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Turkish aquaculture production approaches capture ďŹ sheries’ output

Black Sea salmon may be next success story Turkey is indeed fortunate with its water resources. Not only is the country surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea, but it also has an extensive network of rivers as well as dam lakes and other inland water bodies. As a result, Turkey can boast capture ďŹ sheries both marine and inland, and farmed ďŹ sh production in the sea and in freshwater.


otal production from fisheries and aquaculture in Turkey has hovered around 630,000 tonnes over the nine years

to 2018 with a low of 537,000 tonnes (2014) and a peak of 704,000 tonnes (2011). However, the contribution made by marine capture fisheries

to the total has declined steadily from 68 (2010) to 45 (2018). This is mainly due to the fall in catches of anchovy, the species that

accounts for the overwhelming majority of the Turkish wild catch. Turkish catches of anchovies have fluctuated over the last 9 years, but

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