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New Y or k Hist or y & Po lit ic s It inerar y

Day 1: Tou ch off your ba down in the city th at never sl gs and hea eeps! Dro d back up 360 view p s of Manh into the sk attan from y for som e the Top o f the Rock Day 2: Gra . b a ferry ov er to the S Ellis Islan d Immigra tatue of tion Muse Liberty an was foun um to lear ded n how the d immigrant on mass immigrati city on. Contin journey to ue the where th Manhatta e Tenem n’s lower e ea n tM to life as th st side ey attempt useum brings th eir experie Times Sq ed to mak nce uare, befo e a better lif re enjoyin g a hit Bro e. Shop in adway sh Day 3: Ta ow. ke a guided to Headqua rters befo ur of the United N ations re visiting Museum the 9/11 to Me physical an learn exactly how the attack morial and d emotion s altered al landsca the pe of the city. Day 4: Exp lore Harl em on a S Rights T ocial Just our then ice and C enjoy som shopping ivil e fr before yo u head hom ee time and last m inute e. Day 5: Ear ly mornin g arrival in inspired. the UK, ti red and

History, Government & Politics Our range of history and politics school trips allow students to explore the great moments and pivotal periods in history from the Tudors right through to Cold War Eastern Europe. Our specialist itineraries have been proven to leave a lasting impression on students, whilst opening their eyes and bringing their subject to life.

The tour at Gettysbu rg was a particular highlight with an ou tstanding tour guide. He was not on ly knowledgeable but made the battle field site accessible for even those who hadn't studied the US Civil War. Hugely recommended! Pocklington School

Washingt on Po lit ic s It inerar y

feet ind your cts ton DC. F Washing nusual fa u in e e m d si so e arn ive Stat ur and le o T g Day 1: Arr in ed Walk on a them istorical city. is h ite about th s on a Wh s footstep e t’ n th e d in si e pre don l alk in the justice is e politcia Day 2: W see where in the land. Reliv r King e our and T st th e u se h L u ig o in H art the h where M e Court; the spot Suprem Speech. stand on ” d m n a a re ry D histo ave a minal “I H rary of gave is se ur the Lib itol and to al Declaration of p a C S U it the origin Day 3: Vis efore viewing the es. b l Archiv Congress ce at the Nationa n e d at the Indepen cal events or histori hotos at the aj m ’s ca ri live Ame time for p e. Day 4: Re with just enough ding hom m efore hea b t n e m Newseu u n o M n to Washing

ers Field In Fland hich takes visit the l w il ce w n e ts ri n e ude ctive exp orld War. Day 1: St r an intera ents of the First W fo nurse m u se vilian or e ev Mu ci th r, h ie g ld u so ro nce a th e ri of ts e n p ry e n ex stud e histo the huma follow th illustrate They can lly a re lient to in the Sa visit The of war. ents will ner, stud bling in m d u g h in ry n ve early eve mony. A es of re m e a C n e st After an o P ll th ate Last can see a l ts fu n ti e u d u Menin G ea st eb g ce where war. Som experien r lives to ery movin v ei ll th ra e st lo ov o n those wh lay and a p is d n o ure architect ce. Wood, experien anctuary on Hill 62, S g s: in a v ri re d a pres efore eteries b ur the Y Day 2: To d Langemark Cem an Tyne Cot mme. to the So al, the l Memori e Ulster Thiepva th e , th rk r a u P orial at Day 3: To land Memorial an Mem nd th Afric u o S d Newfou n a r al Towe Memori Wood. for your Delville for Calais n depart e th e g id it Vimy R Day 4: Vis e. m o h ey rn jou

Krakow Hist or y It inerar y

Day 1: Trav el by coach to the birthp and get your lace of revo bearings on lution many of th a Guided Ci e main sigh ty Tour pa ts. Climb th ssing Tower for e Montpar some great nasse views over the city. Day 2: Visit La was held du Concierge where Mar ring the Re ie-Antoine volution be tte execution, fore her gu and see whe illotine re Napoleo self-procla n the imed “son of the revolutio Les Invalid n” is buried es. at Day 3: Spen d the day ex ploring the opulence of grandeur an the palace and garden d de Versaill s at the Ch es before re ateau turning to meal in a Pa Paris to en risian restau joy a rant. Day 4: Visit the Arc de Triomphe shopping on with free ti the Champs me and your coach to return ho Elysees before you bo me. ard

Your group will receive a free pack of Imperial War Museum postcards, representing the Third Reich and The Cold War, as a souvenir of their trip to Berlin!

our and get y the of Berlin ishing at toric city n is fi h r e u o th T g into in ly lk F s. a w 1: W Day g vie rical at evenin on a histo r some gre bearings Dome fo g a st h the city by Reic affected partition tion Centre and ow h of a sense menta Day 2: Get Berlin Wall Docu round on a Berlin e erg tried to visiting th f Tears. Go und ose who ce o ories of th your day with a st e th the Pala r ur to hea Wall. End Bunker To edom under the fre r. tunnel to e e TV Tow trip up th the Stasi soner at ow olitical pri unts describes h -p ex n a co eet t-hand ac lete the Day 3: M p rs fi m o h C it . w ho nd Berlin Prison w can see a p on East kept a gri useum where you njoy free E the Stasi ! M st R a D E the D in the picture at g. e was like ll what lif latz in the evenin even sme P r e am d ts o P ome time at nd head h Charlie a t in o p . e it Check eriod to lif Day 4: Vis ght the p ally brou having re

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Day 1: Tra vel by coac h or rail in capital. E xplore Lo to the hea ndon’s war rt of the the Impe ti rial War Museum me history by visit Rooms. ing or the Ca Get some b inet War great view a ride on th s of the ci e London ty skyline Eye. on Day 2: Get behind th e scenes of visit to th eT Tudor Bri tain with Palace. Ta ower of London a or Hamp ke part in ton Court a worksh Archives op at the which allo National ws stude sources on nts to look almost ev at primar ery perio y d in British history. Day 3: A to ur of the Hou you to the heart of go ses of Parliame nt takes vernmen Supreme t while a Court intr visit to th oduces th type of ca e e Court's ses they h role and th ear, with a case taki e the oppor ng place. tunity to see Day 4: Ta ke a tour of the Lo you head ndon Du home. ngeons be fore

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Par is Hist or y It inera ry

Ber lin y C o ld War It inerar

London Hist or y & Po lit ic s It inerar y

Day 1: Land in out to the W the beautiful city of Kr ieliczka Sa akow, take a trip lt Mine on Europe. e of the olde st in Day 2: Take a guided w alking tour Kazimierz of the old Jewish Qu arter and th Factory. V e Schindler isit the Gal icia Jewis the chance h Museum to meet a H and get ol ocaust Surv with a trad itional mea ivor. Follow l and folklo this re show. Day 3: Spen d the day un ders Final Solutio n at Auschw tanding the realities of the Concentrat itz - Birke nau ion Camp. Aft day let off so me steam at er a poignant and mov ing the Wodny Waterpark . Day 4: Spen d the morni ng explorin town and sh g Krakow’s op for souv old en Cloth Hall before head irs in the market stall of ing back to the airport

e to Click her n receive a ote online qu



or and Topography of Terr e two Unterwelten are th rated. ly al things the kids re sit to vi e th They also thought worth the Sachsenhausen was ALLY liked journey, and they RE entation m the Berlin Wall docu centre." The Kings School

Ber lin, It inerar y 5 4 9 1 8 1 9 1 y n a Ger m

feet on a nfind your erlin and e Brande B th to at in g e in iv h rr is A n fi 1: r, ay u .D g To l Walkin at photos. historica r some gre fo te a G ermany at burg d life in G S controlle visiting the S e th rn how efore ments how Day 2: Lea phy of Terror b e hich docu gra Centre w t regime. Free tim l a the Topo ri o m ce Me ocialis Resistan ed the National S ing. sist even people re tz in the amer Pla tion in Potsd ncentra und on usen Co undergro chsenha a go S to to it in rl is e mbing B o b to 2 g W Day 3: V in W ore return r to experience a ef n b a p h m it a C xw Tou Bunker ilian. Rela s of a civ a Berlin e ey e th ugh raid thro bowling. meal and orial to evening ust Mem nt Holoca is pivotal city. a n ig o p it the to th Day 4: Vis enlightening trip an round off

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The app was excellen t, all members of staff downloaded the app and it made organising where we needed to be and when very easy. I would definitely recommend the app to anyone travelling wi th EST Ormiston Horizon Ac ademy

t - all Perfection throughou te, ura acc s information wa e Th ar. cle d an up to date, app is cool! South Essex College

Easily provide parents with relevant information should travel plans be affected We investigated six companies and EST provided by far the best value for money with impressive organisation and support structure. Thank you very much for making this an outstanding trip for every member of our party - Beech Hall School

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