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Art & Design Tours Our range of Art & Design trips include some of the best museums and galleries in the world, giving students an inspirational experience. Our itineraries allow students to contextualise their learning from the classroom and develop their understanding of Art, Graphic Communication and 3D Design as well as research, sketch and take photographs whilst away to document the trip.

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tiful city the beau to r a the t s ro avour of fl the Eu a rd t a e g o B d : s an uise Day 1 your bag seeing cr t p h ro ig D s . n is r of Pa Parisie Tower. Bateaux ting at the Eiffel city on a h g Seine ali along the complete would be ona is r a P to art tour to see M Day 2: No e Louvre the h t to it is av llowed by say. without s smile fo u o m e D’Or a f ’s Lisa he Muse t in s t is n impressio the ern art at d o m eum. e m sso Mus for so a e ic im P T e : h 3 t nd ative Day Centre a oaking up the cre u o id p Pom rtre s e Coeur. Montma the Sacr g in Relax in h tc e ere or sk gerie atmosph at l’Oran e s e li li r te lyse ’s wa w Monet hamps E Day 4: Vie free time on the C in e tra . by me on th o h followed k c a b u head before yo

Amsterdam It inera ry

tion-packed Our itinerary was ac sed. The but very well organi allowed timings of each day time for our students adequate so allowed us gallery visitis but al students flexibility to allow ndon. free-time around Lo Turton High School

Day 1: Arr ive in the “V and visit Rembran enice of the North ” dt's Hou by a cruis se follow e along th ed e cities fa mous can als. Day 2: Se e the Flem ish maste Rijksmu rs at the v seum, an ast d contras cutting-e t that wit dge desig h the n found in Stedelijk the Museum of Modern Art. Day 3: Se e the city from a diff perspectiv eren e through the FOAM t Photogra phy Muse um, or ex graffiti an plore its d street a rt on an A Walking lternativ Tour. e Day 4: En d your sta y with a p to Anne oig Frank’s H ouse befo nant visit home. re returnin g

Ber lin It inerar y

London It inerar y

Day 1: Arrive in Berlin, once you drop you bags get some r great views of the city from the Reichsta g Dome, desi gned by Norm Foster. an Day 2: Get an alternative vie w of this edgy urban city on a Graffiti & S treet Art tou and workshop r , or visit the n ew Urban Nation Muse um which ce lebrates urban contemporary art. Day 3: Be imm ersed in the Bauhaus-Arc hive before a look at the East Side Ga llery, the larg es t open air gallery in the world.

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Day 4: Head u p the TV Tow er for some great views be fore you leave this city at th forefront of co e ntemporary de sign.

New Yor k It inerary

the city that never Day 1: Touch down in in bags and head back up sleeps! Drop off your e th from the top of the sky for the views g! in Empire State Build imed modern art Day 2: View the accla . MA and Guggenheim collections at the MO on e Tim ow re, then it’s Sh Shop in Times Squa Broadway! ible artworks it is imposs Day 3: With 3 million ts at gh hli e collection hig to see it all, so view th rk. Pa l ra nt or sketch in Ce The Met, then relax ial t at the 9/11 Memor Day 4: Time to reflec ur yo e tic ac Liberty. Pr and see the Statue of me. ho ad he re before you photography skills he arrival in the UK, tired Day 5: Early morning and inspired!

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The Alternative Be rlin street art/graffiti experie nce was outstanding and th e best experience for both staff and students. Iceni Academy

of the into the heart il ra by l e v shop at Day 1: Tra design work a in rt a p ke ed by a capital. Ta seum follow u M rt e lb A how. Victoria & West End S a d n a l a e m pre-theatre taking the ritain before B te a T at rt Day 2: Sta down river to s boat tour exhibition City Cruise ntemporary co a w ie v to me on the Battersea Enjoy some ti . rn e d o M ondon Eye. at the Tate ride on the L a h it w t n e embankm Art Tour in ative Street rn e lt a n a ke rned Banksy Day 3: Ta rea which tu a e th , d n E the East Continue the -hold name. hi Gallery into a house e at the Saatc m e th ry ra o contemp irst et al. s by Emin, H to view work the Design ith a visit to w off d n ou back home. Day 4: R ing the train k ta re o ef b Museum

Barcel ona It inerar


Day 1: La nd in the cap After dro pping you ital of Catalonia. r bags hea sunshine d out into to explore the Las Ram blas. Day 2: Sp end the d ay viewin Barcelona g the work ’s most fa of mous son Guell to from Par La Sagra c d a Familia influence G on the cit y is all aro audi’s day eatin und. End g like a lo the cal with a Tapas me a l. Day 3: Ta ke a trip o u t of the cit Figueres y to and see t he surrea Museum l in the Da . Enjoy an li ev enjoying a dramatic ening meal while Flamenc o Show. Day 4: Se e more co nte Joan Mir o Founda mporary art at the tion befo transferr re ing to the a irport for home. your fligh t

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Travel Smart With The EST Travel App The EST Travel App is the secure on tour app for groups travelling with European Study Tours – it’s free and is personalised to your tour. Gone are the days of carrying bundles of paper. Download the app to your mobile device and you’ll have instant access to everything you’ll need whilst you’re away. Worried you’ll have no signal or concerned about data usage? It’s available offline.

We’re With You All The Way With Locate My Trip Locate My Trip is the easy, convenient way to trace your group’s location, and has been specifically designed to provide reassurance to both parents and teachers Your school can log in and locate your group’s whereabouts - where you’ve been and your current location Your school and European Study Tours can react quickly to travel issues and other events which may affect your tour plans

The app was excellen t, all members of staff downloaded the app and it made organising where we needed to be and when very easy. I would definitely recommend the app to anyone travelling wi th EST Ormiston Horizon Ac ademy

t - all Perfection throughou te, ura acc s information wa e Th ar. cle d an up to date, app is cool! South Essex College

Easily provide parents with relevant information should travel plans be affected We investigated six companies and EST provided by far the best value for money with impressive organisation and support structure. Thank you very much for making this an outstanding trip for every member of our party - Beech Hall School

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As founder members of the School Travel Forum, and Learning Outside the Classroom accredited, we are fully committed to providing the highest possible safety standards for all our customers.We adhere to rigorous safety management standards and are externally verified each year. Risk Assessments Choosing us as your travel partner will save a considerable amount of work, show due diligence and demonstrate good practice. With our experienced auditors and regular safety training, we are able to make accurate and informed decisions on the suitability of your tour components. Teacher Inspection Visits We understand the importance of being as well prepared as possible which is why we provide the perfect opportunity to explore your destination before taking your group away. We provide two nights’ accommodation for two staff for you to familiarise yourself with the hotel and perfect your itinerary. “The management team at EST are very proactive in their approach to health and safety”

We Share Our Knowledge and Experience With You Our knowledgeable and experienced team have travelled the world seeking out the essentials for your next trip and are keen to pass on other teachers’ recommendations on the best options for your group. As part of our personal service for each group leader, we give you a dedicated Tour Consultant and Tour Planner ensuring an effortless booking process. Make Your Trip Rewarding For over 35 years our trips have inspired hundreds of thousands of imaginations and have also helped students improve their attainment and reach their potential.

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“The first-hand experiences of learning outside the classrooom can help to make subjects more vivid and interesting for pupils and enhance their understanding. It can also contribute significantly to pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.” Ofsted

Talk to our experts 0330 838 4120

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