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OPEN SCHOOLS OF ATHENS BB&R, HRYO & AKEP explore Open Schools of Athens

Greek youngsters discover migration policies

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The Open Schools is a p ro g ra m m e i m p l e m e n t e d directly by the City of Athens. The main objective of the initiative is to create meeting centres where young migrants and refugees can develop recreational, cultural, educational and sports activities with the local community.

! European Migration Policies arriva a Page 2 Palermo

In this sense, the City of Athens is constantly monitoring the situation of migrant people regarding their needs and, at the same time, to prevent any situation of marginalisation.

On the other hand, the local community has the opportunity to submit proposals to develop actions in the framework of Open Schools. In this regard, the activities must appeal to residents of the local community, have clear aims, be consistent with the priorities of the community, and be free of charge.


Discover more about Open Schools of Athens.

Inmigracionalismo se hace presente en Page 2 Salamanca Photos: Open Schools of Athens




Greek youngsters discover migration policies AKEP held a session with young people in Athens to raise awareness of the current migratory situation, present them different European Migration Policies and exchange views on the inclusion of young migrants and refugees in their localities.


View the results in the Infographic Handbook.

European Migration Policies arriva a Palermo HRYO ha svolto a Palermo una sessione con i giovani per sensibilizzarli sul Programma Erasmus Plus, sull'attuale situazione migratoria e per

Inmigracionalismo se hace presente en Salamanca BB&R celebró en Salamanca una sesión con personas jóvenes para dar a conocer la situación migratoria actual y presentarles políticas europeas migratorias.

presentare loro le politiche migratorie rintracciate a livello europeo.


Questo incontro ha permesso ai partecipanti di commentare le politiche selezionate, condividere i loro bisogni, idee e visioni sull'inclusione di giovani migranti e rifugiati.

Las personas jóvenes destacaron Inmigracionalismo como la política más innovadora en relación a su temática.


Al mismo tiempo, también pudieron elaborar su propia propuesta de política para la inclusión de jóvenes migrantes y refugiados en Salamanca.

This project has been funded with support from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. This newsletter reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


10. Newsletter - November 2018 - European Migration Policies  
10. Newsletter - November 2018 - European Migration Policies