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Strapping systems in stainless steel


osca Verpackungstechnik displayed as a segment of their product range operator controlled and fully automatic strapping machines at the SPE. Those are the machines that within just split seconds can wrap stable polyester and polypropylene straps around cartons or boxes and weld them firmly together. The family enterprise Mosca which is one of the leading manufacturers of such equipment worldwide offers both standardised machines for strapping packed seafood products and individual solutions that are geared to the requirements of individual customers. Mosca’s product range comprises not only the machines but also the necessary accessories (polyester straps 9.5 to 15 mm width, polypropylene straps 5 to 15 mm width) and technical advice. The customer can thus get everything from the same supplier in a full-service concept.

A special feature of the Mosca strapping machines is the special kind of welding of the plastic strap which is not carried out under the influence of heat but with ultrasonic frequencies of around 40,000 Hz. According to Product Manager Marcus Köbler the high-frequency welding of the strapping with the patented Sonixs ultrasonic welding system has several advantages compared to the traditional method. The connection is stronger than with heat seal welding and thus more reliable. Apart from that, mechanical movement is reduced and so the machine operates smoothly at very high speeds and there is no heat development. Mosca produces strapping machines in various different sizes from a table top device to semi and fully automatic largescale plants, always corrosion resistant and washable. The

Oliver Weihmann, Key Account Manager, and Marcus Köbler, Product Manager. Strapping of the packaging protects against unintentional opening during palletisation and against theft.

strapping is done with energysaving DC direct drives, the strap is wrapped around the packaging by a wear-free controlled strap track system – in some systems not only vertically but also horizontally. With some machines

a pneumatic hold-down device stabilises the carton during the strapping process which enables a very high tension of the strapping. On average the machines can do about 30 to 50 strappings per minute. mk

Chile’s new fisheries law

Stringent environmental requirements for fisheries and aquaculture


n Brussels Chile presented its new ambitious fisheries law which is to ensure sustainable management of resources and the profitability of their commercial exploitation. Pablo Galilea, Chile’s Vice-Minister of Fishing, praised the law, claiming that everybody would benefit from the new legislation: the environment and the fishermen, the fish stocks, smaller and medium-sized 28

Eurofish Magazine 3 / 2013

companies and the whole population of Chile. The most important elements of the new law were stability and sustainability of the fishing sector. Several paragraphs of the law had even been worded in accordance with environmental organisations such as Greenpeace, Oceana and the WWF. Perhaps the most important innovation in the law is the

Pablo Galilea, Vice-Minister for Fishing (r.) and María Eugenia Wagner, President of the salmon farmers association SalmonChile (centre). The new fishery law aims at stability and sustainability.

Eurofish magazine 3 2013  

This issue covers Romania and reviews the ESE in Brussels. The Aquaculture section looks at new candidate species.

Eurofish magazine 3 2013  

This issue covers Romania and reviews the ESE in Brussels. The Aquaculture section looks at new candidate species.