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13 - 19 December 2012


A healthy cat is a happy cat A CAT has a variety of nutritional needs that differ from those of a dog or other small animals. Cats have a high need for protein compared to dogs. Animal based protein is a necessary component in a cat’s diet as it supplies essential amino acids, such as taurine. In addition to protein, your cat requires a proper balance of fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and water. Many nutritional experts feel that providing a variety of different diets/foods for your cat will help to provide optimal nutrition. Why do cats like to eat grass? Domestic cats may look for grass or other greens. Some vets believe it’s to supplement their diet in order to clean their systems of furrballs or food they should not have eaten. Cats may even eat plants out of curiosity.

Owners should make sure that any plants that may be accessible to their cats are non-poisonous. Dietary Supplements Multi vitamin supplements are available for those cat

owners who wish to add to their cat’s diet. With a balanced diet of high quality cat food, these additions may not be necessary. If you feel your cat has special nutritional needs, be sure to research

the benefits and possible harmful side effects of each supplement. A cat that is given a well balanced diet does not necessarily need the addition of nutritional supplements unless for specific medical needs. In these cases, the supplements should only be given with the guidance of a vet, and closely monitored. Some owners feel the need to give kittens nutritional supplements. Ask your vet for advice. Some owners suggest the addition of supplements to the daily diet of elderly cats. However, it’s best to ask your vet how to best care for older cats. Mineral oil is often suggested to prevent constipation, but it may do more harm than good. For your local radio frequency log onto


In the Christmas spirit Here is my Boxer Ginger, dressed in his festive jumper and ready for December 25. I’ll have to treat him to a special Christmas lunch for making such an effort.

Ruth Jones, Benahavis Submit fun pet pictures to, in as high a resolution as possible. Please include name of the pet, your full name, where you live and if relevant a couple of lines to explain the circumstances of the photo. Due to space restrictions not all submissions will be used.

Baby making WHEN dwarf hamsters are pregnant, the sex of the babies can be determined and controlled. By managing the temperature in the room where the mother is kept, you can manipulate whether she will have more boys or girls. If kept in warmer temperatures, she will have more boys, but in cooler temperatures, more girls.


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