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Advantages of Scrap Plastic Recycling In Brisbane

“Recycling takes little effort on your part, for a big difference to our world�

Energy conservation Recycling scrap plastic requires less amount of energy than manufacturing new plastic from virgin polymer. The estimated energy saved by recycled plastic is 40 % - 60% depending on the type of plastic being recycled

Natural resource conservation Scrap plastic recycling preserves the finite resources on earth. It is estimated that, recycling one ton of plastic conserves up to 16 barrels of oil.

Saves Environment Plastic contains corrosive elements and harmful minerals that pollute both soil and the environment. Recycling these plastic scraps reduces the amount of wastes in landfills and the intensity of toxic minerals released to the soil.

Economic Benefits

The recycling business is fairly labor-intensive, and many independent studies have shown that it contributes tens of billions of dollars to the country’s gross domestic product.

With so many clear benefits, it’s no wonder that scrap plastic recycling has taken off in a big way. From now, don’t throw away the future of our planet, simply find a company such as Eurokey Recycling and sell your scrap there. To know more, Email: Phone: +61-07-32835918 Or, click here

Advantages of Scrap Plastic Recycling in Brisbane  

Got scrap plastic? Decided to dump it in landfill? Dumping it in landfill effects the environment which indirectly affects your family, so i...

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