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3 - 9 July 2014 / Costa del Sol



a day is just a phone call away

ICU UNITS: Consist of three professionals, a doctor, a nurse and a driver/technical assistant at all times. small you think they are. These could range from the common cold or ‘flu, a broken limb, and of course through to the most severe injury or illness. The medical team will arrive as soon as possible to wherever the patient is; at home, at the beach, at the golf club, etc, and will assess symptoms and either treat the patient on the spot if possible or transport the patient to the hospital of their choice. This is a superb medical service, providing peace of mind to all its members. The Helicópteros Sanitarios doctor will follow up on the patient’s progress the next day, inquiring how the patient is feeling and if anything more is required, tracking the evolution of the condition. In the event that a patient has been taken to hospital, then the doctor will follow up progress from the moment of admission to the hospital until the moment of discharge.

MEDICAL FLEET: Consists of 16 Mobile ICU ambulances and 1 helicopter.

In this sense, the staff at Helicópteros Sanitarios go above and beyond the call of duty. “The service we provide is of that of quality and care,” said María Jose. All members of the medical staff speak Spanish and English and treat every patient with great care, as they would treat a

member of the family. Maria José commented: “We have invested in the formation for our staff, we have more than 200 employees and they all speak English and Spanish.” The doctors and other medical professionals at Helicópteros Sanitarios are renowned for treating patients with respect.

They listen to patients’ concerns, empathising with the patients’ difficult situations and they will put all their efforts into solving the patients’ medical problems. María José is clearly very proud of the company she has created. She stated: “Our biggest satisfaction is that our members feel happy about our service. The philosophy I always had was to treat the patient with compassion and care, apart from the obvious medical professionalism. “Our doctors and nurses have vocation and a passion for helping people. The patient appreciates this. It is not only about being a doctor, but we treat our members with professionalism and humanity.” She added: “being a member of Helicópteros Sanitarios is like being a member of our family.” This is proven by the fact that some members have been with the company for 15 years, and

just recently it had the honour of celebrating one member’s 100th birthday. Although not widely publicised, the company does a lot of philanthropic work. The team visits schools and teaches children how to act in an emergency. Helicópteros Sanitarios has been providing medical care to a young boy completely altruistically in recent months and many staff work voluntarily in their free time helping other members of the community, as this is a passion for them. President María José says: “The staff are like my children and I have tried to inculcate in them my love and passion for what I do. I believe the secret of being successful is loving what you do.” She added: “The greatest reward for us is receiving a ‘thank you’ letter from a member. All the company staff gets to read it and that is reward enough for us.”

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