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Europan 13 results This book is published in the context of the thirteenth session of Europan Head of publication DIDIER REBOIS, Secretary General of Europan Editorial secretary FRANÇOISE BONNAT, Europan Europe responsible of Europan publications Authors CARLOS ARROYO, linguist, architect, urbanist, Carlos Arroyo Arquitecto, teacher, Madrid (ES) AGLAÉE DEGROS, architect, Artgineering in Rotterdam/Brussels (NL/BE), teacher Brussels (BE) JULIO DE LA FUENTE, architect, urbanist, Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos, teacher, Madrid (ES) JENS METZ, architect, urbanist, Plattformberlin, teacher, Berlin (DE) DIDIER REBOIS, architect, teacher, General Secretary of Europan, Paris (FR) MATHIAS ROLLOT, Dr. in Architecture, teacher, Paris (FR) SOCRATES STRATIS, Dr. in Architecture, urbanist, ‘AA & U For Architecture, Art and Urbanism’, teacher, Nicosia (CY) CHRIS YOUNÈS, philosopher, anthropologist, teacher at the ESA school of architecture, Founder and member of the Gerphau research laboratory, Paris (FR) English translation FREDERIC BOURGEOIS JOHN CRISP Graphic design and layout LÉA ROLLAND Printing UAB BALTO PRINT (Vilnius, Lithuania) Edited by EUROPAN EUROPE Palais de Tokyo 13 av. du Président Wilson 75116 Paris France


E13 Results Catalogue  

The Adaptable City: Self-Organization - Sharing - Project (Process) 150 projects on 49 sites + national and international analyses

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