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13 - 19 December 2012


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Tight parking spaces really drive me mad WHY is it that car parks in Spain have such small parking spaces? While my wife drives a VW Golf, I drive a larger 4x4, and neither is easy to park in the spots in car parks. All too frequently I have to pull in the wing mirrors to park because space near posts in underground car parks is so tight. It is not a case of just odd car parks. From my own observations over seven years living here, it is the vast majority. Lidl has just opened a new supermarket in La Cala, and sure enough, on the first visit, I found marked parking areas for individual vehicles to be once more small. And this is not to be critical of Lidl, for the local Mercado car park is just as bad, as is the municipal car park outside SuperSol. No wonder so many vehicles have bumps at the back, front, and sides. Fed-up driver Name and address supplied

Car park alert


Snapped! Ernie Barnes of Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga

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Costa de Almería

Annoying bite I WAS very annoyed that Suzanne Manners did not report the dog bite (Issue 1431) to the police. It is clear that the dog’s owner was not bothered. How long before it bites a child and causes serious harm? A call to the police at this stage would perhaps convince the owner to have the animal trained. If you are not prepared to do the right thing when something wrong happens, then don’t complain. Andrew Coates, Fuengirola (Malaga)

Market thanks

Flying the flag! A girl carrying a huge Spanish flag during this year’s Constitution Day celebrations.

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AFTER a two-month stay in our home country we picked up our car from one of the many airport car parks in Malaga. Before we left we had written down the kilometres on the trip meter. On our return we saw the meter had an extra 2,500 kilometres showing. We complained and were told they had charged the battery and it had probably changed the reading. Then we found things in our car that didn’t belong to us, and a parking ticket from Benamaldena Costa dated while we were away. The next day we made an official complaint to the police. People should be careful when using some of the airport car parks. Tineke van Melick Sayalonga (Malaga)

because it was warmer than the UK all year round. I chose to leave, so why now should I expect and demand the UK government to give me more than I am entitled to from my State Pension contributions? Yes, it is very hot in Spain in the summer, but surely that is the reason one came to the country. I might be poor, but that unfortunately is not a sufficient reason for the UK to continue to support me while I decide to live abroad. David Petrie, Alhaurin el Grande (Malaga)

Not entitled

Tax dilemma

THE Winter Fuel Allowance was introduced as a freebie to pensioners living in England. It had nothing to do with how much any person had paid. As a pensioner I decided to leave the UK and come to Spain partly

HOW many people realise their next Spanish tax return will have to declare assets held abroad that total more than €50,000? Although this new legislation would appear virtually impossible to implement, people will still face a

dilemma. That is whether or not to give the authorities full disclosure of overseas assets even when thinking they will not qualify for additional taxation. Failure to complete an accurate tax return constitutes a punishable offence in its own right. This is food for thought as the Spanish authorities have stated they intend to seek co-operation with EU governments to enforce the legislation. Ken Bethell, Puerto de Mazarron (Murcia)

No peace PLEASE advise Ms Jane Plunkett to research facts about Greenpeace before gratuitously extolling the merits of that particular outfit. If she should try to follow their home line to the controlling ‘powers that be’ she will soon learn that all is not lilywhite within that so-called charity. There are no ways to verify their accounts or who is the leader of the organisation. I agree there must be some members of Greenpeace that are totally committed to their idea of saving the planet, but these are in the main part the foot soldiers and not the hierarchy who hide their existence behind the Rainbow Banner. FJT (by email)

HELP VEGA BAJA’S Christmas Market was held at The Asturias restaurant on the N-332 in Punta Prima. We wish to thank all the volunteers and everyone who attended for their support which was crucial in raising €5,081. The proceeds of this event will go to the Reach Out project which helps the homeless and destitute. Pat Perrin (Alicante)

Challenging taboo CLEARLY there are some who can’t abide critical opinion of Spain. Accept us, warts and all or go (Letters Issue 1429). I made my reasons for being here clear as do Spaniards abroad. Some critics, who can’t even get my nationality right, were otherwise presumptuous. I am paid, not for being controversial, but for questioning, challenging orthodoxy and taboo. Michael Walsh (by email) EWN columnist

Big success THANKS to everybody who helped and donated to the Reach Out Christmas-themed family fun day at the Marina Bar, Torrevieja. The event was an outstanding success, raising €1,217. David and Lorraine Whitney, Torrevieja (Alicante)

Still booted The Javea Computer has not closed despite what some people believe. We are a thriving club and hope to continue to be well into the future. Mick Scarles, Javea (Alicante)

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Costa de Almeria 13 - 19 December 2012 Issue 1432  

News in English from the Costa del Sol. Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axarquia - Malaga East and Mallorca.

Costa de Almeria 13 - 19 December 2012 Issue 1432  

News in English from the Costa del Sol. Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axarquia - Malaga East and Mallorca.