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6 September 2013

European Soundscape Award 2013


8 September 2013


8 September 2013

Partnership Programme on European Youth Worker Training Peace and Sport Awards 2013


9 September 2013

FARE Football Against Racism in Europe Action Week


9 September 2013


10 September 2013


10 September 2013


12 September 2013

EU prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards Youth In Action - 4.3. Youth Support Systems Support to Youth Workers' Mobility ‘Youth in action’ programme Action 4.3 - Support to youth workers’ mobility Daphne III Programme


13 September 2013


13 September 2013

European Investment Bank (EIB) - Universities Research Action 2013 Digital Woman of the Year Awards


15 September 2013

Next Generation of Science Journalists Award


15 September 2013


15 September 2013


16 September 2013

International Student Design Competition 2014 – A Society for All Ages InnoApps - Huawei Apps Developers European Challenge DG Interpretation bursaries


16 September 2013


17 September 2013

Call for proposals: Implementation of the European strategic objectives in Education and Training (ET 2020) Lifelong Learning - COMENIUS


17 September 2013

Lifelong Learning - GRUNDTVIG


18 September 2013

People (FP7) - Marie Curie Actions


26 September 2013

Electric December 2013 - Video competition


30 September 2013

Traineeships at the Committee of the Regions


30 September 2013

Traineeships at the Economic and Social Committee


30 September 2013

Traineeship at the Court of Justice


30 September 2013


30 September 2013

Traineeships and Fellowships at the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) Roberto Cimetta Fund


30 September 2013

EU Health Prize for Journalist


30 September 2013

MEDEA Awards


30 September 2013

European Award for Best Content for Kids


30 September 2013

Waste-smART Photo, cartoon and video competition


30 September 2013

International World Food Day Poster Contest 2013


30 September 2013

UNFCCC/CDM International Photo and Video Contest 2013


Programme Title



1 October 2013

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly International Secretariat Research Fellowship Traineeship at the Council of the European Union


1 October 2013


1 October 2013


1 October 2013


1 October 2013


1 October 2013


1 October 2013


1 October 2013


1 October 2013

European Youth Foundation - Grants for international youth activities International youth activities held in co-operation with the European Youth Centres YOUTH IN ACTION - Action 5.1 - Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy YOUTH IN ACTION - Action 4.3. Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations YOUTH IN ACTION - Action 3.1 Cooperation with the neighbouring countries of the EU YOUTH IN ACTION - Action 2 : European Voluntary Service YOUTH IN ACTION - Action 1: Youth for Europe


13 October 2013

BEST courses for students of technology


14 October 2013

CIPE Blog Competition 2013


15 October 2013


15 October 2013


15 October 2013


15 October 2013


15 October 2013


15 October 2013

Study visits for education and vocational training specialists Traineeships at the European Parliament for people with disabilities Traineeships and Study Visits at the European Parliament Traineeships at the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe Lifelong Learning - Policy Co-operation and Innovation in Lifelong Learning (Key Activity 1) European Union Women Innovators Prize


15 October 2013


20 October 2013

Young European of the Year Award - Travel Fellowships & InterRail-Global-Passes Juvenes Translatores - translation contest for schools


31 October 2013

European E-learning Award – EureleA


31 October 2013

Internships at the World Bank


31 October 2013


31 October 2013


31 October 2013

Internship programme at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Traineeships at the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market European Human Rights Moot Court Competition


15 November 2013


15 November 2013

Translation training placements at the European Parliament Translation Traineeships at the European Parliament for university graduates


Documentation Lithuanian Presidency Youth Flash Newsletter The Newsletter is a joint project between the European Youth Forum and the Lithuanian Youth Council. The publication aims to raise awareness of the importance of youth related issues on the Presidency agenda and provide subscribers with relevant and up-to-date information about youth-related recent and upcoming events, conferences and initiatives under the aegis of the Lithuanian Presidency. sh_1st.pdf 2013-2014 school and academic calendars Published by the Eurydice network, the school calendar contains data on the length of the school year in each country, the start and the end of each school year, and the timing and length of school holidays. It covers both primary and secondary education. The academic calendar shows how the academic year is structured (beginning of the year, term times, holidays and examinations periods). Variations depending on the type of study programme (university or non-university) are also indicated. The publications are targeted to the 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey for 2013/2014. Organisation of school time in Europe. Primary and general secondary education 2013/2014 Organisation of the academic year in Higher Education 2013/2014 Learning mobility and non-formal learning in European contexts: Policies, approaches and examples The publication on learning mobility is a joint Council of Europe and European Commission publication, and provides texts of an academic, scientific, political and practical nature for all stakeholders in the youth field, youth leaders and youth workers, policy makers, researchers and so on. It should contribute to dialogue and co-operation between relevant players and to discussion on the further development and purpose of youth mobility schemes and their outcomes for young people. 81 Finding a job in Europe - a guide for jobseekers 2013 Even if only 3% of Europeans live and work in a different Member State than their country of origin, more and more people are recognising the benefits of gaining professional experience in another European country. This guide aims to provide advice on how to find a job abroad and take the jobseekers through the necessary steps. It will be available in printed format in all EU official languages, as well as in Icelandic and Norwegian. European health multilingual platform Health4Youth by AEGEE-Europe, an initiative meant to educate and support European youth in making healthy choices, and iValueHealth.NET, leading European health social network, joined forces to increase health awareness among young people. The iValueHealth.NET platform will be available through the Health4Youth


website, enabling youngsters to connect, access medical information and useful articles about health, nutrition, sports and other issues. http://beta.iValueHealth.NET Graduateland Portal A career portal for students and graduates. It offers jobs, internships, and graduate programmes. Young Digital Website about using digital research with children and young people Young Digital is a resource for anyone with an interest in using digital media for research, consultation or participation activities with children and young people. It contains information, advice, guidance, case studies, audio, videos and slideshows about how digital media can be used in research. Website to support children’s literacy and numeracy development To highlight the role that parents and communities can play in improving children’s literacy and numeracy, using media, online resources and celebrity endorsements, the Irish National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) has developed a simple website that brings together relevant information for parents and the wider community to support children’s literacy and numeracy development. Help My Kid Learn includes general information, fun activities and useful tips.


European Opportunities Digital Girl, Woman and Organisation of the Year Awards Zen Digitale Europe, in collaboration with its partners, has launched Europe’s very first awards recognising the Digital Girl, Woman and Organisation of the Year. The Awards, which have been accepted as an official pledge to the Grand Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs in Europe, have the following objectives: - Increase the number of digitally skilled girls and women; - Increase participation of girls and women in digitally driven and digitally enabled studies, enterprises and jobs; - Recognise outstanding women and girls in digitally-enabled and digitally-driven studies and careers; and - Showcase promising practices by organisations that are increasing participation of girls and women, particularly in leadership roles, in digital sectors. The nomination forms for the three awards can be found on the awards website. Deadline: 13th September 2013 at 18:00 GMT. Find out more: Next Generation of Science Journalists Award 2012 To help recognise emerging medical science journalists, the German medical journal Deutsches Ärzteblatt, the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations (EUSJA), and the World Health Summit (WHS) have launched the second “Next Generation of Science Journalists” Award. The top five young science journalists will be invited to participate in the WHS 2013 and will receive 500 Euro to meet travel expenses. The applicants must be at the beginning of their career as science journalists with a maximum of 5 years’ experience. Deadline: 15th September 2013. Find out more: ILO-MTV search for good practices on youth employment The International Labour Organisation (ILO), in collaboration with MTV, has launched a campaign to promote good practices that have proven effective in promoting decent work for young people. Organisations implementing programmes on youth employment, which target young people aged 15 to 30 years, are invited to submit their practices. Entrants should register their organisation with the online registration form. Once the organisation is registered they will receive an online account through which they can submit their youth employment programmes/practices. The top 5 good practices will be awarded 2,000 USD each, an advisory session with an expert on youth Employment and online publication. Deadline: 16th September 2013. Find out more: UNFCCC/CDM International Photo and Video Contest 2013 The contest aims to highlights the benefits of the Kyoto Protocols Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Any individual or groups, professional or amateur, is invited to take part in this competition by submitting images and videos that showcase CDM projects and their related benefits and that help promote sustainable development and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Photos should


tell the story of the CDM on the theme "Changing Lives" and videos should complete the phrase "People should know about the CDM because?". This year, the competition's sponsors have offered a $ 4,000 prize for the winners of the photo and the video contest. Deadline: 30th September 2013. Find out more: OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Research Fellowship The aim of the programme is to provide students with practical experience in the field of international affairs, and in turn the Assembly will benefit from increased language and research capacity. The primary duty of Research Fellows is to conduct substantive research on various projects for the Assembly and to provide assistance to its officials and staff members. Applicants must be graduate students between the ages of 21 and 26 from universities in OSCE countries. Deadline: 1st October 2013 (for intake in February/March). Find out more: International Olympic Committee’s Young Reporter Programme The sports journalism-training programme, that will be run during the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, will bring together 30 young reporters from Africa, Americas, Asia, Oceania and Europe. They will have the opportunity to live in the Youth Olympic Village with over 3,600 athletes and receive training from some of the top names from the media industry. University journalism students and young professionals working in media, aged between 18 and 24 years as of 28 August 2014, can apply through their National Olympic Committee (NOC). As the NOCs coordinate their own selection process, deadlines and application requirements can vary from country to country. Find out more: CIPE Blog Competition 2013 The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) invites all bloggers from around the world to submit blog posts about how democratic and economic reforms play a role in international development. Their entry will have to be less than 750 words on the following categories: - How can social media empower citizens to participate in a democratic dialogue on constructive reforms? - What experiences from other countries can guide the role of youth in your country’s democratic and economic development? - What story or personal experience can you share to illustrate the need and possible solutions for democratic and economic reforms in your country? The submissions can be either unpublished work or previously published on the author's own blog. Authors of the best blog posts for each category will receive a $ 250 honorarium, three runners-up will each receive a $ 100 honorarium, and three third place winners will each receive a $ 75 honorarium. CIPE will publish all nine winning entries on its blog and as a part of its Economic Reform Feature Service article series. Deadline: 14th October 2013 at 11:00 PM (EDT). Find out more:


Traineeships at the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe offers unpaid traineeships twice a year for a period of three (minimum) to six (maximum) months. The duties to which trainees are assigned include research, the preparation of activities, draft reports and the drafting of minutes. They may also be required to assist with current work. The traineeship programme is open for nationals of one of the Council of Europe's member states or Southern Countries with which the North-South Centre cooperates, who have completed their higher education or have successfully completed at least three years of university study (six semesters). Deadline: 15th October 2013 (for the January - June 2014 session). Find out more: Juvenes Translatores: translation contest for schools The competition is designed to give 17-year-olds (born in 1995) from schools throughout Europe first-hand experience of what it is like to be a translator. Young students will be given the opportunity to take part in a translation test that will take place on the same day in all EU countries: 28th November 2013. Pupils will be able to decide which of the European Union's official languages they want to translate to and from. Schools across Europe are invited to register on the contest website during the registration period: 1st September – 20th October 2013. The awards ceremony will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 8th April 2014. Find out more: European Human Rights Moot Court Competition In order to provide law students with an opportunity to gain practical experience in the field, the European Law students' Association (ELSA) has launched the 2nd edition of the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition in cooperation with the Council of Europe. The competition is open to all students from ELSA countries as well as from countries that are members of the Council of Europe. The simulation of a court trial is often divided into two phases: the written phase and the oral phase. In the written part students draft submissions or memorials on behalf of the applicant and the respondent. The written phase leads to the oral phase, which means simulations of court hearings where students represent the applicant and the respondent. The teams will examine a fictive case and draft written submissions for each party. The teams will be evaluated based on their written admissions and the best 16 teams will compete in the European final at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. The winning team will be awarded with a traineeship at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for a period of one month. Deadline for sending questions is 10th October 2013. Deadline for teams to register is 31st October 2013, 12 pm CET. Deadline for written submission is 15th November 2013, 12 pm CET. Find out more:

Please also look at the Programmes folder within the Eurodesk intranet for news on European and international (funding) opportunities.


Highlights Commission proposes initiative to promote physical activity in Europe On the 28th of August, the European Commission adopted an initiative on health-enhancing physical activity. It's the first ever proposal for a Council Recommendation on sport and an initiative to address the growing problem with physical inactivity and related health conditions. Indeed, even if over the past years the EU has been promoting physical activity and supported on-going efforts in the Member States, the rates of physical inactivity in the EU remain alarmingly high, with two thirds of Europeans never or seldom exercising or playing sport. The Council will start discussing the proposed recommendation as of September in view of adoption at the end of 2013. uments/c1/com-2013-603-finalcouncil-recommendation-hepa_en.pdf UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon’s message for International Youth Day Following a recommendation from the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, the General Assembly declared 12th August to be International Youth Day in 1999. The theme of this year’s Day was “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward.” Young people constitute about 10 per cent of the 214 million annual migrants. Even if they are often trapped in exploitative jobs, they are often accused by communities and politicians of taking jobs from local people. Therefore, in his message for the Day, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the positive contribution young migrants make to societies of origin and destination – economically and by enriching the social and cultural fabric:

“The remittances they send to support families in their home countries are a major contributor to economies worldwide. When they return home, young migrants often enhance development by applying skills and ideas acquired abroad. And, in many cases, women are empowered through migration as they gain financial and social independence.” 2013/sgsm15205.doc.htm The EU further develops crossborder digital public services Following the success of a series of projects, the European Commission has announced a € 13.7 million investment to further develop crossborder digital public services to make living, working, travelling, studying and doing business across borders easier. The investment will be used for the new "e-SENS" project (Electronic Simple European Networked Services). The objective of the new project is to expand the work done by the previous projects to new and more areas in order to strengthen the functioning of the digital single market in Europe. It will also link up national digital services for citizens who visit a different Member State. EU citizens will for example be able to complete the registration procedures to set up a company or register a marriage from another country or get medications from a pharmacy while abroad, using an online prescription system.; Neelie Kroes, vice president of the EC, announces new measures for parity in EU mobile costs Mobile users across the European Union face huge price differences for the same services. The biggest price difference is in domestic mobile calls – a 774% difference between Lithuania,


the cheapest country, and Netherlands, the most expensive. These price differences cannot be explained by differences in quality, differences in the cost to provide the service, or by differences between countries in consumer purchasing power. Therefore, Neelie Kroes, vice president of the European Commission, announced that new measures will be brought in to strengthen the telecoms single market in September. Free access to historic sites during European Heritage Days As part of the annual European Heritage Days, a joint initiative of the European Commission and Council of Europe, thousands of rarely opened historic and cultural sites in 50 countries will be open for free throughout September. The 2013 European Heritage Days were officially launched on 30th August in Yerevan, Armenia, which currently holds the Chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers. A new interactive website, with details of the sites which are open to the public, as well as information about special events taking place in each

country, was also launched on the same day. age/heritage/ehd/National_Events/ma p_en.asp =0 Unemployment: Commissioner Andor calls on Member States to step up "jobs effort" Following the publication of the latest Eurostat figures on unemployment in the EU, László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, welcomed on 30th August that joblessness has stopped rising in many countries, after ten quarters of rising unemployment. However, he called on Member States to "proceed full-steam ahead to put in place Youth Guarantee schemes, notably with the help of the European Social Fund, topped up by the Youth Employment Initiative, to ensure that everyone under 25 gets a good offer of work, training or education within four months of leaving school or losing their job."

Please also look at the News folder within the Eurodesk intranet for other European news from the network.


Upcoming Events 5th-6th September 2013: International Conference “European Higher Education in the World”, Vilnius, Lithuania Following the European Commission Communication on the internationalisation of higher education, the Lithuanian Presidency of Council of the EU is organising the International Conference “European Higher Education in the World”. The conference will bring together over 150 higher education stakeholders from the EU and beyond to discuss the different tools available to further internationalisation processes, and on the future place of Europe in the global higher education landscape. The Conference will be broadcasted live here. Find out more: 15th-21th September 2013: European Tobacco Youth Conference, Izola, Slovenia The conference, organised by the youth association No Excuse Slovenia, will host around 75 young Europeans to express their thoughts and suggestions to different European experts and decision makers about tobacco policy, activities of the tobacco industry and prevention and cessation of smoking. Participants should be young people from 15 to 30 coming from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Croatia and Turkey. Find out more about the fee and how to participate here: 18th-20th September 2013: Open Meeting of the UN with youth, UN Headquarters, New York, USA The Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD), which includes 40 entities within the United Nations system, will host an open meeting with youth networks, organisations and movements in order to strengthen partnerships. The meeting will be an opportunity to share progress made so far on UN youth initiatives, to identify ways in which young people can participate in implementing them, and jointly calling for increased investments in youth. Young people between 15 and 29 and affiliated with, and endorsed by, a youth-led or youth-focused organisation, network or movement can participate online or in-person in the meeting. Find out more: rticipants.aspx 19th-23rd September 2013: International Youth Conference: “European Values for the Future of South Eastern European Countries”, Krusevo, FYROM Organised by the Youth Alliance Krusevo, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, the 11th Krusevo International Youth Conference aims to explore new approaches in youth policy and youth work across South East Europe and Europe in general. The objective of this conference is to encourage young people to engage with policy-making and to create new perspectives for young people by building partnership among likeminded civil society actors in the region.


The event is addressed to youth leaders, workers and activists, from 18 to 32 years of age, coming from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, FYROM, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. Deadline to register: 10th September 2013. Find out more: 24th September 2013: Conference “Motivation in language education” Warsaw, Poland The conference is addressed to experts responsible for shaping language policy, experts, neurolinguists, representatives of education institutions, researchers, teachers, social partners. The conference will focus on motivation in language education. Find out more: 27th September 2013: European Researchers' Night The European Researchers' Night is an event taking place every year on a single September night in about 300 cities all over Europe and aiming to promote careers in science and research. Whether with family, school, friends or on their own, everybody is invited to explore science in different engaging ways. Find out how to get involved here: 3rd October 2013: World Bank Group’s Youth Summit, Washington D.C., USA Under the theme of “Youth Entrepreneurship: Cultivating an Innovative Spirit to Alleviate Global Youth Unemployment”, the summit will provide a forum for young professionals from around the world to share innovative ideas and solutions to current development challenges to create opportunities for youth employment and job creation. As part of the summit, participants are also invited to join the Development Case Competition. These cases highlight real life issues facing development organisations and focus on the following sub-topics: education, youth employment, and millennial communications. Award prizes vary by case and may include cash prizes and a chance to personally present your proposal to the implementing partner. The deadline to submit a proposal for the Development Case Competition is 8th September 2013. It is not compulsory having participated in the Case Study Competition to attend the Youth Summit. Find out more: 20th-25th October 2013: Training Course “The melting iceberg – Learn to swim in the sea of diversity and ambiguity”, Vienna, Austria The course aims to encourage the participants to look behind their understanding of culture and intercultural learning, experience what it means to be diversity conscious and be able to deal with ambiguity and change, and reflect about their educational practice in regards to Intercultural Learning. Trainers, facilitators, youth workers with experience in planning and facilitating international activities in the Youth in Action context from Youth in Action programme countries and neighbouring partner countries can apply by 13th September 2013. Find out more:


22nd-25th October 2013: Eastern Partnership Youth Forum, Kaunas, Lithuania In the context of the 3rd Eastern Partnership Summit, Lithuania will host the Eastern Partnership Youth Forum which aims to enhance the recognition of youth work and non-formal learning especially in the context of social inclusion, raise the quality and visibility of non-formal learning and youth work at the local level and foster exchange of good practice of youth work between Eastern Partnership and Youth in Action Programme countries. Deadline to apply: 5th September 2013, at 23.59 CET. For more information: 6th-8th November 2013: International Greening Education Event, Karlsruhe, Germany The event provides a global platform to educators and other stakeholders for sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge and for demonstrating and discussing effective ways to integrate sustainability across the education sector. It also aims to foster collaboration among senior faculty members, policymakers, sustainable development practitioners, teachers from across the globe and those who are helping to create a more sustainable world. For more information: 6th-8th November 2013: EP’s Citizens’ Agora on Youth Unemployment, Brussels, Belgium The Citizens’ Agora aims to gather young people from all over Europe to discuss the current challenges in Europe’s employment market. Two young people from each Member State of the EU will be invited to this conference - one who is employed and one who is unemployed - to share their experiences, debate with other young people and come up with recommendations for Europe’s politicians to tackle youth unemployment. Deadline for applications: 6th September 2013. For more information: 6th-8th November 2013: Symposium “Future of EU cooperation in the field of youth in the context of the new programme”, Ljubljana, Slovenia The symposium aims to offer space to discuss how the new programme might affect the overall European co-operation in the field of youth. Participants will also review strategies to keep and strengthen European cooperation in the field of youth and to insure better top-down and bottom-up transfers within the European framework. Representatives or decision-makers from national authorities, national youth organisations, regional or local authorities that are involved in national decisionmaking processes, as well as from national youth councils, are invited to apply by 10th September 2013. For more information: 12th November 2013: Debate "Target Youth: Mobile and safe" Brussels, Belgium Our Future Mobility Now (OFMN) and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) will hold a debate between young people, the automotive industry, motor clubs and policy makers. The debate will examine three key topics: -Attitudes and awareness: How to connect with young people?


-Driving skills and experience: How to make an impact? -Automation and apps: How can technology help? Find out more about the debate and how to register: European Citizenship Training Courses 2013/2014 The courses are meant to support youth workers and youth leaders developing their critical understanding of European Citizenship and encourage them to integrate the topic in their practical work. List of proposed Courses for 2013: •Training Course 2: ECTC-BG in Bulgaria (9th-15th December 2013) Deadline: 8th September 2013; •Training Course 7: ECTC-ES in Spain (24th February–2nd March 2014) Deadline: to be announced. All details are available here: Salto-Youth: Training Calendar The European Training Calendar contains current training offers of different institutions and organisations, such as SALTO, the National Agencies for the YOUTH IN ACTION Programme, non-governmental youth organisations, the European Youth Centres of the Council of Europe and the Partnership Programme on European Youth Worker Training. They are addressed to young people, group leaders, mentors, trainers and other specialists. Find out more:


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