5) 23 Lift up (5) 24 Beat thoroughly (7) 25/26 Exclamation expressive of applause (4,4)

Down 2 Testifier (7) 3 Examine closely (6) 4 Distant view of a wide area (5) 5 Clear enough to deciphered (7) 6 Subsist on a meagre allowance (6) 7 Long story of heroic achievement (4) 8 Visage (4) 14 Get something (7) 16 Mythical horse-like creature (7) 17 Sequential events (6) 18 Made warm or hot (6) 19 Act of defiance (4) 20 Perfection standard (5) 22 Not coarse or heavy (4)

English - Spanish The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English.

FREDACE Answers: Double cross, Red in the face

Down 1 Untidy USA, a trial country (9) 2 Raise cast members in access way (9)



Across 1 Valuable things Tessa’s sorted out (6) 4 Fish have them and musicians play them (6) 7 Former Iranian leader cooking hash (4) 8 Well-read, two accounts about Ms Moore? (8) 9 Begrudges missing the first gifts (7) 12 Fixed place (3) 14 The Parisian read out editorial (6) 15 To begin with Richard acted cautiously in silencing troubled bigot (6) 16 Card expert (3) 18 Beams in September after summer fun (7) 22 Bosses will come from a rebuilt East Germany, but not yet (8) 23 Gave birth to dull person (4) 24 Run away from pudding, say (6) 25 Maybe it’s old and impassive (6)


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across: 3 Cleanse, 7 Odour, 8 Bagel, 9 Mastered, 10 Belle, 13 Ass, 15 Caters, 16 Oceans, 17 Pan, 19 Carts, 23 Generate, 24 Eager, 25 Stove, 26 Leisure. Down: 1 Boise, 2 Korea, 3 Creels, 4 Awakened, 5 Stealing, 6 Army, 11 Carapace, 12 Settlers, 13 Asp, 14 Son, 18 Averse, 20 Lemon, 21 Eaves, 22 Beam. QUICK Across: 1 Thanks, 4 Before, 7 Lack, 8 Interval, 9 Suggest, 12 Shy, 14 Aboard, 15 Cactus, 16 Has, 18 Spiders, 22 Moderate, 23 Find, 24 Beasts, 25 Sunday.

Across 1 Escocés (5) 3 Sábana (de cama) (5) 5 Uso (utilización) (3) 7 To bore (7) 9 Huevos (4) 10 Macho (4) 13 Respuestas (a preguntas, en examen, test) (7) 14 Hormiga (3) 15 Barcos (de grandes tamaños) (5)

16 Goodbye (5) Down 1 Cacerolas (9) 2 Jabón (4) 3 Alma (espíritu) (4) 4 Storms (9) 6 Bordes (de asientos, andenes, pañuelos) (5) 8 Flash flood (5) 11 Llaves (de puertas) (4) 12 Island (4)

Down: 1 Telegraph, 2 Ancestors, 3 Sting, 4 Bites, 5 Farm, 6 Reach, 10 Girls, 11 Tease, 12 Satisfied, 13 Yesterday, 17 Alone, 19 Plays, 20 Dress, 21 Gets. ENGLISH-SPANISH Across: 1 Altura, 3 Arma, 7 Día, 9 Llegada, 10 Earn, 11 Bone, 14 Seagull, 15 Sea, 16 Sash, 17 Cabeza. Down: 1 Addresses, 2 Roll, 4 Reasons, 5 Ama de casa, 6 Bed, 8 Arrears, 12 But, 13 Alma.

E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol



For solutions:

1. Houska Castle, Czech Republic Most castles are built to repel invaders, but this one, deep in a forest, was supposed to keep something in - it’s claimed it’s built over a bottomless pit from which demons escape hell. The Nazis took up residence of the castle in the 30s to conduct occult experiments. Ghost sightings, naturally, are many.

A unique healing gift

A freak accident reveals a secret that 13-year-old Ava has been hiding from the world. She has a unique gift in that she can heal others of their physical ailments. This book tells her sad tale when in an unguarded moment she saves her dear friend’s life after an accident. KIM TRAYNOR/WIKIPEDIA

4. Dragsholm Castle, Denmark Apparently haunted by 100 ghosts, in part because of its role in the 16th and 17th centuries as a prison for criminals from the nobility and the church, one of which was Mary Queen of Scots’ husband, the fourth Earl of Bothwell.

News quickly spreads of a miracle worker and the press bombard her home. We get fascinating glimpses of her early childhood and that of the friend she saved. But her power comes at a cost, as she grows weaker with every healing and she has to decide how much she is

prisoned as they were thought to be werewolves. 8. Bodelwyddan Castle, Wales During renovations in 1829, the owner noted that human bones were uncovered, but decided to keep building. Result? Phantom soldiers, obviously.


2. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland Imposing over a city with a grizzly history, 900-year-old Edinburgh castle has so many ghosts, a team of more than 200 volunteers spent 10 days investigating in 2001. A headless drummer, Lady Glamis who was burned as a witch, a spook in a leather apron, and even a ghost-dog have all regularly made their presence felt. 3. Bran Castle, Romania Dracula’s lair is the stuff of stories, but this 14th century castle is thought to have been the home of Vlad the Impaler, or at least that’s what the marketing claims. The ghosts of Vlad’s countless torture victims still stalk the halls.


9. Chillingham Castle, England More haunted by ITV2 programme makers than ghosts, previous spectresightings include ‘the blue boy,’ who stopped appearing after the remains of a man and young boy were found inside the walls. willing to sacrifice in order to save those she loves most.

10. Parador Jaen, Spain Boasts two ghosts - a woman who died of heartbreak, who screams and bangs the door of what’s now a guest room, and the Terrible Lizard, a prisoner who died of hunger.



5. Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland The ruins of the Norman Castle on the Antrim coast are haunted by servants who went to a watery grave when the kitchen collapsed into the sea in 1639. 6. Berry Pomeroy, England This castle’s ‘White Lady’ is said to be Lady Margaret Pomeroy, who was locked up and starved for 20 years by her jealous sister, Lady Eleanor.

App of the Week Sleepio (free) Insomnia is a vicious cycle you become stressed when you can't get to sleep, and that stress, in turn, prevents you from falling asleep. Sleepio is your own personal sleep coach, helping you break through those sleepless nights and wake refreshed. The advice is personalised to you to help you get a full night's sleep.

Just Joking Knock Knock. Who's there? Alaska! Alaska who? Alaska my friend the question then! Knock Knock. Who's there? Chile! Chile who? It's getting Chile out here, please let me in. Knock Knock.Who's there ! Europe ! Europe who ? Europe'ning the door too slow, come on! Knock Knock. Who's there? Iran! Iran who? Iran over here to tell you this!

EDINBURGH CASTLE: Has regular ghostly presences. 7. Moosham Castle, Austria When the witch craze gripped Austria, hundreds of women were beheaded here. The castle also saw residents im-

Sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.


as being Dracula’s lai r.

Boggled How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.



Average: 22 Good: 29 Very good: 42 Excellent: 51

SCORING: 4 letters: 1 point • 5 letters: 2 points 6 letters: 3 points • 7 letters: 4 points 8 or more letters: 11 points

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION sore, sores, storm, store, steer, steers, stein, score, other, ocher, ores, sere, seer, mere, meres, there, thee, then, thin, thine, thins, this, torch, tore, tores, terse, term, tees, tend, teas, tease, cost, cots, core, crease, cheer, cheese, chin, china, chins, cerise, cease, rose, rots, rote, retch, rend, rein, reins, rise, erect, erects, hector, hero, hers, here, herein, hens, hind, etch, eerie, ease, niece, aerie, airs, sect, sector, secret, seem, seen, sirs, sire, sires, siren, sirens, sneer, sand, sane, saner, bier, bind, bins, bias, base, baser, jabs


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23 - 29 April 2015/ Costa del Sol



Sacré bleu! Names to drive you nuts... and you could end up being in a jam! Nora Johnson

Breaking Views Nora is the author of popular psychological suspense and crime thrillers and a freelance journalist. To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to columnists/nora-johnson


FRENCH court recently banned parents from naming their baby girl ‘Nutella’ after the hazelnut spread, ruling that it would make her the object of ridicule. The judge ordered the child be called Ella instead. French parents can choose whatever name they want, but local prosecutors can report what they consider to be daft names to a family court. Like the couple who wanted to call their daughter ‘Fraise’ (Strawberry). The baby was renamed ‘Fraisine’ (err, Little Strawberry).

In another instance, a father took legal action to try to stop French car makers Renault from using the same name as his daughter, Zoe Renault. Cedric Renault argued that if Renault named a car model ‘Zoe,’ it would make his daughter’s life a ‘nightmare.’ lain and Sophia Renaud in 1999 saw off legal action to prevent them from naming their daughter ‘Megane,’ even though prosecutors said it sounded too much like the car. Choosing first names can be a headache in the UK too. So, where can you go for inspiration? Well, there are beautiful names from nature at least for girls - like Holly, Hazel, Cherry. But then you have to be so careful with surnames, don’t you? Holly Tree, Hazel Wood, Cherry Pye, anyone? There are enough unfortunate first/ surname combinations around

CHOOSING NAMES: So where do you go for inspiration? like Sidney Harber, Joe King, Chris P Duck, Chris P Bacon and Wendy House. Plus a policewoman in Tasmania, Lauren Order. (Incidentally, there was a girl a couple of years ahead of my mother at school called Primrose Lane. Luckily she married a man with a boring, run-of-the-mill

surname - and that was the end of Primrose Lane.) As for Hollywood and its celebrities, they’re sophisticated and savvy enough not to choose something really naff, surely? How about: Moon Unit (Frank Zappa, also father to Dweezil and Diva Muffin); Kal-El (Superman’s original birth name

courtesy of father, Nicholas Cage); Destry (Steven Spielberg); Aurelius Cy (Elle Macpherson); North West (Kim Kardashian/Kanye West); Apple and Moses (Gwyneth Paltrow). Just imagine how one of those names would go down in your average British school playground. When the next celebrity pregnancy’s announced in Hollywood, may I suggest a national primary school competition to choose the name? After all, the winning entry couldn’t be half as daft as the ones given to the previous lot. Nora Johnson’s thrillers ‘Landscape of Lies,’ ‘Retribution,’ ‘Soul Stealer,’ ‘The De Clerambault Code’ ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89;£0.79) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


ibraltar Now G © EWN MEDIA GROUP

Best guide to local news

21 gun salute for Queen’s 89th

Superyacht Casino Sunborn

HM The Queen’s 89th birthday was marked with a 21 gun salute on Tuesday, April 21. The salute formed part of an exchange, which saw the Royal Gibraltar Regiment conduct the prestigious salute at Cardiff Castle. The 104 Regiment Royal Artillery, from Newport, fired the salute at Grand Battery House.

The casino operator Paf and the Finnish hotel company Sunborn are in the process of opening an international casino on board the five-star superyacht hotel Sunborn Gibraltar. Subject to the grant of a licence and regulatory approval, the planned soft launch will be on April 29 with the official launch planned for May 16. They say this may create up to 75 new jobs for the local community.

Conspiracy to defraud the MoD THREE men have been charged with conspiring to defraud the Ministry of Defence for a total of £300.000. Jose Molina Marcos, David Gilson and Joseph Rocca are charged with conspiring together to defraud the Ministry of Defence by falsely representing invoices and submitting them for payment. Two of the defendants were MoD employees. David Gilson and Joseph Rocca have both been charged with abusing their positions as government procurement cardholders. Spanish Jose Molina Marcos was charged with dishonestly presenting goods receipts.

easyJet go to Bristol GIBRALTARIANS will now be able to fly easyJet direct to Bristol. April 19 saw the inaugural flight bring 147 passengers from Bristol to Gibraltar on the A319 aircraft. They believe that the new tri-weekly service will attract some 39,000 visitors per year. Return flights will start around £40. Ali Gayward, easyJet’s Head in Gibraltar, said: “We’re delighted to have added this new route to our network from Gibraltar and services between the two destinations have now commenced. We will have more than 19,000 seats available on the new service this summer alone.” While the inaugural flight brought 147 people to the rock, 108 took the first flight from Gibraltar to Bristol on the same day. She continued, “We remain fully committed to serving Gibraltar and supporting

Editor is made an offer he can’t refuse DOMINIQUE SEARLE, the Editor of the Chronicle has left his post to take up a Government job. A storm appears to be brewing as already there are claims that he will receive a six-figure salary plus expenses and other perks, according to reports from the Gibraltar Panorama website.

They add, the vacancy for a Special Representative of the Chief Minister in the UK was not announced. Although in informed circles there were rumours for some time that he would be leaving his post and Gibraltar, the public at large got to know yesterday, but not from the government.

Checkmate GIBRALTAR’S high reputation on the international chess circuit received a further boost this week with the news that the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) has voted the 2014 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival the best chess event of the year. For the first time, it has been voted overall winner and is now considered the best chess tournament in the world.

Madrid slammed over its bullying JOSEP-MARIA TERRICABRAS, a member of the EU parliament’s constitutional affairs committee has slammed Madrid over its continued ‘bullying.’ He said in an article for ‘The Parliament.’ “The American think tank the Heritage foundation recently alerted the US congress of the need to defend Gibraltar’s sovereignty from Spain’s ‘bullying,’ and that, “the attitude of the Spanish government towards the British overseas territory is uncharacteristic of a European ally in the 21st century.”

EASYJET: The inaugural flight from Bristol. the growth of tourism and business through our easy and affordable fares.” Ashley Fox, MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, said, “Gibraltar has always been a bastion of British culture and the gateway to the Mediterranean. For centuries it has

had strong links with the south west of England built on the foundation of mutual defence and respect and sharing of the Royal Navy. “I would encourage everyone in the south west to visit Gibraltar and enjoy the sun, sea, sand and friendly atmosphere.

E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


ars are such gross failings of humanity the only way to cover the shame is to dress them up as noble. People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. One of the great myths is that our system owes much to the Red Army that sacrificed 20 million dead. This figure deserves scrutiny. Let Soviet tyrant Josef Stalin explain. “It takes a brave Russian soldier to attack the Nazis, a braver one to retreat.” Get my drift? The Red Army glorious? When in 1939 Bolshevik Russia invaded Finland the Red Army was routed by this small nation of farmers. In 1940 this hapless army brutally occupied the tiny Baltic States and Poland. Mass murder and deportation on an industrial scale commenced. How did Westminster applaud Soviet repression? It rushed to defend Bolshevism when Germany, to escape a similar fate, preemptively attacked Bolshevik Russia in June 1941. Again, the Red Army was ignominiously licked; the much smaller armies of the Reich reached the Russian capital in just 10 weeks.


Inconvenient history Mike Walsh Mike, based in Mediterranean Spain, is an international journalist, author and professional writer.

Should the pathetic Red Army be credited with turning things round? Without British assistance Bolshevism would have been destroyed 45 years earlier. Britain’s Murmansk 78 convoys totalled 1,400 ships. Its Merchant Navy lost 85 British ships, the Royal Navy 16 warships. Three thousand sailors died. The aid carried in these convoys replaced Red Army equipment abandoned to the advancing Germans as the Red Army fled. Britain supplied the 6.8 million strong Red Army with over 15 million pairs of Army boots. Whilst Britain’s largely undefended Far East was overrun by the Japanese, Westminster supplied Bolshevik Russia with 7,056 tanks, 14,795 aircraft, 1,550 RAF trained pilots and

Gary Henderson Flickr


WAR MEMORIAL: In memory of the sailors who died. ground crew. Philip Wilkinson, Chairman of the RAF Russia Association: “There is no doubt we were under pressure. We could have done with 40 Hurricanes going anywhere else but across the seas to Russia.”

Britain, at great cost to itself and Empire, went into overdrive to rescue the Red Army and Bolshevik Russia. The Murmansk convoys delivered 470,000 vehicles, 8,218 artillery pieces, 131,633 machine-guns. 345,735 tonnes of explosives.

Tragically, many of the free of charge 1,981 locomotives, 11,155 freight cars and trucks were put to use dispersing fellow Europeans throughout Stalin’s network of prison camps; few returned. Also to be included, the equipment needed to build the transport infrastructure to supply the insatiable Gulag with 20 million slaves including captured European prisoners-of-war. These lost souls were written off as ‘war reparations.’ Reading the complete inventory of British aid to the Soviet Union is depressing and wearisome. Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Shame on those who sided with this monstrous regime. Shame on those who put to the backs of their minds such horrors and most of all shame on those who even today, knowing the truth express indignation about unproven German atrocities whilst glorying in or covering up the blood-soaked tyranny of Marxism.” Now, this is a Russian I will toast on May 8.

Puppets should all be strung up Colin Bird Each week, Colin brings his slightly off-the-wall view of the world to the pages of EWN in his own irreverent style.


AM not so sure that modern technology and advanced filming techniques have necessarily made television programmes more enjoyable. I am thinking here of the new Thunderbirds series currently showing on television. Technically it is light years ahead of the early puppet shows on TV that themselves were hailed as milestones in animation technology. This new applied science was called ‘Supermarionation’ and we had the likes of Four Feather Falls, Supercar; Fireball XL5 and Stingray hitting our screens. Then their creator Gerry Anderson upped the game again with the amazingly popular Thunderbirds - you could barely see the strings on those suckers - and my own favourite, Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons. With the latter, here at last were puppets that looked close to being human and did not have oversized heads

CAPTAIN SCARLET: Puppets who looked close to human. perched on their arthritic looking bodies. The reason for those disproportionate craniums, I later found out, was that they carried solenoids in order to be able to lip-sync the voices. With the advance in electronics and miniaturisation, this problem was overcome with the Captain Scarlet series. So good was the modelling in fact, that the young spotty girl living next door to us

thought that the puppet character Captain Black was an absolute doll. I felt the need to point out to her, that’s exactly what the git was. It was easy to see why these new groundbreaking children’s programmes were so popular because they superseded such puppet series as The Adventures of Twizzle; a double jointed little oik who could extend his arms and

legs and open a door in Bristol while standing in Swindon. Also Torchy the Battery Boy who sported a lamp in his head that shone a magic beam. Poor old Torchy’s batteries gave out after 52 episodes but then, this was in the days before Duracell Plus. The sad part is that I can actually remember all this stuff. Sadder still, is the fact that I can scroll back even further to the days of Muffin the Mule and The Flowerpot Men, but in my defence hastily add that this was enforced viewing as a mere toddler when my Mum would take me next door to watch their OXO cube sized television. Muffin was a very lucky mule; if a real horse looked that knackered he would have long since been sent to the glue makers. And interestingly his presenter, Annette Mills, was auntie to Hayley. Bill and Ben progressed into politics of course and formed a coalition government with Weedy Ed still squeaking away between them. So yes, the new Thunderbirds series will undoubtedly be popular with the young generation, but for us old hands you can’t beat the original.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol





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Magical date of last chemo session is fast approaching Erica Russell Watson: My journey – and I’m driving

16th April LESS than a week to go now before my last chemo session! Hard to believe, but it seems that the magical date is in sight and approaching fast.

I have been extremely positive throughout my treatment and have, for the most part, been spared the majority of the serious side-effects associated with chemotherapy. I have to say that the cumulative effect is starting to take its toll though. The most irritating thing is a constant watering eye and very dry skin. No hair, eyebrows or eyelashes make you look odd but it’s not the end of the world. In the week immediately after my treatment I notice that I have a very dry mouth and a white tongue (but no ulcers)

which affects how food tastes. This all passes and apart from a tremendous thirst and a slightly achy body life carries on. So once I have my last treatment, I move into a different phase. I imagine that I will be given a CAT scan to see how I have responded to chemotherapy. Before starting treatment, I had three shadows on my lungs in addition to the removed tumours. The doctors wanted to keep an eye on these as the lungs would be a typical place for breast cancer to extend to.

It is the hope that the chemo has eradicated these shadows and that should be that. I will then have to wait for the call to start my radiotherapy. I have been marked out in preparation with tiny tattoos and have to prepare the area to be radiated with some intensive hydration! Being pale, my skin is likely to be more sensitive to the effects of radiotherapy. I am not sure how many sessions I will be given but I imagine around 20 or so. We shall see. In the meantime, life ticks along. The children seem to be

more grown-up by the day. I am convinced that they are visibly taller each day. We seem to be experiencing a little calm after the storm, although it is meant to be the other way round normally, in our case we’ve dealt with a mini tsunami so calmer waters are most welcome. Less tears and a slow acceptance of the situation and even some laughter is a great relief. Let’s see what next week has in store for us all. One thing is for sure… life never fails to surprise!




23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

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Tennis Elbow – or something else? T E N N I S E l b o w, a k a e p i - r e d u c i n g t h e p a i n fu l b o n e condylitis or epicondylagia, is swelling. when the tendons (stringy Try to avoid braces which bits that attach muscles to restrict movement and cortibones) on the outside of the sone injections which ‘rot’ the elbow become damaged and a l r e a d y d a m a g e d t e n d o n s irritated, usually caused by further. overuse. Anti-inflammatory tablets This translates into pain on can help with the initial disthe outside of the elbow be- comfort but also allow you to cause you have been doing a do more and potentially do particular action remore damage, so use p e a t e d l y. I t i s carefully. Tendons on the common in tenBut there are nis players but outside of elbow become o t h e r things also seen in that can cause damaged and irritated plasterers, pain in the outer usually by overuse painters, and elbow which anyone who’s job or AREN’ T Te n n i s hobby includes a repetiElbow. tive action (no smirking!). • Neck and shoulder pain – What can help? this interferes with nerve and 1 . G e n t l e m ove m e n t a n d muscle function causing remanual therapy. In this case ferred pain in the elbow prolonged rest won’t help as • Injuries to the opposite scar tissue could form (mak- arm/shoulder/elbow – leading ing a bad situation worse). to compensation and pain on 2 . M a g n e t i c Re s o n a n c e the ‘well’ side. Therapy repairs and strengthSo while you might be ree n s t h e t e n d o n s a s w e l l a s c e i v i n g e xc e l l e n t Te n n i s

aren’t making progress (even small progress) after six to eight treatments then, perhaps, you aren’t treating the actual problem. You can treat the symptoms forever but if yo u d o n ’ t a d d r e s s t h e t r u e cause then you will be treating them forever. The best advice for resolving Tennis Elbow is to get a g o o d , a c c u ra t e d i a g n o s i s . Make sure that your practitioner assesses not just your elbow but also examines your shoulders (both sides!) and neck function to rule out referred pain.

TREATMENT: Gentle movement and manual therapy as well as magnetic resonance therapy can help.

Elbow treatment, if you don’t actually have Tennis Elbow it ’s not going to be making

much difference. This is a key fact to remember for any treatment; if you

For more information, as well as clear images explaining neck pain versus elbow pain check out my blog www. If you have any other questions about your elbow (or other) pain call me on 952 883 151 or send me an email at info@

Breakthrough in how Alzheimer’s disease is caused

HELP AT HAND: A new treatment could soon be possible.

A BREAKTHROUGH could have been made in Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers say they may have discovered how Alzheimer’s is caused and say it could lead to new treatments. The new study showed that the immune system, which protects bodies from foreign invaders, plays a part in the debilitating disease. Using mice, they found that in

Alzheimer’s disease, certain immune cells that normally protect the brain begin to consume an important nutrient called arginine. The scientists looked at ways of blocking this process and found that it prevented the characteristic memory loss in a mouse model of the disease. It is hoped this finding could now lead to a human trial.


23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

Barcelona University produces AIDS vaccine AN AIDS vaccine has been produced in Spain. The University of Barcelona (UB) is the first centre in Spain accredited by the Spanish Medicines Agency to produce advanced therapy drugs for the HIV and AIDS virus, which will begin trials on 36 patients at the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona in September. The drugs have been produced at the Unit for Research and Development at the university’s Faculty of Medicine. Doctors Josep Maria Canals, who heads the research unit, and Felipe Garcia, who co-ordinates the clinical trial to be held from September, said the accreditation allows UB to perform all the production processes at all stages of cell vaccine for

AIDS VACCINE: Trials will begin on patients in September. the treatment of AIDS. Canals said the accreditation to produce the drug “is necessary to make a qualitative leap from basic research to clinical trials. It opens the door to other re-

searchers and companies to undertake the whole process of manufacture of another drug of any of today’s advanced therapies, including gene therapy and regenerative medicine here.”

The university says Spain, with about 50 drugs in clinical development, is at the forefront in the field of advanced therapies. Garcia explained that advanced therapies and, in particular, gene therapy or therapeutic vaccines including those used in the study, are the focus of new experimental technologies which aim to achieve the cure of the HIV infection and to eliminate the risk of contagion. The trials will last a year and will involve taking a blood sample from each patient, working to isolate and purify the virus. Scientists are hoping to achieve 99.9 per cent efficiency of the new cell vaccine and what doctors call a ‘functional cure’ in patients.





23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Lack of sleep for toddlers can cause later problems TODDLERS who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to develop emotional and behavioural problems. Norwegian researchers found toddlers who slept less than 10 hours a night or woke frequently, had more emotional and

behavioural problems by the age of five. The results come from a study of 32,662 pairs of mothers and children in Norway backed by the Norwegian Ministry of Health. The mothers filled out questionnaires when they

were 17 weeks’ pregnant, when the child was 18 months old and again when the child was five, rating their child’s behaviour and how long they slept. At 18 months, almost 60 per cent of toddlers were sleeping for 13 to 14 hours per night with a

Woman’s stress of divorce DIVORCE often causes heartache and pain to both parties, but scientists now believe that women are more susceptible to the biological and psychological effects of the separation from a partner. Researchers found that divorced women are more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who are happily married. Nearly 16,000 people aged 45 to 80, who had been married at least once, took part in the study and were interviewed every two years from 1992 to

2010 about their marital status and health. Around one-third had been divorced at least once during the 18-year study and although men are generally at higher risk of suffering a heart attack, the findings of the study revealed women fared worse in the wake of divorce. The study revealed that men who had been divorced had a similar risk of heart attack, as those who stayed married.

smaller amount sleeping for less than 10 hours per night and waking regularly. The study’s authors found early sleep issues may be part of the reason for later emotional or behavioural problems but other factors, like child temperament and parental mental health, may be important as well. “This study does suggest that inadequate sleep in early childhood increases the risks for later emotional and behavioural problems,” said Michelle Garrison of Seattle Children’s Research Institute in Washington, who analysed the research. She added: “Inadequate sleep at night leads to trouble the next day with handling emotions, impulse control, and reading emotions.”


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23 - 29 April 2015/ Costa del Sol



Electricity: Time to shop around? HOUSEHOLDERS are paying 12.7 per cent more for their electricity this year in comparison to 2014. This has led to consumers’ association FACUA asking for government intervention so that users are not victims of restricted choice. Do you shop around for better suppliers? Samantha Warren of Fiesta Crafts in Javea (Alicante) said: “Actually we have been quite pleased with the price levels so no, we have not felt the need to shop around for alternative suppliers. We are invoiced by Iberdrola; there are efficient systems in place for paying bills promptly and we have always had a prompt service.” Luz Trango of SGB Beers in Mijas Costa (Malaga) thought some clarity should be brought to bills. “A lot of people do not understand the breakdown of the electricity bills. They are so confusing to many, even the native Spanish. We have changed suppliers for the business in the past, but in the long run you don’t save Luz Trango of SGB Beers, Mijas Costa.


Pascale Michiels of Costa Blanca Sales.

money with all the additional costs that you have to pay, and you may be cut off during the transition. I know many individuals who did the same and now stick with their original supplier to save the headache. I think there is not much difference in the choice,” she remarked. Anne Hernandez from The Presidents Club, Marbella (Malaga), commented: “Having been President of a large community for many years this is a subject that has cropped up. I have heard of the difficulties my members have ex-

perienced through changing their power supplier and it has not been good. Bearing that in mind, it would seem it is of no advantage to change as many have gone back to their original supplier.” Pascale Michiels from Costa Blanca Sales has recently bought a new house and has had no electricity for several weeks as she waits for paperwork and a meter to be sorted out. “At the moment to have any electricity would be nice whatever the price!” she joked, “But when Iberdrola have sorted it I will definitely be shopping around and looking for another provider. You just cannot justify these price increases. I will also get a night meter. They cost around €11 and when I installed one at my last property I was saving around €60 on bills.” Anne Hernandez from The Presidents Club.

Is Sanchez on to a good thing? A weekly look - and not entirely impartial reaction to the Spanish political scene

FELIPE GONZALEZ , former president of the Spanish government for nearly 13-and-ahalf years, called on the PSOE to support Pedro Sanchez. Gonzalez admitted he did not vote for Sanchez during the primaries to select the party’s secretary general. He voted for Eduardo Madina, he said, because he knew him but not Sanchez. And there’s the rub: the party grandees did not know Sanchez either and it rankled that he pipped Susana Diaz, their first choice, at the post. They and Diaz herself rejected Gonzalez’s advice to cluster round him, preferring to wait until after the elections. They would be wiser to take Felipe’s astute advice now because if Sanchez does

Young kings will punish DOLORES DE COSPEDAL, the Partido Popular’s secretary general and president of the Castilla-La Mancha region, recently weighed in against Ciudadanos and Podemos. De Cospedal, with territory to defend, would hardly spare kind words for the two new political parties poaching PP votes. But by quoting “The gods send young kings when they want to punish humans,” she tacitly agreed that the PP’s frontman Mariano Rajoy is vulnerable to competition from younger rivals. Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is no oil painting but he’s young and the ponytail scores points in some quarters. Ciudadanos, doubly disliked by the well in May he will be unlikely to forget their lack of enthusiasm in April.


Cassandra Nash

DOLORES DE COSPEDAL: Weighing in against rival parties. PP for its Centre orientation, have a good-looker in leader Albert Rivera and the PSOE’s Pedro Sanchez will scoop up votes on looks alone.

Up and away QUIET, unassuming, outstand-

De Cospedal was half-right because the gods have sent young kings but they will punish Rajoy, not the populace. ingly courageous Pablo Ruz has vacated the Number Five national high court in Madrid. The judge’s move is routine

and in line with Spain’s legal system, but all of the Gurtel corruption network and the politicians mired must rue the day he took over the case. Without wanting to, he has changed Spain forever.

Power-hungry UPyD, founded by Rosa Diez after she broke from the PSOE in 2007, is crumbling into oblivion. It failed to secure a seat in the Andalucian parliament last month and is leaching candidates. One of them, Juan Antonio Horrach, prospective head of the party’s Baleares list for May’s local and regional elections resigned because staying “amounted to suicide.” He was undoubtedly on the way to defeat, but revealed himself as a politician for whom politics are not a way of life, but a matter of life and death.

E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

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Costa del Sol’s best guide to local restaurants


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Econ pool and snooker tables just By Pete Woodall

M I K E B ra c ke n r i d g e ’s company Econ has successfully supplied pool a n d s n o o ke r t a b l e s throughout the Costa del Sol for over seven years. So logically anyone interested in a good table for their home or business would do well to give him a call. Bars, businesses and hotels interested in profi t- s h a r e c o i n - o p e ra t e d pool tables can look forward to an ongoing competent service. Home owners wanting t h e i r o w n s n o o ke r, b i l liard or pool table, can

have a brand name quality product delivered to their door. All installed properly, the coin-operated tables are usually by Supreme, American pool and Russian Pyramid tables by Longoni or Riley and the British made snooker tables from the Alan Phillips company in Yorkshire, all European manufacturers, proud of their products. Back on the business side, Econ also supply coin-operated Touch Hits digital jukeboxes, electronic dartboards by K7 Ku r s a a l , t a b l e fo o t b a l l (Foosball), boxing machines and Cachi Hot

BAR FUN: Typical to find an Econ coin-operated table. Nuts vending machines. These are all good earne r s fo r a ny b u s i n e s s ,

w i t h n o o u t l ay o r u p ke e p, a s E c o n p r ov i d e and install the equipment

and tables, then provide the maintenance. Good maintenance is ke y, b r o ke n m a c h i n e s d o n ’ t g e n e ra t e i n c o m e and scruffy tables do not attract regular players. To ke e p t h e m i n t o p notch condition, Econ give their tables a full 10 s t e p s e r v i c e e ve r y t w o w e e k s . To d a t e E c o n have tables situated all along the coast in various venues from Nerja to L a L i n e a a n d t a b l e e xports to as far away as Costa Rica. Econ are also one of the sponsors of the annual Econ Fuengirola Winter Pool League, add


for you in table top recovers and repairs and there is quite a lot going on. All of which is clearly explained with photographs and genuine client testimonials at Mike’s very informative Econ website. Thirty years on the coast and fluent in Spanish, Mike Brackenridge knows his business and how to look after his customers. His plans for the near future include highend custom handmade pool t a b l e s fo r h o m e o w n e r s o f distinction and more coin-operated table sites. When it comes to pool and s n o o ke r t a b l e s , j u ke b oxe s and vending machines call 609 504 427 or visit the Econ website,

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First Class food in phenomenal surroundings THE Beach House is an exceptional place that ticks all the boxes for food fit for a king set in phenomenal surroundings. The proof is definitely in the pudding here as many return repeatedly to eat the wonderful cuisine that Head Chef Jeff Mynott and his Sous Chef, Lukas Lawniczac create. Jeff has scaled the ranks at the Beach House now for over seven years, holding the title of Head Chef for the last three. Lukasz has also seven years under his belt at the restaurant, their teamwork is the key to their perfection. The food is consistently good and to see it is love at first sight! Photographer, David Toms has been capturing the beauty of the food on camera, and the camera does not lie. David being an expert in

BEACH HOUSE: Comfortable dining and excellent service. his field manages to portray the excellence in Jeff’s work. The ethos behind the food is that of totally fresh, well sourced, organic produce in the hands of perfectionists that have a passion for what they do. Dishes include Fresh Sauteed Sea Scallops, Chicken Liver Parfait with Red Onion and Marmalade, Tuna and Avocado Tartar, just for starters.

The main dishes continue the creative theme with Pan Fried Fillets of Turbot with King Prawns, or Malay Style Curry with Fragrant Rice. With food as good as this, owner Guy McCrow believes the venue should complement it, and it does. You could not be any closer to the sea, with comfortable dining and service second to none. Open every day 12.30 to 18.00 and Mon to Sat 19.00 to 22.30. Tel: 952 839 458.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Are you a bar or restaurant that advertises with EWN? AT EWN we have our clients’ best interests at heart. Getting your news out to the public can sometimes be a struggle, but we here at EWN want to help. Have you changed your menu, recently renovated or won an award? Do you have an upcoming charity event you’d like to publicise? Do you have a new member of staff? Maybe you’d like to take part in our ‘Restaurant’ experience? Your establishment provides a meal for two which we will review and publish - with pictures - in your local edition. If you have any news of interest that you would like to get out to local readers, then please let us know. We cannot promise to publish everything, but we will do our best. Please send your news and photos to


Cheers to beers SGB Beers are keeping all traditional beer drinkers happy by offering some of the finest beers well known to the Brits! Manager Tony Segal and his staff work hard to keep all bars, restaurants, or individual clients topped up with the popular range of beers and ales they supply, delivering twice a day and every day except Sundays. SGB are the sole distributers of the beers below and they deliver along the coast from Nerja down to Alcadesa where they can also install pumps and all the accessories that a business should need to set up their bar. With their own in house technical department and a team of experienced pump installers, all their clients receive ongoing support and advice regarding any technical problems that may occur. These guys really know their beers and can point your pumps in the right direction to make sure you are pulling your pints perfectly. SGB specialise in draught beers, but also supply bottled

SGB BEERS: Derek and George work hard to keep bars supplied. beers and cans that are very popular with many supermarkets. Old Rosie Cider is gaining rapidly in popularity as it is not only deliciously refreshing in the hot weather, but it is very economically priced available in bottle or hand pump. Stowford Press is a household name to many drinkers which is a cider sold on draught, bottles or cans. Old Speckled Hen is another favourite of beer lovers and you can buy that on draught, bottles or cans. Tropical Lager is made in the Ca-

nary islands and is mainly sold on draught throughout Spain but bottles also turn over a vast amount of trade. Bavaria is a brand you see almost everywhere as that sells very well mainly from the barrel in bars and restaurants. You will be able to try all of these at the International Festival from April 29 to May 4 at the Feria ground, Los Boliches, an event not to be missed. SGB will be pulling their pints that will be sure to pull in the crowds to the English caseta. Tel: 656 951 091.

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol




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ets P



Don’t dos for dog-owners

Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10 thru 11. Costa del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm (San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fm Costa Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm, (Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm

ONE of the most popular games to play with any young dog is tug-of-war. These games are invariably won by the dog. We usually allow them to win because we admire the tenacity and dedication to win that they put into the game. Similarly, rough and tumble games are great fun to play, until the

EATING RITUALS: The Alpha dog always dines first. youngster starts to get a bit aggressive and then we give up before it gets out of hand. All dominance/submissive levels are decided through play. To teach a young dog to growl, pull and persevere brings the reward of winning, or to engage in a rough and tumble and then to give up, are not lessons that we should be teaching him.

They are certainly not the game we allow him to win. Similarly the dog is a predator; therefore, food is of prime importance. A client told me her husband worked odd hours. Sometimes, they ate their evening meal at 5pm, sometimes at 7pm. The dog was always fed at 6pm. What she couldn’t understand was when they ate early, the dog never

begged from the table. When they ate later he always begged, despite the fact he was never given food. Think dog; the Alpha dog eats first and the pack have what is left unless he or she decides to have some more. When the family ate second, he was promoted and his instincts told him that he was entitled to the leftovers.

Pet-sitting helps writer By Lamia Walker of HouseSitMatch ELISABETH has been an academic for 10 years, having secured her PhD and turned out a couple of books within her first two years as a lecturer. Finding herself stuck on her next project, a friend suggested she get away to somewhere completely different. A junior academic’s salary is modest so she had to be creative about how she was going to change her working envi-

ronment to somewhere removed from all the usual distractions. While planning how to care for her own cats in her absence she hit upon the idea of cat-sitting for someone else. That’s how she met Greg and Mandy who lived in Malaga. They had registered with HouseSitMatch to find sitters for Wilbur and Max, their tabbies. To find a pet-sitter go to or call Lamia on +44 (0)1865 521508.


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Introducing children to their own garden Dick Handscombe

Gardening Corner By Spain’s best known expatriate gardening author living in Spain for 25 years.

THE TEAM: Specialists in manufacture, supply and fitting of glass curtains, stainless steel, windows and doors. Advertising feature

Your winning team RDMC’S - specialist manufacturers, suppliers and fitters of glass curtains, stainless steel, windows and doors and pool surrounds. RDMC’S is a family run business with over 190 years of combined experience in the glazing, construction and steel industry. We are specialist manufacturers of glass curtains, stainless steel and windows and doors. We use only the highest quality materials including 316 marine grade stainless steel so as not to cause corrosion problems. We have our own glass toughening plant which means the complete glass curtain system, including the glass, is manufactured under one roof. We also manufacture UPVC and Aluminium windows and doors, the aluminium windows now come with thermal breaks for extra insulation and the profile is ideally suited for lift and slide mechanisms on larger patio doors etc... We manufacture pool surrounds with stainless steel and glass, we have completed many urbanisations and know all the regulations in heights and self closing gates for safety. We can manufacture roofs including sliding (electric or manual), com-

GLASS CURTAINS: Using the highest quality material. plete steel structures, acoustic glass for bars, mirrors, table tops, sealed units, splash backs, shop fronts, shelves, walk on glass, stairs, glass balustrade, pool surrounds, in fact we can assist you with all your glass needs. The glass curtain system that we manufacture is a German system and much time and thought has gone into the system, making it one of, if not the best, system available on the market today. The system is completely different in that it is top hung which means the weight of the glass is distributed evenly and not all sitting on the bottom. Other companies will claim a bottom hung system is better, however as glass manufacturers who make our own glass and understand the weight involved, we know the best way for a system to func-

tion correctly is to hang the glass so as not to impose such weight and strain onto the system below. The system has undergone many tests in Germany including an opening and closing test of over 10,000 cycles and also a wind test of up to 2,000 Pascals, all the test documentation can be viewed at our offices. We also recommend that anybody looking to install glass curtains or stainless

steel, visit the factory, its always best to see where your products are being manufactured. With this financial climate many companies on the coast have filed for bankruptcy, unfortunately you will find that these companies are still trying to trade without proper premises and licences and merely change their company names. Do ask questions, a reliable company has nothing to hide. More information: rdmcs or visit to see installation photos and also customer references. Or see our Facebook page for regularly updated installations. Opening hours Mon - Fri 8.30 - 6.00 952 477 963, 677 712 742 Pol Ind El Cañadon Camino De Coin Mijas Costa

START THEM YOUNG I WAS lucky to have had a small personal garden and junior school garden to work in from the tender age of five. I had the enthusiasm and patience of interested parents and grandparents to instil the challenge and sense of achievement of gardening in my blood, not only in growing flowers but vegetables and fruit as well. So get the youngest members of your family going now. They will soon be proud of their efforts. The following are extracted from our books ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’ and ‘Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain’. • Smelling things such as ripe tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, fennel,

rosemary and thyme. • Sowing seeds like mustard, cress, cut and come again salad leaves, and radishes that will come up and mature quickly. • Seeing how quickly their own tray of sprouting seeds can germinate, grow and be ready to eat. • Sowing and nurturing one or two sunflower seeds to two or three metre giants and then drying the seeds to eat. • Growing, drying and painting colourful vegetables such as Turk’s turban squash. • Preparing their own salad with their self-grown mustard and cress, lettuce leaves, tomato, radishes, chives and why not sprouting seeds? • Making a refreshing infusion of mint, lemon verbena or a slice of lemon; or ice lollies from pureed raspberries and strawberries. © Dick Handscombe April 2015

E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

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Tax consequences of community rentals OFTEN a community committee will decide to rent out some part of the community not in use to generate extra income. For example; an empty apartment previously but no longer occupied by a concierge, part of the roof to a mobile phone mast company, an empty local previously used as a sales office, an unused sports facility or a community parking area. This is quite common and on the surface would appear to be a good idea but there are consequences for both the

community and the owners that may easily be overlooked. The community is actually conducting business and as such is required to make a tax declaration and pay tax, specifically IVA (VAT). Any income from any rental, with the exception of income from the rental of a domestic dwelling i.e. a house or apartment, must include IVA, currently charged at 21%. A 303 tax declaration form must be submitted every quarter to the tax office and any tax due paid. In addition in February of the

Community Law Corner By José Luis Navarro Solicitor for Intercala Administration

with Pete Woodall, Woody’s Los Boliches

following year, a final declaration on Form 390 showing the total annual rent received must also be submitted. Furthermore, if the rental income received by the community in any one year, be it for roof space, an empty local, parking or an

apartment (domestic dwelling) exceeds €3,005.06 - the Euro equivalent of 500,000 Ptas - an additional declaration has to be made on Form 347. Plus another declaration on Form 184; declaration number 184 should not only include

the details of the community but also the names and NIE or NIF numbers of each and every one of the owners, as well as their percentage share (cuota) within the community. Consequently, each owner should then show on their own personal tax declaration their percentage share of the community rental income, regardless of how small it is. Although €3,000 (3,005.06) sounds like a lot of money it is only equal to a rent of just over €250 a month. Even an annual rent of €4,500 in a community of 150 owners would only produce an income of €3.00 per owner. Failure to file this or any other tax declarations, could result in a fine for either the community, the owners or both. To complicate things further, some owners up until this point may not have even been required to make a tax declaration. Now theoretically they do and even worse, all of the above declarations are usually best compiled and presented by an asesor (accountant) who will understandably charge for their services. So it is all looking to be possibly nothing

short of an own goal. What started out as a good idea to generate a little income for the community may well end up as quite a complicated puzzle with some owners unwittingly breaking the law for what is usually a relatively small amount of money. This is not necessarily so, this is only an example of how, through simple unawareness, things can easily get out of hand especially with rentals. There are however serious fines for not complying with tax regulations which means administrators must be very careful to ensure that community accounts are kept accurately, tax declarations made properly and that all the owners are kept in the picture as far as their tax obligations are concerned. As usual we the solicitors for Intercala Administration advise the readers of our monthly article to seek competent advice in all matters relating to the law. Many of our previous community law corner articles published in the Euro Weekly News are now available to read online at www. communitylawcorner. weebly.

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s a l e s @ e u r o w e e k l y n e w s . c o m

@dvertise online

952 56 12 45

N ews


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lassifieds C



AWNINGS ACE OF SHADES - All colours available. Urbanisations catered for, electric and manual operation, also recover service available, largest selection of colours and designs on the coast. Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / info@aceofshades. es (101730)

BATH REPAIRS 2 VILLAS, Marbella / Coin + Puerto Banus to let, short term / (sell). Garden, private pools, views, boule, private gate to Gualdamina golf course. 2-3 bedroom, sleeps 26. 635 295 572 (236098)

BATHOLOGIST. Specialist in repairing chipped baths or refurbishing old/worn baths. No mess or disruption. 678 808 837 (229862)


BLINDS, awnings, mosquito screens, curtains, vast choice. All areas covered. Coast and inland. 655 825 931 (231472)

AIRFLOW Air conditioning for cooling and heating units. Professional, fully guaranteed installations. Tel: 952 443 222 (231215) AIR CONDITIONING heating installation, servicing, repairs and regassing, 24/7. Prompt reliable service 620 020 232, 951 165 090 (228797) AIR CONDITIONING repairs and servicing. Airflow. 952 443 222 (201660) AIR CON repairs & installation. Tel Jim 652 023 012 (236113) AIR CONDITIONING by Cool and Cosy. The family company that cares. Installation and repairs. Quality machines. EsoSense movement sensor supplied and fitted for 80 euros. Coin meters supplied and fitted from 240 euros. For other energy-saving products, visit Tel 952 935 513 (229079)


BERTH/mooring for sale. 10 x 3.5 metre. Fuengirola. 29,800 euros ovno. Tel Graham 646 023 200 (239593) FOR Rent/Sale. 15 metre berth Duquesa. 12 metre and 20 metre berths main port Sotogrande. Contact 0044 7768 028400 / briant (233708)

BOILERS BOILER problems? Water heaters repaired. Hot water within 24 hours. Tel 604 129 208 (236025)


SWIFT MULTISERVICES. All aspects of building works undertaken with over 30 years’ experience. Professional, trustworthy & reliable. Call 674 845 852 (229932) SRC property maintenance, City & Guilds. Ring 952 664 624 (232169)

ALL aspects of concrete (imprinted driveways & patios). All paving work & terracotta tiling, floor tiling & screeding. 603 236 650. Free quotes (236192)

DR DAMP leaking roofs, damp walls, all mould cured. All work guaranteed. Call 689 515 558 (233736)


SOLAR BLINDS ES Ideal for large glazed areas to reflect heat / glare and stop furniture fading and still keep the view. SAVE HEAT IN THE WINTER TOO improve your living environment. .com Tel Ian 958 496 571 / 644 546 176 (226282)

PLASTERING, rendering, dry lining, coving, suspended ceilings. Fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. All work guaranteed. 689 515 558 (233736) PLASTERING, all aspects covered, skimming, rendering, screeding, covering, tiling, Dean 691 044 287 (229992)



SWINGLES CASAS SL. For all your building needs. Visit www.swinglescasas. com for more details or call 952 428 067 / 666 960 262 (224893) JIM’S HOME IMPROVEMENTS. bathrooms / kitchen reforms, repairs, plumbing, carpentry, painting, tiling, maintenance. Give us a call no job too small. 692 207 799 / 645 559 423 (225760)

ANTIQUES WANTED! All types of antiques, paintings, jewellery, watches, silver etc. Any condition. Immediate cash settlement. For more information call into Anthony’s Antiques and Jewellers shops, extensive premises at C/Ramon y Cajal 40, Fuengirola. Mobile 609 529 633. Telephone 952 588 795 (201522)

CONCRETE - OZBUILD, Specialist imprinted concrete. Reseals, repairs, brickwork, tiling, plastering, screeding. 11 years in Spain. Competitive prices, quality finish. 952 426 074 / 606 745 920 / (226398)

ARCHITECTS PROJECTS, constructions, new buildings, extensions, reforms, licences, legalisations, interior design. 680 700 430 (225681) PUERTO BANUS - Moorings for rent. 8, 12 & 15 metres. 662 379 483 (226296)

GENERAL BUILDER. Tiling, plastering, painting, electrician, plumber, carpentry. Reasonable prices. 952 662 745 / 635 913 885 (References available) (239679)


CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Available for all types of property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms renovated etc, 30 years experience, very reliable. Tel: 952 441 955 / 677 087 575 (224853)

CHIMNEY SERVICES CD collection large or small. TC will buy them all. Telephone 652 072 600 (239612) SUPERPOOL EST. 1985. Pool tables, boxing and mini-vending machines on profit share, also new/second hand domestic tables and accessories. Tel 629 530 233 - www.super (239523) WANTED all furniture and household items. Best prices. 697 511 071 (236100)

APEX CHIMNEY SERVICES, professional chimney sweeping and smoke testing. NACS Qualified. Clean and efficient Tel: Bob 696 320 202 (230701)

CHURCH SERVICES BENALMADENA Elim Family Fellowship. Sundays 11am. Elimfamilyfel or call 951 912 525 or 952 446 627 (0)


DECLUTTER, cash paid for small/medium furniture, antiques, furs, brass, copper and other ornaments. Tel: Howard 608 121 817 (225749) INSTANT CASH!!! For your old LPs, 45s and record collections. GUARANTEED BEST PRICES PAID. Also, a free valuation service. Call Paul on 603 584 249 or email details to: SECOND hand shop buy & sell. Tim’s established 1992. Atalaya (San Pedro). Tuesday-Friday 10.30am-7.00pm. Saturday 10.30am-2.00pm. Sunday & Monday closed. 666 903 499 (232097) WE clear houses, apartments, shops, garages, bars, storage units. Tel 656 187 140 / (239591) INSTANT CASH paid for antiques, house/shop & commercial clearances. 678 320 233 / 722 306 194

FRANCHISED installer required for the Costa del Sol & Algarve area, all work supplied installing long life paint to villa exteriors, established company with existing franchisees as reference in the north, one off investment to cover training & equipment, own vehicle necessary, return on capital within 6 months, no further fees or royalties to be paid. Please email and see or Freephone 0044 8005 088102 (233747)


CARPENTER & decking specialist. City & Guilds. Kitchens, doors and all property maintenance & security, locks etc. Ring Sid on 952 664 624 (232169)

CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS since 2003. Designs, Plans, Licences, Construction. 952 472 283 (236105)



SELLING businesses in Spain for 15 years. Free valuation. info@busi Tel 902 906 016 (231182)

DO IT RIGHT BUILDERS. Specialising in all types of building work & maintenance. 608 317 090 (233518)

WALL + floor tiler/builder. ESTEPONA. WWW.BATH ROOMS4U.ES (233712)

ACE OF SHADES - Vertical, Venetian, Roman, Roller, Wooden blinds, various colours available, also black-out blinds. Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / (101730)

SAVVY TECH. Air conditioning installation, sales, service, repairs, regas etc. Savvy people use savvy. Tel 633 079 305 (233742)

PUERTO BANUS - Moorings wanted to buy. 00324 7381 5789 (226296)

WOMAN’S CLOTHING. New and used, Wallis, Zara, Jaques Vert, Lipsy, etc. Ideal car booters. From 2€ per item. 661 903 526 (239615)

CARAVANS PARKING, STORAGE & SALES. Caravans - Motorhomes - Boats - Cars and Vans etc. Short / long term Safe & secure, drop off & collections. Excellent rates, discount for long term, 5 mins from Fuengirola. Established 25 years. / 679 786 669 / 606 101 807 (230268)

OVEN CLEANING, domestic, commercial, complete fittings, let professional do hard, dirty work, from 35€. 632 569 282 ovenclean (239541) UPHOLSTERY and steam cleaning sofas, carpets etc… JA Cleaning Services 626 357 955 (231262) CARPET & UPHOLSTERY PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE WET OR DRY CLEAN, HONEST,RELIABLE SERVICE. PLEASE CALL 678 808 837 / 952 669 701 (229862) CONEJO Cleaning and Property Management. Over 20 years caring for properties on the coast. Rentals, regular and one-off cleans. Legally registered company. Wendy 635 630 370 / 952 964 407 / (231487)

WINDOWS THE WINDOW CLEANERS. 691 140 427 (229138)

Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays Contact: Phone (0034) 952 561 245 • Fax (0034) 952 440 887 • email •


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

COMPUTERS LAPTOP HELP LINE. Notebooks, netbooks and tablets repaired, software updates, Internet and email problems solved. Refurbished laptops for sale. Web page designed and maintained. 952 564 274 / 677 702 501 (220138) COMPUTER PROBLEMS SOLVED. Error messages fixed, viruses removed. Repairs and upgrades available. Laptops in English. Kindle, iPad & Android help. One-toone training. Also, low cost, reliable internet TV solutions, even for slow connections. Experienced, reliable service. Paul 630 652 338 / 952 493 859 (225715) COMPUTER help. Patient teacher. PC sales, set up, repairs, problem solving, internet TV boxes. Kindle, ipads, internet, email. 30 years experience. 19 years on the coast. Friendly and reliable. Dave 952 664 713 (234357)

CURTAINS CURTAINS, BLINDS, UPHOLSTERY, a complete service. Mary 675 813 348 (236247)

DATING WANT A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP? Unicis Dating Agency’s European network offers you a personalised matching service. With over 40 years of experience, we can find your perfect match. 951 334 730 (223689)


DRAINS: Our fully equipped vehicles are ready to deal with any problem, water jetting, water leak detection, CCTV, roots removal, relining and more. Discounts for urbanisations. Now incorporating solar hot water, salt pool systems, central heating & general plumbing. Pipetek. 674 632 344 / 617 198 888 / 952 897 516 (223686) T1 BLOCKED DRAINS? Leak detection, CCTV survey, root removal, Tel 952 568 414 / 661 910 772 / drain (224404)

ELEC INSTALLATION ALL electrical installations & repairs. Tel Jim 652 023 012

ELECTRICIANS ELECTRICIAN 16th Edition BS7671 qualified, 26 years experience. Rewires, extra sockets, lights, fault finding etc. Contact Call Ian 650 151 569 (230678) BS ELECTRICAL, All electrical work, rewires, Boletins, Endesa helpline, professional genuine service, www.bselectri Call Sean 952 961 108, 669 070 011 (233564)

ENERGY CERTIFICATES MY ENERGY CERTIFICATE. Now legally required for ALL properties for sale or rent. Call +34 627 805 581 / info@myenergycertifi (233540)

FENCING SERVICES CHAIN LINK FENCE erectors, general builders, all types of welding fabrication. Tel: 655 218 466 FURNITURE FURNITURE OF THE WORLD. Shop specialising in unique furniture & antiques. Coin (opposite Mercadona). 952 450 156 / 690 882 898 (222071) WANTED Good quality second hand furniture. Call Tony 633 921 239 or (234309)

GARDENING PROFESSIONAL garden services from Fuengirola to Estepona. All aspects of gardening and full maintenance and landscaping, free quotes, competitive prices. Contact Andrew 600 259 981 Andrew@garden-profession (228697) GARDENER for private homes, communities, tree pruning, pool maintenance, garden design. Specialist in water systems. Tel: 666 953 892 (220302) ARBOLISTA Tree surgery, No. 1 for trees and palms, on the Costa since 1998. 600 260 534 - 952 117 486 Kit Hogg C.G.Arb (228788) GARDEN and pool maintenance. 10 euros per hour, monthly maintenance available from 120 euros. Tools and products included. RICARDO 637 160 129 (221496) TREE SURGEONS. No tree too tall, removal of dead palm trees and limbs, eco gardening, mulch and manure, fertilizer, palm pruning. 686 948 552 / 631 181 971. Facebook: Andres Jardinero Malaga (230359)



DOG TRAINING METS dog training club, Fuengirola. Glyn 605 121 831 / Jeff 692 832 250 (234354)

DOMESTIC APP REPAIRS DOMESTIC Appliance repairs washing machines, fridges, cookers, ovens, water heaters, gas / electric, professionally repaired. Christian 608 337 497 (228695) WASHING machines, dishwashers, fridge-freezers, ovens, boilers repaired. All work guaranteed. Melec Costa. 952 493 426 / 627 120 352 WASHING machine repairs. No fix No fee. Tel Joe: 686 271 836

DRAINAGE CLEARFLOW DRAIN SERVICES. All drain problems solved. More than 25 years on the coast. Leak detection, leak and repair. Clearflow Group. Telephone 952 885 661 or 630 200 600 (231460)

MARBLE FLOOR (2.50€/m2) WHY PAY MORE .WE CLEAN, CRYSTALLISE, SEAL THEN POLISH YOUR MARBLE TO HIGH GLOSS, NON SLIP. PROFESSIONAL GUARANTEED, FAST SERVICE. 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. ALSO REPAIRS DAMAGES TO MARBLE, CLEAN AND SEAL TERRACOTTA TERRACES, COVERS ALL COSTA DEL SOL. TEL: 671 244 683 MARBLE FLOORS polished. Fast service. Reliable, family run. TERRACOTTA CLEANED and sealed. Wooden floors treated. No job too small. Family run. Cleansol 10am 10pm 7 days all areas. 952 930 861 / 607 610 578 Discount Code: EWN 1 CLEAN (206437) TONY’S MARBLE RESTORATION SERVICE. Marble and terrazo floors, professionally refurbished, quotations without obligation. +34 620 726 875 (231484)


GOLF EXCLUSIVE Srixon i701 irons 3-PW steel, reg. flex & bag, €149 (+ 100 Free golf balls!). Callaway Fusion Driver 10°, Bridgestone 3-wood 15°, Titleist Vokey 56°, €69 (+ 50 Free golf balls!). Arno, Monda-Marbella,, 697 704 084. (236202)

HANDYMAN HANDYMAN gardener, driver, pool maintenance, anything considered. Reliable - Experienced. 632 298 403 (236103)

HEALTH & BEAUTY SAYAN MASSAGE. Your best traditional & tantric massage for ladies and gentlemen. 952 586 339 - 608 977 260 (225679) ZAKS Hair, Nail & Beauty Studio, Urb. Playamarina / Tel 952 666 436 / 609 508 809 (234512) REINA Sport & Health. Experienced professional physiotherapy, osteopathy, Oxygen Pain Therapy. Professional, Sport massage. Personal trainer. Calahonda-Riviera. Home visits, hotel. 618 515 487 (233633) SPACE within Connections Beauty Salon in Nueva Andalucia. 30m2 with shop window onto busy street. 609 502 244 (233698) HEALTH and Beauty Centre, Cabopino available for rent, completely set up and running. Call Marleen for more information on 650 460 664 (226260)


MASSAGE SPECIAL FEMALE massages for discerning ladies by qualified female masseuse. Cosy private apartment in Nueva Andalucia for your relaxing therapeutic massage. 656 350 401 (234375) PROFESSIONAL SPORTS MASSAGE, 14 years experience. 1 hour €40, 1.5 hours €55, Elviria. Wendy 952 852 330 or 634 310 821. Mobile service +€10 (229641) SPORTS, AROMATHERAPY, HOT STONE COMBI MASSAGE, REFLEXOLOGY, LYMPH DRAINAGE. CALL CAROL 653 139 558 (ITEC) - NUEVA ANDALUCIA & HOME VISITS WWW.HOLISTICSTONE.NET (233037)

HOUSE CLEARANCES FURNITURE wanted, same day collection, cash waiting, reliable service. 678 808 837 (229862) WANTED all furniture and quality household items. Cash paid, same day collection. Best prices, please call 697 511 071 (229862) CASH paid for your unwanted house or garage items. Please call 600 041 434 (233510) HOUSE/Flats/Bars cleared. Top price paid. Same day cash. 611 206 962 (239683)

HOT TUBS / SPAS HOT TUBS, new, used, bought, sold, hired. Also move & repairs. 691 973 131 / 952 793 398 (231344)


BEAUTY TREATMENTS BOTOX AND FILLERS - From €95. Covers the Costa del Sol and inland. 609 347 086. (231368)

CHIROPRACTORS FUENGIROLA, Myofascial Release. J. Shaegen, Specialised in treating neck, back & extremity disorders, 30 years in Practice. 652 291 224 (233569)

CHIROPODISTS ELECTRIC GATE/GARAGE DOOR automation repaired. Free, no obligation quotation. Call Colin 636 394 641 (233592) EXPRESS Metalwork Services. Gates, grilles, rails and scissor gates. 952 590 748, 617 065 636. Facebook Express Metalwork (239605)

GENERAL SERVICES MAN with small van for all your needs, English/Spanish speaking translations, waiting in offices for you etc, based in Marbella (all the coast) 678 817 145 (228675)

GLASS CURTAINS GLASS CURTAIN repairs, specialist in replacement of discoloured plastic strips that act as a seal between the glass panels. Call Julian 655 825 931 (228777)

INSURANCE (223110)

DENTISTS NHS registered dentist in Fuengirola. Specialising in Zircon crowns, bridges etc. Free check up! 689 887 019 (221497)

DIET PLANS LOSE up to 5kg in 9 days with the 9 day cleansing and detox diet. YOU WILL improve your health and feel great! Phone Jason: 607 681 232 / (223748)

HAIRDRESSERS HAIR PIECE Consultant, Robert James. Malaga/Marbella. robert 619 464 776 (231345)

For daily news visit


MOBILE HOMES WE BUY, Sell, Store, Remove all types of mobile homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email suzica (228718)

LOANS HOLA CREDITO. Instant short term loans against your valuables. Quick, easy and always discreet. Tel 900 123 457 (229670)

ABBEYGATE INSURANCE If you are renewing your policy or looking for new cover. Call us, as we are the only Insurance Company in Spain to offer protection on your no claims bonus. Call 952 893 380 (68259) ABBEYGATE INSURANCE Make the right choice and join the thousands of expatriates who have. We provide a friendly personal service, for all your home, motor, health, travel or marine insurance. Call 952 893 380 (68259) HEALTH INSURANCE Competitive prices, English worded policies. Pay monthly or annually. All levels of cover. Premiums from €25 a month. Tel: 956 795 453 Abbeygate Insurance (68259) ABBEYGATE INSURANCE Car insurance exclusive for expatriates, save up to 50%. Find out about our price pledge on UK plated cars. Home insurance from €50. Tel: 952 893 380 (68259) EU INSURANCE DIRECT Extra Special Offers. Up to €50 cash back for car and home insurance (conditions apply) for new customers. For all your Insurance Needs and the Best Price and Best Cover in English, call Wendy on 952 830 843 / 676 098 464 email info@euinsur www.euinsurance (236239)

INTERNET GET YOUR business noticed online! Make sure that expats in Spain can find your product, service, restaurant, bar or shop. Contact Spain’s newest and brightest online directory TODAY. Call 952 561 245 or email serena@euroweeklynews .com for more details.

INTERPRETER INTERPRETER & TRANSLATOR. French, Spanish & English. 632 515 570 (236199)


LOANS AVAILABLE on all types of paintings, jewellery, watches, silver etc. Any condition. Immediate cash settlement. For more information call into Anthony’s Antiques & Jewellers shops extensive premises at C/Ramon y Cajal 40, Fuengirola. Mobile 609 529 633. Tel: 952 588 795 (SE) (201522)

WANT TO RELOCATE? We can transport your home and install on to a 12 month park from £4,995. Annual site fees from €3,000 Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143) BRAND NEW WILLERBY Siena 32m² home sited within a stylish gated community, 45 minutes from Malaga airport £19,995 Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143) WILLERBY COTTAGE 28x10 sited in ‘La Serrana Hills’ of Pizarra, site open all year round, swimming pool, only £13,495. Want to view? Freephone: 0044 1782 90 80 70 (85143)

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol MOSQUITO SCREENS THE Mosquito Screen Specialist. NEW selection of roller binds, all patterns and colours. / / call Mosquito Nick 647 072 861 (231249) T1 ACE OF SHADES - Don’t let the bugs get you! Available in enrollable, slider and pleated. Large choice of colours including wood effect. Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / info@ace (101730) MOSQUITO Screens for windows, doors and a high quality sliding patio door screen. All finishes available. Quick service. All areas covered. Call Julian 655 825 931 (228778)



DOBLE SOLUCION. We offer long term solutions for your immediate debt problems using your Spanish property or BOAT as guarantee. Call 691 179 445 or 952 961 952 (236037)

24/7 LOCKSMITH LOCKSMITH emergency / appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured, 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. Call Paul 657 466 803 (229854) T1 COSTALOCKS 24/7, LOCKSMITH/ HOME SECURITY, NEW KEYS, KEYED ALIKE, WINDOWS SECURED, SAFES OPENED / INSTALLED, FREE HOME SECURITY CHECK, CALL Debby or Bob 952 660 233 / 667 668 673 CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED WWW.COSTA LOCKS.COM (224882) T2

MEETING POINT SPORTY man 60+, 5’10”, slim, living in Benalmadena Costa is looking for a special lady 50/60 years old. Fit and attractive. Please call 603 334 161 (236122) TOP EXECUTIVE (57) seeks slim lady. 609 548 595 / (233732) AUSTRIAN businessmann, residing in Marbella, sportive, independent, educated, generous, 190cm / 88 kg in his best years, looking for serious partnership with attractive lady. Contact: (233659)

MISCELLANEOUS WOODY´S LOS BOLICHES. Greeting Cards, mail to and from the UK. Worldwide courier and Passport renewals. All adverts taken forthe Euro Weekly News- display or classified. Open 9.002.00PM (Monday to Friday). Special hours apply August and Xmas. One street behind the Confortel, just off Plaza San Rafael, Los Boliches, on C/Poeta Salvador Rueda 93. Tel: 952 471 877

WANTED MOBILITY MOBILITY scooters, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs, walking frames, etc, for sale and rent. Large selection of quality used scooters at competitive prices. In stock we have around forty scooters to choose from including Pride XL8, Rascal 388, Shoprider Sovereign, Pride Go Go, Rascal Veo X, Neo 4 and 8, Sterling Pearl, Rascal Taxi, Sterling Diamond, Shoprider electric wheelchair breaks up for boot, Rascal 330 electric wheelchair as new condition at considerable saving, Rascal turnabout electric wheelchair, Pride Go Go uprated 20 amp batteries, also goes in boot of car, plus many more all with guarantee. New and used wheelchairs for sale at competitive prices. Large scooters from 1,000 euros. Medium scooters from 600 euros and small boot scooters from 400 euros. Rentals from 55 euros weekly. New mobility scooter batteries supplied and fitted. Mobility scooters bought for cash. Email info@mobili Tel 609 581 139 (230368)

MORTGAGES WE offer a mortgage on your Spanish property to solve IBI debts, tax payments, etc and allow you to sell your property for what it’s worth. No age restrictions, most competitive rates on the market, fast process. Call DOBLE SOLUCION on 691 179 445 or 952 961 952 doblesolucion2020@ (236037)



952 83 21 73 608 658 785

CAR SERVICES MECHANIC workshop & mobile. All work undertaken. ITVs done. Reasonable rates. Prompt, reliable services 24/7. 620 020 232, 951 165 090 (228797) AUTOMATIC gearbox specialist. Transmatic. All models including classic cars, serviced, repaired and reconditioned. Also 4x4 transfer boxes and power steering Call/fax 952 796 166 / 952 805 804 email: (231435)

FOR SALE SELLING YOUR SPANISH CAR? PHONE Bill Brady for the best cash price. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (228675) CLEARANCE… DIESEL BMW 116D… 2 litre 2011 with M. Pack, 6 speed, electric sunroof, only 38,000kms (approx 24,000mls), full BMW service history, one expat owner leaving Spain. Pearlescent blue with black leather, alloy wheels, climate and cruise control, Parktronic, CD player, ABS, cost new 26,350 euros. Our BMW bargain buy was 15,995 euros, look now 13,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson (The Car Couple) tel. 952 832 173/ 608 658 785 see photo (234732)

DIESEL (NEW SHAPE) CITROEN C3… 1.4 ‘Tonic’ 2013, stunning colour claret with black interior, climate control, CD player, electric windows, locking etc, 5 door, hatchback great load carrier, super style and economy 10,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson Tel. 952 832 173 / 608 658 785. See it at www.robertson (234732) FABULOUS FIAT 500… 2012. ‘Lounge’ only 45,000kms (approx 27,000mls), FSH. A real looker, pearl white with black glass roof, air con, cool baby, was 8,995 euros, look now 7,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson, (The Car Couple) Tel. 952 832 173 or 608 658 785 see photo more details (226426) 4x4 DIESEL TOYOTA LAND CRUISER D4D… 2007 only 55,000kms (approx 34,000mls), one private owner, 3 door SWB, always garaged, paintwork shining, lovely shade of grey with side steps, 6 speed, manual, CD player, climate control, great workhorse, go anywhere 12,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson, (The Car Couple) Tel. 952 832 173 or 608 658 785 see photo more details (226426) FORD KA… 2002, Trade in to clear one lady owner, new ITV, new tyres, air con, bluebell had a makeover, only 78,000 kms, now 2,750 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson, (The Car Couple) Tel. 952 832 173 or 608 658 785 see photo more details www.robert (226426) CABRIO MITSUBISHI COLT CZC… 2009 Coupe Cabrio, electric roof folds into boot, only 14,000kms (approx 8,000mls), silver/tan leather trim, alloy wheels, 5 speed manual, CD player, 2 plus 2 small people, condition as new, low kms, low low price 7,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Robertson, (The Car Couple) Tel. 952 832 173 or 608 658 785 see photo more details (226426) BUYING a new car??? Do not trade in your car!! If you are an expat with a good quality, genuine mileage car, we will pay you more for it in cash than you will be offered at dealerships against any new car. Find out the real deal, ring Gordon or Samantha Robertson 952 832 173 or 608 658 785 or email us therobertsonclan (234732) BILL BRADY CARS has been established on the Costa del Sol since 1986, in which time he has helped thousands of expatriates to buy or sell their quality used Spanish cars and also keeping all the documentation simple so you understand all that is going on (which is important). You can contact Bill direct on 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 or billbrady (228675) AUTOMATIC diesel 4x4 Hyundai Santa-Fe 2009 LHD. UK reg, MOT January 2016 and taxed. 104,000klm (65,000mls), CD/DVD. Sunroof, metallic blue, tan leather. PRICE SLASHED WAS 12,995€, now 10,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (228675)



AUTOMATIC Renault Scenic 2.0 ltr 2004 from private owner, full service history from Renault, low klm. Sensors, parking/lights/wipers and lots more, a great buy at only 4,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (228675) DIESEL KA Rio 5 door 1.5 CRDI. 2009 Mdl, one private owner, full service history, air conditioning (great economy), electric windows/locks, CD, metallic blue, dark velour trim with arm rest, for only 4,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (228675) AUTOMATIC/Diesel Mercedes B200, CDI, 2008 lady leaving Spain, metallic black, tan half leather interior. All the usual Mercedes technology, great family or business car, yes its only 10,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (228675) AUTOMATIC VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI Sport 2009, 60,000klm (37,000mls), full service history, this car has too many extras to list and its immaculate in white with black and red leather, it’s a great bargain at only 16,995€. 952 838 842 / 608 950 221 (228675) CHEVROLET Aveo 2013, 1.4 petrol, 5 door, black, satnav, park sensors, 14,000km, 7,995€ 672 550 037 (239599) 1991 MERCEDES 500SL, metallic blue/cream leather, stunning example, Spanish LHD, 63,000km, 9,750€ 672 550 337 (239599) JAGUAR 2.5 S type 2003, silver/cream, Jaguar FSH, excellent car, 4,450€ 672 550 037 (239599) 2001 BMW 330 Cabrio, black/grey M-Tech alloys, automatic, need TLC, Spanish LHD, px bargain, 3,995€ 672 550 037 (239599) NISSAN Micro 2008, RHD Spanish, 1.5 diesel, 50,000 miles, top range car, 4,995€ 672 550 037 (239599) COLLECTOR’S 1990 VW Golf Cabrio (Clipper Conv), white, automatic/power roof 50,000km from new, totally immaculate, 7,995€ 672 550 037 (239599) RETURNING TO UK? We have a large selection of UK plated, RHD cars, legal and ready to go! 672 550 037 (239599) JEEP Compass 2013, 31,000km, 2.2 diesel, 6 speed, in silver, new condition, 16,995€. 672 550 037 (239599) CHEAPEST ON COAST! 2007 3.0 diesel, 7 seater, black/cream, excellent condition throughout, high kms, new engine 1 year ago from Audi Safa, 14,995€. 672 550 037 (239599) 2004 RENAULT Grande Espace, 7 seater, 2.2 diesel, 6 speed, metallic blue, VGC, new ITV, 7,995€. 672 550 037 MERCEDES convertible 320 CLK, 03, dark blue, 88,000klm, all extras, ITV. Price 15,400 euros. 608 180 900 (236110) MITSUBISHI L200 excellent condition, 4,000 euros OVNO. 189,000kms. 639 827 643 (236111)


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

INSURANCE ABBEYGATE INSURANCE. No automatic annual increase on our Motor Insurance, renewal policies. Call 952 893 380 (68259) WE ARE currently the market leader in our country in the sale of direct car, motorbike, home and company fleet insurance. Since we started out in 1995, our philosophy has always been to offer an excellent service with the best prices in the market. For the most competitive quotes in English, call Linea Directa on 902 123 309. (200726)

MECHANICS MECHANIC workshop & mobile. All work undertaken. ITVs done. Reasonable rates. Prompt, reliable services 24/7. 620 020 232, 951 165 090 (228797) MOBILE MECHANIC will come to your home or work. Servicing, repairs, ITVs & diagnostics. Call Mick on 617 553 072 (230677) BRITISH MECHANIC WORKSHOP. Repair, service & ITV to all makes of cars, vans and 4 x 4s. Call Steve 951 914 025 or 605 407 369. Poligono Las Perales, Mijas Costa. britmechanicspain@gmail .com (217674) THE MOBILE MECHANIC, full workshop facilities, full auto electrics, air con, grua services, automatic gear gas repair, clutch discounts. Mijas Costa. Call Richard 678 717 798 (236097)

CDS CARS established 12 years on the coast, we will buy your car stress free, with an instant cash decision, all paperwork taken care of with our on site gestoria, 30 cars in stock 672 550 037 / (239599) PEST CONTROL

WANTED CARS AND VANS, FREE COLLECTION, SAME DAY 693 028 325 (229862) CDS CARS established 12 years on the coast, we will buy your car stress free, with an instant cash decision, all paperwork taken care of with our on site gestoria, 30 cars in stock 672 550 037 / www.costacarss (222389)

MUSIC DAVID C CLARKE, guitarist, vocalist, pianist, ex-Cunard. Specialising in popular Spanish guitar. Available solo or combo. Parties/weddings/class restaurants, dinner dances. Huge repertoire. Details 00350 540 367 29 (234401) A/Z KARAOKE. Everything you need. All languages and updates. 664 540 154 (239609) SPECIALIST Wedding DJ, fully mobile, superb lighting show. Sophisticated professional with 20 years’ experience. We won’t let you down! Call now on 635 980 210 (222139)



COCKROACHES, Wasps, Ants, Rats, Termites, Fleas, Bedbugs, Palm weevil, All Pest Problems. Call LOCAL PEST-PLAGUICOSTA, the British Company you can trust. Registered with Malaga Sanitary Department. Tel 952 449 591 or 684 217 181. Best price Guarantee, open 24/7 (239525) T1 COCKROACHES, ANTS, insects, fleas, mice, rats, wasps, termite specialists. Fumigations, bars, restaurants, houses, etc. Sanitary department officially registered certificates. Guarantee. 23 years serving the coast. Only legal English owned pest control company on the coast. If you want the best then phone N.P.S. Nigel 606 008 940 (223163)


CARS AND VANS, ANY REGISTRATION, INSTANT CASH, FINANCE/EMBARGO UK OR SPANISH 693 028 325 (229862) WANTED. CARS & JEEPS & camper vans for cash. All makes, LHD, any condition. 693 357 000 (231485) CARS, VANS UK OR SPANISH BOUGHT FOR CASH. FREE COLLECTION IN SPAIN AND UK. PLEASE CALL 678 808 837 OR 952 669 701 (229862) CAR, VANS BOUGHT WITH OR WITHOUT PAPERS. CASH WAITING 678 808 837 (229862)


“SIMPLY THE BEST” on the coast. Forget the rest, have the job done right. Call Sam. 18 years Mijas. 952 666 025 / 629 546 128. You’re worth it. (233736) HUSBAND & WIFE TEAM. Painting/Interior design. Free estimates. Graham - 607 923 486 (232110) PROFESSIONAL female decorator for all your decorating needs. For free advice and quotes, English 639 928 090, Spanish/Swedish/German 618 055 563 (239519)

PERGOLAS & DECKING PERGOLAS, Decking and Thatched Gazebos. Best quality and prices. Installations. For free quotation call 686 322 328 (224383)

YOUNG DOMESTICATED cats rescued from the killing station need kind homes. Fully vaccinated and neutered. We will also deliver to England for a donation to the charity. Please give one of these beautiful cats a home so we can save more from death. Can be seen without obligation at Cat and Dog World Kennels. Tel. 630 197 435 (93398)

CHARITIES ADANA THE ANIMAL SHELTER IN ESTEPONA. We always need volunteers to walk and socialise with our dogs and help with cleaning. We also need good homes for our animals that you can see on Kennels open every day 10-1.30, Camino de Casares, near Parque de los Pedregales, Estepona. (5 minutes from the Poligono) For more information call Marjorie 952 79 74 05 or 636 934 146 (93319)

ACE CHARITY “El Refugio” in La Cala de Mijas is a registered charity. We have on average 275 dogs in our care and we receive no help from the Town Hall or the Andalucian government. We desperately need foster homes and adoptants for our many dogs, especially the small ones and puppies who do not do well in a big shelter. We are grateful for any help offered, including donations of food and blankets. Visiting times are from 13.00 to 15.00 and you can always turn up or make an appointment by calling Denise on 669 018 736. Our website is where you can view all the dogs in our care. (93320) SEPE the horse and donkey charity is open to the public week-ends from 10.00 to 5.00. Volunteers are much needed in all departments and are welcome at anytime. For our riding for the disabled classes, we are also in need of extra helpers. We are nationally registered by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior (164640) but only with your support can we give the equine a voice. If you can just commit to 2 or 3 euros a month it will really help make a difference. You can find us at Lauro Golf Equestrian Centre, Alqueria, Alhaurin de la Torre. Tel. 608 258 950 www.sepeon (93321) At SOS Animal Refuge we have dogs, young and old looking for homes. Some of our dogs have been with us for some time and would love to find a cosy spot to curl up in and a knee on which to rest their heads. If you have room in your heart and home we would love to hear from you. We do not put our dogs to sleep - no matter how old, they are safe with us. For day to day needs and to pay for veterinary care, we much appreciate the support we receive. We desperately need items to sell on our market stall to help raise funds and are happy to come and collect. So if you are having a clear-out, please contact us on 605 227 155. If you would like to know more about re-homing, please call 653 257 875. Visit our website or please phone Sandy on 952 385 923 or 666 814 056 if you would like to make a donation or help in any way. (93317) ARCH - THE ANDALUCIAN RESCUE CENTRE FOR HORSES WELCOMES VISITORS AND VOLUNTEERS TO THEIR STABLES ON SATURDAYS FROM 10 - 12 OR BY APPOINTMENT. COME AND HELP OUT, OR SPONSOR OR ADOPT ONE OF OUR HORSES, DONKEYS OR MULES. WE ALWAYS NEED HELP WITH FUND RAISING TO LOOK AFTER THE ABANDONED AND ABUSED ANIMALS. OUR AIM IS TO RESCUE, REHABILITATE AND REHOME. WE ARE A SMALL FRIENDLY TEAM - WHY NOT JOIN US. FIND US IN ALHAURIN EL GRANDE, BEHIND THE VENTA MIRALMONTE ON THE ROAD FROM ALHAURIN TO COIN, (A404), URB.VIÑA BORREGO, FOLLOW THE YELLOW SIGNS. CHARITY REGISTERED WITH THE JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA NO 8448. WWW.HORSERESCUESPAIN.ORG INFO@HORSERESCUESPAIN.ORG ARCHRESCUE@YAHOO.CO.UK TEL:- 635798219 OR 656935613



CLASSIFIEDS PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or e-mail us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (231443) ACCOMPANY your pets to their new home. Fully licensed pet transport service. Denise www. 952 197 187 / 696 233 848 (236248) - Boutique Dog & Cat Hotel and much more … Facebook page: POSH PETS SPAIN. Tel: 952 597 035 (224385) LAGUNA KENNELS AND CATTERY. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. Tel 952 112 021 / 606 838 983 (231451) CAT AND DOG WORLD KENNELS AND CATTERY, superb licensed facilities, viewing welcome. Tel: 952 112 978 / 630 197 435. (223161) PETCARE PET HOTEL. Alhaurin el Grande. Holiday accommodation for dogs and cats. Heated/Air conditioned kennels available. Tel: 952 112 284 / 685 400 216 Find us on Facebook at Petcare Spain (220208) EURODOG BOARDING KENNELS & CATTERY. Under new ownership by animal loving family. Large kennels and exercise yards, fully licensed and sanitary approved. Safe, secure and caring environment. Inspections welcome anyt ime. 5 minutes from Fuengirola 679 786 669 / 952 464 947 / (224322)


PET TRANSPORTATION by road. Fully DEFRA/OCA/TRACES compliant. Complete service by professional licensed kennels. 630 197 435 (226428) THE DOG MOVER. Licensed transporters. Two handlers, so never alone. 680 781 699 / 0044 (0) 7875 947230. (220443)

PLUMBING PLUMBER for all your plumbing. Water heaters, bathrooms, tiling. Benalmadena based, travel no problem. Construction work. Glen 669 073 773 (233727) CITY AND GUILDS, QUALIFIED PLUMBER. All areas covered. Adrian 677 063 272 (239602) 30 YEARS ON THE COAST. I cover all aspects of plumbing & general maintenance. Graham 607 923 486 (232110) PLUMBING. Leak detection & blocked drains. Tel 952 568 414 / 661 910 772 / (224404)

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PRO VENT. Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Windows, Glass Curtains creatively designed and expertly fitted. Visit our showroom in La Cala or call 639 727 188 for a free quotation. From inspiration to installation (228773)

PROPERTY FOR SALE WWW.INMOANDALUZ.COM is always looking for realistically priced inland properties to sell to our interested buyers. Tel 952 491 609 / 685 514 835 (220102) MARBELLA BANUS, 2 & 1 bedrooms, big, elegant, sunny, fully equipped, private garden or views, gardens & comm. pool & parking. Owner +34 637 439 222 (232204) WWW.INMOANDALUZ.COM. Bargain inland properties for all budgets, fincas, village homes, apartments and villas. Legal building plots. 952 491 609 / 685 514 835 (220102) CALAHONDA, Mijas Costa. Studio in urbanisation Medina del Zoco, ground floor with private garden, pool, next to shopping centre. €55,000. 626 248 132 (233652) COIN centre, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, patio, roof terrace, chimney, 220m2, 230,000€ ono. 631 526 039 (236089)

CLASSIFIEDS ABSOLUTE unique opportunity to purchase accommodation complex in Torremolinos. Perfectly suited for retirement, nursing or convalescent home. Six double rooms, plus two suites, plus two bedrooms for owners or staff. Direct sale from owner to buyer. Used for the last 20 years as holiday accommodation for wheelchair users and family. Fully equipped and ready to start business again tomorrow. Built area: 684 Sq.m Plot: 1,648 Sq.m 980,000 Euros. Tel: 661 341 568 e-mail: No agencies please (236099) MIJAS: Perfect location only 4km from Fuengirola. Direct from the owner. A beautiful villa on 2 levels. Can accommodate two families. Building 528m2. Spacious living/dining room, marble floors, A/C, 2 large terraces, internet, fantastic sea and mountain views. Beautiful garden, garage, long driveway and dual access. Pool (10x5m) in 4,500m2 of fenced land. 2 Stables with exercise ring. Reduced to 650,000 euros - negotiable. Must be seen. Photos available, please phone 659 433 337. SAN PEDRO, apartment, 3 bedrooms, pool, beachside, opposite Boulevard, 197.000 euros, 632 202 776 (236109) PUERTO BANUS corner townhouse, south-west facing, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fireplace, terrace, roofterrace, sea views, all new, excellent condition, 272,000 euros. 632 202 776 Engish, Español (236109) LICENSED front line restaurant in Estepona Port for sale or lease directly from the owner. Impeccable condition, fully furnished and equipped, recently renovated. 80 covers. Lease 70,000 euros. The rent is 1,950€ month. Sale 350,000€. 616 470 493 / 609 575 224 (233730)



23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


LONG TERM RENTALS. Super prices, no commission. Apartments, townhouses, villas, fincas, shops, offices, bars, restaurants, warehouses, industrial estates. Coast & inland. Tlf 679 111 522 (223676) ESTEPONA. A del Carmen, apartamento soleado con vistas al mar. Amueblado, 3 dormitorios, 2 baños, comedor, terraza, piscina, garaje. Alquileres de temporada media €550/semana. 618 999 231 / 951 161 000 (236227) SEMI-DETACHED house, 4 bed, 3 bath, office, unfurnished, beautiful golf views, Benalmadena, €1,100. 650 148 945 (239621) VILLAS, apartments & houses along the coast for short & long term rent from €300. 664 686 653 / (239666) BENALMADENA COSTA. Apartments to rent. 300 mtrs from marina. Tel. 952 564 457 (232250) WANTED 4/5 bed villa or rural house, pool, garden, parking, furn/unfurnished, for B&B organisation: (236069) LA CALA centre. Modern 1 bedroom, part-furnished apartment. €395. 952 198 861 (233749) 2 BED, 2 bath, luxury apartment. Fully furnished, stunning sea views, parking, walking distance to amenities. Benalmadena, €800. 650 148 945 (239621) DETACHED 3 bed, 3 bath, modern furnished villa. Own pool, huge basement, garage, walking distance to amenities. Benalmadena. €1,600. 650 148 945 (239621)

ALL types of properties required for long term rentals in the areas of Torreblanca, La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa, Riviera del Sol, Calahonda & Elviria. Clients urgently waiting. / / 952 933 870 / 677 114 989 (233666) 2 BED apartment for long term rent in San Pedro Centre from 30/05/2015 for Professional Couple. Martin 639 614 440 (236106)




EUROPA SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 www.combi (232102) USA SPECIALIST Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 www.combi (232102) STORAGE SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 www.combi (232102) LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIST. Combitrans Movers. 952 775 300 (232102)



JDS EURO TRANSPORT. Email: / 0034 637 066 114 / 0044 7884 908929

THE VAN MAN. Cheap and cheerful. €20 per hour. 677 251 025 (230382)

15 CUBIC metre van returning to the UK 1st May. Space available each way. Tel. 639 928 090


MOVING BACK TO UK? Removal vehicle departing weekly throughout the year. Excellent, professional service & great rates. Ring (0034) 665 089 244 or (0044) 01922 682 667 & see (93139) UK - SPAIN - Anywhere Europe! Masses of experience. New clean vehicles. Insured with Royal Sun Alliance. Genuinely CARING service. FULL and / Part moves. ONLINE QUOTES!! www.bmceuro Tel: UK 08456 443 784 / ES 634 344 787 FIND US ON FACEBOOK! (207584) MOVING MATTERS SL – removals and storage. Local or to and from the UK/Ireland/Portugal and across Europe. Over 16 years experience. For free quotation Tel 951 311 118. (232076) HIGH top van going from Spain to UK and return. Good rates. Reliable service. Call Graham 620 353 594 for details. (228789)

MAN AND VAN. Removals, clearances. Experienced and 100% reliable. €20 per hr. Paul 622 020 856 (220139)





MANVAN REMOVALS €20 / hour, 3 vans available. House clearances. Storage from €10 / week. Tel David 696 810 618 (208088)

CARPENTER cabinet maker, Irish. Property maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, kitchens. Bathrooms renovated etc. 30 years experience. Very reliable. 677 087 575 (224853)

2 MEN, Van €30 hour. Always on time 651 081 610 (233572)


REMOVAL BOXES Large, med, wardrobe, bubble wrap, tape, collect or delivered. Local and international removals also undertaken. 952 239 110 / 632 702 306 (44093) FIRST MONTH €1. Packing materials. Self storage Marbella. 952 811 311 (229188) EXCELLENT storage rates available short and long term, call 952 816 582 or email (224878)

ROLLER SHUTTERS ROLLER shutter repairs, 7 days a week, conversion from manual to motorised, new installations. All areas covered. Coast and inland. 655 825 931 (231472) ACE OF SHADES - PERSIANA (security shutter) electric and manual, various colours available including wood effect, we also offer a repair service. Make your home more secure! Tel: 951 273 254 / 671 732 204 / (101730)

FRENCH POLISHING REPAIRS, restoration etc. restore your valuable furniture to its former glory. Tel 647 579 519 / 952 119 190 (224373)

WINDOW COIN WINDOWS Aluminium windows, Doors, PVC Blinds, Mosquito screens, Canopies, Glass Factory, shower screens etc. All at village prices. Spanish owned business. English 646 066 351 (231451)

SEWING ALL STYLES Curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs / alterations. All areas. Call 672 800 887 or email judein (231463)

SIGNS & DESIGNS DO YOU NEED A SIGN FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Illuminated, LED, Neon, Banners, Vehicles, Pavement Signs, Printed/Embroidered Workwear 952 796 299 / 639 133 135 SHOP signs, vehicle signs, banners, window signs, 952 930 547, 603 464 582, (229351)


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


CLASSIFIEDS SITUATIONS VACANT LOOKING for a new member to join Designer team in an important English newspaper in Costa del Sol, full time position Monday to Friday. Must be: • Fluent in English • Fluent in Spanish • Experienced in designing advertisements • Skilled user of Quark Xpress, Illustrator and Photoshop Apple Mac programs • Able to work under pressure. Please send your CV to recruitment@euroweek WANTED. Girls aged between 25 and 35, preferably English speaking for Fuengirola’s busiest adult relax apartment. (See Fuengirola Port’s advert in adult section for further details.) If interested please phone 663 645 432. Discretion guaranteed. Excellent money paid daily. (230263) THAI/ASIAN Live-in Carer required Marbella area. 604 173 385 (233686) A la recherche d´un emploi stable et un super revenu? Commerciaux Français : envoyez votre CV ou un numéro de contact à DISTRIBUTION MANAGER required. An urgent vacancy due to expansion. Must have own transport, English and Spanish preferred, but not essential, logistics, be computer literate, must have local knowledge of the areas and be smart and presentable. This is a full time position. Applications by email with full CV should be sent to recruitment@euroweek EXPERIENCED Bar Staff + COOKS needed for very busy Bar/Restaurant in La Cala. CVs to DeeDeeC (236222) OFFICE STAFF required immediately. All applicants must be fully legal to work in Spain and possess NIE and Social Security number. Applications by email with full CV should be sent to recruitment@eu PROMOTERS AND DEMONSTRATORS required immediately. All applicants must be fully legal to work in Spain and possess NIE and Social Security number. Applications by email with full CV should be sent to recruitment@eu

SOFT FURNISHINGS CURTAINS, blinds, cushions and much more. Free estimates and home visits. Tel 657 369 343 or (231370)


STORAGE STORAGE - Large warehouses containers. Dry and secure €50 per month. Professional packing and removal service. www.dfeuropean Tel David 696 810 618 (229074)

CLASSIFIEDS STORAGE in Coin (La Trocha). New 6m containers, 35m3 @ €21.50pw + IVA. Secure, watertight and drive right up to your unit. Tel 603 243 654 / (230500)


POOL MAINTENANCE, repairs, friendly, reliable service. Estepona, Malaga, inland re-grouts, heaters. 678 791 495 / 951 295 699 (222393) T3

PSYCHOTHERAPIST Philip Jameson, LICSW. Depression help and relationship counselling. Marbella area. 635 276 140 (231221)

TILING AND REFORMATION of kitchens/bathrooms. Free estimates. Graham - 607 923 486 (232110)

WESTARPOOLS. Pool construction, renovation, repairs and heating. 619 246 372 / www.westarpools. com (234324)

THE TILE WIZARD. Professional tiling service. Bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, design and install. We do it all. Call 637 382 599 (229932)


PRESTIGE Tiling Service. Bathrooms/Kitchens n Terraces. Design and installation. Free quotes and guaranteed. Pete - 665 255 537 (233713)


TRANSLATIONS OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS. ALL LANGUAGES. TEL. 654 613 094 (233577) DON’T UNDERSTAND? I can help you communicate with lawyers, courts, doctors, paperwork, builders, etc. Professional translator/interpreter, 15 years experience. Christina 607 501 408 email (232090)



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ANXIETY - Depression - Panic Attacks, Frank Stahl - psychologist. More than 30 years of experience. Proven methods with Therapy and hypnosis. Call for appointment. 609 503 021

LASER ENGRAVED Trophies, Prizes, quality glass engraving service, competitive prices, with 40 years experience. Trophies, medal, badges from 1€. THE SPORTS SHOP, Fuengirola. Tel: 952 473 530 (225764)

TUITION DO YOU need private lessons to prepare your GCSE exams in Biology, Chemistry and Spanish? Please contact by WhatsApp 627 925 941 (236030) CALAHONDA Language Centre. Established 1987. Beginner’s Spanish course starts Monday, 4th May. Sixty hours in six weeks; 2 hours each morning, Monday to Friday. Give your Spanish a good kick start. Maximum 5 students for guaranteed results. Also higher level groups and private classes. 952 931 176. (233017)




TILING Maintenance, repairs, professional and reliable service, all areas from €70 per month. 650 348 785 (226338)

AFFORDABLE POOL MAINTENANCE - Professional maintenance from only €80 per month (exc. chemicals) Call Splash Pools on 952 591 053 - open 8am to 4pm (236241)

23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

SKY PROBLEMS / Installers don’t turn up when they promise to? Can’t or won’t sort out your satellite problems? Then call Steve @ Scansat. We supply and install full Sky Systems, Digi-boxes, Dishes, Sky cards UK/Irish. Dish relocations and TV extensions. For a fast reliable service call Steve 676 533 209 problem solved! (234742) IPTV - Already have a MAG250, tired of your existing service provider due to reliability or costs, convert your box to our class leading UK and IRISH Entertainment Service and enjoy 1 month free viewing. Tel. 951 063 888. Quote EWFREECONVERT (233580) UK & IRISH IPTV, Content of over 100 channels & Radio Stations, including Entertainment Channels, Free 14 Day Catchup. Contact us for your Free no obligation Trial. / Tel. 951 063 888 Quote EWFREETRIAL (231372) ENGLISH TV. BBC 1, 2, 3, 4, ITV, CH4. No internet needed. No subscriptions, 250 euros. Also dish realignment. Tel: 652 023 012 (236113) 4G INTERNET + UK & IRISH IPTV - Get superfast 4G internet and our UK & IRISH IPTV for as little as €57.81 + IVA per month. Tel 952 932 266. (233580) REPAIRS – TV’s, Plasmas, LCD’s, Digi – Boxes, Video, Hi-Fi and microwaves. Free estimates, can collect. 35 Years experience. John 952 491 723 or 600 706 201 (231222)

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CARPETS AND SOFAS cleaned. Reliable, fast service. Family run. Cleansol 952 930 861 / 607 610 578. 10am - 10pm 7 days, all areas Discount Code: EWN 1 CLEAN (206437)

VAN HIRE SELF DRIVE daily van hire. Excellent rates. 952 623 297 (228780)

WINDOWS GENEVA WINDOWS. Aluminium & PVC Windows. We measure, we make and we fit. 952 665 856 (225545)

WINDOW TINTING MOBILE SERVICE. ITV Legal. Solar Reflective tint for glass curtains, balconies, yachts. Stop fading, heat & glare. 958 496 571 – 644 546 176 (226282)


FEMALE MARBELLA CENTRE - the ideal place for your enjoyment in the city centre, eight young ladies for unforgettable moments. Open 24h and prices from €50. For reservations and information call 620 366 817. (220321) T1 RIVIERA DEL SOL. Latin American girl, very likeable and affectionate, always horny and dying to have wild sex with passionate gentlemen with exquisite taste. I have a nice body, soft skin and natural breasts. Outcalls, Visa. 616 368 985 (232220) RIVIERA, 8 gorgeous and discreet girls. Pleasure, sex, very intimate, guaranteed orgasm. Surrender to the professionals and the ecstasy of pleasure in a comfortable environment with good music and a drink. 50€ day time 608 949 543 (232220) NEAR Calahonda. Call 616 368 985 to enjoy a delicious natural French, my kisses and caresses, kinky Latin passion in private chalet, discreet and welcoming. Visa, 24hrs. (232220) RIVIERA, Kamila, the gorgeous brunette you fantasise about, sexy, mischievous, naughty little mouth and great body, will make you intensely enjoy sex, no limits, very discreet, lots of pleasure. Outcalls, 24hrs. 608 949 543 (232220) NEAR Elviria. Near Miraflores. Gorgeous brunette Latinas, friendly and classy, your full lover will satisfy your most intimate desires, new positions, 69, French, erotic shower, no rush, 26 years old, English, outcalls. 616 368 985 (232220)





E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol ARANZA: PAOLA Fuengirola. Greek, French, black kisses, real lesbic rain. Party girls & loving companions for dinner, trips, discos. €60 for both of us. Full day or night €400. WhatsApp 634 812 640 (239620) SEXY Brunette will make your day a happy one !! In/out call. 622 673 662 . www.escort (234733) CLAUDIA, 19, Hungarian, 24h, outcalls too. 611 237 548 (228719) MARBELLA - Novelty, beautiful lady, elegant, slim, brunette. Hotels and visits only. 698 329 112 (232166) BEAUTIFUL, sexy girls in Nueva Andalucia. Los Jasmines No 170. 640 503 140 / (239616) BENALMADENA - Mary, 35 years, brunette, wonderful French & sex for gentlemen. 632 002 487 (233710) CALAHONDA Karina, super attractive babe. Beautiful, sensual, great body offers erotic massage, toys & domination. You won’t forget. 680 383 620 (233633) COMPLIANT genuine couple offer an extremely sexual and unique experience to ladies, couples or gentlemen. Indulge your fantasy, be a voyeur, or simply enjoy very special pleasures with us. Private apartment in Nueva Andalucia, 4 minutes from Puerto Banus, or out calls. 685 189 518 (234375) THE BEST WOMEN OF THE COAST. More than 15 to choose from. All services, 24 hours, visa, displacements. Villa Elegance Torremolinos: 952 377 933 / 603 125 873 Villa Relax 69: 952 409 383 / 672 909 886. Villa Elegance Marbella: 951 703 915 / 664 148 290 (226408) BENALMADENA, Young lady 35, attractive, sexy, educated. For gentlemen. 30 euros. 634 209 427 (236121) THREE gorgeous friends! Super natural French, Greek, threesome, toys, fantasies… €30. New girls every week! Fuengirola, behind Hotel Florida 603 219 763 (231468)


NUEVA ANDALUCIA: Very sexy, slim, horny and submissive girl offers you a special experience with maximum pleasure. All services, including sensual massages (qualified independent masseuse) with natural French and happy ending. Private apartment. 656 350 401 (234375) MATURE elegant lady. Voluptuous bust. All services. Only hotel and home visits. 687 387 680 (220134) NATALI, 18, photography model, 24h, outcalls too. 611 237 884 (228719) STRICT mistress, petite, sweet and respectful of your needs, kinky, caring and understanding. Available for professional gentlemen, ladies and couples. Discretion paramount - 602 579 606 (234476) SWEET DREAMS, Riviera del Sol, we are waiting for you. 24h, 8 gorgeous women, outcalls, free drink. 611 237 884 (228719) EVA and her Jamaican, Asian, Russian friends, professional massage, full body treatment with sauna. San Pedro near Banus, full luxury relaxation. 602 440 851 (233676) FUENGIROLA - Bruna Blonde Brazilian, 27yrs, perfect body, natural French & massage, hotel outcalls. 691 927 847 (222118) CLUB BELAIR. Gentleman’s Club. Open daily from 5pm. Estepona 603 371 141 / (236088)

CLASSIFIEDS ENGLISH 32GG Independent. Nueva Andalucia. Size 8, brunette, 32, loves to please older gentleman. Full service, GFE, Natural French and CIM. Incalls 140 hour, outcalls Costa del Sol 120 hour. Private apartment. Call/text 693 766 287 (233658) ORIENTAL, European friendly, multiorgasmic hot, horny, full service, guarantee, luxury villa, Las Chapas, near Calahonda 679 126 231 (228774) 100% real photos. Available 24 hours. +34 662 229 038 (234631)

MALE MARBELLA. New Lingam experience. Feel the pleasure with Tantra massage by a good looking, masculine and fit body young boy. Private, comfort and relax. 625 921 898. (239670)

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E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

BROUGHT TO YOU BY • +34 619 270 000 Mr Angry, he goes from zero to crazy in under 5 seconds

I know we have to give those pesky cyclists a metre’s distance when we overtake: but why do people insist on pulling out into oncoming


otoring M

traffic without a care in the world. They think just because they have to prove a point in being cautious, they can swerve across the road in front of a lorry coming towards them at 80kph. AND expect THEM to move!

Ooohh it makes me so angry!

Spain issues reward stickers for green cars THE DGT General Traffic Authority in Spain has announced that it will be sending out stickers to owners of electric cars, which will enable them to obtain special privileges. Displaying the new sticker will allow the owners of non-polluting cars, of which more than 10,000 are now registered in the country, to be able to use specific carpool and bus lanes without carrying extra passengers and also to apply for local tax reductions from their town halls. The DGT explained in a statement that this would be the first time that these stickers would be issued in Spain, allowing green vehicles to be identified and rewarded.


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Harley-Davidson show

Boys and their toys… By Wendy Ann Cowham LAST Friday and Saturday some mean machines took to the streets of Fuengirola. Heads turned to see the fantastic display of Harley-Davidson and other bikes parade. This extravaganza is always a crowdpuller and Euro Weekly News was there to photograph some of the most beautiful machines. Many had travelled from afar with their owners decked out in jackets emblazoned with the insignia of their ‘chapters’. As the bikes paraded along the streets, they stopped at various rest points on the Paseo Maritimo and met up afterwards to line-up outside Hotel Las Palmeras. The second ride on Saturday began leaving from Fuengirola port at 11am, moving past Terraza Bar Latino, Parque Flaval and later returning to the port at 1.30pm The port was alive with music and additional bars had been set up in the square as well as stalls selling biker goods. The atmosphere was electric as these guys really know how to put on a show.

BIKER BROTHERS: Arnold and Dita. Inset: MAGNIFICENT MACHINES: Line-up in Fuengirola.

The crowds were eager to photograph the magnificent machines and the riders were only too glad to pose with their bikes. To many, events like these bring an atmosphere of comradeship, maybe because it is a gathering of like-minded people with a passion for bikes that they just want to share with others. There were chapters from Malaga, Alicante, Norway, Ger-

many, and others that congregated together to discuss their bikes and experiences. The beers flowed as the day was one of those where the heat was on and those clad in leathers needed to quench their thirst. The afternoon turned into evening when there were live performances on stage by Javi Morena, Concierto Kridens (Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute), and an AC/DC tribute band. The port was rocking until late, and like always a bit of heavy rock goes down a treat with bikers.

Cross border motoring offences FROM May 2015 a change in EU law will compel all EU countries to comply with cross-border rules. This means a driver who commits an offence in any EU country can be pursued in his own country. It is suggested up to 500,000 offences a year are committed by British drivers and motorcyclists in France alone and there are concerns the legislation will place a significant burden on UK courts. The problem foreseen is, the UK courts will be compelled to take the word of the authorities in

the issuing country. A case cannot be argued in the UK, it can only be fought in the country where the alleged offence took place. In Spain, with all the hire-car companies, it is already the law that they have to submit all driver details upon request to the DGT when a vehicle has been caught on camera or stopped for speeding. The DVLA database will be used to trace the keeper of the vehicle, and they will be compelled to reveal the driver, just as is the case in the UK.

23 - 29 April / Costa del Sol




117 • +34 619 270 000

The world of Ferrari FANS of four wheels will have a unique opportunity to learn first-hand the history of Ferrari at the Trade Fairs Congress in Malaga from May 1. The Palacio de Congresos will be hosting the prancing horse exhibition which promises some 50 of their iconic supercars from history. Models from 1965 up to the latest Enzo, F50 or F40 will be on display. The jewel in the crown will undoubtedly be the latest model ‘Laferrari’, of which only 499 units exist in the world. Alongside the stars from Maranelo will be an exhibition of 25 other supercars in the hall next door, amongst which will be some of the most exclusive in

FERRARI: A chance to see 50 of the iconic supercars.

the world. The Rebellion - the only model in the world manufactured exclusively for world champion skier Jon Olsson - a Spano GTA, and a Spyder. The two exhibitions will be separate; however, those interested in seeing both exhibits can buy a joint ticket for only €8. By way of promoting the event, Ferrari owners from all over Spain will be parading through the streets of the city before its official opening.

The address and contact details are: Avenida de José Ortega y Gasset, 201, Málaga Tel: +34 952 045 500

Science fiction becomes fact

IN the world of James Bond, we have amazing vehicles that can be driven remotely from your iPhone and become invisible, or have gesture- activated controls with laser positioning sensors, but that’s just fiction right? Wrong! The new Land Rover Concept is here. Showcased at the New York Motor show, Land Rover prove the future is here with their Discovery Vision Concept. It boasts remote drive, an ‘invisible’ bonnet that allows the driver to ‘see through’ the car to the ground, laser positioning sensors, and ‘gesture-controlled’ doors. Other features include a laser positioning sensor system to map the terrain in front of you and relay to a display on the dashboard. Land Rover’s latest concept car might not look radical from the outside, but inside it boasts a range of out-

landish gadgets that would make James Bond proud. The most Q-like advance in the Concept is remote-control drive, which allows anyone to drive the vehicle ‘at very low speed’ using a smartphone, tablet or the car’s removable console while not actually seated inside it. The ‘see through’ bonnet meanwhile combines cameras in the grille and jet-fighter style head-up display technology on the windscreen. The idea being that while driving up a steep rocky incline, you will be able to see what

is directly under your front wheels. Other features include a laser positioning sensor system which will effectively map the terrain in front of you and relay that to an onscreen display on the dash board. This system also includes ‘depth’ so that mud holes and rivers can be judged before entry. The new Discovery is the latest model announced by prolific Jaguar Land Rover, which is experiencing its greatest ever period. Sales and profits are increasing thanks to mod-

GADGET-FILLED: The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept. els like the Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar F-Type. The company is also investing billions in research and development, and the hard work is paying off. Last year it delivered 425,000 vehicles, an increase of 19 per cent.


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol

MGM Marbella behind Derry Mathews MARBELLA has a world champion after boxer Derry Mathews claimed a version of the world title in Liverpool. It was a rollercoaster week for Marbella gym MGM’s Mathews who had his opponent for Saturday night’s fight in Liverpool changed for the third time. Originally he was supposed to be fighting for Richar Abril’s WBA belt, but the Cuban pulled out for the second time. Venezuelan Ismael Barroso then stepped in at short notice to compete for the Interim WBA World Lightweight Championship, but unfortunately his visa to the UK was denied. So Mathews eventually squared up against Canadian Tony Luis, the WBS Continental Americas champion and WBA ranked number nine. In a hard fought match Mathews triumphed on a unanimous points descisions to take the interim WBA lightweight title at the Echo Arena Mathews was handed a 114-112, 114-112, 115112 decision after making the brighter start and keeping in control of the fight throughout. Luis was not there to simply make up the numbers and gave a good account of himself, but Mathews was the deserving winner.


As super ‘Caley’ go ba Hamilton are victo Tony Matthews

International Sports A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Costa de Almeria

ACTION AHEAD • The top Premiership match this weekend is the London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea... Manchester United visit Everton... Manchester City welcome Aston Villa... Liverpool go to WBA... relegation-battlers Burnley play Leicester and Crystal Palace meet Hull... QPR take on West Ham... Newcastle oppose Swansea... Spurs travel to Southampton... and Sunderland are at Stoke. • With two games left in

Argentine win for Rossi MOTOGP - The season’s fourth race in Argentina went to Valentino Rossi with Andrea Dovizioso second and GB’s Cal Crutchlow third. Reigning champion Marc Marquez crashed out and is 30 points behind Rossi. the Championship promotion race, the next encounters feature BournemouthBolton, Brighton-Watford, Fulham-Middlesbrough, Ipswich-Nottingham Forest, Millwall-Derby, ReadingBrentford, Rotherham-Norwich and Wigan-Wolves. • This evening there are

four 2nd leg quarter-final Europa League encounters. • On Sunday, some 40,000 runners will compete in the London Marathon... the World Table Tennis championships start in China... next Wednesday the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships get

under way in Belarus... there are eight County Cricket matches taking place (including Kevin Pietersen)... the World Snooker Championships continue in Sheffield... and don’t forget the Almanzora CC practice session at Desert Springs this Sunday (10-12 noon).

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23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol



llistic, Rossi and orious again! VICTORY: Valentino Rossi wins in Argentina.

GENERAL ROUND-UP FOOTBALL - The FA Cup final on May 30 will feature holders Arsenal, 2-1 winners over Reading, against Aston Villa, deserving 2-1 victors against Liverpool. It will be the Gunners’ 19th final appearance, Villa’s 11th. Falkirk (who beat Hibs 1-

0) and Inverness Caledonian Thistle (3-2 winners over Celtic) will contest the Scottish Cup final. Super ‘Caley’ have eight part-timers and an average home gate of 3,600. In the PL, champions-elect Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0 (my ‘Footballer of the Year’ Eden Hazard on target) and there were also wins for Leicester, Everton, Manchester City, Stoke, WBA and Tottenham, who won 3-1 at Newcastle with Harry Kane’s 30th goal of the season... the first Spurs player to reach this landmark since Gary Lineker 23 years ago. And 5,000 home fans stayed away, protesting against owner Mike Ashley as United lost their sixth game on the bounce. Watford and Middlesbrough (at Norwich) enhanced their Championship

promotion chances with wins while Bournemouth, Brentford, Derby (4-4 at Huddersfield) and Ipswich v Wolves all drew. Lionel Messi scored his 400th goal for Barcelona who beat Valencia 2-0 to stay two points clear of Real Madrid (3-1 winners over Malaga) in La Liga. FORMULA ONE - Brilliant Lewis Hamilton, from pole position again, won the Bahrain Grand Prix, ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Rosberg. SWIMMING - England’s Adam Peaty set a new world 100m world breaststroke record at the British Championships in London. I SNOOKER - Reigning champion Mike Selby survived a scare before beating Norwegian Kurt Maflin 10-9 in the first round of the World Championships.

Do your homework Jordan Gibb (European Challenge Tour Player)

TOUR PERSPECTIVE Your weekly guide to better golf

MY name is Jordan Gibb and I am a professional golfer based on the Costa Blanca. I have competed across the globe on the European Tour, Challenge Tour and the Alps Tour over the past four years. I also compete locally and was the Order of Merit winner for the 2014 Comunidad Valenciana Circuit. I have agreed to write a weekly column for Euro Weekly News’ readers, sharing my views on various aspects of the game as well as some of my experience as a touring professional. I will also offer advice I feel can help you improve your golf and increase your enjoyment of the game. Readers are welcome to submit questions through my personal website and I will devote one article each month to answering as many as possible. Given the slightly lengthy introduction, this week’s offering will be short and sweet. While I know that most of our new year resolutions have gone out the window by this stage, the reality is our golfing dreams aren’t subject to the constraints of the calendar year. The game of golf takes us on a journey that can last a lifetime and

it is up to you to decide what you want to get out of that experience. So let’s start to look at why we play the game and what we want to achieve. You wouldn’t get in a car without knowing where you want to go so let’s not make that mistake with golf. I believe we get more satisfaction from any activity if we feel we are improving and moving towards a goal. In your career that may mean a promotion or a raise. If you are learning a musical instrument, it may mean the prospect of being able to play your favourite song. In golf, your goal may be to break 100 or to get down to a single-figure handicap or maybe it is simply to go an entire round without threeputting. These goals motivate us to practice, work well and ultimately lead to more pleasure and greater learning. You know where you are going, you don’t have to know how you’re going to get there yet. So this week, have a think and try and write down at least five things you would like to achieve in your golfing lifetime with three of those being goals for this year. Good luck and thanks for reading. Sorry for giving you homework in my first week. Have fun. Jordan Jordan is available for Private Instruction at Vistabella Golf. Please feel free to read more or contact Jordan via:

SECOND: Sue Cobb.

NEAREST THE PIN: Tony Sidebottom.

Torreblanca Golf

THURSDAY’S individual stableford game was played at Cabopino, and was kindly sponsored by Bob Sawyer. As always the course was in great condition, although it had been set up quite tough with the tees in most cases a long way back. The winner was Richard Littlewood with 31 points playing off 18.2. Second was Sue Cobb with 30 points playing off 20.9. Third was Tim Hemming also with 30 points. Nearest the pin in one on hole 13 was

Tony Sidebottom, with Bill Giles nearest the pin in two on hole 4. The order of merit is getting very interesting; with only 28 points separating the top 10 places. Sue Cobb is now in the lead with 175 points closely followed by Simon Waby and Bob Sawyer. Once again our thanks to Bob and Svitlana for sponsoring the day and the great prizes. If you want to know more about the friendliest golf society on the coast why not visit our website www.torreblanca


E W N 23 - 29 April 2015 / Costa del Sol


Sport Costa del Sol’s best guide to local sport

Hamilton Won the Bahrain Grand Prix from pole position. See Page 119 TO READ MORE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM

Rounding off the bowling season THE final events of the season at Mijas Bowls Club were the completion of the Handicap Singles. In the final Tony Thornton beat Paul Griffith in an extremely close match which could have gone either way. Earlier, in a North versus South contest the Northerners won overall and the prizes went to

Peter and Val Allard with Bob Scott representing the north. Runners-up were Ron and Pam Cole representing the south. The prizes were given by Edwin and Susan Hewitt. Mijas League players reached the final of the League Cup in which they met the team from Benalmadena; it had to be played on two days, as on the first it rained heavily and the players were trying to bowl through standing water. Benalmadena came out on top. Mijas team did not win, but it

MIJAS: Completion of the Handicap Singles. was an enjoyable occasion and they were still smiling afterwards.

The Champion of Champions has also taken place. The two represen-

tatives from Mijas, Barbara Land and Bill Gregory, did extremely well fin-

ishing in second and third places respectively. Off the bowling green the Annual General Meeting has been held. Ann Fenton who had completed her year as Captain handed over the reins to Carol Wright and Stuart Parkin took over as ViceCaptain. Christine Wilson was re-elected onto the committee, Rob Robinson was elected on again after a period of a few years away from it and Wilf Newman became an absolutely new committee member. More information: Carol Wright on 952 492 434 or Ann Fenton, the club Coach, on 952 588 321.

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Euro Weekly News - Costa del Sol 23 - 29 April 2015 Issue 1555  

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