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A world of onions.

Eurocebollas is a privately owned company delivering quality, cost saving solutions to Food Manufactures, QSR’s, Food Service Operators and Retailers worldwide through their innovative


Since their creation in 1980, Eurocebollas has had a commitment to constant improvement in their RTU onion, which has resulted in them maintaining their position of being at the forefront of the onion processing market. More than 600MT capacity per day. More than 1000 customers. More than 50 countries worldwide.

When it comes to getting produce from the field to the fork, the only things clients are concerned about quality, safety and freshness. Eurocebollas has spent more than two decades improving its processes and ensuring the produce it provides to customers is as good and safe as possible.

How to keep onions so that they

do not go off · · · · ·


With skin. (unpeeled) Peeled. (Onion goes off in a couple of days and oxidation takes place) Frozen. (Expensive, strange smells and taste. Micro hazards) Dehydrated. (Fluctuating price, lack of flavor. Micro hazards) RTU Eurocebollas innovative solution. Eurocebollas Ready To Use Onions, are peeled, diced in multiple sizes and are cooked in their own juices for your convenience. The onions have all their flavour and are ready to use, straight from the can or pouch. They are a perfect addition to any ready meal. (Ambient storage with long shelf life)


Pickled onion Possible applications: · · · · · · · ·

Tacos. Pizzas. Wraps. Burguers. Sandwiches. Foccacia. Potato salads. Lettuce type salads.

Fried frozen onion Possible applications: · Quiche. · Curry sauce.

Dehydrated onion ambient Possible applications: · · · · · ·

Dry sauces. Rices mixes. Cheese. Powders. Bakery toppings. Snacks.

RTU onion puree Possible applications: · Sauces, curry. · Soups. · Dips.

RTU onion in strips ambient Possible applications: · Sauces, curry. · Soups.

RTU onion in

10mm and 6mm cuts Possible applications: · Lasagna, macaroni, ravioli, ... · Quiches. · Meat balls. · Dips and sauces. · Patés. · Black pudding and sausages. · Pies. · Croquettes. · Soups.

RTU fried onion Possible applications: · Burguers. · Hot dogs. · Meat or fish side dishes.

rtu caramelised onion ambient Possible applications: · · · · · ·

Sandwiches. Pizzas. Cheese. Pasta dishes. Bakery toppings. Bruschetta.

benefits of



· · · · · ·

100% natural. Consistent quality. Energy saving. No bacteria. Stored at ambient - 18 month shelf life. No special expensive refrigeration storage or handling requirements. · 10 days shelf life once opened. · Stable price. · No tears.

Disadvantages Frozen · 95% water. · Requires refrigeration and special handling conditions. · Limited shelf life once defrosted. · Oxidation potential. · Micro hazards. · Particle disintegration during the cooking process.

Dehydrated · Lack of flavour. · Fluctuating price. · High microbiological risk.

Packagings Cans · · · · ·

190 GR 390 GR 850 GR 2600 GR 4200 GR

Bags · · · · · ·

3 KG 5 KG 10 KG 20 KG 215 KG in drum. 1000 KG in pelecon.


OUR installations

Manipulados de Cebollas y Derivados S.L. CV-544 Km. 3, 2 - Apdo. Correos 226 Alzira, Valencia Spain

Clear air into the atmosphere.

Ash from olive pits is used as fertilizers.

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Dossier Euroonions