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Hello! This is Antonella Russo introducing Mr Lanfranco Giannitelli, a teacher of the secondary school, and his class. They did a work about Christmas. These students are 13 years old. They wrote articles about how they spend Christmas time: what they eat, the games they play‌ Their teacher took pictures of them drawing, writing and making some posters. This is a way to send you our best wishes for Christmas!

Miola Federica Brigante Simona Cavallo Piera Francesca Andriulli Emanuele Botrugno Cristian CHRISTMAS Â I like Christmas because I can stay with my relatives, I play cards with them, I eat a lot of dessert. In Italy we put Christmas tree in the living room and decorate it with lights, tinsels and Christmas multicoloured balls. There are also Christmas lights in the street. We usually set-up the crib.

On Christmas Day, the children open the presents. We wish a happy Christmas to our relatives and friends. At mid-day we have a huge Christmas lunch. We eat roast lasagne, roast lamb, green salad, fruits, nuts, cakes, panettone, sparkling wine and coffee. In the afternoon we stay with friends. Â On Boxing Day we stay with friends and we have fun.

On 31 st December we organise a huge New Years's Eve dinner with family and friends. We eat oysters, lentils and cotechino sausage, ravioli with a meat filling, salmon. Ad midnight to celebrate the New Year we shoot fireworks and we drink sparkling wine and panettone. To wait the arriving of the New Year, we play bingo.

On 1 st January we use to make an enormus lunch with all the relatives and our friends. We play cards with them or we go out together.  On 6 th January, Epiphany Day, the children open their stockings from Befana. Then, we go to the church to remind the arrival of the Magi. We have lunch with relatives.  


On 8 th December, in Italy, we put a Christmas tree and we decorate it with lights and Christmas balls and we set-up the crib. The streets are lighted with Christmas lights. On 24 th we usually go to Midnight Mass. On 25 th children soon run under the tree to see Father Christmas gifts. On this day, our mums spend all morning in the kitchen to make a big lunch or a big dinner: we usually eat roast lasagne, roast turkey, lamb, selt cod and our Christmas puddings are “panettone”, “cartellate” and “pettole”. During this period we usually play “tombola”, cards above-all on New Year’s Eve. On 31 st December we usually look at fireworks and we celebrate last minutes of the old year. On 6 th January is Epiphany and the children open their stockings. Ramundo Miriana Benedetto Davide Mormando Maria Isabella Tudosa Roberta  

CHRISTMAS IN ITALY I love Christmas because it is the most important religious festival in Italy. I usually do Christmas tree with my family. I decorate it especially with the lights. I always put a star on the top of Christmas tree, it is very beautiful. The streets have a lot of decorations on Christmas. My crib is big, there is: the Child Holy Infant, the Virgin Mother, Giuseppe, the ox and the donkey. My parents put presents under the tree because my sister believes in Father Christmas. He comes down the chimney to give the presents to children. During December I play “tombola” with my family . It is funny. My family make a cake with fruit. I see my relatives on Christmas Day and I stay with them. Mum and I go to the church for Midnight Mass. I wear Christmas hat to joke . I open my presents very early on Christmas morning because I’m very busy in the afternoon. After that, I have a Christmas dinner, I eat a lot of things: pasta and tomato, roast meat, salad and sausage… I eat “ panettone” for dessert. In the night I play Christmas games : “scopa”,”cambio”,”briscola”… With my family and finally I go to bed late. Giannuzzi Alessandro Romeo Francesca



Christmas in Italy  

13year old students from Italy prepared special Christmas edition of e-twinning newspaper to present and share their traditions with Polish...

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