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Romanian EU Presidency will seek widespread backing for ďŹ nancial support for aquaculture sector

Contributing to the sustainability of ďŹ sheries Daniel Botănoiu, State Secretary in the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has many years of experience in government. However, he has also worked in the private sector as well as for national associations and federations within the agriculture sector. While he has been State Secretary since 2012 it was in January 2017 that he moved to his current position, where he is responsible among other areas for ďŹ sheries and aquaculture issues. The Sofia declaration from the High-level Conference on Black Sea fisheries and aquaculture organised by FAO and the GFCM in June last year acknowledges the role of the small-scale fishery (SSF) and states that this fishery as well as the recreational fishery must play a greater role in data collection efforts. What measures have been implemented towards this and have they resulted in better and more complete data to support policymaking? The Sofia Declaration, along with the Malta Declaration state that the SSF represents a very important sector in the fisheries, of all riparian states of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Together with the provisions of the GFCM Medium-Term Strategy, the Sofia Declaration aims to give concrete support to coastal fishing communities. GFCM contracting parties and EU Member States have committed themselves to taking action in this direction. Furthermore, according to the Malta Declaration, each Member State has the obligation to develop and implement a coastal fishing action plan, the results of which will be regularly evaluated in the GFCM meetings dedicated to this segment in the fisheries sector, in order to assess to what extent the objectives set

to be achieved within the 10-year period will be met. Data collection is an important aspect, I would say essential in analyzing the real situation of catches made by vessels involved in coastal fishing. Romania, based on Regulation 1380/2013 and Regulation 1224/2009 on control, has implemented provisions related to the reporting of catches in the fleet segment below 12m. At the moment, Romania is working on developing this plan of measures, which, hopefully, will help to support and develop coastal fisheries in the context of the GFCM recommendations adopted in the 2018 Annual Session. In 2018, of the total fish and seafood production caught by Romanian fishermen in the Black Sea, the catch recorded by the small coastal fishery represents 24. Thus, 46 of the turbot, 20 of the rapa whelk, 31 of the sprat, and 99 of the other species were fished by small scale fishermen. The Sofia Declaration also calls for the development of a culture of compliance and the elimination of IUU fishing in the Black Sea. Although Romanian catches in the Black Sea are modest, what steps is the administration taking towards achieving these objectives and how can it encourage other

Black Sea riparian countries to contribute? The Sofia Declaration represents the reiteration of the objectives of the Bucharest Declaration in which the Black Sea coastal states commit to actively collaborate on all plans to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal fishing in

the region, including the identification and sanctioning economic operators who place on the market and who produce fish from IUU fishing. Romania has expressed its willingness to be involved in all the projects to be carried out by GFCM targeting the Black Sea region and cooperates closely with the European  W ei

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EUROFISH Magazine 2 / 2019




Profile for Eurofish

EUROFISH Magazine 2 2019  

Featuring Romania's fisheries and aquaculture sector, this issue also looks Montenegro, Black Sea Salmon and takes a look at the upcoming co...

EUROFISH Magazine 2 2019  

Featuring Romania's fisheries and aquaculture sector, this issue also looks Montenegro, Black Sea Salmon and takes a look at the upcoming co...

Profile for eurofish