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13 - 19 November 2012


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Costa de Almería

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Wavelengths WAVELENGTHS has been trading for an exciting 18 months, being considered as a very friendly and professional salon with a lot to offer. Their clients, whether for beauty or hairstyling, can be assured they will be attended by exceptionally qualified staff in all aspects of beauty and hair. The staff are like one big happy

Visit the experts at Wavelengths for all aspects of hair and beauty. family with James having been at the salon for almost a year, and

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Debbie and Kelly having started the business 18 months ago, although they have been great friends for many ALISON years and have worked together in Albox for more than six years. Last but not least is their apprentice hairdresser Giorgio and bones and help them stay assistant Debra, without strong. whom the salon would PANCREAS: An not function. They have increase in lean muscle both been part of the mass can dramatically family for over one year. reduce your risk of On Mondays developing Type 2 Wavelengths welcomes diabetes. Sue to the salon. She is JOINTS: Frequent an alternative therapist exercise and movement offering reflexology, reiki through your full range of and Indian head motion boosts the massages for the ultimate circulation, flushing the relaxing experience. joints with oxygen and Wavelengths’ prices are nutrients whilst waste extremely competitive products are syphoned and they are proactive in away. Aquafitness is keeping all prices fabulous exercise if you affordable for their much have sore or achy loved clients. joints, as you can move Wavelengths would like so freely in the water, to thank all their clients and with a much larger for their loyal support and range of motion than are looking forward to with swimming alone. new clients trying out the HEART: As well as excellent facilities and adding years to your treatments available life, regular cardio within the salon. workouts can be as Wavelengths would also good as some blood like to wish everyone a pressure medications… Very Merry Christmas and without the scary sidea Happy new year. effects! So go for it. Get To contact the salon to moving this week! Don’t enquire about all services wait till January 1 and available, please call you will be reaping the 950 120 309 or just pop benefits by Christmas in for a chat. time in so many ways!

Five top reasons to workout WE all know that exercise is essential for toning up, losing weight and beating back pain, but there are many other lesser-known benefits that are equally important. Here’s my top five:BRAIN: Regular exercise is proven to cut the risk of dementia and memory loss. It can also stave off depression.

BONES: Osteoporosis is known as the silent killer among post-menopausal women, but can be prevented or slowed down by regular exercise. However, the exercise needs to be the right type, with strength training or aerobics/dance workouts topping the bill as they are weight-bearing activities that place strain on the

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Costa de Almeria 13 - 19 December 2012 Issue 1432  

News in English from the Costa del Sol. Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axarquia - Malaga East and Mallorca.

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