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In Conversation with LORINC BORSOS

Lorinc Borsos – Dark in EU / EU in Dark (Flag series), 2012, variable size, photo by Miklos Sulyok

Lorinc Borsos is the imaginary child of Janos BORSOS and Lilla LORINC, who exists outside of gender, age or sex and since forming has been awarded, amongst others Strabag Award 2008, EsterhĂĄzy Painting Prize 2010. The pair came together to form hybrid artist Lorinc Borsos whilst studying MA Graphic Design and Painting at University of Fine Arts in Painting in 2008 and have continued to practise as this entity in Budapest since. During the first five years of its artistic career, Lorinc Borsos focused on examining the possibilities of a self-reflective national identity. Following this period they reflected on the dark, unjust side of history through self-observation. Their trademark is the shiny black substance derived from black enamel paid. Flags has been a series in continuous development since 2010, that marks a blurring of these two themes and approaches. The works of art are at the same time abstract images and pieces of Lego with national symbols. Formulas of tolerance, in terms of the community suffering manoeuvres of the political reigning systems and the symbolic compensation of the individual are apparent in the matching of the flags. In this, there is a display of identity forms, beyond national belonging. The recently exhibited Language of Flowers, twisted expectations of political art and aesthetics.

Europhonia: Lorinc Borsos in conversation with Giulia Colletti and Maisie Linford  

This interview is an excerpt from an art catalogue made in the frame of EUROPHONIA Pop-up Exhibition. EUROPHONIA is a curatorial project by...

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