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For our interior design project we chose to design a whole room. With the four of us, we have made a decorated room. We liked the idea of designing a modern room and since we all are girls, we designed a mix of a bedroom and a living room for girls. In this room we made a sofa and bed in 1, you can flip the front side of the sofa and.. There you go, a bed where you can sleep! There is also a wardrobe, a puff and a pedestal cupboard with beautiful flowers on it. Beside that, we can’t miss a mirror in a girls room, so we placed a big mirror on the wall. Since girls like to watch soaps, a tv can’t be missing. There is also a coloured carpet, because we really wanted to add some more colours in the room, otherwise it would be a bit boring we think. We hope that you will like our room, enjoy!


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