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Jan 2009 Issue 2

euroberge :: issue 2

euroberge First look: SpecM3 :: Yalla Yalla 2008 :: Save Barek Aub

euroberge :: issue 2

Mike and I took a giant step into the unknown with the first issue and we have not looked back since. We really had no idea what we were getting Colorado and the rest of the world an in-depth look ourselves into when we published the first issue of at the European automotive scene. EuroBerge to the web. The feedback from readers On that note though, I am issuing each of you like you that gave us the motivation we needed to a challenge. I want you the enthusiast to take that go ahead and make this a reality. Within three step into the unknown and get to know some new weeks of issue one dropping, we started working on members. I am not talking within your group or the masterpiece you are about to sink your teeth club. With many clubs having weekly, monthly, and into. But, we knew we couldn’t do it all ourselves semi-annual get-togethers all over, there is no and brought on our good friend reason you can’t drop on in, say hi, and Aaron Crooks to assist in the meet some fellow enthusiasts. Our Personally, I am editing and overall development community of automotive enthusiasts is of the magazine. We are excited for what the very unique. We have great passion for striving to bring the best our vehicles, be it BMW, Audi, Land Rover, new year has to product we can to the Volvo, or the many other brands that grace offer for EuroBerge. enthusiasts and feel that Aaron our roads. We share that passion with will do nothing but help us with those we love every day, even when most that goal. of them think we are crazy. Go out and Aside from that little note, a new year has meet some other European automotive enthusiasts started for us all, which means we have a few short that are just as crazy as you. months left to get our cars ready for another season of driving. We have many shows coming up here in our great state, including Dubs Along the Rockies and Volkswagons on the Green. But we also cannot forget about those great shows in neighboring states like WusteFest in Vegas and DubCenter 2.0 in Richard Melick Colorado’s armpit, or as some refer to it, Nebraska. Editor in Chief I know I speak for my crew when I say we are all very excited about the upcoming show season. And for those of us who are more “go than show”, both NASA and SCCA have a jam-packed schedule of track days coming up, including many classes all over the state on some of the states best tracks. There is also the excitement of High Plains Raceway SpecM3 | 6 opening up this year as well. Octdubberfest 2008 | 9 Personally, I am excited for what the new year has to offer for EuroBerge. We are planning on making it to as many events as we can all over the Yalla Yalla 2008 | 12 state and are getting involved in as many clubs and Save Barek Aub | 15 organizations as possible. It’s a busy agenda for us indeed, but we feel we are up to it as that is the only R8 Tech | 19 way we will be able to provide to the enthusiasts of

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HDR as Art | 22

Camera: Nikon D200 Aperture: f2.8 Shutter Speed: 1/500 Focal length: 24 mm ISO: 400

euroberge :: issue 2

Staff and Contributers

euroberge :: issue 2

Richard Melick is our resident editor-in-chief. Richardʼs the man who started it all, and the one who cracks the whip when the minions stop working. With pen in hand, he manages to mark up anything and everything that crosses his desk with great ferocity, usually making things more difficult than easy. With his better half usually pulling on the leash, his bite is usually limited to a few scratches here and there. Richard can usually be found wandering aimlessly around town. While the word fotograf basically sums up the man known as Mike Selander, there is a lot more to him than just taking amazing pictures. He is very levelheaded and if you listen long enough you will hear a hilarious and sarcastic sense of humor. Mike is also an extremely active member in countless clubs and is completely immersed in the Colorado euro scene. His knowledge on anything photo will blow your mind and his photographs will make you breathless. Known around the office as the hippie, Aaron Crooks brings fresh ideas to the table every day. With a smile that never seems to leave his face, the hippieʼs antics bring a sense of fun to everything we do. Whether he is behind the lens of a camera or driving his beloved Volkswagen, you will always have fun with this little man. As the assistant editor, the hippie will always ensure that every article passes the high standard set at EuroBerge. Dave Jobusch, Chief Instructor for the SCCA Rocky Mountain Chapter is a very avid car nut who seems to be involved with everything race. As writer for EuroBerge, Dave has been able to provide inside information available first to the readers. While known for spending massive amounts of time behind the driver's seat of his beloved Smurf blue E36 M3, he can also be found at times tearing up the local bowling lanes. Known for having the fluffiest interior in the local scene, Erik Melanderʼs photography skills are well known throughout most every club, group, and scene. While Erikʼs spastic attitude keeps many on their toes, he has never failed to deliver a good picture to look at even if it is usually only of his car, the Turbo Tomato. Sadly, due to his red hair, this local ginger-child is kept in a cage at night for the protection of the neighbors. Chuck Maybee is a mystery to most. Some say he is just the figment of the communities imagination, and most stories we “know” about him are hallucinations from breathing in too many exhaust fumes. What we do know is that his car is afraid of dirt and has never been seen in public dirty. When he isnʼt slaving away in his garage attempting the perfect shine, Chuck can be found leading the group Mini 5280 on a drive to nowhere. Not much is known about the man Josh Youngberg. When he isnʼt out terrorizing the local women, he can be found caring for his corn crops in high hopes of growing his own fuel. An active member of the scene, Joshʼs overly friendly attitude and great rock throwing skills have given him quite the reputation among many enthusiasts.

Originally from Hawaii, Kerwin Miyashiro has been detailing cars for over 10 years in both his home state and Colorado. Owner of Aloha Detailing, Kerwin has been providing mobile detailing in Colorado for the past 2 years after falling in love with the state. Despite our badgering for riding engineless machines, Kerwin can be found tearing up our mountains on everything from his bike to his boards. He dreams of one day being a professional mountain biker (whatever they do). Since starting shooting professional photography 4 years ago and establishment of Illusive Dreams, Jason Peckovitch has made quite the name for himself in the magazine world with many photographs of a diversity of vehicles. He was key in the voting of the first photo contest and brought to the table some great ideas ideas. When not attending bikini contests and car shows, Jason can be found attending meetings for Knitterʼs Anonymous.

euroberge :: issue 2

Drew Canavan Denver, CO

First Place Winner Cover Shot: Triumph TR-6 Camera: Canon XSi Aperture: f11 Shutter Speed: 1/200 Focal Length: 29 mm ISO: 200 Second Highest Scored Shot: Mini Cooper Camera: Canon XSi Aperture: f5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/400 Focal length: 159 mm ISO: 200

Cooper Naitove Denver, CO

Second Place Ferrari F430 Camera: Canon XTi Aperture: f16 Shutter Speed: 1/100 Focal length: 120 mm ISO: 100

Alexander Bellus Mankato, Minnesota

Third Place Ferrari F430 Camera: Nikon D50 Aperture: f5.3 Shutter Speed: 1/250 Focal length: 330 mm ISO: 200

euroberge :: issue 2

Article by Dave Jobusch

© Mike Selander

A few summers ago, local SCCA club racer and National Champion autocrosser Bill Lamkin predicted "all E36 M3s will eventually end up in Colorado". It looks like he might be right, especially if early enthusiasm for a new racing series created right here in Colorado translates into new race cars and drivers in the 2009 season. SpecM3 ( is a new competitive road racing class that’s a specifications have been developed to not only give all those M3s another way to play at the track, but to do so in a cost-effective manner that provides a higher level of performance than other available spec classes. Bob Tunnell, Jim Leithauser, and Dan Goodman from Bimmer Haus Performance Group, and Grant Barclay of Built-By-Bones applied their years of racing and car development experience to craft the SpecM3 rule set in late 2008. The four of them make up the SpecM3 Board, with Grant taking on Series Steward responsibilities. The base platform for a SpecM3 car is a stock US-spec BMW E36 M3, including the 3.0L 1995 and 3.2L 1996-1999 model years. Permitted modifications include many of the common performance and reliability changes current M3 owners have already made to their street-driven or autocrossed cars. But unlike some spec classes where the dollars can quickly add up trying to find that last bit of performance at excessive cost, the SpecM3 preparation rules specify a grassroots-level racing class where having the fattest wallet doesn't ensure a spot on the podium. It is a goal of the program that a SpecM3 car can be purchased and made track-ready for under $20K—or well under that for drivers looking to develop their current M3s. A portion of that development cost will be applied to a solid set of safety equipment— much of it which

© Chris Mayfield

euroberge :: issue 2

will be new to even the most prepared autocross or Time Trials car. It is the intention of SpecM3 that its safety requirements meet or exceed those of BMW CCA Club Racing Prepared, NASA GTS, and SCCA Touring classes. A unique attribute of the program compared to other spec series is that SpecM3 will not specify the mandatory use of one particular brand. This allows more flexibility not only in parts selection and their combinations, but gives car owners more opportunity to develop their tuning expertise, as well as develop (or maintain existing) relationships they have with various manufacturers and tuners. The vehicle preparation rules have been through several revisions, but are solidifying into an easy to read spec. The latest draft can be reviewed at the SpecM3 website: Another key objective of SpecM3 is to develop a specification that leads to cars that have a place to run in multiple clubs; targeting BMW CCA, NASA, and SCCA. NASA was first to approve SpecM3, which will run in NASA's GTS2 class for the 2009 season. SpecM3 will run at all NASA Rocky Mountain events, and drivers will be eligible to run at the NASA National Championships at Miller Motorsports Park in September. BMW CCA most recently announced that they’re going to allow SpecM3 (and other SCCA and NASA classes) to have their own class at BMW CCA Club Racing events in 2009. This might be what’s needed to bring BMW CCA racing back to Colorado. Discussions are in progress with SCCA as well. It's possible that in its first season SpecM3 could be running as a class at all regional sports car races in Colorado in 2009. The 2009 motorsports scene in Colorado looks stronger than it has in years with the opening of High Plains Raceway, Pikes Peak International Raceway’s re-opening, and both NASA and SCCA with several weekends of scheduled events. The SpecM3 series looks to be an exciting and accessible way to spend those weekends road racing something that’s “way too much fun for a spec car.”

Š Aaron Crooks euroberge :: issue 2

euroberge :: issue 2

Oct’Dubber Fest 2008

Article by Josh Youngberg :: Photos by Mike Selander signs, and gift certificates with the grand prize of a full car detail worth over $300 from Aloha Detailing. The list of national vendors included such companies as Forge Motorsport, Clutch Masters, and German Autoparts. The local vendors included Hardey’s Motorwerks, Aloha Detailing, Mile High Sound Designs, Detailer’s Paradise, and Eclipse Tinting just to name a few. As one of the last big show and shines of the year, Looking at the list of vendors the raffle prizes Oct’Dubber Fest offers everyone one of the last ranged across the board and provided a good chances to get together before the snow makes reason to spend some money even in this its first appearance of the season and sends most troubled economy. of the beautiful cars into hiding till spring. In past years the weather What makes this show and shine cooperated and provided the typical different is that show goers have a late Colorado summer sunshine and The biggest chance to win some great raffle prizes, warmth but this year Mother Nature winner of the with all proceeds going directly to the decided to throw a wrench in the plans day was the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help in and force only the bravest of the brave Susan G. the fight against breast cancer. to endure the bone chilling cold and With national and local vendors Komen rain for a day of good times, great donating various products, the raffle Foundation. cars, and awesome people. Cars in prizes this year were among the best stock form all the way up to the heavily ever. Raffle prizes ranged from German modified, from the old school air-cooled tri-color patches, “German Parking Only”

After a year off to re-group, in conjunction with Tynan’s Volkswagen, has brought Oct’Dubber Fest back to local scene.

euroberge :: issue 2

engines to the newest of new water-cooled engines made their appearances. Aside from the cars, this day was about the owners. New and old faces had a chance to hang out, converse and recap the 2008 year and discuss what 2009 has to offer. Some of the plans varied from slight upgrades of current vehicles to completely new projects in a different vehicle altogether. The best part of the day was the infusion of new faces into the Colorado VW scene, proving that there will always be new blood to replace the old. The location for this event could not have been any better. Tynan’s Volkswagen was gracious enough to allow use of one of their spare lots and the enthusiasts took full advantage of the dealership’s hospitality. With enough space for about 75 cars, the turnout was better than expected considering the weather. The biggest winner of the day was the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Almost $750 was raised by local enthusiasts through the event. This money raised was donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, where every penny makes the difference.

euroberge :: issue 2

Š Jason Peckovitch

euroberge :: issue 2

Article by Chuck Maybee :: Photos by Mike Selander The MINI5280 club was started as a way for fellow MINI motoring enthusiasts to socialize and share in a common passion of all things MINI. Now, 6 years hence, the club boasts over 200 members within the Rocky Mountain region and annually hosts the nationally recognized MINIs in the Mountains each August. Club events include monthly informal drives, poker runs, scavenger hunts and track days. The club holds monthly meetings and publishes a monthly newsletter to keep all members informed about MINI happenings both locally and nationally. This year’s Yalla Yalla was held on October 26th and was strategically planned to occur on a Bronco’s off weekend biweek to increase attendance. Yalla Yalla is a ride, a quiz, a scavenger hunt and a musical discovery. It is a mysterious journey to an unknown destination and getting there is most of the fun. Our journey this year began in Louisville at the Old Santa Fe restaurant. The drivers were given bags containing gifts from Detailers Paradise, Ralph Schomp MINI and MINIMotoringGraphics as well as the Adventure Guide, Yalla Yalla music CD and route sheets. More importantly from a scoring standpoint the bags contained the music quiz, route quiz and an Emergency Lostitude envelope (in case they just couldn’t find their way home). It was easy to tell those drivers that read the instructions from those that hadn’t as the first route quiz question was found above the restaurant’s door. Many a MINI was seen departing the parking lot only to have to return to find the answer. A total of 36 Yalla Yalla drivers began the course, which took them through Boulder, Hygiene, Masonville, Loveland and Longmont. The organizers of the event purposely forgot to mention at the start that there were two different routes. So just north of Boulder half the drivers turned one way while the other half turned the other. Confusion was rampant and true Yalla Yalla was obtained. As suggested most drivers had a

euroberge :: issue 2

designated navigator and the few that didn’t soon answered correctly and 2 more points were added if a wished they had. bonus question asking to link Alfred Hitchcock to the Yalla Yalla reportedly is derived from a word on new MINI in six connections or less could be found. The the island of Bali, which loosely translated means to route quiz contained another 18 points regardless of the wander about. Rest assured that in true MINI5280 spirit route assigned and again 2 extra points were awarded if there was much Yalla Yalla on this particular Sunday. the riders could identify that the No Dirt rule/guideline Participants were given vague word clues for route turns was broken and if they brought to the finish a fortune and destinations and the two routes crossed in the ticket purchased from the Mercantile. scenic lands west of Longmont. Through Carter Lake, In the end, all participants finished (or were at Left-hand Canyon and the back roads of our colorful least accounted for) at the Louisville Recreation Center. state, MINIs traveled and wandered, passing others Prizes from Detailers Paradise were awarded for high coming from where they were going and having just scores on the music and route quizzes, overall points, come from where the passersby was heading. Three first and last to finish, driver to finish closest to average check-points were provided to ensure drivers could get and best dressed MINI. A drawing was then held using back on track and to keep track of drivers. Mid-point raffle tickets handed out in Masonville and each was in Masonville at the participant walked Masonville Mercantile, which In the fall of each year the MINI5280 club away from Yalla actually held several answers to Yalla with a nice the route quiz as well as the one holds an event called Yalla Yalla. This event is p r i z e f o r t h e i r scavenger hunt item. meant to celebrate the founding of the club effort. Our aptly chosen theme MINI5280 this year, being so close to back in 2002 as well as the release of the new wishes to thank Halloween, was Lost Souls and MINI by BMW. this year’s Yalla the music CD enhanced the Yalla sponsors; Halloween season as well as the lost souls theme. A total Detailers Paradise, Ralph Schomp MINI, MINI Motoring of 18 points could be had if all music questions were Graphics and Checker Auto for their generous contributions of prizes for the participants. We also wish to thank the event organizers; Ms. Teena Craighill, Ms. Kim Stone, Mr. David Bierbaumer and Mr. Don Suiter. We also want to thank the owners of Old Santa Fe restaurant for allowing us to use their parking lot as a starting spot and the owners of the Masonville Mercantile for opening early and allowing us to overwhelm them. Finally we wish to apologize to the woman that was obviously perturbed that this year’s Yalla Yalla selected her neighborhood as part of the route and the woman at the Carter Lake Marina Store that patiently answered the same route question from 36 lost MINIs.

euroberge :: issue 2

Save Barek Aub.

euroberge :: issue 2

Article by Aaron Crooks Photography by Mike Selander and Micah Kirkwood

When we see the words Barek Aub, a few things come to mind, but most likely none of those things have anything to do with a small refugee camp in Afghanistan. Located outside of Kabul, the people of this camp have quickly developed the community into a small town. However, the townspeople have been struggling to live in the harsh environment since their arrival. For the longest time, the town of Barek Aub had no fresh water and in general, no infrastructure what so ever. With the many other events occurring in the Afghani nation, the government simply does not have the resources to help its people. This town of refugees came together out of great adversity and is built on the ties of people. Humanity is what brings us together and allows us to help others in need. Bob Tunnell has caught a glimpse of this need and has devoted much time and effort into helping the people of Barek Aub. Bob first became aware of the situation in Afghanistan about two years ago and has since taken several trips to the small town, continuing to raise awareness for their need. After his first trip to Barek Aub, Bob added a sticker to his race car that read “ Save someone’s life today. Really.” This powerful statement can now be seen on many of the cars racing around the SCCA tracks and has helped increase the awareness of the need for help. The number of people now involved directly and indirectly has grown since that fateful day. Through an organization called SOZO international, Bob has been able to travel to Barek Aub to help in a more personal way. On one of Bob’s trips, he met several inspirational Afghanis with whom he developed a strong relationship with. One individual in particular named Narros worked with Bob directly while building housing and digging a fresh water well for the villagers. Bob explained that before this experience his donations always felt intangible or

euroberge :: issue 2

anonymous, and that this face-to-face interaction with Narros and the refugees was real. Real people being moved and helped incredibly by real actions. Another individual who left a positive mark with Bob was Ahmad Shakib, a boy who grew up in Kabul and was raised to haggle. Bob remembers Ahmad as the Donald Trump of Afghanistan and was able to haggle in every situation. Bob’s travels to Afghanistan really opened his eyes to the role that could play in helping the little town. It is a wonderful informational site that tells the story and explains how we can help the refugees in Barek Aub and other camps like it. The concept behind helping the refugees follows the premise “if we only give them fish, we feed them for a day, but if we teach them how to fish, then we feed the people of Barek Aub for a lifetime.” In other words, while donations of clothing and food are always welcome, its the little financial donations that © Micah Kirkwood

© Micah Kirkwood

have helped getting things moving. With the financial donations that Bob has been able to collect through, the :: issue 2 people this little town have been able toeuroberge start building basic infrastructure that has supplied jobs and has helped in establishing their economy. SOZO international hopes to get their economy moving by investing in the people who live there. Their goals are to help, heal and restore. As we daydream and think of our cars, remember Barek Aub. Just as our European cars tie us together, so does the link of humanity tie us to those who live in Barek Aub. With the help and hard work of many stateside, such as Bob Tunnell and the many racers who support his cause, the refugees have been given another life and are quickly turning Barek Aub into a functioning town. If you would like to help or learn more about the stories from Barek Aub, log onto or There are many ways to help and sometimes the smallest gesture can be most uplifting.

euroberge :: issue 2

Tips from the Pro With the winter months pounding away at our beloved cars, we here at EuroBerge did some research into the proper detailing methods and found some good tips for keeping our cars clean during these brutal months. No thanks to CDOT, magnesium chloride, and brown water, we all probably have some very dirty cars. Kerwin Miyashiro of Aloha Detailing has taken some time out of his busy schedule to provide some tips that could help each of us keep our car nice and protected. EB: How do we keep our paint protected from the damages of magnesium chloride and salt? KW: First and foremost you need to rinse or wash all road grime off as soon as you can. You can help prep your paint by claybarring and stripping old wax off. Apply paint sealant & allow proper cure time and then apply carnauba over cured paint sealant. EB: Is there a proper way to remove chemicals from the road crud, such as specific soaps? KW: You want to use a high-grade car soap, specifically one that始s strong enough to remove grime but at the same time does not remove wax or sealant. A good soap will have some type of lubricants to help prevent debris from marring the paint. EB: What kind of product should we put on our paint to help protect it in the cold and keep a good look? KW: Paint sealant layered with a carnauba will help protect most paints. EB: Can I clean my car in the cold weather or should I wait for warmth? KW: Never let the grime sit on the paint. Unfortunately though, cleaning in the cold is tricky because of car wash freezing or wax/sealants not curing properly. If your garage is warm enough it shouldn始t be problem. If the weather is permitting though, take the car out for a good cleaning and prep for the next storm. EB: Is there a difference between sealants and waxes, and which is better for the winter? KW: A combination works the best. Carnauba over paint sealant seems to work well in most cases I have dealt with. Some good sealants: Zaino Bros., Rejex, Mark V paint sealant. Some good carnauba: Zymol Estate glazes, Swissvax, P21S waxes.

漏 Nick Tomlinson

euroberge :: issue 2

Elbows Deep in the R8 Article by Richard Melick

Photography by erik Melander

Even thinking of this kind of event makes me want crawl in a hole and never come out. But then I was informed of the R8 tech session at Peak Eurosport and was promised a very different experience. The weather was absolutely perfect for the event, which gave some enthusiasts their first in-person look at Audi始s new super car. The opportunity to get elbow deep into an Audi R8 will not come often, and the team at Peak Eurosport was happy to provide such an opportunity for the people. Pulling up, I saw many different cars parked in the parking lot, from several Audi RS6s to a Porsche 997. I could tell from this point my day would be interesting. Personally, I was in awe at the magnificent engineering that I saw in these vehicles. Sitting in the driver's seat, my senses were tingling as I felt the power that the mid-mounted engine would put down on asphalt. As I looked around, the craftsmanship was obvious in every nook and cranny of the cockpit. It was apparent Audi took their time in designing and fabricating these cars around the driver. With three areas set up for guests to learn about the R8 and all its amazing features, there was plenty of information available for everyone to take in. Station one had an R8 up in the air for us all to examine. Here, Ernie DeVita of Peak Eurosport was able to explain in

Tech sessions are not something I personally enjoy, especially the idea of standing around listening to engineers babble in a language I never understand.

euroberge :: issue 2

great detail the technical side of this amazing vehicle, answering all questions that were thrown at him about the technical side of the R8. The next station was being run by Frank Amaroso, who was happy to share the design information, explaining to the guests the reasons behind features that would help with the interaction between the driver and road. With countless hours behind the wheel at many NASA events, Frank was able to answer any questions about spirited driving that many guests had. The final station was being run by Andrew Price of Factory Lab Designs who was giving guests an in-depth look at Audi始s website and media packages for the complete model line. Here, we were able to see how Audi has worked with Factory Lab Designs in developing a sensory-overload that could only be compared to driving one of the vehicles. The experience of this day can not be described as anything other than amazing. Not only were there many amazing vehicles around to look at, the people in attendance made the event memorable. I would like to thank Peak Eurosport, Audi Club of America, Factory Lab Designs, and the owners of these magnificent vehicles for hosting a great event for the enthusiasts.

euroberge :: issue 2

Camera: Canon EOS 40D Aperture Value: f/5.7 Focal Length: 64 mm Lens: Canon EFS 17mm - 85mm USM IS ISO: 100 Shutter Speed Value: 1/12 sec Filter: CPR (circular polarizer, round)

Š Erik Melander

Article/Photography by Mike Selander


euroberge :: issue 2

There has been a lot of buzz in the photography world over the radical new style of photography and post-editing HDR. Some people claim that this is not photography, but instead an extreme form of “photochopping� and taking otherwise good photographs and making them awful. The other side feels that HDR is a valid form of photography with every bit as much offer as any other photo. Whichever way you feel, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. In english this means that every area of the photo, whether bright or shadow has an acceptable exposure. When you take a photo, the sensor on your camera only has a range of 8.5 stops to gather data from whereas our eyes can interpret around 14 stops at one time. This is why when you point your camera at the sky, everything on the ground generally turns out dark. Likewise if you pointed your camera at the ground the sky will turn out very bright, or overexposed. Combining several exposures and pulling the best data from all of them can solve this problem and make your photos turn out smooth and all around well-exposed. This photography method was first developed by Charles Wyckoff in the 1950s. He pioneered the idea using three separate layers of fill almost identical to modern color film to take photos of nuclear explosions. By transferring these onto color paper, it created a pseudo-color photograph. Luckily, creating HDR images has gotten much easier over the years and you can create your own within minutes. Most people create HDRs with a program called photomatix ( This program will automatically combine your images and then give you all the tools to tone-map the image to your liking, whether it be subtle or if you want to take the aggressive line. The second most popular way to combine images is in the photoshop suite ( products/photoshop). This method takes the best of each exposure and combines them using overlapping layers. If you would like to explore the world of HDR in further depth more info can be found here: (/ w w w. p h o t o s h o p s u p p o r t . c o m / photoshop-cs3/hdr-high-dynamicrange/index.html)

euroberge :: issue 2

WIN SOME MONEY! Think you have what it takes to win the next EuroBerge photo contest? Send us your best vertical photo of your European vehicle in or around a city in Colorado. Be it Grand Junction, FoCo, Denver or Colorado Springs, show us the best spots in town to take photos. It is highly encouraged that the photos be taken during the time period of the contest. Please send in your photos with a short bio about yourself and info on the photos such as camera, exposure, focal length, and ISO. Be sure to also include the information on the location so that others might enjoy the same spot. Submissions made without this info will be automatically disqualified. Submissions will be limited to 5 photos from each participant so make each one count! Remember, the more creative the shot, the more points it will earn. So lets see your artistic side and just maybe it will earn you a $25 gift card from B&H Photo and Video.

Entries due by March 12th

© Alex Martinez

CONTEST RULES The photos must be of or have a European car(s) as the subject. • • Picture must be in vertical format. • No nudity or illegal activity in the photos. No exceptions. • To keep it fair, professionals (anyone who has made money from their work) canʼt participate. • The deadline for submission is midnight March 12th. • Mail submissions to with “Photo Contest Submission” in the title • All entries must include short bio of you as the photographer and information on the photo, such as camera, exposure, focal length, and ISO. Include the location of the photograph as well. • Include the specs of your camera and the settings of your shot • Submit no more than 5 photos, the 2 best will be judged • The photos should be 800x600 or 800 on the tallest side for the submission. If we choose your photo, have a copy at least 1200 pixels on the tallest side ready. The higher the better. Fun Legal Stuff: Offer void where otherwise prohibited by law. Winners are responsible for taxes on all prizes. No purchase necessary to play or win. Solicitation will not enhance odds of winning contest. Entries must be received by 11:59pm on March 12, 2009.

Camera: Panasonic FZ8 Aperture: f2.8 Shutter Speed: 1/125 Focal Length: 6 mm2 euroberge :: issue ISO: 100

Full Size Photo

Š Critter Stumpp

Š Mike Selander Camera: Nikon D200 Aperture: f2.8 Speed:21/1600 eurobergeShutter :: issue Focal length: 112 mm ISO: 100

Last Page - Closing shot from Aaron

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euroberge :: issue 2

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We at EuroBerge believe that to be successful in the market, we need to be for the people and by the people. We are not out to provide yet another publication telling you what the hottest trends are, who runs the best shop, or what the best mod is for your vehicle. All of that information can be found in the mass produced corporate-owned publications on the shelves of your local book store or supermarket. We will be diligently providing a much more in depth look at all aspects of the Colorado European automotive scene while not focusing on one specific owner, vehicle, club or shop. As we are only a small crew, finding out about all the upcoming events can be difficult, so we ask that you let us know what is coming up. This way, we can get out there and cover it in the best way possible. We have set up an email address for you to send any information you have on these events: If you have an event that you would like to get out the masses, drop us an email as we are willing to work with anyone and helping advertise their events in EuroBerge.

EuroBerge Issue 2 - January 15, 2009  

EuroBerge Issue 2. In this issue, everything from the Yalla Yalla event to the SpecM3 racing classes are covered.