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What Has Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine To Do With My Health?

What is nutritional medicine?

What does  “orthomolecular” stand for?

Healthcare professionals of all special areas deal with the question “How does food influence our organism?” Initially, they wanted to find out better treatment possibilities for metabolic disorders like, for example, diabetes. Meanwhile, nutritional medicine has become a vast field of research that studies the connection between nutrition, metabolism, genetic disposition and health.

The expression “orthomolecular” was created by the two-times Nobel prize laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling. In 1968, he described his idea in the professional journal Science with the words: “Orthomolecular medicine is the preservation of good health by varying the concentrations in the human body of substances that are normally present in the body, and that are required for health”

The official appeals and campaigns for a healthier diet arose from the knowledge that dietary habits also may lead to civilization diseases. Today, nutritional medical treatment forms have been established in many medical fields alongside with medical and physical therapies. Nutritional medicine incorporates nutrition into the treatment of diseases.

With our nutrition, we do not only take in the energy suppliers protein, fat and carbohydrates. Along with these so called macronutrients, our food includes many other substances like vitamins and trace elements. As the body requires these substances in smaller quantities, they are called micronutrients. Orthomolecular nutritional medicine counts on the targeted intake of micronutrients. Micronutrients do not follow the watering-can principle or the motto “more helps more”. Instead, considering nutritional and medical knowledge, usefully combined compositions are developed which are especially tailored to particular needs or diseases. Orthomolecular methods improve the body’s supply with micronutrients.



Which micronutrients are used? Altogether the human body needs more than 40 different micronutrients. Ranking among them:

substances are healthy for people, one should eat an abundance of multicolored fruit and vegetables.

Vitamins There are 13 different compounds that are vitally important. The lack of only one single vitamin in the diet for a substantial period leads to deficiency symptoms and sickness. Many vitamins can be destroyed by heat or light.

Amino acids Amino acids are the building blocks for all proteins in the body. The body is able to build several amino acids itself but others must be ingested through the diet.

Minerals Minerals such as, for example, calcium and magnesium are responsible, among others, for the functioning of body cells. They serve as building blocks for bones and teeth and play a crucial role in our nervous system and metabolism. Essential fatty acids Since the body needs these materials but cannot create them itself, they were formerly collectively labelled as vitamin F.  Today different forms are known, such as omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids. They are components of cell membranes (e. g. nerves) and build pre-stages of hormone-like messenger substances. Phytonutrients Plants create e. g. colors, scents or flavors. These combinations, from which the plant does not generate energy directly, are called “secondary”. As many of these


Probiotics and Prebiotics Probiotics are live bacteria cultures with a beneficial impact on our gut flora and on the immune system. Prebiotics are indigestible dietary fibers and promote the growth of useful bacteria in the gut. Orthomol products include all those substances that are safe and useful to the body.

Vitamins Probiotics and Prebiotics Minerals Trace Elements

Amino Acids Essential Fatty Acids



Who is Orthomol? When the family-owned company Orthomol was founded in 1991, orthomolecular products were completely unknown in Germany. Healthcare professionals and pharmacists immediately appreciated the strictly scientific orientation and the high quality demand of the products and thus contributed to the unprecedented success of the young company. Today, we are the market leader with Orthomol in our segment and produce more than 20 different products. More than 400 “Orthomolists� in Langenfeld and the Rhine area are committed to spreading the idea of the orthomolecular nutritional medicine. Orthomol is a conviction that is contagious.

We accept our specific competence in the field of nutritional medicine to be our mission. We are convinced that the concept of orthomolecular nutritional medicine can improve the quality of life of many people and spread this conviction authentically outside: We prefer investing in competent employees rather than in blatant advertising. This is good for the quality of our products as well as for our service. Our offer of information for healthcare professionals and customers is extraordinary: Whoever calls us, does not speak with a call centre but with an Orthomol employee. Medical questions are answered by our own doctors and natural scientists. Whether customer magazine, literature report or training course – we provide to everybody exactly the sort of information required. Let us convince you! Orthomol. We value your health.



What is so special about Orthomol products? We owe it to our conviction to create the best products: at a high scientific level and with outstanding quality. Orthomol is the first company in its segment to produce according to the standards of highest quality. On this, General Manager Dr. Michael Schmidt: “We are well aware of our responsibility towards our customers. To justify the confidence that customers have in our products, Orthomol produces with extraordinary diligence and care.”

We are far ahead of the legal regulations in the field of quality assurance. Already in 2006 we let ourselves certify by TÜV Rheinland (Technischer Überwachungsverein / Technical Inspection Authority) according to the most recent international standard of quality assurance especially for the food industry (DIN EN ISO 22000). This is, at present, the highest level of quality assurance. Experts estimate that less than 100 companies in Germany work according to this standard. The new standard demands the regular control of all links of our production chain – from the supplier of raw materials to the forwarding agent. Sensitive steps in the production process which might affect the quality and the safety of our products (e. g. impurities) are analyzed and especially monitored beforehand. We believe that this principle of quality assurance by prevention complies perfectly with orthomolecular nutritional medicine. Orthomol’s quality is unbeatable.


Full control without any gaps

Supplier of raw material




Sells raw materials like e. g. vitamin C or fish oil

Processes raw materials into tablets, capsules, powder or drinkable liquids

Combines tablets, capsules, powder and liquids to products and packs them to daily dosages

Relies on Orthomol’s quality

• Orthomol only buys mate- rials at the highest purity level • The supplier must present a detailed analysis certificate • The information is verified in the lab

• Orthomol predetermines the recipe and checks its strict observance • Orthomol carefully checks the entire production pro- cess at the manufacurer’s premises

• Undergoes regular inspec tions from TÜV inspectors • Holds back samples of all incoming goods • Checks each step of the production chain up to the final product

• Customer services through our own well-qualified employees • Training and seminars for pharmaceutical staff • Documentation and analy- sis of customers’ feedback





Is the fish oil free of heavy metals?

Are the hygiene trainings carried out correctly?

Are the instructions for intake understood correctly?

Does the grain size of the powders meet the Orthomol standards?

Is all test data correctly recorded?

How much force should one need to open a ready-todrink vial?

Are all incoming goods checked without any gaps?

Guaranteed traceability of the product


Is the sports product absolutely free from doping relevant substances?

Are customers satisfied with the taste? Is the packaging resistant enough throughout the transport?

Guaranteed traceability of the product


The Orthomol product overview Orthomol products are available in five different forms to suit your individual habits.

Immune System

Ready-to-drink vials

For the dietary management of nutrition-related immune deficiencies, for example after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Chewable tablets


Dry granules


Orthomol速 Immun

Orthomol速 Immun junior

For the dietary management of frequently recurrent infections (such as middle-ear infections, common colds) in children from the age of four.

Orthomol速 Immun pro

For the dietary management of disturbances of the gut flora (irritable bowel syndrome) and the gut-associated immune system (in the case of allergies, or after chemotherapy or radiation therapy, after taking antibiotics).


Stress-Related Diseases


Orthomol® Vital f

Orthomol® Arthro plus

For the dietary management of women with chronic fatigue, burnout syndrome and stress-related diseases with a metabolic disorder.

For the dietary management of osteoarthritic joint changes.

Orthomol® Vital m

Orthomol® Rheumat

For the dietary management of rheumatoid arthritis. For the dietary management of men with chronic fatigue, burn-out syndrome and stress-related diseases with a metabolic disorder.


Bones Orthomol® Osteo

Orthomol® Audio For the dietary management of osteoporosis. For the dietary management of stress-related inner ear disorders, in particular sudden hearing loss and tinnitus.





Orthomol® Sport

Orthomol® Vision AMD

Food supplement for athletes to support their physical performance, resistance, and regeneration.

For the dietary management of age-related eye diseases such as agerelated macular degeneration or age-related cataracts.

Heart & Vessels

Orthomol® AMD extra

Orthomol® Cardio For the dietary management of patients with advanced age-related macular degeneration. For the dietary management of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as arteriosclerosis/coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure.

Orthomol® Diabet

Menopausal Symptoms Orthomol® Femin

For the dietary management of menopausal symptoms.

For the dietary management of diabetic microangiopathies, for example diabetic retinopathy.

Orthomol® Glaukom

For the dietary management of people suffering from glaucoma.



Who can answer further questions? Preparing for a baby, pregnancy and lactation Orthomol® Fertil plus

For the dietary management of male fertility disorders.

Orthomol Service Line: +49 2173 9059-0 Email: Further information can be found as well under

Orthomol® Natal

Food supplement for women before, during and after pregnancy.

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We Value Your Health.

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