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[ INTERNATIONAL NEWS ] Several projects presented at Baltic Sea Advisory Council meeting

International study on predators’ impact on coastal ďŹ shers to deliver results soon

Four projects were presented at the BSAC Executive Committee meeting 8th May in Copenhagen. The Marelitt project was presented by Marta Kalinowska from WWF Poland. The aim of the project is to reduce impacts by derelict fishing gear (DFG) in the Baltic Sea. The methods were presented and partners in Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden work closely with local fishermen to find and remove ghost nets/lost fishing gear. There is no general applied methodology that they have been able to use for this work. The project will end with a handbook on DFG cleaning 14

methodologies, as well as an evaluation of dragging operations and documentation of lessons learned.

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he Baltic Sea Advisory Council brought together the members of its Executive Committee and General Assembly on 8th and 9th May 2018 in Copenhagen. The first task was to report on the activities and expenditure for the BSAC’s working year 2017-2018. With that in place, the BSAC looks ahead to another year to deal with Baltic Sea fisheries management, technical measures, the landing obligation, fishing opportunities, eel management and ecosystem based issues. It will be another busy year for the BSAC. One of the first tasks will be for the BSAC to provide input on the specific control and inspection programme for the Baltic, taking into account the landing obligation and the need to ensure its effective control and enforcement.

How do changes in nutrient load effect the Baltic Sea environment? Sieme Bossier and Rasmus Nielsen from DTU Aqua in Denmark presented the “Baltic Sea Atlantis Model� which models the Baltic Sea ecosystem and environment impacts due to changes in climate, nutrient load, fishing and predation pressures. The model was discussed and well received, but time prevented a more detailed discussion. Esko Taanila from the southern Finland Fisheries Local Action Group presented the transnational project on seals and cormorants with 14 FLAGs from Estonia, Finland, Germany and Sweden. The project has started with interviews of coastal fishermen about the economic impact that seals and cormorants have for them. The project expects to deliver its preliminary results in October 2018. More information Wolfgang Albrecht from the German Association of Fisheries Protection presented a draft Joint Declaration on the protection and rebuilding of the eel stock. One of

Reine Johansson, the outgoing chairman of the Baltic Sea Advisory Council

the issues is the lack of knowledge on eel. There is a need for a pan European effort to be able to succeed. The Commission has started a public consultation on the EU’s management plan for eel. The BSAC has written to the Commission and welcomed the Commission’s initiative and stated the need for eel management to be carried out at solid, pan European level. This will be on the agenda for coming BSAC work.

Standing ovation as Chairman steps down after 12 years Finally, the end of an era. BSAC Executive Committee chair Reine. J. Johansson stepped down after twelve years of hard work and

commitment to the BSAC since it started in 2006. Before joining the BSAC, Reine Johansson was president of the Swedish fishermen’s Federation. There was a standing ovation to thank the outgoing ExCom Chair for his work for the BSAC. Eva Kjer Hansen, Minister for Fisheries and Equal Opportunities and Nordic Cooperation called in on the BSAC General Assembly and in her speech she acknowledged his dedication and patience. The BSAC was unable to agree on a new chairman for its Executive Committee. Work continues under the guidance of Dr Steve Karnicki, who besides being General Assembly honorary chair, is now acting Executive Committee chair until a successor for Reine Johansson can be agreed on.



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Eurofish Magazine 3 2018  

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