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Services Innovation as a Catalyst for the Europe 2020 Strategy Programme Copenhagen, Denmark | 14-16 June 2010 |

14 -16 June 2010, Copenhagen

Services Innovation as a Catalyst for the Europe 2020 Strategy This European event ‘Services innovation as a Catalyst for the Europe 2020 Strategy’ will address the potential of services innovation for stimulating growth and tackling societal challenges. Services innovation plays an increasingly important role in the European economy representing 72% of the gross value-added generated by the 27 EU Member States. Services innovation is a catalyst for employment and business growth and for supporting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. The event will highlight factors that influence successful policy actions across the EU and how to create the optimal conditions for a dynamic European service economy. On the first day of the event, high-level policy makers from European administrations and the EPISIS partner organisations will present policy schemes and national programmes. Companies that have launched successful new services on the markets will present inspiring cases. The second day will take a more practical view discussing, in the framework of Europe INNOVA, which new business support services are needed to promote services innovation in support of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The venue of the conference is the IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Monday, 14 June 2010




Meeting of Expert Panel on Services Innovation in the EU Europe INNOVA consortia meetings


Welcome reception at the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) Address: Bredgade 40, DK-1260 Copenhagen K

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

08:00 onwards



Plenary session: New trends and developments in support of services innovation in Europe

Moderator: Lisbeth Kirk, Editor in Chief, EUobserver 09:15-10:00

Policy addresses


The Danish Perspective Charlotte Sahl-Madsen, Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark What are the main challenges of the European economies and how can services innovation policies support government in meeting the great challenges of society?


The European Perspective – the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Role of Services Innovation Reinhard Büscher, Head of Support for Innovation Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission The European growth strategy: How do we increase growth in the European economy? Is services innovation a key to create sound public finances, stable macroeconomic conditions, employment growth and European competitiveness?


The Slovenian Perspective: The view of a transition economy - the challenge of introducing services innovation Franc Gider, Director General, TIA – Slovenian Technology Agency, Slovenia At the national level, which policy schemes, programmes and guidelines should be put in place to promote innovation and transfer of knowledge? How to design policies for services innovation that increase the competitiveness of the national industry? How to measure and evaluate the effects of the policies?


The business perspective


Live interview: New trends of services innovation in the leisure industry: Lessons learned from the extremes Interview with Kari Kobler, Kobler&Partner, Switzerland Interviewer: Roger Repplinger, Journalist, Germany


Industrial Service Business Concepts - The Innovation Opportunity for European Industry Anssi Rantasalo, CEO, Kemppi Ltd., Finland


Coffee break


Panel discussion: The national role and economic impact of services innovation policies If you had 250m Euros per annum for 5 years how would you promote services innovation? Denmark: Hans Müller Pedersen, Deputy Director General, DASTI Finland: Hannu Kemppainen, Executive Director, Strategy, Tekes Germany: Representative of the Ministry of Education and Research The Netherlands: Wilbert Schaap, Programme Coordinator Services Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs - NL Agency Portugal: António Bob Santos, Deputy Coordinator for the Technological Plan In this session, high-level policy representatives will discuss innovative and concrete policy responses to the emerging innovations in services. The speakers will make brief presentations on what kind of policies and initiatives they would launch under their national programmes to promote services innovation in Europe.


Audience vote on priorities


Introduction to the parallel sessions Drivers of services innovation and growth Tiina Tanninen-Ahonen, Chairperson of EPISIS, Director of Services Innovation Unit, Tekes, Finland Allan Mayo, Chairperson of the Expert Panel on Services Innovation in the EU, Head of the Services Policy Unit in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK



Lunch break

Parallel sessions: Interactive roundtables on services innovation and societal challenges

Roundtable 1 Smart Growth

Roundtable 2 Sustainable Growth

Roundtable 3 Inclusive Growth




Hans Rijckenberg, Managing Director, Sapience ‘00 B.V., The Netherlands

Thorsten Posselt, Director, Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Germany

Wil Janssen, Manager Networked Enterprises, Novay, The Netherlands

Case 1: Smart elastic patch – The e-patch: Body intelligence and smart technologies

Case 1: Developing international environmental Case 1: Tourism Innovation Group, Scotland: services: Viewpoints on innovation Innovation in Scottish tourism collaboration, new services and policies Sue Crossman, Project Director, Tourism Lasse Musakka, CEO and Partner, REACHLaw Innovation Group, Scotland Ltd, Finland Case 2: Digital Public: Engaging the disabled Case 2: Autolib electric car hiring system: entrepreneurs, emigrants and other Paris City Electric Car Sharing Project innovation projects Challenging new behaviours in city mobility Johan Hogsander, Director, Digital Public

Per Hartlev, Chief Executive Officer, DELTA Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics, Denmark Case 2: The Viral Factory: Smart Marketing Services and Innovation Matt Smith, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy, The Viral Factory, UK

Marcelino Pera, Project Manager, SM Autolib’, France

Ltd., UK




Tom Togsverd, Member of Digital Europe Board, Director General, DI ITEK, EU/Denmark

Jonas Møller, Chief Consultant in the Danish Construction Association, Denmark

Erik Borälv, EPISIS partner, Analyst/ Programme Manager, Vinnova, Sweden

Petra Thunegard Gråberg, EPISIS Think Tank (member), Senior Administrative Officer, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Sweden

Chiara de Caro, Coordination Manager, European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, Belgium




Paul Nightingale, SPRU Innovation Centre, Sussex University, UK

Charles Dannreuther, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds, UK

Robbert Fisher, eStrat s.a.r.l, Luxembourg

Metka Stare, EPISIS Think Tank (member), Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Coffee break


Plenary session


EPISIS INNO-Net response: goals and progress Presentation of the EPISIS project and round-up of conferences issues: EPISIS introduction by Anna-Maija Rautiainen, EPISIS Coordinator, Tekes, Finland How are new models of innovation developing in a wide range of areas? Erik Borälv, EPISIS partner, Analyst/Programme Manager, Vinnova, Sweden How are new technologies integrated into service delivery and/ or how may new technologies and new forms of innovation be transferred to communities of service firms? Zrinka Fidermuch Maler, Project manager/Research, PT-DLR, Germany Ivika Laev, Senior expert, PT-DLR, Germany Who are the pioneers of service businesses and how to better understand the different types of innovation in services that are emerging? Minna Suustari, EPISIS partner, Tekes, Finland How do we address the challenges that public agencies face when measuring the impact of programmes to ensure value for money in a world of scarce resources? Thomas Alslev Christensen, EPISIS partner, DASTI, Denmark How do we align policies more effectively at the national and EU level and promote the internalisation of the best firms? Allan Mayo, EPISIS partner, BIS, UK Interactive session with Questions and Answers from the audience


Feedback by rapporteurs from the three roundtables


End of event


Official conference dinner in Restaurant Ravelinen Address: Torvegade 79, DK-1400 Copenhagen K

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Plenary session: Which new business support services are needed to promote services innovation in support of Europe 2020? Moderator: Lisbeth Kirk, Editor in Chief, EUobserver


Keynote address Global trends and their impact on services innovation in the EU Martin Kruse, Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Denmark


Different perspectives on support for services innovation


TAKE IT UP as a testing facility: testbeds, how-to guidelines and coaching services for Europe INNOVA partnerships Andrea Di Anselmo, Vice President, META Group, Italy


Experience from a European network: EEN Gianfranco Ruta, Coordinator of the EEN services and retail sector group, Confcommercio, Italy


Creative industries - example of regional service provision platform: Amsterdam TopStad How Amsterdam keeps ahead of competition through cooperation with the innovative service sector Hilde van der Meer, Managing Director, Amsterdam In Business, The Netherlands


Coffee break


Satellite-enabled services - example of regional service provision platform: bavAIRia - The Bavarian Aerospace and Satellite Navigation Clusters Sven Brunsmann, Senior project manager, bavAIRia e.V., Germany


The business perspective – Key elements for enabling services innovation among SMEs Ben Butters, Director European Affairs, EuroChambres



13:30-16:00 13:30-14:00


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Parallel Sessions

What are the framework conditions required for services innovation to flourish? Thomas Alslev Christensen, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark

Roundtable discussions (coffee served in session rooms)

Roundtable 1 Business support - new support services being developed in the field of eco-innovation

Roundtable 2 Business environment - Cluster initiatives and what services can be provided by them

Roundtable 3 New forms of financing innovation in services




Fabio Iraldo, Associate Professor of Management and Innovation, Sant’Anna School of Advanced University and Post Lauream Studies, Italy

Jørgen Rosted, Director of FORA - Danish Agency for Enterprise and Construction, Denmark

William Stevens, KIS PLATFORM, CEO & Founder, Europe Unlimited, Belgium




The Eco-Innovation Observatory

The European Cluster Observatory

Eco-innovation in services: prospects and opportunities for Europe Asel Doranova, Consultant, Technopolis Group, Belgium

Regional Business Environment Analysis and the European Cluster Observatory James R. Wilson, Senior Researcher, Orkestra, University of Deusto, Spain

Access to finance: Lessons to be learned from funding technological innovation?

Case studies:

Case studies:

Case studies:

KIS-PIMS: Timo Määttä, Head of Unit, Renewable Energy, MOTIVA, Finland

Estonian Cluster Programme: Estonian ICT sector before and after cluster developing programme

KIS4SAT: Pitching KIS Companies to Investors – Challenges and Solutions

EcoCluP: Eco-innovation and business development across clusters Stephan Skare Nielsen, Business Development Manager, Cleantech, Denmark REMake: New approach for vouchers in the field of eco-innovation Klaus Teichmann, Managing director, i.con. innovation GmbH, Germany

Pille-Liis Kello, Director of Enterprise Capability Division, Enterprise Estonia ABCEurope: Mara Tumiati, Project manager, Innovhub, Milan Chamber of Commerce, Italy Medicon Valley Alliance and the Life Science Ambassador Programme Charlotte Ahlgren, Executive Vice President, Medicon Valley Alliance, Denmark

Philippe Kern, Founder and Managing director, KEA European Affairs, Belgium

Robert Sanders, Head of European Projects, EBN ACHIEVE MORE: New forms of financing innovation in services David Moir, Projects Manager, St. John’s Innovation Centre, UK ImMediaTe: New forms of financing creative industries Andrea Romagnoli, Project manager, FILAS, Italy

South West Design Forum, UK: Designing our future Roger Proctor, Chair, South West of England Design Forum, UK Open discussion

Open discussion

Open discussion




Flore Vaucelle, Consultant, Technopolis Group, Belgium

Zita Zombori, Managing Director, Hungarian Pole Programme Office, Hungary

Kimmo Halme, Managing Director, Advansis Ltd, Finland


Closing Plenary Session


Feedback by rapporteurs from parallel sessions


Linking policy to practice: new initiatives in support of services innovation Mette Quinn, Policy Officer, Support for Innovation Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission


Closing remarks Allan Mayo, Chairperson of the Expert Panel on Services Innovation in the EU, Head of the Services Policy Unit in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK


End of event programme


TAKE IT UP testing workshop - Discussion with projects on how to set up the testing process (with the participation of EVP experts) TAKE IT UP workshop on testing with interested/available Europe INNOVA partners

Joint event of the EPISIS INNO-Net and the Europe INNOVA Annual Partnering Event


Programme as a Catalyst for the Europe 2020 Strategy Copenhagen, Denmark | 14-16 June 2010 |

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