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13 - 19 December 2012

Staff join queue THE Junta de Andalucia has sacked 32 members of the Andalucian Employment Service staff in Almeria. A march to protest against the dismissals was held in the city centre.

Prison term A MAN, 32, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for killing the man who supplied him with drugs in Roquetas de Mar in February 2011. The public prosecutor had called for 29 years in prison.


Internet entertainment THE whole world will be able to view Mojacar council meetings via the internet. Mayor Rosa Maria Cano has decided to have all meetings recorded and posted on the town hall website, even though she admitted “it is something I am not keen on as speaking on film makes me awkward and takes away some of my personal freedom.” She also warned that “any capture, download or use of the

posted videos by third parties will be reported.” The decision to have the meetings recorded came after the town hall made national news when local man Oscar Gagliardi, a member of the ‘Record your Council Meeting’ movement (Graba tu Pleno), was expelled from meetings four times for trying to record the sessions. The mayor defended the expulsions saying they were

justified because “it is unacceptable for a gentleman who is married to a councillor from a rival party to record and post the meetings on his biased personal website, where he insults and discredits councillors from the ruling party.” Gagliardi said: “Recording and posting the meetings on the internet is not enough. Freedom and rights must be respected and citizen involvement in local governance must be promoted”.

Crash victim

THE central government does not admit to having made any arrests during protests which took place in Almeria in May and September of this year. In May, around 500 people cut off the N-340 road.

Fun quiz at Arriba TONY MATTHEWS, Euro Weekly News sports columnist, will be hosting a fun Christmas quiz at The Arriba bar/restaurant, Mojacar Playa, next Thursday, at 7pm. Food will be available.

Shop closed THE Paws Shop will be closed from December 25 and re-open on January 7.

Play day THE December Play Day at The Dog House Foundation will take place on Sunday, December 23.

Payment plan PRETTY AS A PICTURE: Colourful patios attract thousands to Cordoba every year.

Blooming delight! Cordoba patios get UNESCO boost


HE patios of Cordoba are in the news... five months earlier than usual. Normally the focus turns on them in early May when local families celebrate the arrival of spring by opening their homes to exhibit their flowered-filled patios. But now UNESCO has included the annual Cordoba Patio Festival, which each year attracts thousands of international and national visitors, on its list of Intangible and Cultural Heritage of Humanity events. This follows a rejection last year. Cordoba’s Patio Festival loosely dates back to Roman times and was ongoing under Arab rule.

Quote of the week

Nwatch ews

OVER the last long weekend holiday, the 112 emergency number received almost 7,400 calls from Almeria alone. Most of them were related to health matters, followed by requests for information and reports of crimes.

HOTEL occupancy levels for the recent long weekend holiday in Almeria was less than 50 per cent for hotels in inland areas of Almeria and at the Cabo de Gata Nijar Natural Park, according to the Provincial Hoteliers’ Association.

Arrests denied

Costa de Almería

112 calls

Empty beds

AN 18-YEAR-OLD man died and three were injured in a car crash in El Ejido. He was freed from the wreckage unconscious and taken to the Poniente Hospital where he died several hours later.


We don’t want the Spaniards to leave. It will be very dangerous for us when they have left. We may get killed by the Taliban. There are lots in here.’

Mohammad Bayan, an interpreter for Spanish troops in Afghanistan.

Then almost 80 years ago, a contest to encourage local residents to embellish the city was introduced, and since 1933 the event has been an increasingly popular attraction. Prizes are awarded to the best patios, with some containing more than 150 potted plants. There are now more than 10 intangible and cultural heritage items listed in Spain. These include Castell, a Catalan tradition in which teams compete to make human towers; the Elche Mystery Play, a drama dating from the Middle Ages enacted and celebrated annually in mid-August, and also flamenco.

Number of the week


people were killed in 12 accidents over last week’s December 6-9 long holiday weekend, the Spanish traffic agency has revealed. Six other people were also seriously injured.

ROQUETAS DE MAR Town Hall will allow local residents to pay their bills for vehicle tax, rubbish collection, and property taxes by direct debit over a number of months instead of facing one large payment once a year.

Local plans GADOR Town Hall plans to spend €109,000 on improvements throughout the town in 2013, such as paving Calle La Peseta, carrying out work on the local gym and buying furniture for the family room at the morgue.

and finally... ONLY the ruling Bildu political party paid homage in San Sebastian to the victims of terrorism in the Basque Region called by the city hall. But all other political parties attended an alternative tribute held the following day.

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