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9 June 2014

European Union Contest for Young Scientists


10 June 2014

Internships at the Anna Lindh Foundation


15 June 2014


15 June 2014


15 June 2014

A Sea of Words - International Short Stories Contest Partnership Programme on European Youth Worker Training International Essay Contest for Young People


15 June 2014

Traineeship at the European Medicines agency


15 June 2014

World Summit Youth Award


23 June 2014

M100 Young European Journalists Workshop


26 June 2014

Sport with Erasmus+: Collaborative Partnerships


26 June 2014


26 June 2014


27 June 2014


30 June 2014


30 June 2014

Not-for-profit European sport events within Erasmus+ Support for Policy Reform/National Authorities for Apprenticeships with Erasmus+ Plural + Youth Video Festival 2014 Photo Competition - "Jobs for Europe - Europe for Jobs" World Bank Young Professionals Programme


30 June 2014

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition


1 July 2014


2 July 2014


7 July 2014


15 July 2014


15 July 2014


15 July 2014

European Youth Award Traineeship at the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) DepicT! 2014 - Can you do it in 90 seconds? New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe Europemobility Video Contest


15 July 2014

Young Audiences Music Awards (YAMA)


17 July 2014


21 July 2014


31 July 2014

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs Roma Education Fund Scholarships Programme 20142015 Global Junior Challenge Award


7 August 2014


15 August 2014


15 August 2014

The James Dyson Award Translation Traineeships at the European Parliament for university graduates Translation training placements at the European Parliament




18 August 2014

European Soundscape Award 2014


31 August 2014


31 August 2014


1 September 2014


1 September 2014


1 September 2014


2 September 2014


11 September 2014

Traineeships at the European Ombudsman Traineeships and Fellowships at the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) Traineeship at the Council of the European Union Young European of the Year Award - Travel Fellowships & InterRail-Global-Passes Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships Capacity Building in the field of youth within Erasmus+ Horizon2020: Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions


15 September 2014

EU-Japan Training programmes



Documentation Erasmus+ A guide to European Union opportunities in education, training, youth and sport: changing lives, opening minds The brochure provides the essential information and the main opportunities available within the Erasmus+ programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the years 2014-2020. Special Eurobarometer survey "Europeans 2014" According to the survey, a majority of Europeans say that they have a positive image of the EU (34%, which is 3 percentage points higher than the Standard Autumn Eurobarometer released in November 2013), compared to 26% who say they have a negative image of the EU. There is also growing optimism with regards to the economic outlook in Europe and towards Europe's future. Europeans in 20 out of 28 Member States say they expect the economic situation in their home country to improve in the coming twelve months. The Special Eurobarometer is based on a representative sample of people from all 28 Member States of the European Union. In total almost 28,000 citizens aged 15 and older were interviewed between 15th and 24th March 2014. Eurydice report: "Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Access, Retention and Employability" The report finds that not enough countries are using the information they collect on higher education to improve their universities and the opportunities they offer for students. The report investigates what governments and higher education institutions are doing to widen access to higher education, increase the number of students that complete higher education (retention), and give guidance to students on entering the labour market (employability). More than 30 countries took part in the survey - all EU Member States, with the exception of Luxembourg and the Netherlands, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Norway and Turkey. pdf Study on Policy Measures to improve the Attractiveness of the Teaching Profession in Europe Commissioned by the European Commission, the study looks in detail at what makes the teaching profession attractive (or not); maps the different policy measures that countries use (or could use) to attract high-quality recruits, to make careers more attractive, and to enhance the social status and prestige of teaching; and assesses their effectiveness. It also makes recommendations for improvements. The study focuses on teachers in primary and secondary education (ISCED 1, 2 and 3) in the 28 EU Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. It is based upon a survey of more than 80,000 student teachers, teachers and school leaders, interviews with national decision-makers, and a review of the research in the field.



U-Multirank U-Multirank is a new international university ranking which assesses the performance of more than 850 higher education institutions worldwide and produces multi-dimensional listings rating universities on a much wider range of factors than existing international rankings. This will allow users to obtain information on the universities or specific disciplines, which most interest them, and to choose criteria according to their own preferences. The U-Multirank bases its assessments on five key areas: research performance, quality of teaching and learning, international orientation, success in knowledge transfer (partnerships with business and start-ups) and regional involvement.!/home?trackType=home EU youth policy: opportunities at local level Produced by Eurodesk Netherlands, the video describes the European Youth Strategy, how it works, its opportunities for local youth policy and youth work. EPALE: Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe A new initiative funded by the European Commission is the latest development in the EU’s long-term commitment to promoting high quality adult learning in Europe. The EPALE platform will be open to teachers, trainers and volunteers, as well as policy-makers, researchers and academics involved in adult learning. The site will offer interactive networks, enabling users to link with others all around Europe, engage in discussions and exchange good practice. YouRock This website is a free, multi-language, employability networking tool for young people. It helps users to discover their hidden work skills and build a job profile. The website is available in different languages.



Opportunities Internships at the Anna Lindh Foundation The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) is inviting young people aged between 19 and 32 from the 43 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean, to apply for internships at its Headquarters in Alexandria, Egypt. The Internship Programme seeks to support the internal human resources capacity of the Anna Lindh Foundation with students or graduates, fluent in two or more of the official languages of the Union for the Mediterranean countries, and qualified in areas relevant to the ALF strategic interventions. Any application from a resident outside the 43 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean can be accepted provided that their costs will not be covered by the ALF. Applications and motivation letters should be sent no later than 10th June 2014, 5 pm Cairo Time to Find out more: International Short Story Contest “A Sea of Words“ The contest invites young people to create short stories focusing on the fight against racist and discriminatory speech online. Participants should be young people between 18 and 30 years old, who are citizens of one of the 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area. The short stories must be original and unpublished works, of maximum 2,500 words and can be written in any of the official languages of the participant countries. They must address issues related to intercultural dialogue, mainly of a political, socio-cultural, economic and environmental nature. The authors of the 15 best short stories will be awarded with the publication of their short stories and will also be invited to the awards' presentation ceremony in Barcelona, Spain on 20th October 2014. During the days following the awards' presentation, the winners of the contest will be invited to participate in a programme of cultural visits and activities. Short stories should be sent to by 15th June 2014, midnight. Find out more: DepicT! 2014 - Can you do it in 90 seconds? International short films competition offering young filmmakers worldwide the opportunity to showcase their talent during the Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival from 16th to 21st September 2014, and getting a chance of winning up to £ 2,500 prize money, industry exposure and other exclusive prizes. Short films should be 90 seconds long or less, of any production techniques (except for advertisements) and completed after September 2013. If the original language



is not English, the film must include subtitles or an English transcript. Each entrant can submit up to ten entries. Deadline to submit films: 7th July 2014 at 5 pm (BST). Find out more: Young Audiences Music Awards 2014 The Young Audiences Music Awards honours creativity and innovation in the field of musical productions for young audiences, from all corners of the world, created by community groups, schools, NGOs, companies, bands and ensembles of all forms, from solo artist to orchestra. Entries are unique musical performances created to awaken imaginations, stir emotions, address current issues and motivate the further musical explorations of children and youth (aged 0-18). Cash prizes will be awarded in the following categories: - Production of the year â‚Ź2,000 - Public Award â‚Ź1,000 - Reseo Youth Opera Award The deadline for submissions: 15th July 2014, 17:00 CET. Find out more: Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe The aim of the programme is to support collaborative artistic projects in the framework of the Asia-Europe dialogue. Artists, cultural workers, arts organisations and arts networks of Asia and Europe are invited to submit initial project proposals that explore issues of cultural mobility and community engagement by 15th July 2014. Projects should take place between 1st April and 30th November 2015. Find out more: Erasmus for young entrepreneurs The call aims to expand and strengthen the existing network of Intermediary Organisations (IOs) that act as local contact points for newly established entrepreneurs as well as experienced entrepreneurs in the participating countries. IOs will be selected to implement the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme at local level. They will recruit and assist the entrepreneurs who will benefit from the programme. This call will support actions for organisations enhancing and facilitating the mobility of new entrepreneurs, and is not intended for entrepreneurs willing to participate in the programme. The deadline for submission of applications is 17th July 2014, 17:00:00 CET. An Information meeting on this call will take place on 19 th June 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. Deadline to register: 13th June 2014. Find out more:



European Soundscape Award 2014 The award aims to raise awareness about the health impacts of noise and to reward European initiatives that can help reduce excessive noise. Any product, campaign, innovation or scheme offering a creative solution to a noise problem, carried out up to 1st August 2014, can be nominated for the Award. Deadline to submit entries: 18th August 2014, 17.00 (CET). Find out more: DG Interpretation Bursaries Each year, the Directorate General for Interpretation of the European Commission offers a number of bursaries. Interpretation study bursaries are available to students of all disciplines who have been accepted for a full-time postgraduate training course in conference interpreting offered by a recognised university or university-level institution. The amount of the bursary to be granted is EUR 2,400 for those studying in a Member State, and EUR 1,600 for those studying in a nonMember State or in a candidate country. Deadline: 16th September 2014. Find out more:

Please also look at the Opportunities folder within the Eurodesk intranet for news on European and international (funding) opportunities.



Highlights 20th–21st May 2014: Education, Youth, Culture & Sport Council Conclusions EU Ministers for Education, Youth, Culture and Sport met in Brussels on 20th and 21st May. They adopted conclusions on: effective teacher education, addressing concrete issues such as how to attract and retain the best candidates, how to ensure the relevance of teacher education programmes and how to better exploit the potential of new technologies and resources. Member States were also invited to use the funding opportunities in EU instruments, such as the Erasmus+. – multilingualism and the development of language competences, inviting Member States to adopt and improve measures aimed at promoting multilingualism and enhancing the quality and efficiency of language learning and teaching. – quality assurance supporting education and training, which cover specific issues such as the quality of cross-border education and the extent to which quality assurance arrangements could be developed in other areas of education and training, such as schools, work-based learning and non-formal learning. The Council and the representatives of the governments of the Member States also adopted two resolutions on: – the EU Work Plan for Youth, which is a medium-term plan for 18 months, with key initiatives in specific youth policy areas, so as to enable the EU and its Member States to address urgently the high youth unemployment rates and the consequences of the current crisis for young people. – the structured dialogue process, which is a forum for continuous joint reflection on the priorities,

implementation and follow-up of European cooperation in the youth field, involving a wide range of young people and youth organisations. The next cycle of the structured dialogue will be launched in the EU Youth Conference in October, under the Italian Presidency. Youth empowerment will be the priority theme for the next 18 months. The Council also adopted conclusions on promoting youth entrepreneurship to foster social inclusion, focusing on creativity, innovation and green jobs and inviting member states to recognise the importance of entrepreneurial education from an early age, highlighting the role of nonformal and informal learning to ensure the autonomy and the personal development of young people, as well as to facilitate their successful integration into the labour market. At the meeting the Italian delegation informed on the work programme of the future Presidency, announcing the following priorities: - Youth empowerment, in particular access to rights; - Political participation of young people; - European public service. Sixty universities receive 'European Master's in Translation' Label The list of universities selected for the 'European Master's in Translation' (EMT) Label has been announced on 2nd June by the European Commission. More than 60 institutions in 21 Member States will receive the Label, which recognises the best Master's degree courses for translators. The main goal of the EMT is to improve translator training and to attract top quality translators to the European institutions. Universities receiving the Commission's seal of


EURODESK BRUSSELS LINK BULLETIN JUNE 2014 approval are entitled to join the EMT network for the next five years and receive funding for lecturers to attend its annual conference and seminars. The EMT promotes the exchange of best practices between universities, enhanced teaching standards, a curriculum that takes account of market needs to improve employability of graduates and the creation of a truly European job market for skilled translators.

Quality Framework for Traineeships and the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. World Conference on Youth 2014: “Colombo Declaration” adopted The Colombo Declaration on Youth was adopted by delegates from all over the world at the closing of the World Conference on Youth 2014 which took place in Sri Lanka from 6 th to 10th May 2014. The Declaration, which has now been adopted by Ministers responsible for youth and civil society organisations including youth organisations, calls specifically for clear targets and indicators focused on youth as a cross-cutting issue throughout the Post-2015 Development Agenda. It also demands an enhanced and active role for youth in policy formulation, as well as in the implementation and evaluation of processes related to development. Delegates also recognised the urgent need for the fulfilment of young people’s human rights and encouraged the establishment of a permanent youth department within the United Nations with representations in member countries to support and follow up local youth programmes. They also called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to establish a permanent forum on youth to facilitate a sustained dialogue on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. o-declaration-on-youth-final.pdf

European Charlemagne Youth Prize winners Our Europe, a Danish travel project, was awarded first prize at the 2014 Charlemagne Youth Prize ceremony in Aachen University on 27th May. The second prize went to the JouwDelft & Co youth congress from The Netherlands and the third to the Employment4U, a training project from Cyprus. The European Charlemagne Youth Prize is awarded annually to projects that foster a shared sense of European identity and integration among young people. The three winning projects will receive funding of €5,000, €3,000 and €2,000 respectively. Their representatives will also be invited to visit the European Parliament in Brussels in the coming months. Representatives of the 28 projects which took part were invited to the award ceremony on 27th May in Aachen and were awarded a diploma and a medal. http://www.charlemagneyouthprize.e u EU measures to tackle youth unemployment On the eve of the European Youth Event, which took place in Strasbourg, France, from 9th to 11th May, the European Commission published a memo summarising the series of measures taken to fight youth unemployment at EU level. The memo focuses on the Youth Guarantee and its implementation, as well as on the support to the initiative by the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative. It also covers other important topics such as the

European Commission public consultation on Europe 2020 growth and jobs plan The aim of the consultation is to gather the views of all interested people and organisations on how the strategy has been working for the past four years, and on what its focus should be in the coming years. The consultation follows a 5th March Communication taking stock of the Europe 2020 strategy, which showed that progress on meeting its five


EURODESK BRUSSELS LINK BULLETIN JUNE 2014 headline targets has been mixed. The Commission will draw on the contributions it receives during the public consultation when it presents proposals for the mid-term review of the Europe 2020 strategy early in 2015. This will be followed by a discussion at next year's spring European Council. The consultation will run until 31st October 2014. c-consultation/index_en.htm

Holiday season: Commission tips for a worry-free summer With the holiday season approaching and millions of Europeans planning trips across the continent and beyond, the European Commission has published a document on what to do when faced with a problem.

Please also look at the News folder within the Eurodesk intranet for other European news from the network.



Upcoming Events EURES Job Fairs Thinking about finding a job in another EU country? EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal, organises job fairs all over Europe. Find out more: 16th June 2014: From active inclusion to social investment, Brussels, Belgium Jointly organised by the European Economic and Social Committee and Eurofound, the conference will focus on the measures taken at European level to step up active inclusion and social investment. Deadline to register: 10th June 2014, noon CET. Find out more: 2nd-6th July 2014: Antiracist World Cup, Bosco Albergati, Italy The International antiracist football tournament is an annual project offering five days of football but also concerts, debates, and other cultural and sporting events, designed to fight racism and discrimination. Find out more: 24th-30th August 2014: Quality peer training for well being, Wexford, Ireland Organised by the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO), the training aims at fully integrating and mainstreaming a quality approach of well being into a cohesive peer education programme. The training is addressed to peer trainers, trainers and social workers from the youth sector and young people. Applicants should be from 18 to 30 years old from the following countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Estonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Albania, Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and Czech Republic. There are participation fees. The organisers will reimburse 60% of the travel costs. Deadline to apply: 20th June 2014, 12:00 CET. Find out more: 24th-30th August 2014: Quality peer training against discrimination, Wexford, Ireland Organised by the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO), the training aims to improve the quality and strengthen the social impact of peer education methods against discrimination. The training is addressed to peer trainers, trainers and social workers from the youth sector and young people. Applicants should be from 18 to 30 years old from the following countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Estonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Norway, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Malta, Azerbaijan, Slovak Republic and Turkey.


EURODESK BRUSSELS LINK BULLETIN JUNE 2014 There are participation fees. The organisers will reimburse 60% of the travel costs. Deadline to apply: 20th June 2014, 12:00 CET. Find out more: 8th-13th September 2014: M100 Youth Media Workshop, Potsdam, Germany The M100 invites young journalists from 16 to 26 years old, from all over Europe, including non-EU countries, to join the workshop under the theme: “Data-driven Journalism". The participants will be taught about the basic applications and technologies of data-driven journalism. Application forms should be sent by 23rd June 2014 to Find out more on: 31st October-6th November 2014: World Forum for Democracy 2014, Strasbourg, France The European Youth Foundation is inviting youth representatives to the 2014 edition of the World Forum for Democracy (WFD). Under the theme: “From participation to influence: can youth revitalise democracy?” the third edition of the Forum will engage with young people and with decision-makers and opinionformers in a reflection on the patterns of exclusion and involvement and will explore new ways of engaging young people in re-visioning the democratic arenas of today. The 300 young participants, from 16 to 30 years old, residents in one of the 50 signatories of the European Cultural Convention, actively involved in civil society Democracy initiatives, supported by a youth organisation or network or informal group working on democracy and available to participate fully in the World Forum for Democracy and the preparation process beforehand will have to: - submit the application form; together with a support letter from their NGO/sending organisation; - post a short 1-minute video on YouTube, with the link attached to the online application form. Deadline: 22nd June 2014, midnight CET. The common working language of the event will be English Board, lodging and travel costs will be covered by the Council of Europe. Find out more: 3rd-7th November 2014: 9th Tool Fair, Cluj-Napoca, Romania The 9th edition of the Tool Fair will be focusing on transferability and adaptation of tools in different sectors. It will give participants the chance to cooperate in order to share and transfer innovative educational tools to high quality teaching, training, learning and youth work. Youth workers, trainers, youth leaders and youth policy makers from the Erasmus+ Programme countries, Non EU Programme countries and Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU are invited to take part. Deadline to apply: 10th September 2014. Find out more on:


Eurodesk Brussels Link Bulletin EURODESK BRUSSELS LINK BULLETIN JUNE 2014 European Citizenship Training Courses 2014 The courses are meant to support youth workers and youth leaders developing their critical understanding of European Citizenship and encourage them to integrate the topic in their practical work. List of proposed Courses: •Training Course: CTC-FR in France (13th-19th October 2014) Deadline: 15th June 2014; •Training Course: ECTC-HU in Hungary (15th-21st February 2015) Deadline: to be announced; •Training Course: ECTC-UK in United Kingdom (11th-16th March 2015) Deadline: to be announced. All details are available here: Salto-Youth: Training Calendar The European Training Calendar contains current training offers of different institutions and organisations, such as SALTO, the National Agencies for the YOUTH IN ACTION Programme, non-governmental youth organisations, the European Youth Centres of the Council of Europe and the Partnership Programme on European Youth Worker Training. They are addressed to young people, group leaders, mentors, trainers and other specialists. Find out more: Coming up: European Festivals Information on the biggest pop and rock festivals in Europe can be found on the European Festival Planner on the Yourope site of the European Festival Association. Searching for more background information on festivals, have a look at Wiki. European and worldwide Rock Festivals – although the layout is simple, it has an extensive list of festivals. A general site, with links to cultural events and festivals, not only rock festivals, in Europe. Music Festivals Europe 2014 Europe Music Festivals 2014


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