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To establish ourselves as a trustworthy, ethical company that cares about its employees. To communicate our values to our clients, suppliers and competitors, in a spirit of great innovation. To be able to sell more than merely flights. To sell the experience of flying. 'The skies, with us’


To be a model of excellence in the market through our outstanding working practices in company management practices which are based on the client/supplier relationship, leadership, perseverance, methods and results. To rely on the involvement of people, on continuous improvement, innovation and social responsibility.







VALUES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Commitment Improvement Development We desire to develop steadily both at the general level of the organization and at an individual level. Constant renewal of the practices, applications and formulas employed by our sector and its leaders enables us continually to evolve and learn. Development through training provision, our knowledge-sharing working culture, and the commitment of people in full professional growth help us to provide exceptional value.

VALUES EXCELLENCE Quality Perfectionism Leadership

We pursue the highest levels of quality and distinction in our business through outstanding working practices and continuous improvement. This philosophy permeates the entire Europair universe - it informs communication, people management, social responsibility and so on. We strive to be extraordinary in everything we do and we take pride in exceeding expectations through our professional ability.

VALUES COMMITMENT Alliance Compliance Dedication

We must be permanently committed to ensuring that each and every element of our organization contributes responsibly to the value chain of Europair. To turning our jobs into a passion that secures the working relationships between our clients, our suppliers and ourselves. To overcoming obstacles and to celebrate successes, together. To sharing information, ideas and knowledge.

VALUES ETHICS Honesty Respect Doing things properly We conduct business in a respectful and responsible manner, adhering to and insisting on compliance with the legal and moral standards of both society and the relevant authorities, with regard to our clients, suppliers, competitors, employees, shareholders, the wider community and the environment. We act to avoid any conflict between personal interests and any company involved in our business.

VALUES INNOVATION Flexibility Proactivity Agility

We welcome and investigate new ideas from a global perspective, promoting them and adding value. We take the initiative, we exercise our flexibility to adapt and to discover and exploit business opportunities before our competitors. We find continuous improvement stimulating and we are always on the lookout for ideas, solutions and smarter ways of working.

We've found a source of inspiration in the world of the birds. We identify with its values and characteristics, which allow us to give you an understanding of our business philosophy.

Vision, Mission and Values of Europair  
Vision, Mission and Values of Europair