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Networking for Europe’s nature

ECONOMICS AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES WORKING GROUP Early bumblebee (Bombus pratorum) © Saxifraga-Bart Vastenhouw


Eurosite works to facilitate, support, inspire and unite its members in the common goal of caring for Europe’s nature. One of Eurosite’s main missions is to share ideas and good practice on subjects that are of interest to its members.


An alarming development affecting Eurosite’s members today concerns the funding of their activities, or rather the increasing lack of available funds. Overall, funds in the form of subsidies are decreasing or disappearing. To protect work in nature conservation new ways of funding must be found.


The value of ecosystem services is being increasingly talked about. People, businesses and countries take all kinds of ecosystem related ‘products’ for granted: medicines, clean air and water, CO2

Eurosite’s mission is to provide opportunities for practitioners to network and exchange experience on practical nature management. storage, wind- and solar energy, and so on.

EUROSITE WORKING GROUP CONTRIBUTION Eurosite’s Economics and Ecosystem Services Working Group helps and supports members to take action and make ecosystem services work for them. The core goal is that the care and sustainable management of Europe’s protected areas is co-funded through

© Henkjan

© Henkjan

earnings from the ecosystem services that nature provides. As well as catering to people who want to secure funding for their site, the working group also aims to cater to those who want to use ecosystem services as a means of preserving biodiversity.

“We know for sure that ecosystem services deliver huge economic and other benefits for people, companies and our society in general. For every euro invested in nature the return is roughly 4 to 8 euros. For a public body, that is just a sound investment! I am very happy to support actions towards making ecosystem services work that way for site managers.” Hans Schiphorst Eurosite Economics and Ecosystem Services Working Group Chair 2013 - 2016

The main goals of the Eurosite Economics and Ecosystem Services Working Group are to: • raise awareness of the ecosystem services and natural capital concepts among protected area managers; • build capacity among site managers on how to implement ecosystem services in their day-to-day work by finding and sharing examples of practical applications; • find ways to utilise the ecosystem services approach to generate additional funding for site management. The Economics and Ecosystem Services Working Group was formed in 2013. It meets regularly throughout the year and holds annual demand-driven workshops on relevant topics.

“The ecosystem services concept is great – but the question is whether it will work in practice. By sharing experiences in the Eurosite network, we can bridge the gap between science, policy and practice and learn how the concept can work or not. I always learn something new during Eurosite meetings.” Irene Bouwma Eurosite Member


Eurosite membership is ideal for individuals and organisations working to conserve Europe’s nature, and wanting to: • optimise their site management practices and achieve their nature conservation goals; • share information and experiences in order to learn from each other; • understand EU policies impacting on nature and their work; and • network with other members leading to financial and environmental gains.

Interested in becoming a Eurosite member or want to find out more? Don’t hesitate and visit our website or contact us directly. I +31 (+)13 5944 400 I

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