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THE CONCRETE LEARNINGS Learn the bases of visual language (object, arrows, places, typography.. ) How to schedule the ideas and feelings It helps you generating ideas and clustering them Practice the brainstorming processes Learn how to create strategies for visioning and planning Understand how to clarify goals (mission, vision and values) Action planning Develop project planning and problem solving skills Enjoy with Idea mapping & storyboarding Helps you how to organize decision making meetings Learn how to organize project management meetings


This workshop is for those who are working in multinational companies in where they have to lead with high performance. Teams in strategic, organizational and innovation issues. Those whose positions involve team leadership and management.Those who have high demands and those want to enhance their effectiveness and communication skills. Anyone who wants to build a common vision/understanding between the team.


Learn the basic skills of visual language and have the chance to use and apply it during different processes of your company projects. This workshop will be the first step on introducing participants to the visual thinking world working on the principles of image thinking having the experience of learning visual tools using differentcreativity techniques and dynamics for a better understanding

Give a second step in the visual thinking world. We will offer you the opportunity of learning new tools, theories and templates for: - Generating ideas and clustering them  - Brain storming processes  - Creation of strategies for visioning and planning

Give a third step in the visual thinking world. Learn tools for: - Clarifying goals (mission, vision and values)  - Action planning  - Project planning and problem solving  Help to your team to have a richer process and to aim higher!

Give a fourth step in the visual thinking world. Learn how to use different tools and techniques for having a productive and successful meeting: - Idea mapping  - Story boarding  - How to organize decision making meetings  - How to organize project management meetings

SPECIAL PACK FOR GETTING THE CERTIFICATIONÂ All the people that wanted to obtain the visual thinker certification it is necessary to take part in all the workshops. This diploma assures us that the person, who is going to obtain it, is trained for facilitating and leading visual processes. Participant understands the meaning of visual thinking; he/she can build a space that helps creativity and support it with visual tools.

Workshops in schools and companies. Everywhere in India


Organized workshops in Pune and Mumbai.

FORMATION 2011 - Mind mapping and graphic facilitation course by Pernan Goñi & Eukene Barrenetxea - Graphic recording course by Salla Lehtipuu - Visual thinking workshop by Olatz Ibarretxe and Leire Jaime. - Team development and graphic facilitation workshop by David Sibbet (The Grove) - Graphic facilitation workshop with Susan Kelley

2012 - International Leadership Program by Monkey Business and Team Academy, in Jyväskylä - Emotional creativity course by Emoiker and Izinker - Typography and design course by Miriam Peña - Specialization courses on Experience Economy by Mondragon University - Specialization courses on Social Business by Mondragon University


- Promotional visual videos based on different creativity techniques - Gis - Caja Laboral - TCA2 - Comeralia -‌ - Graphic Recording in the event for Mondragon cooperative´s Human Resources managers. - Graphic facilitation processes implemented in a service re-design workshop. - Graphic recording in Open Spaces and Events. - Visual thinking workshops to promote the visual language among people.


Caja Laboral: Gis: Integral projects: TCA2 + Comeralia: Diamacon: Diamalab:


VIsual Thinking Workshops India  

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