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In my opinion, excellence and perfection are concepts which everybody with an ideal should approach with modesty whilst working towards them with a stubborn passion. It may seem like walking towards a rainbow, but in our particular line of business we can approach it and meanwhile, the colours become richer and the image gains in drama. This is how we see our job in epa. We go for the ultimate excellence and perfection with all the required modesty and at the same time encourage our photographers and editors to start each new day taking one additional step towards excellence and perfection by approaching news subjects from different angles, freeing their perception to catch the human aspect of the subject they work on, welcoming their personal skills and creativity, whilst strictly respecting our journalistic mission of impartiality and objectivity. epa is a multi-cultural team of photographers and editors. Every team assignment we perform is enriched by this mixture of cultures often giving pictures an added drama, more colour, a human touch and sometimes an unexpected insight. I hope that this very small - but representative - selection figuring in this booklet will trigger your interest and that you will want to see more of our imagery and share at least a part of my passion for our product. With my best regards, Cengiz Seren

about epa The european pressphoto agency (epa) was founded by seven major Western European photo agencies and officially started on January 1, 1985. The vision of the founders was driven by the demand for an independent quality world picture service originally designed for the needs of the European media market. In 2003, epa took a second step forward and went global. Today’s epa picture service is based both on the broad network of epa’s staff photographers all over the world and on the daily production of its member agencies - - all market leaders in their respective countries. The service is managed from epa’s editorial headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. From there, a professionally edited timely selection of highly reliable and competitive international pictures are delivered to clients all over the globe. The european pressphoto agency has always been based on integrity, independence and responsibility. During the first 18 years, epa aquired an excelent reputation for its unique European photo coverage. From May 1, 2003, when epa launched its new international photo service, its strength has also been to cover global events from a different perspective. epa’s images reflect a continual commitment to reduce standard shots of pre-arranged events and to allocate a maximum of resources to creative, unique photography producing images that speak for themselves. The epa shareholders are the leading news agencies in their respective countries: ANA – Greece ANP – The Netherlands ANSA – Italy APA – Austria belga – Belgium dpa – Germany

Peter Foley

... the Photographer My Name is Peter Foley. I am a freelance photographer for epa based in New York City. I began my photojournalism career with a photo-essay project at NYFD’s Engine 54/Ladder 4, where I lived for three months shooting the daily lives of the firemen. I photographed some of these men again at the funerals of the firemen who lost their lives at the World Trade Center. I have photographed New York at its best and worst, from news to sports to entertainment.

EFE – Spain KEYSTONE – Switzerland Lusa – Portugal mti – Hungary pap – Poland

epa products the epa service The average output of the epa service is 1000 pictures per day, 40 per cent of which comes from Europe. Its production covers news, politics, sports, business, finance as well as arts, culture and entertainment. Pictures have English captions. The service is managed 24/7 from epa’s editorial headquarters in Frankfurt. the epa archive epa’s digital archive contains 2.400.000 images dating back to 1997. The archive includes images older than seven days that have been previously transmitted in the epa service. Editor‘s Choice epa emails its Editor‘s Choice of epa Photo Highlights to its clients and subscribers. The Editor‘s Choice is a daily selection of the most striking images of our world-wide newspicture service, available in English and in Arabic language. Photo Stories Up to three stories a week with an accompanying text that can be published on a standalone basis. Each photo story contains an average of 15 pictures drawn from epa’s daily news photo service, epa archives and third party data bases. Each photo story text contains some 150 words.

Guillaume Horcajuelo ... the Photographer

My Name is Guillaume Horcajuelo. I am a staff photographer for epa, based in Montpellier, France. I do all types of coverage for epa in France, among them Cannes Film Festival, Tour de France, Tennis French Open, and political and economic subjects. epa portfolios viewable at:

epa products epa photo gallery epa provides a daily selection of the most significant photos from all over the world divided into three different sections (according to topic); an average of 15 photos per category, per day (seven days a week).: - News: a selection of current events - Sports: a selection of the best sports pictures - Entertainment: a selection of images from Cinema, Theatre, Dance, Festivals, Music, and Fashion epa Picture of the Day epa editors choose the most outstanding image of the day (seven days a week). Each photo has an English caption of at least 60 words. epa Partner Collections In addition to the epa archives, a wider variety of images of epa‘s partner collections is available online in the epa webgate.

Larry W. Smith

... the Photographer My Name is Larry W. Smith. I am a contract photographer for epa in Mid-West, USA. I cover professional sports for epa in the United States, along with covering national breaking news and natural disasters. I spent time in New Orleans covering the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in 2005 as well as the following three hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico in the following years. I also spent a good deal of time covering the 2008 United Presidential Election. This Ice Hockey photo was taken at the end of the 2010 Winter Olympics Gold Medal Hockey game between Canada and the United States. This was the celebration with teammates after Canada hockey player Sidney Crosby (lower left) scored the winning goal to win the Gold Medal for his team and country. I shot the picture with a wide angle lens holding it up high through the glass as the players crowded together.

epa portfolios viewable at:

epa creative epa provides an outstanding collection of stock photos, comprising of images of nature and animals, culture, colours, cityscapes, faith, landmarks, offbeat, sports, public figures and industry. Our team of experienced editors carefully selects these images, placing the emphasis on quality and the multiple concepts these images can convey for use in illustrations, advertising, blogs and as prints. Richly and imaginatively photographed, these stock photos offer a wide selection from around the globe. Our online data base houses thousands of stock photos searchable through the epa webgate. Additionally, with our Yuri Arcurs partner collection we offer stock photography with a great variety of model-released high quality stock photos from our partner collection, Yuri Arcurs. The collection contains some 25,000 images from the categories lifestyle, leisure, business, health, science, welfare, people, emotion, food and drink, fashion, sport, conceptual, objects and abstract.

epa customer service epa stands for the highest level of customer service, user-friendliness and reliability. Our emphasis is on personalized attention. Our special assignment service offers a world-wide network of experienced professional photographers who produce fresh and unique views according to client needs. Our highly client-oriented customer service desk in Frankfurt is available to satisfy special research requests from our epa service and archives, as well as those from epa shareholder and partners. We have earned a reputation for outstanding service and take pride in our customer relations.

Srdjan Suki

... the Photographer I was born in 1967 in Belgrade Serbia, where I am a currently based as an epa staff photographer. I began my career in 1998 working for local Serbian newspapers. I have been stationed in Paris and then Prague as chief photographer for Serbia-Montenegro. I have covered everything from breaking news and conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, the war in Iraq, to G8 Summits, the Pope, World Cup and Euro Cup soccer, and many other sporting events around the world. I now cover the full Formula One Grand Prix circuit. This photo of Schumacher‘s racing car was taken during the Monaco GP in 2010. I used a wide angle lens and a long exposure.

epa portfolios viewable at:

contact european pressphoto agency b.v. Am Hauptbahnhof 16 60329 Frankfurt am Main Germany Phone: +49 69 244 321 800 Fax: +49 69 244 321 809 epa presentation 2010 sales: Phone: +49 69 244 321 866

editorial: Phone: +49 69 244 321 822

president & CEO: Jรถrg Schierenbeck Editor-in-Chief: Cengiz Seren A local villager passes by a burning field in the village of Polyaki-Maydani, Ryazan region, Russia, 09 August 2010. epa / Maxim Shipenkov Rafael Nadal in action against Ukranian Oleksandr Dolgopolov during his Madrid Masters 1000 tournament at the Caja Magica tennis Center in Madrid, center of Spain 12 May 2010. epa / Emilio Naranjo A rusted Wall Street sign is seen on the Lexington Avenue subway line in New York, USA, 07, May 2010. epa / Peter Foley US actress Eva Longoria (L) and Indian actress Aishwarya Rai (R) arrive for the screening of the movie Tournee (On Tour) during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, 13 May 2010. epa / Guillaume Horcajuelo An elderly woman is treated at an improvised hospital in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, 19 January 2010. epa / David Fernandez Canadian hockey player Sidney Crosby (L) celebrates with teammates after their win over the U.S. in overtime to win the Gold Medal at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, in Vancouver, Canada, 28 February 2010. epa / Larry W. Smith An aerial picture taken on board of an Hungarian Defence Forces helicopter shows a colourful landscape near Onga 194 kms northeast of Budapest, Hungary, 09 June 2010. epa / Sandor H. Szabo German Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Mercedes GP in action during the second training session at Monte Carlo circuit in Monaco 13 May 2010. epa / Srdjan Suki Models prepare for the Jen Awad show during Fashionweek LA in Los Angeles, California, USA, 12 October 2009. epa / Sean Masterson

The World from a Different Angle

epa brochure 2010 - 2011  

This brochure gives you a further insight into epa european pressphoto agency -founded by seven major Western European photo agencies in 198...

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