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02 // 2013

Appropriate Technology: the Role of Engineers in Sustainable Development Technology is the foundation to sustainable development and alleviating poverty in the developing world. Young engineers hold the key to a brighter future for millions of people and have the potential to help them access water, cleaner energy, healthcare and communication technologies.

// Young engineers participate in an energy workshop on building batteries. Š EWB-UK, by A. Elias

Sustainable engineering is vital in developing countries in order to match the resources available and the capabilities of the environment with the appropriate technologies. With growing industrialisation of developing countries it is also important to take into account the amount of energy that technology uses. Through careful designing and manufacturing, the impact on the environment can be managed, resulting in a neutral or positive effect on the consumption that technology uses. In order to provide basic human needs such as access to water and sanitation, healthcare and also in areas such as the creation of jobs through entrepreneurship, engineers are essential. Particularly in the developing world, the engineer’s role becomes even more imperative in creating technology which is appropriate and meets immediate needs for the long-term.


EYE Contact - issue 2/2013  

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