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World-Class Performing Arts

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A World-Class Center From its very beginning, The Smith Center was envisioned as a world-class performing arts center that would develop and present the best and brightest in a broad range of first-rate programming and unite the residents of our community.

by the numbers $150 million: Donald W. Reynolds Foundation donation 32: Months to build The Smith Center 1.5 million: Man-hours it will take to build 1,000+: Construction workers building The Smith Center 4,000: Tons of structural steel 2,458: Tons of Indiana limestone

The ambition to create one of the nation’s leading performing art centers led The Smith Center’s design team to visit venues across North America and Europe in 2007, where they studied some of the world’s finest opera houses, concert halls and performance venues. After they toured venues including Palais Garnier in Paris, the Musikverein in Vienna and La Scala in Milan, they came together to design The Smith Center. And like all great venues, The Smith Center’s design marries classic style and elegance with refined acoustics and sophisticated technology. This cultural complex will enable Southern Nevada to take its place on the international stage, celebrating artistic excellence, education and cultures from around the world. The Smith Center will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We welcome all patrons and will offer a variety of services to meet special needs.

29,500 lbs: Weight of bells in the carillon bell tower 170 ft: Height of carillon bell tower 23: Boxes on the Box Tier in Reynolds Hall 25+: Architects, engineers, designers and consultants 373: Windows in the Reynolds Hall building 2012: The Smith Center opening


The Centerpiece of Las Vegas

We are on the verge of changing the landscape of our city. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts will fulfill our community’s dream of having a cultural centerpiece for residents to experience and enjoy. Its opening will usher in a new era of arts and culture, emphasizing artistic excellence, timeless architecture and exciting new opportunities for our children to learn through the arts. This will be the living room for Las Vegas.

Designed by world renowned architect David M. Schwarz, The Smith Center will be our city’s crowning achievement, exposing thousands to the power of the arts and serving as a source of inspiration for generations to come. Our children, families and neighbors will experience the performing arts like never before. The Smith Center will be home to resident companies including Nevada Ballet Theatre and the Las Vegas Philharmonic, giving them the facilities and resources that will allow them to grow and flourish. But equally important, The Smith Center will beckon a myriad of other world-class performers who will take center stage in first-run touring productions, Broadway shows, special engagements, and cultural attractions from around the world. It’s destined to become a “must-stop” venue for all within the performing arts universe … and an icon for a city that is spreading its cultural wings.

“The Smith Center is the most important building to be built in Nevada in our lifetime.” Donald D. Snyder, Chairman of The Smith Center

Set on nearly five acres in downtown Las Vegas, The Smith Center will be a cultural campus that will house three performance venues and an education facility. The venues include the magnificent 2,050-seat Reynolds Hall, complete with stunning balconies, a dramatic stage and a full orchestra pit capable of seating up to 100 musicians; the 300-seat cabaret theater that overlooks Symphony Park and is ideal for jazz, cabaret and other performances best seen and heard in an intimate setting; and the 200-seat studio theater, ideal for rehearsals, children’s theater, community events andprivate social gatherings. The theaters have been meticulously designed by theater consultants Fisher Dachs Associates and acoustician firm Akustiks, to provide optimal sightlines and refined acoustics. As a result, performers and patrons will connect like never before. State-of-the-art recording equipment will preserve performances for the future, ensuring that they will continue to be enjoyed as digital masterpieces.

“The opening of The Smith Center will mark the beginning of a glorious new era for the arts in Las Vegas.” Nancy Houssels, Founder, Nevada Ballet Theatre

In the middle of it all will be an expansive courtyard designed for patrons to gather and mingle before and after performances. This beautiful outdoor space will act as a conduit between the theaters and the Boman Pavilion, which will house offices, classrooms and additional multipurpose rooms suitable for workshops and presentations. At 16 stories above it all will be an incredible bell tower that will house a four-octive carillon, comprising 46 handcrafted bronze bells. Throughout the day they will ring in celebration of all that The Smith Center brings to our city.

Providing the Cultural Enrichment that Our Community is Thirsting For The performing arts uplift our spirits in an intangible way. The arts have the power to educate, excite our imaginations, challenge us, broaden our perspectives and inspire for generations to come. The Smith Center will use this power to help the community recognize and understand the tremendous enrichment and meaningful impact of the arts, individually and collectively.



we owe it to the children

In addition to giving our children the math and science skills they need to compete in the new global context, we should also encourage the ability to think creatively. A meaningful arts education encourages creativity and ingenuity. That’s why arts education is at the core of The Smith Center.

Our enriching campus will give school children across the valley access to the same cultural opportunities enjoyed by students in other cities around the country. Exposure to the arts has been proven to enhance children’s mental and cognitive abilities, increase cultural understanding, improve performance across all curriculum areas and develop social skills. The Smith Center has joined with the Clark County School District and the Cultural Division of Clark County to participate in the John F. Kennedy Partners in Education Program. This partnership features national and international artists who conduct workshops for teachers and students, connecting the arts to all areas of the curriculum.

“It’s thrilling to see school buses full of children who are dressed in their best clothes and excited to see a performance.” Candy Schneider, Director of Education and Outreach of The Smith Center

In the fall of 2009, The Smith Center became one of 16 regional programs in the country in cooperation with the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts in Virginia. This internationally recognized program enhances preschool education by training teachers how to incorporate creative music, theater and dance into their curricula.

Dreams Begin with Rich Experiences For those who have been exposed to the arts early in life, the memories of performances, sights and sounds remain vivid for a lifetime. Upon opening in 2012, The Smith Center will offer a dazzling spectrum of incredible performances that showcase artists from around the world.

“I remember getting goose bumps in the fourth grade at a performance, and I want our kids to be similarly inspired.” Myron Martin, President and CEO of The Smith Center

The Arts Help Tomorrow’s Leaders The arts help our children to develop crucial skills: critical reasoning, creativity, judgment, selfdirection, communication, collaboration, self-expression, multi-tasking, global awareness, problem solving, decision making, and the application of new ideas.


Artistic Excellence

look beyond a mere building

To look at a performing arts center as merely a building is to miss its true intention. The appeal of The Smith Center goes far beyond what is observed by patrons and casual passersby; this is a place that will truly embrace the community and support artistic excellence.

The Smith Center Presents Discover the vibrant world of the performing arts through the wide array of programming presented by The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. With a strong commitment to rich artistic diversity, our exciting programs will feature live performances from internationally acclaimed performers to lesser-known gems. From exceptional classical music to exhilarating and whimsical children’s programs, our series will open up the world of performing arts to you.

Serving as an incubator for new artistic endeavors, our programs will reach beyond The Smith Center campus and spread throughout the community, providing inspiration and encouragement to local arts organizations. Home to resident companies including Nevada Ballet Theatre and the Las Vegas Philharmonic, The Smith Center’s state-of-the-art facilities will enable organizations to flourish artistically and grow institutionally, ultimately fulfilling the city’s longstanding dream of engaging the entire community in new and exciting ways through an array of inspiring programs. In the years to come, The Smith Center will attract artists and productions from around the world, develop its own main stage works of the highest caliber and present the best and brightest of Broadway.


Downtown Redevelopment Leading the Way in Urban Renewal and a New Downtown As an important component of our city’s artistic and cultural environment, The Smith Center will contribute to the quality of life and economic health of both our city and state. As the centerpiece of the new downtown development named Symphony Park, The Smith Center will unite an enticing neighborhood of offices, restaurants, retail and residences. It will be an anchor adding vitality, diversity and cultural appeal to the whole downtown area. Performing arts centers act as catalysts, consistently delivering cultural and economic benefits to their communities that are lasting and meaningful. The Smith Center will have the same effect, adding a new and exciting dimension to our city.

Las Vegas’ New Living Room Enabling the community to gather together, united in song and dance, The Smith Center will be a place of new experiences, treasured memories and inspiration. It will improve our quality of life and give our community a soul.

LEED Certified A Sustainable Centerpiece for the Entire Community The Smith Center is expected to be the nation’s first performing arts center of its size and scope to be LEED® certified. Since the project’s inception, creating a highly efficient and sustainable campus has guided the design and construction “NV Energy is a proud supporter of The Smith process. The Center’s plans meet the standards of the Leadership in Center. Not only will it be a great cultural asset for Southern Nevada, The Smith Center also is Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, administered by the utilizing an energy efficient building design that will United States Green Building Council.

conserve resources and improve our environment.” Michael Yackira, CEO of NV Energy

Careful consideration has been given to every detail of The Smith Center, from the selection and disposal of construction materials to insulation values and other key elements. The Center’s sustainable features will include natural lighting, energy efficient windows, waterwise restroom fixtures, low-emitting materials and recycling during construction.

Symphony Park Just steps from The Smith Center will be a two-acre green space. This beautifully landscaped park will encourage outdoor social interaction. The Smith Center believes that it will be an ideal location for outdoor events and other programming.

Ringing In A New Era As we continue to broaden our reach into the community, The Smith Center’s fundraising campaign has transitioned into a new phase that is focused on securing the final funding for the project. These funds will aid in equipping Reynolds Hall and the Boman Pavilion with state-of-the-art technology that will help enhance the experience that every patron will have at The Smith Center. Through sizable lead gifts, The Smith Center has already secured a substantial amount of the project’s total cost. Since fundraising first began in January 2005, contributions from generous members of the community gave the Center its solid financial foundation.

play an important role Being involved with the building of a world-class performing arts center is a rare and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When you think of the great performance venues around the world, virtually all of them have been important social and cultural focal points in their communities for many generations. Please join us by supporting The Smith Center. Your gift will help uplift, inspire, educate and enrich school children and community residents for generations to come.

Giving to The Smith Center is easy. Simply visit our website to make an online gift, mail a gift to the address below, or contact our Development Department by calling 702.614.0109.

Office and Design Gallery The Smith Center and Design Gallery

15 95


nd C entra Gra

Future Home

W Charleston Blvd Office and Design Gallery


Vega s Blv d

Downtown Las Vegas

l Pkw

241 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 111 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.614.0109


World Market Center


is located in the Holsum Design Center in downtown Las Vegas.


241 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 111 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.614.0109

Photo credits: Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater Las Vegas Philharmonic Nevada Ballet Theatre : Edyta Sokolowska

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