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About Green Observers Foundation Green Observers Foundation was founded by Nadine Froger and Jean-Jacques Pochet: environmentalists, activists, directors, photographers, and producers. The foundation produces environmental education videos that document actions taken by individuals, organizations, and communities to heal the planet. Nadine and Jean-Jacques have been sincerely allied with major environmental organizations more than seven years. Their active involvement and enthusiastic study of materials, newsletters, and action alerts produced by these organizations expanded their education and awareness of important environmental issues, and eventually drove them to take unique independent action to support the environmental movement: "What became a major concern for us was our understanding that the public in general (ourselves included) was to a major extent unaware of many of the battles waged and work accomplished to save the environment. We came to the realization that the environmental movement suffered from poor coverage in the media. "This realization spawned the creation of Green Observers Foundation, with the mission to document for the general public actions people take that create solutions to environmental problems on Planet Earth — an outreach initiative to encourage everyday citizens to get involved and make a real and positive impact on the environment.

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