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[ INTERNATIONAL NEWS ] UK: Aquaculture Europe 2016 forums encourage sustainable growth The Aquaculture Europe 2016 conference will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 20 to 23 September. The event will present the most current scientific information and industry analysis on aquaculture, and promoting sustainable development. Overall aquaculture output in Europe has remained at roughly the same volume since 2000, and thus identifying areas for growth is an important issue.

practices in percid fish aquaculture, broodstock management, quality control, as well as marketing and conservation. Further topics will include the need for high-quality research to achieve sustainability, the potential for raising salmon in recirculation systems, the use of cleaner-fish in salmon cages to control sea-lice, selective breeding in aquaculture, as well as challenges in creating sustainable fish feeds.

Industry forums, which aim to promote communication between industry members and researchers, will cover a number of subjects including best

The European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP) Day on 22 September will focus on the factors that are inhibiting the growth of the industry

and how they can be overcome. The British Trout Association (BTA) will hold a forum on the future of trout farming, which will centre on potential prospects for the industry, and how scientific advancement might be used to increase rainbow trout production in the UK, which has flattened in recent years. An IUCN workshop will cover the relationship between aquaculture and various marine protected areas, including conservation zones, reserves, and national parks. Finally, a shellfish forum will explore the status of the shellfish industry in the UK and discuss topics of health and product safety.

The array of topics which will be covered at the conference all aim to approach issues affecting the aquaculture sector in novel ways. AE2016 will be an opportunity for many different voices to join in discussing these topics, and work toward the common goal of advancing growth and sustainable development in the sector.

Belgium: EATiP explores international partnerships to boost domestic aquaculture The annual general meeting of EATiP, one of the seven European Technology Platforms, convened in Brussels on 6 and 7 June. Forty members of EATiP representing the aquaculture industry, research community, international and civil society organisations, met to identify EATiP’s priorities for the future and how to put these in practice. This meeting focused on reviewing EATiP’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda taking into account the rapidly changing environment for aquaculture in Europe. European aquaculture does not act in isolation, and the international dimension of EATiP is being developed, through cooperation agreements with other international organisations, such as the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM). The partnership goals include reaching out to a larger number of aquaculture stakeholders to share experiences on areas of mutual interest, and to promote 16

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the development of sustainable aquaculture in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Agreements are also being considered with similar technology platforms and associations, such as the Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction (FABRE) and the European Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Organisation (EFARO). The EU is a net importer of fish and seafood products, including aquaculture products from South-East Asia. This region intends to increase its aquaculture production significantly and is looking for foreign assistance. In this context, Europe and South-East Asia can investigate jointly how to solve seafood security and safety issues, reinforce capacity building at academic and vocational level, and increase business interactions. EATiP has made a proposal for an international multi-stakeholder platform, the European-Asian Technology and Innovation Platform, which aims at creating links

The EATiP annual general meeting was an opportunity to discuss future priorities, evaluate greater international cooperation.

between European and Asian aquaculture, identifying business opportunities, promoting partnerships between industry player, addressing topics relating to common standards for sustainable aquaculture, and reinforcing professional skills and competencies in the aquaculture industry and in research. EU aquaculture has access to high quality research and outstanding

education; however, aquaculture production has stagnated in recent years and it is difficult to attract young talent to this sector. Can research become more aligned to the industry, and could the cooperation between EU technology-led SMEs, aquaculture companies, and countries outside the EU, lead to a win-win situation? See for more information and to share your thoughts.

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Eurofish Magazine 4 2016  

Featuring Croatia and Lithuania, this issue also looks at fish processing cuts along with Northern shrimp.

Eurofish Magazine 4 2016  

Featuring Croatia and Lithuania, this issue also looks at fish processing cuts along with Northern shrimp.