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02 // 2013

New Faces in EYE As shown in our previous issue of the EYE Contact magazine, EYE does not only consist of delegates joining conferences and local teams organising conferences, but also of a small nucleus, a core team ensuring the continuous improvement of our network. Aiming high when EYE was founded back in 1994, the position of a Secretary General was defined. Within EYE, this position is staffed by an elected delegate of one of its members. Furthermore, a Deputy Secretary General ensures that the network is always capable of acting. For two years Tim Mönkedieck (the Association of German Engineers, VDI) has been in the role of Secretary General of EYE. As EYE@Dublin has marked the end of his term, Siobhán // From top to bottom, from left to right: McGrath (Engineers Ireland) follows him, lead- Tim Mönkedieck (past Secretary General), Cornelia Fleischer (Deputy Secretary ing the network as of June 2013. General), Franco Schubert and Chris Waters (both Task Force Members). Unfortunately missing on this photo: Siobhán McGrath (Secretary General)

Along with this, a new Deputy Secretary General has been elected by the EYE Council: Cornelia Fleischer (the Association of German Engineers, VDI) joined the team and will consequently follow Siobhán in two years.

Of course EYE’s core team consists of more than two people: The EYE Task Force completes the mentioned nucleus. A team of four coordinators drives ambitious projects and developments within EYE, such as the publication of this EYE Contact eMagazine, the establishment of the EYE Embassies and the coordination of our social media channels. Franco Schubert (the Association of German Engineers, VDI) has become the successor of Ponnappa Cheranda (the Association of German Engineers, VDI) and Colin Arthur (Institute of Engineering & Technology, IET) has been replaced by Chris Waters (Young Railway Professionals, YRP). Welcome aboard to the new faces within EYE – let’s continue exploring Europe, sharing our experience and growing our network! EYE thanks everyone involved for their continuous efforts – you make Europe a bit smaller, every day! Tim Mönkedieck, Member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) Past Secretary General of EYE 28

EYE Contact - issue 2/2013  
EYE Contact - issue 2/2013  

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