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Norway Post Stamps No. 2/2013

King Karl Johan 250th anniversary

Photo: akg-images, Scanpix

Also in this issue: n Reprints n Mint year sets 1960-68 n Subscribe to personalised stamps Photo: Sogndal Turlag

Tourist stamps

edvard munch 150th anniversary


Dear customer! February and March were good months for us at the Philatelic Service. The stamps celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Edvard Munch garnered a lot of attention, and both experts from the art world and collectors are praising the new stamps. In particular, the new prestige booklet for the 150th anniversary of Munch’s birth has received attention. This year’s tourist stamps have the theme of active leisure time. The stamps depict Jostedal Glacier, mount Gaustatoppen and Sjoa river. Gina Rose has designed the stamps. This year marks 250 years since King Karl Johan was born. He left a clear legacy in Norway, including Brynjulf Bergslien’s equestrian monument at the Royal Palace in Oslo. The statue is also the motif on the beautiful engraving signed by Sverre Morken.

Edvard Munch 150th anniversary Norway Post’s second prestige booklet marks the 150th anniversary of Edvard Munch’s birth. The prestige booklet contains text about Munch’s life and the artworks which have now become stamp motifs.The booklet also contains around 50 photographs of Munch’s artworks. The stamps are printed individually on separate sheets alongside images of the artworks on which the motifs are based. The miniature 2

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sheet is also printed in the booklet on a separate sheet. These sheets are only available in the prestige booklet! The prestige booklet is printed in 12,500 copies only. Send in your order today! Prestige booklet

Price NOK


Value of stamps NOK 85

Halvor Fasting Director

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new stamps

Photo: Sogndal Turlag

new stamps

Active leisure time is the theme of this year´s tourist stamps. New stamps


Tourist stamps

NK 1842

NK 1843

Ice climbing at Jostedal Glacier

Bøya Glacier (arm of Jostedal Glacier)

NK 1844 Hiking Gaustatoppen

First day cancellation Compass rose

NK 1845 Hiking Gaustatoppen

NK 1846 Rafting in Sjoa river

NK 1847 Riverboarding in Sjoa river

Numbers: NK 1842-1847 Motifs: Ice climbing, Bøya Glacier, mount Gaustatoppen, Sjoa river Design: Gina Rose Photos: © Arve Tvedt (NK 1842), © Finn Loftesnes (NK 1843), © Espen Bratlie (NK 1844-1847) Values: A-domestic (NOK 9.50) x 2, A-Europe (NOK 13.00) x 2, A-worldwide (NOK 15.00) x 2


First day cover NOK 81

Print run: A-domestic: 319,000 stamp booklets A-Europe: 319,000 stamp booklets A-worldwide: 219,000 stamp booklets Issued in: Booklets of 10 stamps Print: Offset from Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Netherlands


new stamps

Photo: akg-images, Scanpix

new stamps

King Karl Johan: From French soldier to King of Norway and Sweden New stamps


King Karl Johan 250th anniversary

NK 1848

First day cancellation

Brynjulv Bergslien’s statue of King Karl Johan in front of the Royal Palace in Oslo.

Monogram First day cover NOK 36

Number: NK 1848 Motif: Karl Johan monument at The Royal Palace Photo: Background: Nils Bjåland/NTB Scanpix Artist/engraver: Sverre Morken


Value: NOK 30.00 Number: Sheet with 50 stamps Print run: 500,000 stamps Print: Combination recess/offset from Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Netherlands


Older stamps


Complete year sets of mint stamps The first official Norwegian Year Set of stamps was issued in 1969. We have compiled year sets with mint stamps for the period 1960-68. All stamps are sorted into their respective year of issue, including definitive stamp series issued over a period of several years. Use the order form or order via our webshop at




Reprints The NOK 10.00 stamp in the Wildlife in Norway series (NK 1610) has been reprinted with print date of 07.11.2012. 1

The stamps from this edition were first used on 09.01.2013. There are no known changes in paper or perforation from the previous issue.

The NOK 30.00 stamp in The NOK 1.00 stamp in the 3 the Posthorn series (NK Posthorn series (NK 1421) 1775) has been reprinted with has been reprinted with print print date of 19.11.2012. date of 27.11.2012. 2

The stamps from this edition were first used on 04.02.2013. There are no known changes in paper or perforation from the previous issue.

The stamps from this edition were first used on 23.01.2013. There are no known changes in paper or perforation from the previous issue.

Subscribers of reprints will receive these stamps with their subscription delivery in April.


Personalised stamps on subscription

Personalised stamps on subscription Throughout the year, Norway Post creates dedicated personalised stamps. This is done either through post offices creating stamps with local motifs, or the Philatelic Service creating stamps together with one or more partners. There has been much interest in these stamps, and many customers have asked us for a simple ordering system. We therefore offer these stamps on subscription from 2013.

Photo: Jernbarneverket

You can subscribe to the following • Mint personalised stamps from the post offices (20-25 items per year). • Mint personalised stamps from the Philatelic Service (5-10 items per year). • Cancelled personalised stamps from the Philatelic Service on envelopes (5-10 items per year).

Norway Post Philatelic Service P.O. Box 9350 NO-0135 Oslo Norway

E-mail: Internet: posten. no/frimerker Telephone: +47 23 14 78 70 Telefax: +47 23 14 78 00

Delivery Subscriptions to Personalised stamps are sent out together with other subscription deliveries, up to five times per year. Prices In 2013, the price will be NOK 13 per stamp, or NOK 16.50 if the stamp is for European postage. The subscription will cover all editions from 2013, and the first delivery will be made with the subscription delivery on 10 June. Information about these stamps can be found on Order your subscription using the attached coupon!

Bank details: Account no: 6003 06 35097 Nordea Bank, Oslo IBAN: NO25 6003 0635 097 SWIFT: NDEANOKK

Design: Posten Norge AS, Konsernkommunikasjon, Design Print: Renessanse Media

Norway Post stamps  

n° 2 - 2013 - english

Norway Post stamps  

n° 2 - 2013 - english