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Euro-solar renewable energy for sustainable development

Programme funded by the European Union

How is it possible to supply more people with power without contributing to global warming? -> At the present time, -> Energy consumption 1,400 million people have no access to a source of electrical energy. 80% of these people live in rural areas.

Area with universal access to electrical energy. Area with limitated access to electrical energy.

comes mainly from the use of fossil fuels, which generate 80% of global CO2 emissions.

-> Access to energy

sources is essential for human and economic development.

EURO-SOLAR provides a solution that supplies electrical energy to isolated rural communities without affecting climate change in Latin America -> The vulnerability of the Latin American region to climate change

requires the implementation of programs that promote adaptation and mitigation of this phenomenon in the region.

-> EURO-SOLAR proposes a fully comprehensive vision, linking

development, energy and environment as the basic elements for fighting against climate change.

-> EURO-SOLAR is a EuropeAid initiative, run by the European

Commission`s Cooperation Office, which is designed to promote renewable energies as the driver of human development in eight of the most deprived countries in Latin America.

-> EURO-SOLAR includes the design and installation of 600 electricity generation kits based 100% on renewable sources.

-> EURO-SOLAR provides training in the use and maintenance of the

equipment and supports beneficiaries by developing basic services such as education, health, information technologies and promoting productive activities.

Programme fact sheet Funding bodies

European Commission (80%) and the eight beneficiary countries (20%).

Implementing bodies

Ministries of Energy, Education and Communications of the eight beneficiary countries.



Total programme cost

35,845,478 of which 28,700,000 belong to the European Commission contribution.

General purpose

Promoting renewable energies to foster sustainable development in 8 Latin American countries.

Lines of action

Energy, Education, Health, Telecommunications and Productive Development.

End beneficiaries

Over 300,000 persons living in rural communities and neighbourhoods will benefit from the programme.


Beneficiary countries

Executive body: Ministry of Energy and Mines via the Directorate General of Energy European Commission Funding: 5,309,971 € Guatemala Funding: 1,377,857 € Beneficiary communities: 117 Honduras Executive body: Technical Secretariat of Planning and External Cooperation European Commission Funding: 2,834,223 € Honduras Funding: 761,579 € Beneficiary communities: 68 Nicaragua Executive body: Ministry of Energy and Mines European Commission Funding: 1,767,517 € Nicaragua Funding: 586,000 € Beneficiary communities: 42 El Salvador Executive body: Ministry of Education European Commission Funding: 2,229,655 € El Salvador Funding: 532,971 € Beneficiary communities: 48 Ecuador Executive body: Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy via the Department of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency European Commission Funding: 3,773,512 € Ecuador Funding: 1,020,571 € Beneficiary communities: 91 Bolivia Executive body: Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy via the Department of Electricity and Alternative Energy European Commission Funding: 2,846,133 € Bolivia Funding: 659,557 € Beneficiary communities: 59 Paraguay Executive body: Ministry of Public Works and Communications via the Department of Mines and Energy European Commission Funding: 2,135,281 € Paraguay Funding: 504,643 € Beneficiary communities: 45 Perú Executive body: Ministry of Energy and Mines via the Directorate General of Rural Electrification European Commission Funding: 6,050,407 € Peru Funding: 1,457,500 € Beneficiary communities: 130

Kit description EURO-SOLAR Kit Wind turbine

Photovoltaic panels



The electricity generation kit consists of photovoltaic solar panels and in some cases, a wind turbine as backup, which will provide basic electricity for community use. In order to increase the system´s efficiency, the kit is equipped with reserve batteries and a control panel for managing and using the energy available at any given time. In addition to the energy generation system, the kit installed in each of the beneficiary rural communities includes the following equipment:

-> 5 laptop computers. -> 1 multi-function equipment (printer and scanner).

Information technologies

Social and productive activities

-> 1 Projector. -> Internet connection service. -> Water purifier. -> Refrigerator for health use. -> Battery charger.

Programme advantages and benefits of EURO-SOLAR -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

Encourages the use of renewable energies instead of fossil fuels for electrical energy production. Supports sustainable product and consumption models. Improves living conditions in isolated rural communities. Makes possible the access to electricity in isolated rural areas excluded from conventional energy networks. Encourages the development of basic education and health services in rural communities. Promotes the development of productive activities. Facilitates communication with the global world, avoiding exclusion and isolation through the use of ICTs.

Advantages and benefits of using renewable energies Renewable energies play a crucial role in fighting against climate change as well as promoting more sustainable and egalitarian development.

-> -> -> -> -> ->

No CO2 emissions and other GHGs emissions. No wastes. Based on renewable resources, that are available and non exhausted sources of energy. Decisive contribution to regional balance promoting the development of depressed rural areas. Reduce the energy dependance and contribute to the local and regional development. Continuous advances and improvements in renewable technologies make them increasingly competitive and reliable.

The EURO-SOLAR programme is a pioneering initiative run by EuropeAid, the European Commission´s Cooperation Office in the field of renewable energies and the environment.



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Further information: EuropeAid Operations - Cooperation Office Directorate B - Latin America Unit B.2 - Centralized Operations Euro-Solar Programme B - 1049 Brussels Fax: +32 229 91080 This publication has been prepared with the assistance of the European Union. Contents are the exclusive responsibility of SOCOIN and should not be considered as reflecting the views of the European Union under any circumstances.

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