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02 // 2013

2 - How did you plan your trip before departure? For India a lot was taken care of by the company. I also had some background information from the project manager before leaving for India. So I was well prepared. For Suriname I had to arrange everything myself, but once I arrived the organisation took care of me. Where did you find information about the countries and the facilities there? By searching the internet, talking with the project manager and from friends and family who had been there before. 3 - What kind of skills did you develop? Flexibility and practical thinking. What were the main benefits you had by working abroad? It widened my horizons. Did this experience increase your employment prospects? Yes I think so, but it is hard to tell. Did you have any difficulties or what were the main drawbacks in a country you didn’t know before? (Culture differences, money, language‌) Mainly the cultural differences made it difficult to interact and feel really at ease in both countries. What advice would you give to engineering students of young professionals wishing to study abroad? Be flexible, never suspect the usual and talk to colleagues and friends who have been to the country you want to go. What was your best memory of your journey? The experience of working abroad and seeing places you would never have seen otherwise.

// During the field trips this was my project house (the little building was the toilet) 5

EYE Contact - issue 2/2013  

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