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GREEN VILLAGE Located in Sfantu Gheorghe, where the Danube meets the Black Sea, Green Village Resort means both a seaside vacation and a getaway in the heart of the Delta.



GREEN VILLAGE A warm welcome

Your vacation starts in Murighiol, where our

dedicated staff will take you to 4* Green Village Resort in Sfantu Gheorghe. We are commited to deliver any means of transportation, suitable to your needs, so you can rely on our private helicopter or boat to arrive at the remote complex. Nature will envale you as you ride along the canals and the fresh air will clear your mind, from the very beginning of your vacation, giving you the unique experience you were looking for. Green Village is not only part of nature, but also nature itself - the architecture is keeping in touch with the local style, the materials are sustainable and 100% eco and Danube friendly. Green Village Resort offers a feeling of intimacy and an emotionally intelligent approach to service. We are commited to take travel experiences to the next level, by setting high standards in accommodation, outdoor activities, relaxation and meditation, all in the magical setting of the Danube Delta.


The Danube, the second largest river of the continent, builds, when approaching the Black Sea, one of the most beautiful deltas in Europe and even the world, known as one of the most humid areas on the planet.


he large areas of water and land that were formed here, give good living conditions for numerous species of plants and animals. Of these, here you can find one of the most compact reed surfaces. Visiting the Danube Delta, you can say that the impressive diversity of habitats and life forms that are hosted in a relatively small area, this is a real museum of biodiversity, a natural gene bank of natural haritage.

FLORA The largest wetland in Europe, including one of the largest expanses of reed in the world, Delta is dominated by reed that forms fixed or floating islands of vegetation. It is compounded by other riparian plants and plaur: reed, water fern, watercress, mint frog, water hemlock, sedges, mint, knot grass, dwarf willow. Sand areas of the Delta are covered with grass and other steppe species: white willow, poplar, alder, ash, mixed woods on the banks. Water surface is populated by numerous species of plants with floating leaves : white lily , grass frogs, sickle and others.

FAUNA In Delta there are over 110 species of fish. A special place among the Danube Delta fishes is occupied by sturgeons: mackerels, sturgeon, from which caviar and freshwater sturgeon. Among the migratory fishes, the most important is the herring. Other highly appreciated by anglers fish are carp, crucian carp, rapacious carp, roach, tench. In the delta live over 327 species of birds, representing 81 % of Romania’s avifauna. Also, here lies the largest colony of pelicans in Europe. Pelicans, the egrets, swans, cormorants, herons, ducks and wild geese. Aquatic birds include several main types: strictly stenotope, types that live amongst reed, types that live on land, types that live on marine shores and accessory species, which integrate in the aquatic fauna: the nightingale, finches, plus ,during the nesting season, ducks, cormorants and herons . The best time for bird watching is April-May and June-September. The best places to admire the birds are on the lakes near the Danube Delta.


Green Village Resort covers an area of 30,000 sqm with it’s pavilionar volumetry. According to you needs, here you can spend your wonderful vacation in villas, bungalows or 1-room camping units. The decoration, of inconspicuous luxury, is distinguished by passion for detail. 7.

89 accommodation units of which 30 apartments with 1 double room and 1 living 1 apartment with 2 double room and 1 living 50 double rooms 8 superior double rooms

The apartments on the ground floor consist of a comfortable living room of about 20 sqm, with an

intimate corner for recreation. The living room features a 15 sqm terrace overlooking the lakes, so you feel part of the nature although you are indoors. Also, upstairs there is a spacious bedroom of about 30 sqm. The highclass interior design brings the colour of the delta through the colonial furniture and the paneled walls, with rough linen drapes. For your comfort, all the rooms feature a minibar and air conditioning, to better spend the warm sunny days in the Danube Delta. At Green Village the villas are overlooking the Danube lakes and canals and from the spacious apartment terrace you can admire them. Amongst the plants here, wild ducks nest, which you can watch while enjoying your coffee. Our guests can dine on the terraces of the three restaurants, which have a capacity of 240 people inside and 100 people on the terrace, looking at the infinite river and the sea. A great place to dine is also the lawn with shade reed, located on the lake. Our chefs can prepare tasty fish or meat-based dishes, to your liking. Don’t forget about the three bars, where you can enjoy drinks, in a large variety, for all tastes.


in the Danube Delta Outdoor activities are an important part of any vacation, especially one at a resort so remote as Green Village.


he great setting of Green Village, in the middle of the Danube Delta’s natural environment, is perfect for a various pallet of activities - wheather you enjoy water sports, land sports or relaxing with a nice yoga exercise at sunrise, at Green Village Resort we are commited to offer you the most unforgettable outdoor experiences. Take a look at Danube Delta’s traditionional activities, like fishing and the wonderful culture that has been growing around this timeless occupation. One of the most interesting aspect of the danubian culture is the fish-based cuisine. At Green Village you can take the cooking class organized by our trained staff and you will learn about the principles of romanian cooking, so you can take some of the magic back home with you.

If you’re passionate about cooking and you want to learn about romanian cuisine, at Green Village you can take cooking classes, organized by our trained staff.

Given the beautiful scenery, where river meets sea, it would be a shame if you wouldn’t take a boat ride on the Danube’s canals, lakes or far on the Black Sea.

Fishing is one of the oldest occupations in the Danube Delta. It is a tradition to fish in the delta, but only during the accessible seasons, to protect the environment.

Green Village is located in the middle of nature, offering you the perfect setting for your yoga exercises. You will not forget this amazing experience.

At Green Village, you can go windsurfing, waterskiing, snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, wakeboarding - a large diveristy of water sports.

The warm weather of the Danube Delta, the fresh air and the large spread of water and vegetation are the best ingredients to a succesfull paragliding experience.


HIGHLIGHTS Discover one of the most beautiful natural places in the world, where the Danube meets the Black Sea. Green Village Resort combines adventure and wild nature with relaxation and confort, in a unique holiday realm: the Danube Delta paradise.


s you arrive at Green Village 4* Resort, you will be introduced in the resort philosophy - relaxation and well-being in a unique atmosphere and scenery. Feel free to enjoy Green Village’s highlights tennis court, swimming pool, indor cinema and many more. Come and discover all of them!


reen Village Resort is set in a picturesque area of the Danube Delta, less than 2 km from the Black Sea. Outdoor activities are most recommended here and Green Village can deliver the best ways to spend your time in the fresh danubian air - an outdoors pool, tennis courts and on-site playground for children. You can enjoy our à la carte restaurant with an international menu, a beach bar and an outdoor terrace. Also, we grow our own vegetables in our organic garden, to bring you fresh dishes everyday. Indoors you will be swept off your feet with relaxation in our Spa&Wellness Center. If you are a movie fan, you will love our indoor and outdoor cinema.

Green Village has a large variety of highlights that makes us the best resort in the Danube Delta. Outdoor and indoor services cover spa&wellness, fitness, tennis courts, organic garden and many more.



EVENTS At Green Village 4* Resort we gathered the facilities you need to have a memorable teambuilding experience or the 50th birthday of your dreams.

in the magical setting of Green Village you can have the wedding of your dreams

join us in the summer for the “Anonimul” Film Festival, when all the film buffs come together in the middle of the nature


e know how important different events are in everybody’s life - so we offer the setting and the facilities to take that wedding proposal and turn it into the most beautiful day of your life. Also, at Green Village we offer the possibility to meet your business needs with our three conference rooms - room 1 - 120 seats, room 2 - 60 seats and room 3 - 40 seats. Don’t forget about the club, where you have access to wireless internet, a library and a pool table. Surelly you’ve heard of “Anonimul” Film Festival, which takes place at Green Village every summer, in August. This is an important occasion to gather film stars, directors, movie fans, in one magical place, to enjoy a good midnight projection in the clean fresh air of the Danube Delta. “Anonimul” is not only a film festival, but a social and cultural event, with creative ramifications - one of them, which we are particularly proud of, is the painting camp. You can admire the works of the ones who attended the camp in Green Village’s halls and club - in Sfantu Gheorghe the inspiration is endless.

ATTRACTIONS NEARBY The Danube Delta is located in Dobrogea region of Romania, filled with historical and cultural importance. Many populations settled here, leaving a large heritage buildings, traditions, names.


ostly, a colonized region, the romanian seaside is the most thriving tourist area in the country. Today tourism is the main economic activity of the coast: in July 2008, there were 249 hotels on the romanian seaside. History tells us about the many nationalities that settled in the Dobrogea region of Romania throughout the centuries - the Greek fleets and armies in the VI - IV century BC (who founded the colonies Histria, Callatis and Tomis), the Persians, the Romans and other invasions of migratory populations, followed by Ottoman


s it is historically attestet, Constanta is the oldest city in Romania. The first document dates from 657 BC, when the peninsula formed a Greek colony called Tomis. The city was conquered by the Romans in 71 BC and in the 13th century this region was dominated by Italian merchants, who helped develop the city. Subsequently, Constanta came under ottoman domination and began to thrive after the construction of the Cernavoda-Constanta


railway, in 1865.



The Danube Delta - natural monument, UNESCO reservation, home to hundreds of species of fish and birds.

The Roman edifice - built in the 4th century AD. Originally featuring a 2,000 sqm mosaic, today the mosaic measures only 700 sqm enough to infer that we are facing a major port construction.

The Razim - Sinoe Lagoon - measures an area of 135,6 sqm. On the shore of the lagoon you can find Histria’s ancient ruins The Bat Cave - located 50 km from Constanta, near Gura Dobrogei village. Here were documented numerous testimonies of human activity, dating back to the paleolitic period. Also, here are optimal conditions for bats, which gave the cave it’s name.

The old mosque - built in 1867 in the moorish style, it is the oldest moslem structure in Constanta. The Carol Mosque - built in 1910, also in the moorish style. The Casino - built in 1909, on the peninsula, it is the most representative art-nouveau monument in Romania.

SPECIAL OFFERS & facilities For our clients we make all the efforts to offer a relaxing experience at Green Village, hoping that you will visit us again. We set the highest standards and our goal is to satisfy all your needs.

RESTAURANT Lunch - 16 euro/pers Dinner - 17 euro/pers

EARLY BOOKING 10% discount for season * Until April 30th * The discounts applied in this section are for entirely prepaid and irredeemable reservations.

FACILITIES Children with ages between: 0-5.99 years 100% discount for accommodation & meals 6-13.99 years 50% discount for meals

TRANSPORTATION FAST Green Village boat: Murighiol - Sfantu Gheorghe programme: 12-13h, 17-18h daily duration: 55 minutes capacity: 90 people Sfantu Gheorghe - Murighiol programme: 11-16h daily duration: 60 minutes capacity: 90 people PRIVATE Green Village boat: Murighiol - Sfantu Gheorghe duration: 60 min capacity: 1-5 people Sfantu Gheorghe - Murighiol duration: 65 min capacity: 1-5 people


ake a piece of Green Village and Sfantu Gheorghe with you in our souvenir shop you will find a large selection of postcards and souvenirs with beautiful images from the delta. This way you remember your stay and maybe, you will visit us again.

Many people who live in Sfantu Gheorghe are happy to take you on a boat ride on the lakes and canals of Danube Delta. Also, don’t miss other interesting cultural events in Sfantu Gheorghe, like the Delta Festival and local customs, mostly built around religious holidays. So check your agenda and feast yourself in the unique delta culture.

If you want to come with your own boat, you have free access to the Marina Complex, affilieted with Green Village. The access to the recreational craft in the Danube Delta is made by ARBDD Tulcea, where you can get your authorization.

Green Village Resort 4*, Danube Delta, Sfantu Gheorghe  
Green Village Resort 4*, Danube Delta, Sfantu Gheorghe