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Our days are made up of impactful moments. These moments have the ability to affect our coworkers, our clients and our customers. These moments may seem fleeting to most, but these are the moments that make Eurest successful. It’s the moment we adapt, create and innovate; the moment a meal is prepared to perfection; the moment we’re able to make that event truly special; the moment we deliver to our customers what they’re really asking for; the moment we shine together as a Eurest Team. And most importantly, the moment we make a difference. These are the moments that make us great. So for 2017, I ask that you look for these moments. Recognize these moments. Take pride in these moments.

Because our moment is right now. - Tony McDonald, CEO, Eurest & Eurest Services


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the eurest marketing vision 2017 dining trends eurest envision 2020 retail approach hometown bean & co. social media engaging non-users pr successes new brands signage 2017 forward thinking foodie award culinary the fresh fork 2017-2018 marketing promotions calendar beverages & snacking driving same store sales value wellness onsite insights refresh sustainability technology the need for speed of service the human element eurest services marketing kits





eurest marketing & innovation magazine vol. 3

editor-in-chief lisa lahiji

editors rebecca campbell tatianna emerson

copy editing alison lambert tracy cancro 5

The Eurest Marketing Vision For our business to be successful, it’s important to have a strategic marketing plan. The cornerstones of this plan are our six Eurest Marketing focuses that, when applied, can drive organic growth and increase sales. These focuses are the foundation for our success.

1. understanding your Customer

Gaining extensive knowledge of your customers, including their lifestyles, routines and priorities within and beyond the food and service categories, is vital to understanding the key focuses of our clients. What works best for one business type may not work for another. Business type best practices have been composed to assist in new business openings, as well as help accounts customize strategies and implementation to help drive sales and customer satisfaction.


2. Keeping It Fresh/Building Loyalty

Along with the core food offerings, look at concepts, programs, promotions and campaigns that will complement the core services while maintaining freshness and delivering unique products and services. Seasonal and wellness promotions, new product introductions and marketing campaigns should be released frequently throughout the year.

3. Communicating

The success of any marketing plan hinges around communications— to both our customers and our clients. There are numerous channels in place to ensure that we maximize our opportunities to communicate plans.

4. Retail approach

View your café as an entrepreneurial retail business with you as the “owner.” Identify new opportunities to focus on upselling, suggestive selling and utilizing channels outside of the four servery walls in order to expand your reach to non-users and infrequent users of the café.

5. measuring Success

It’s critical that you measure the results of your marketing plan and regularly evaluate them. This process ensures that you are creating a measurable impact with your marketing efforts and will identify potential areas of concern of which to stay ahead.

6. reviewing, revisiting and refreshing

Review financial metrics, customer and client satisfaction scores, formal and informal customer feedback, changes in the on-site environment, local economy and/or any other extraneous factors or variables that may play into the need to adapt our programming for your on-site food services. You will need to evaluate and analyze successes as well as opportunities for next year’s marketing plan.


Pork has also seen a rise in popularity, with consumers interested in how to prepare it at home and educating themselves about it’s different cuts.

The coffee world is getting nuttier. Soy and almond milk are being replaced with pistachio, cashew, hazelnut and even macadamia.

FOOD WITH A FUNCTION Consumers have displayed an interest in different uses of turmeric, shining a spotlight on their desire for function in their diets.


THE PASTA COMEBACK Consumers aren’t just interested in any pasta. These days, they’re searching for rigatoni, as it displays its sustained growth since January.


TRAVELING THROUGH TASTE Pho’s popularity has been consistently growing by



As the sparkling water niche continues to grow, the battle between leading brands grows as well, and these sparkling waters are beginning to show up on drink menus everywhere.

The “Mug Cake” became popular in 2015 and has since grown


year – over – year since 2013


Eurest envision 2020

eent th m mo

We envision the future of food service to be a holistic experience s er where our custom sy & clients find it ea . to live well & thrive

Providing the best solutions for our customers We create an environment for customers and clients to live well and thrive. This is the cornerstone of our vision. We provide a space that promotes community and collaboration that is powered by great tasting food that happens to be healthy. We want our customers to be able to make responsible food choices, take ownership of their well-being, experience a connection with food and promote productivity and collaboration. Additionally, we want to leverage technology and enable customers to customize and own their food experience based on their own personal dietary requirements. We have established foundational pillars that drive that vision - food, ownership, community and storytelling.



Inspire Through Food: More good stuff; less bad stuff.

We deliver great food that happens to be healthy and incorporate more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. We want to integrate seasonal, local, authentic, nutrient dense foods whenever possible to create a pathway for cleaner eating. • Eurest brands – ingredient focused • Culinary big 4 • Fresh Fork catering • Bundling with beverages and snacks • Eurest Kitchen and recipe adherence • Food safety focus-target zero


Create Solutions: Enable the customer.

Ownership is focused on how managers take the reins in the experience provided to customers. By creating a lasting, positive impression of a café experience, we make it easier for customers to choose Eurest again and again. In addition, we want our customers to be able to own their experience by leveraging technology in our business. Customers Owning the Experience • Cashier-less ordering and payment • eDine! app • Desktop ordering • Digital signage • Interactive tables • Mobile payment • Eye-catching café websites • Partnerships with advance order apps • Strong social media presence Eurest Managers Taking Ownership • Sell More Cash In • Reduce accidents – target zero • Associate meal plan policy –in subsidy accounts • Implement Eurest Kitchen across all accounts and adhere to FDA regulations • New “ownership in action” associates that are “caught in the act” are immediately rewarded for their ownership on the spot


Connect With People: More than just a café.

We create community by optimizing existing spaces and transforming them to be multifunctional destinations used throughout the day. These areas provide our customers with meeting spots, decompression zones, social spaces and collaborative areas that create engagement and entertainment. • Internal Community • Cross Selling as Compass One • Best practice sharing • Hero program • MIT program • Customer Focused Community • Neighborhood approach – local food and partnerships • Real time voice of the customer • Station ranking apps • Create multi-functional spaces


Live Our Promise: Behind every meal is a story.

We connect people through food by telling the story of our food, where it comes from and the people behind the food. We provide a strong story by establishing partnerships with companies that align with our sustainable and environmental initiatives. • Source ingredients from local & regional sources as a first choice • Imperfectly Delicious Produce (IDP) • Social media • Service platform - “Our Service Promise” • CFE training • Eurest internal magazine



APPROACH We should adopt an entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to managing our cafés and look at our offerings through the eyes of our customers. We’ve supplied some marketing strategies on upselling, communication tactics, suggestive selling, product positioning, merchandising and outside advertising to attract non-users. Right Products, Right Place: Have you mapped your servery lately, and how do you match up to your competition? • Study the paths our customers take during different times of the day to introduce interruption points that will create the foundation for an appropriatelymerchandised facility • Determine where stations should be positioned and where interruption points, retail areas and beverages should be positioned


Enhanced Communication: Do your customers know what’s new in your café? • Highlight Chef’s Tables • Position impulse items in heavy traffic areas • Bundle innovative snacks and beverages with popular items • Engage our associates to be our best sales people The Price is Right: Do you know who your competition is? •Evaluate your costs and complete a market basket analysis assessing your competition • Price your products accordingly so we ensure our customers are staying with us Understanding Merchandising and Its Benefits: Maximize sales opportunities that exist within your café. • Upsell with items beyond the traditional chips and candy bars at all service points including your coffee and register areas • Assess the need for mobile solutions or portable modules • Utilize plan-o-grams for snacks and beverages to drive high demand items • Offer innovative products to capture your whole customer base

"If you want to increase customer satisfaction, same-store sales and participation, try being a customer in your own cafÉ." - Tracy Cancro, Corporate Field Marketing Manager

A good cup of coffee is important to our customers, and by most, considered a necessity. Hometown Bean not only provides a good cup of coffee but a program with a responsibly sourced coffee which is a key part of a well-balanced sustainability model. Hometown Bean is a coffee program designed to ensure quality roasts, a variety of coffee beverages, seasonal specialties and a partnerships with some of our leading brands to ensure a program unique to your business. Hometown Bean encompasses everything a coffee concept needs to be with the capability of being transformed into your local cafĂŠ focusing on the needs and wants of our customers.


Get Social ‘Follow’ In Our Footsteps Follow Us for the Latest and Greatest If you’re not already following us, you’re missing the latest innovations and creative ideas. We have a team of champions to help start your social media venture, and then support this initiative. This ongoing assistance allows us to reach our non-users, better engage and communicate with current customers, and create a solid foundation for real-time updates and information. Start Your Social Media Campaign Today! Follow Us Start following us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest learn the ropes and try to implement some of the great things that you see. Also, follow other cafés and foodservice accounts to see what peers and even competitors are posting. Join Us Work with your client and our social media marketing team to set up your own social media account. Use MyCompass for guides, marketing materials and social media-specific contests.

Instagram: @eurestculinary With more than 2,500 followers, this platform is the fastest growing social media site among millennials, and as consumers become more visual, this will continue to be the trend. From monthly hashtag promotions to culinary events and programs, Instagram continues to dominate the social media category for Eurest. Facebook: Eurest-USA Facebook is often used for individual account dining pages and cross-promoted with our corporate Eurest page, providing updates on events, news and so much more! It’s also the perfect venue to post larger albums of photos from events and promotions. Pinterest: Eurest USA Pinterest is a virtual scrapbook on the grandest of scales, allowing specialty boards and pins to tell your interests to the world. The corporate Pinterest page shares information on Eurest recipes, wellness, celebrity chef partnerships, marketing, sustainability and catering.

Tell Your Story Post and share your own images with everyone, including your client and customers. Promote your accounts in the café and on your website to spread the delicious word! After those initial posts, gain followers by showing the story of your café, from behind the scenes peaks to staff call-outs to beautiful photos of daily specials, catering events and more! Grow Your Community There are new social media updates and innovations being added all the time – from private messaging on Instagram to upgrades in the Facebook advertising capabilities. Be on the lookout for email updates from our corporate team on the latest and greatest in the social sphere!

Social media users have risen by


176 million

12 new

of the world’s population are social media users.

in the last year.

social media users are added every second.

We need to be where our customers, clients and non-users interact.


the Moment we share the love, the inspiration, & the culinary excellence!

"Social media has grown so far beyond being a trend. it is part of the fabric of our daily lives. Communication, information gathering, the sharing of peoples' lives, now all happen on social media. By making it a part of our communication strategy, we are reaching our customers quicker and on a more personal level than ever before. we are talking with them where they already live. " Kaleigh Glaza, Digital Media Manager


engaging non-users How to Capture the Brown Baggers

By engaging with potential customers, we have the power to transition them from non-users to café champions. Staying innovative drives customer sales and more importantly, captivates our non-users. We’ve developed a few programs based on recent trends that will engage these non-users: Random Acts of Kindness offering a free or discounted lunch for those who brought their own, encouraging them to try some of our menu items in the café

Complete Your Meal providing snacks and bottled beverages that complement and complete their lunch from home, such as a seasonal fruit salad or smartwater

Sampling sampling food in locations outside the café to reach potential customers, especially when introducing a new brand or concept

Social Media engaging through social media, whose users have risen by more than 176 million in the last year and 1 million new active mobile social users are added every day


Value discounting and bundling are seen as perceived value by our customers, so tap into this mindset by getting creative with your offerings

Snack CaRt creating a mobile snack cart with afternoon snack and beverages and bringing it directly to the non-users is a great way to increase your impulse purchasing. We can turn a non-user to a customer, simply by bringing the snacks directly to them

”The best way to grow your business is by capturing those potential customers that are not frequenting your café today. By taking real ownership of meeting and interacting with our potential customers –sampling the newest menu items, inviting them to try lunch on us – can easily turn a non-user into a believer. It’s all about the customer experience, even if they aren’t our customers yet" - JiM Kallas, CentraL Division PresideNT

the mom


we turn ap customer otential into a cu stomer


A refresh of the

Eurest Hero Program

The Hero Program is an important part of our Eurest values and keeps the culture of recognition alive within our teams. We’ve recently ref reshed and expanded the Hero Program so we can recognize our associates in new and engaging ways. • Surprise recognition in f ront of peers at Pre-Service • Participation f rom regional teams (specif ically DMs) e • Weekly associate feature in eFlash i inspir h g u • Associate feature on @eurestculinary Instagram thro food. • HERO photos and stories housed in an online photobook • Different awards for associates recognized multiple times • Caught in the Act buttons distributed by leadership and support teams (in the f irst year) • Mobile- f riendly form now available • No changes in the submission process Component Component Component Component


1: YOU ROCK! Hero Award 2: Caught in the Act recognition pins 3: Eurest-branded items 4: Social media

Food Management Magazine – is a national industry magazine that awarded Microsoft's Cafe 83 with their Best New Facility award.

Fox8 Cleveland News – is a local affiliate Cleveland news program. They covered the opening of Café 200.

Food Management Magazine – featured Zappos' unusual skewered slider pop-up.

Dining Out Magazine - is a national magazine with city-specific issues. Rustle+Roux was featured in 3 issues during 2016.

Food Industry News Magazine – is a national industry magazine that awarded Eurest with their Sara Rowe ProStart Company of the Year award. Cool Cleveland – is a local affiliate TV and online program in Cleveland. The opening of the new Café 200, which includes a partnership with local restaurant Melt, was highlighted in the show. WYKC NBC Cleveland News – is a local affiliate Cleveland news program. They covered the opening of Café 200.

Eurest account CVS wins healthiest employer in Rhode Island. Welch Allyn was voted best wedding venue in New York.

Eurest wins 2015 Johnson and Johnson Worldwide Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Award Globe Newswire – is a national news release source and the mention was of Eurest’s new eDine! app.

“public relations are a key component of any operation in this day of instant communications and rightly inquisitive citizens.“ - Alvin Adams 17

Along with being one of the busiest stations, our grill presents more opportunities for creativity... Flame is the focus of our cafĂŠs, highlighting our corporate social responsibility, wellness initiatives and signature items for a more flavorful experience. Flame features no trans-fats, natural options, local produce, sustainable seafood, whole grain bread and better-for-you options. #eurestflame


Our New Brands


the moment w

Combining high quality ingredients, house-sliced meats and seasonality, our customersfĂŠs Butcher + Baker (B+B) offers a ca and make our n range of products that are not only a dest inatio pleasing to our customers, but drive speed of service. Sandwich enthusiasts love B+B for the value of our custom sandwiches. These made-to-order sandwiches feature premium hand-carved meats stacked on bread freshly baked in-house from La Brea Bakery. When customers are hungry for a fast, fresh sandwich, they can choose from one of our pre-made or made-to-order offerings. Sandwiches, at least three varieties each day, are freshly made and stacked high just prior to service. Customers choose their sandwich, then have it panini-pressed, turbo-toasted or served as is. #eurestbandb


Kitchen & Co. features our customer favorites—home-style cooking and comforting, traditional flavors that provide endless options. This cuisine is hearty, filling and simple, combining regional and seasonal favorites. Kitchen & Co. can be found on your family’s dinner table, which makes this cuisine especially recognizable to our customers. #eurestkitchenandco


The Chef’s Table is an innovative food program designed to offer a restaurant-style dish, assembled to order by the Chef in front of customer. The Chef’s Table showcases the Chef’s creativity and culinary skills and provides a great opportunity for customer interaction. The ingredients are fresh and seasonal. The dish is simply prepared and presented in appropriate vehicles on a mobile station or Eurest standard chef table for a limited time during lunch. #eurestchefstable


Bibimbap may be one of the most well-known and most loved Korean dishes of all time. Literally meaning “mixed rice”, Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with sautéed vegetables, chili pepper paste and soy sauce or a fermented soybean paste. An egg and sliced meat are commonly added as well. The hot dish is stirred together thoroughly just before eating, as the name suggests. #eurestbibimbap

We partner with the best of the best, including Chef Jet Tila, an Iron Chef competitor and TV star, who specializes in all styles of Asian cuisine. This station showcases Jet Tila’s ability to bring flavors together and create cutting-edge Asian dishes. #eurestchefjet


Big City BBQ is a great way to provide our customers with delicious foods that feature different BBQ cooking methods. This concept gives our customers the chance to sample authentic barbeque dishes from around the globe. Our customers can travel internationally without leaving their backyard grill or café. #eurestbigcitybbq

Circa ’68 offers the traditional brunch offerings with a twist. This program offers up classics such as Belgian Waffles and Eggs Benedict while also being creative and adding modern elements. Enjoy brunch all day with Circa ’68! #circa68

We’ve capitalized on our customers’ love for tacos with our Taco Cantina concept and have introduced a variety of regional favorites. By using authentic Latin recipes, as well as a few of our own, we’re sure to have a taco to please every palate. #euresttacocantina

Smoothies make a refreshingly light and better for you meal and can also be the perfect afternoon snack. These liquid treats are perfect for those customers who are watching their waistlines and/ or want a light breakfast, quick snack on-the-go or a lighter lunch. Smoothies are a great way to boost breakfast and mid-afternoon day part sales and, when made with the right ingredients, are a great source of protein, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants. #eurestcrave

This exhibition-style cooking station creates excitement throughsout the café. These fresh, cookedto-order entrées highlight our menu variety and value perception, as well as promote our chef’s talents with seasonal and regional favorites. #eurestcreate

Earth Bowl pays tribute to our Earth’s superfoods. This program combines earthy grains and starches, hearty vegetables, succulent fruits then topped with a complementing sauce. With Earth Bowl, your lunch is sure to be good for you and good for the planet. #eurestearthbowl

Fork & Flour offers a variety of options for individual pizzas. Utilizing no-salt added crushed tomatoes for sauce, cheese, Eurest secret seasoning and dough, makes this a popular program with our customers! We’ve even added an array of recipes from traditional pepperoni to pancetta with herbs and spices. Every pizza is sure to please! #theforkandflour

Fish Market is an educational, health conscious, customizable extension to the grill menu that features fresh seafood with an array of flavors, cooking methods and entrée styles. The menu encourages customers to make sustainable seafood a lunchtime favorite. With Fish Market, you are sure to get hooked! #eurestfishmarket

On the Go is an allinclusive food solution that provides simple, fresh, convenient food to customers who are in a hurry with relevant menu options with easy portability. #OTGcafé


Mac & Cheesyology hits the comfort food target with creations that redefine mac and cheese. Fun, signature items lend themselves to an international palate and explore the flexibility and versatility of a timeless classic. Customers will love the ability to customize their own classic dish or to choose from one of the many signature recipes available. #macandcheesyology

India is known for its wide variety of flavor profiles, which change from region to region. Eurest offers an array of recipes, focusing on the authenticity of the spices in the dishes and incorporating core products. Each recipe within this brand features traditional spices and ingredients from the main regions of India. #eurestmasala


Taking a traditional American comfort food and introducing fresh, regionally influenced ingredients and flavors will allow your customers to relive childhood memories while satisfying their adult palates. Experiment with traditional and non-traditional cheeses, artisan breads, fresh ingredients and gourmet spreads. These grown-up grilled cheeses and cheese steaks will drive sales in your cafĂŠ, add a retail approach to any station and allow customization while utilizing few ingredients. #madetomelt

Not just your average Italian style meatball, this program features meatballs from all over the globe. Think Greek, Middle Eastern and even buffalo chicken – Meatball Inc. incorporates a variety of flavors, paired with sauces and toppings. Serve them up a la carte, on subs or with complementing sides. #meatballinc

Responsibly grown, local, regional and seasonal produce is the key to our ingredient selection. Our daily salad bar is constancy rotating with an array of the best of each season, harvested at its peak, freshly cut and artfully arranged for our customers to enjoy. #eurestmarketfresh

With a focus on returning to the basics of authentic Italian cuisine, Piccola Italia emphasizes pristine ingredients combined simply and cooked properly, as is the unmistakable hallmark of Italian cuisine. Reducing the distance and time food spends on its journey from the soil to the plate is the benchmark for all Italian chefs, and we highlight this concept with our recipes. Piccola Italia stations include authentic Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza and antipastos. #eurestpiccolaitalia

Revolution Noodle is a program developed to respond to customers demand for authentic Asian cuisine. This concept is designed to be prepared exhibition-style, which gives our customers a fresh meal ensemble cooked to order. We’ve deconstructed the noodle bowl concept into five categories to highlight the different regions and styles – pho, ramen, thai, dim sum, Jet Tila noodle bowls. #revnoodle

Pico Mesa is an authentic Latin concept that takes advantage of the rapidly growing love for the flavors of Mexico and South America. These foods often include spicy braised meats combined with cool and creamy sauces and flavorful salsas. Sides of various beans, rice, vegetable and corn tortilla chips allow your lunch to become a complete delicious meal. #picomesa

It’s simple: An artisan bun topped with a premium blend burger of beef, chicken, turkey, or vegetables and a variety of delicious toppings. Just Burgers focuses on both classic and upscale recipes sure to please the taste buds. #eurestjustburgers


Focusing on fresh seasonal produce as star ingredients, this action salad station comes to life with a manned chef station featuring seasonal ingredients, tossed to order in your favorite dressing and topped with made to order hot proteins. #rootsandseeds

Given its long term and wide ranging popularity as a lunch staple and side, the Soup concept now delivers three tiers of offerings including house made, Au Bon Pain and deconstructed soups. This will allow Chefs to provide an ever changing array of flavors so customers will always be able to find favorites like chili and chicken noodle, while still expanding their palates to include new flavors, topping ideas and lunch pairings. #eurestsoup


The Snack Shack is an innovative and mobile food program designed to drive alternative day parts, offer our customers unique and creative snack options throughout the day, and feature fresh, packaged and bottled beverages. The Snack Shack is an extension of our café with the capability of being transformed into a unique mobile store focused on the wants and needs of our customers. #eurestsnackshack

With the United States being the melting pot of ethnicities from around the globe, our cuisine has been influenced by many cultures. We invite our customers to experience Street Eats, a variety of authentic flavors from around the world. By incorporating food from India, Latin America, the Caribbean Islands and Indonesia, customers can experience a true celebration of diverse cultures as they continue to become a mainstay in today’s food landscape. Street Eats features common handheld foods that you would most likely find on any food truck. #streeteatscafé

The hallmark of soul food is the medley of bold flavors, combined in such a way that the soul has no choice but to respond to it. Authentic Southern food is the historic beginning of today’s popular menus. These classic American dishes will please our customers’ taste buds as we serve up both classic recipes and those with a modern twist. It brings the comfort of home cooking, with a little extra sweetness and spice from the South. #eurestsoulkitchen

Toast allows us to offer a great meal that is fresh, affordable and fast, while driving customer satisfaction. While simply offering breakfast is a good thing, what we offer is important, too. Serving balanced options, such as whole grains, low-fat dairy, fresh fruit, vegetables and egg whites, are part of our core breakfast menu. #toasteurest

Nothing tops off a delicious lunch better than a velvety, sweet dessert, which is exactly what inspired us to name this program. Whether your customers prefer chocolaty, fruity, spicy or nutty desserts, you can satisfy any craving with our signature dessert items and house made recipes. Velvet offers up sweet treats such as bitesized desserts, a variety of bars, cookies and cakes. #velvetdesserts

Za’tar is a quick service Eastern Mediterranean concept featuring classic recipes with a modern twist. All products are freshly made on-site using fresh, local and quality ingredients. Za’tar offers a variety of choices and provides vegan, vegetarian and made without gluten menu items as well as a plethora of fresh vegetables, herbs and grains to help promote a great better for you alternative. #tastezatar

Coffee is universally enjoyed by almost all cultures, ourselves included! We’re pleased to offer our own brand of coffee, Hometown Bean & Co. We’ve worked with coffee roaster Farmer’s Brothers on the development of sustainably roasted beans, which include a variety of blends and flavors. #hometownbean


RUSTIC THEME wit EXPOSED HOOK AND RAIL MOUNTING HARDW • Ceiling or wall mo • Holds magnetic g lens & inserts

Revolution to evolution

bring the success of your overhead signage

• Adjacent placeme to appear as a sin continuous panel

to a whole new level

We've added another component to our signage program to enhance your stations when utilizing the new brands. With our new menu board hardware you will now have the flexibility to select from two different styles along with (3) Individual panels & (1) Double panel numerous layout options. The hardware will be interchangeable with various types of materials to fit almost every need. Menu boards are available for purchase from VGS.


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Sectional Menu Panel System Concept | 0000000 | NTS • Creation Date 10.13.16 • drawn by SWC Specialties Creation Specialties Specialties Creation Specialties Creation


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• Spaced apart to fe individual panels


This drawing and all the designs, ideas, and concepts expressed herein are the sole property of Visual Graphic Systems Inc. The information contained on this drawing is confidential and may not be divulged or distributed in any way or be used other than as intended for this project. Copyright © 2016 Visual Graphic Systems Inc.

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Directional Signage Sample


available for purchase FROM VGS

Clips can be placed on your entrance sign holder(s) or on the marketing kit materials SUPER and no extra printing is involved! FOOD Open the kit, add the clip and place them at your entrance — it‘s as easy as 1,2,3!









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4” Clips - Monday - Friday




"We often face challenges letting our customers know where wellness or promotional items are located in our cafés. Help solvemonda that problem y by adding directional clips to your entrance monda monda yarea." y Rebecca Campbell Client Name: Eurest

4” Clips - Monday - Friday


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Happening 4”Happening Clips - Monday - Friday

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Happening Happening ThurSday ThurSday 330 Washington Ave Carlstadt, NJ 07072

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This drawing and all the designs, ideas, and concepts expressed herein are the sole property of Visual Graphic Systems, Inc. The information contained on this drawing is confidential and may not be divulged or distributed in any way or be used other than as intended for this project. ©2009 VGS Inc. All Rights Reserved. Products incorporating AeroLinea® CounterTopper®, AeroLinea® Stand-Up™, AeroLinea® TearDrop, Concurva®, RaceTrak™, Xpressions™ and VGS’ MagaLens® technology are subject to one or more of the following patents: U.S. 6,308,446, U.S. 6,298,591, CAN. 2243256, EP 0875056, MEX 213529, D484,544, D485,313, D586,862, D435,270, D588,649 and D590,892. VGS display fixture and menu board designs are further subject to design copyrights and trademark protection

29 Date: 09.16.15 Date: 09.17.15 Date:


APPROVED DRAWING signed & dated by Clie

2017 Forward Thinking Foodie Award Jacob Moss Executive Chef at Hyatt Center, Chicago, IL Central Division

Jacob is a chef’s chef through and through. He grew up in Vermont where farm-totable was a way of life. It wasn’t unusual to find fresh and locally sourced food in his family’s kitchen.

the Moment The moment we take it to the next level

Jacob has made food part of his everyday life, both professionally and personally. In the café, he is always looking for the next best thing to serve his customers, and takes our culinary and marketing promotions to the next level. He showcases his skills in various ways, from working with local vendors to highlighting the best of the Windy City. He has created his own bahn mi food truck concept and hosts regular Chef’s Tables with extravagant menu items, such as a flambé apple dessert. He focuses on setting up his stations to be more effective from a profitability standpoint as well as engaging with both his team and his customers on a personal level. This has led

to his great success in the company, as well as his recent graduation from our Culinary Academy Program. Jacob continues to expand his culinary horizons by regularly visiting the latest and greatest of Chicago restaurants, food festivals and events like Chicago Gourmet. At least once a year, Jacob and his wife return to the CIA, where they met, and volunteers to mentor current students. He spends his weekends smoking his own sausage at home and even helped roast the whole pig served at his wedding this past year. Congratulations to Jacob, our 2017 Forward Thinking Foodie Award Winner!



"It’s simple: great ingredients make great food.” - Christopher Ivens-Brown, Senior Vice President, Culinary Eurest aims to inspire every customer through food. We encourage our chefs to be passionate about creating food with flair, and use seasonal and authentic ingredients that leave customers with a taste-memory that will last forever.

The BIG 4

In 2012, Eurest introduced the ‘BIG 4,‘ which focuses our culinary approach on four major promotions that run for a three-month cycle nationwide. In 2017, The Big 4 brings a new approach to this culinary staple, highlighting Fish Market, Earth Bowl, BBQ World Tour, and Kitchen Comforts.

Brand refresh

For 2017, we have reinvented our brands, creating a more urban marketplace which will feature a new look, state by state regional menus and ingredients that will help us to tell a story about our food. In line with trends, our programs and promotions will feature artisan style authentic ingredients, small portions and food items that will resonate with our customers and keep up on the forefront of our industry.

Local Partnerships

Customers want to know where their food comes from and care more about locallysourced food than ever before. We want to be relevant to our customers and have developed strategic partnerships with local farmers, restaurants and chefs to promote our neighborhood approach.

Culinary Innovation

Celebrity Chef‘s and station Pop Ups are two of the most innovative practices Eurest offers. Our chefs are encouraged to leverage our Celebrity Chef partnerships and feature Chef’s Tables with their recipes – or the Chef themselves! With station Pop Ups, our chefs can integrate unique décor, specialty foods, and creative recipes. These innovations show value to our customers, also allowing our culinary talents to shine while creating highly profitable stations.


G N I R E CAT “ Be the Hero! Facilitate a last-minute order or custom request and win over your administrators forever!” - Katie DeSimone, Director of Catering and Customer Experience Delivering good food on time is not enough anymore. Our competitors are extending their levels of service so it’s crucial we take a good look at our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. One of the biggest opportunities is adding the “experience” layer to our service. How do we create the experience? • Obtain the “hero” factor: gained from happily assisting with a last-minute order • Surprise customers with themed décor • Pop-up catering features and events both inside and outside of the building • Utilize promotions! Superfoods, Shrimpfest and Eat Local are NOT just for the café. Bring fun, seasonal specials into catering as well


• Sports themed selections: The admin who orders the NY Jets vs Patriots luncheon is by far the COOLEST! • Special LTO selections named after administrators, executives or well-known customers in your café. Have fun with it! • Implement the top 3 communication practices: confirmations, call backs, BEO meetings • Surprise add ons - By adding these items on as a “thank you” for your business or even just a surprise, our customers get excited and end up ordering the featured selections more often! • New brand of granola bars • Specialty beverages

Grazing is in! Our customer want to pick on smaller portions of multiple selections rather than fill up on carbs, starches and heavy entrees. To help keep the momentum gained from The Fresh Fork roll out, we’ve developed The Fresh Fork Graze. Graze is an extension of your base menu, picture-based ordering that encourages mixing and matching. Graze can also double as a value option. Instead of ordering from each of the categories, administrators can simply select one or two items for a fun, money saving event.

New Features for 2017 Additional marketing materials Fresh Fork catering showcase catering fair materials The Fresh Fork Graze Menu Bundled seasonal specials to include beverages


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FEBruary uarter 2

Featuring: Earth Bowl,



Food with Purpose





Featuring: Fish Market









Featuring: World BBQ Made In...





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Kitchen Comforts


Our People














november 35


Q2 Promos

Quarter 2

Fish Market #eurestfishmarket

Grazing #allaboutthegraze

Fish Market is a health-conscious, limitless promotion that features fresh seafood in an array of cooking styles. The menu promotes customers making seafood a lunchtime favorite. Did you know that most of our consumers are missing out on one of the most convenient, quickest and healthiest foods available? Here's our chance to teach our customers about the benefits of seafood, not to mention how good it can taste! With the Fish Market promotion, your customers are sure to get "hooked!"

Daypart strategies have shifted and grazing is continuing to grow as the new way of eating. Customers are focused on snacking throughout the day and they want to know that what they eat is good for them. This quarter is focused on telling the story behind the snacks that we consume throughout the day.



Chinese New Year #celebratechinesenewyear Good fortune. Good food. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. During your Chinese New Year celebration, utilize the Revolution Noodle: Pho, Ramen and Dim Sum recipes, the Asian Operating Standards as well as the Chinese portion of Chef Jet Tila’s portfolio.

Get Fit #getfiteurest Customers and clients are focusing on wellness more than ever. There is a growing trend of focusing on feeling great, being productive and staying energized. FIT menu items that are balanced in nutrients and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the perfect way to meet this demand. The New Year is the perfect time to introduce your customers to the new look of FIT and help them achieve their wellness goals by providing meals, snacks and beverages that align with the FIT criteria.


Game On #fanfoodfavorites Featuring all of your fan food favorites! Customers are always looking for an experience—great food and a great price, all in a fun atmosphere. The 'owernship' promotion series is focused on driving customer engagement and satisfaction, while similarly driving sales and participation. Word of mouth is our most powerful selling tool, and the Fun Food promotion series is targeted to drive this communication vehicle. Create a tailgate event like no other with the best food in town; be sure to add in some local fan favorites, Game On!


Be Heart Smart #letsbeheartsmart Celebrate your customers' health by sharing these heart-healthy recipes all month long. Highlight avocados and other healthy fats, legumes and whole grains and the incorporation of these delicious ingredients into meals throughout the day. Delicious and satisfying whole grains, like oats, provide the nutrients needed to lower bad cholesterol and help lower heart disease risk. Beans and other legumes offer protein with a fiber boost to support heart health. Unsaturated fats, like those found in avocados, can be an important part of heart healthy eating.

Feel the Love February #feelthelovefebruary Valentine's Day is one opportunity we don't want to miss! Last year, cafés that sold impulse items couldn't keep up with the demand! So this year, let's make the most out of the day and month by going above and beyond our traditional scope of business. Focus sales near the café entrance, interruptions points and register areas, and utilize all media outlets to create awareness.

Mardi Gras #fattuesdayflavors Celebrate Fat Tuesday every Tuesday all month long! Bring some of the fun and excitement of Mardi Gras to your café with spicy and distinct dishes that will have your customers coming back for more.


March Madness #marchmadness2017 Get your customers excited for the madness that comes along with tournament season this March. Offer menu items and products reminiscent of tailgating and stadium food that they can snack on all day! Showcase culinary talents and bring variety and excitement to customers by offering traditional and creative hot and cold hoagie sandwiches. The meatball parm and Philly cheese steak subs are standards that always draw a crowd.

National Nutrition Month #eurestnnm National Nutrition Month, created by the American Dietetic Association, is an annual, national nutrition education and information campaign that takes place every March. Celebrate NNM in your cafés highlighting the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits. Create a chef’s table that showcases our culinary talent and offers conscious culinary fare.


St. Patrick’s Day #goodlucklunch Irish food is more than corned beef and cabbage! The purpose of this customer relationship event is to inspire the chef to provide authentic yet interesting selections of Irish food for St. Patrick's Day. This event provides the flexibility to create excitement during this festive occasion by planning authentic Irish dishes at multiple positions in the café. Depending on the size of the café and type of stations available, feature one or more Irish dishes for your customers' enjoyment.


Q2 Promos

Quarter 3

Earth Bowl #eurestearthbowls Earth Bowl combines superfoods, grains and more to create flavorful, nutrtient-dense meals. This program features vegetarian bowls with optional fish proteins, all topped with a healthful dressing. With Earth Bowl, your lunch is sure to be good for you and good for the planet. It allows for customization and building the perfect meal around preferences, since customers can create their ideal bowl. Earth Bowl breakfast focuses on a portable breakfast bowl which provides innovative, wellness driven breakfast bowls that our customers are sure to enjoy. sure to enjoy.


Food with Purpose #foodwithpurpose Ingredients to thrive: Our new Wellness and Sustainability Platform “Food with Purpose,” focuses on more good stuff, less bad stuff. This program educates our customers on clean eating, local purchases and overall more good stuff in the café.

Baseball Opening Week #ballparkbest This summer, 26 million hot dogs will be eaten at ballparks across America. Back by popular demand and just in time for Baseball Opening Day, we are reintroducing classics from some of America's best baseball towns to give customers their own turn at the plate. The Baseball Opening Week lineup includes the New York Deli Dog, Chicago Red Hot, Fenway Frank, Cincinnati Cheese Coney, Texas Corn Dog and Milwaukee Brat. In addition to these hot dog favorites, we've partnered with French's to develop Mustard Mixology — mustard recipes with a twist!

Earth Table #eatlocalnow Celebrate Earth Day this April by highlighting premium meals featuring fresh, local ingredients and sustainable practices. But why stop there? Celebrate all month long! Serving local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible is better for our planet, better for our customers. Highlight a local farmer or let your customers know that we are committed to creating a more sustainable planet.

Take Your Children to Work Day #kidsdaycafe “Bring Your Child to Work Day” is always a special day that lets our children get a sneak peek into what you do. Make the day even more exciting by joining us in the café for a hearty breakfast and satisfying lunch that we guarantee is kid-approved! Today is about sharing these experiences with your child – and what better way to share then over a delicious meal!


Fiesta de Mayo #eurestfiesta

Turkey for a Change #turkeyforachange Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving anymore! Turkey is not only delicious, but has a multitude of benefits. In addition to its great flavor, did you know that the production of turkey creates 129% less CO2e/ lb than beef? Plus, it creates less of a carbon footprint: 85/15 ground turkey also has 32% less total fat and 33% less saturated fat then 80/20 ground beef. Pile your plate with turkey today!


Continue the excitement of Cinco de Mayo for the month of May by featuring homemade salsas, dips and quesadillas! Ingredients typical of Latin American cuisine include tortillas, various peppers, corn, numerous spices and condiments such as guacamole, salsa fresco and chimichurri. These flavors are generally what give the Latin American cuisines a distinct taste; yet, each country of Latin America tends to use them differently.

National Salad Month #nationalfoodlover May is National Salad Month, and customers are looking for flavorful, delicious, unique and healthful salad options. Madeto-order and build-your-own salad service platforms place the customer in control. With seasonality and freshness top of mind, we make the decisions easy for our customers by always offering the best of what’s available. Always ensure to add protein options which enhance a customer’s meal and raise our check average.

White Board Week – customer appreciation #whiteboardweek The voice of the customer is key to our success. White Board Week will allow our customers to not only comment on the quality and service in our cafés but the following week we will communicate back what we are doing in response to their recommendations. This week will focus on our deli and Italian stations.

Community: Farm2Fork #farm2forkeurest Feature Farmer’s Markets during June to promote sustainability and healthy eating. These markets should be set up outdoors or in high-traffic locations in the Café and feature locally grown produce, recipes and other sustainable retail items for sale. This is also an opportunity to sell local specialty items that you may have.

Ice Cream Social #cafesocials Summertime is a great time to offer your customers an option to cool down by featuring a sweet and creamy Ice Cream Social event in the café! Ice cream sundaes bring us back to our childhood, and there’s nothing like feeling like a kid again. Great for an afternoon snack, ice cream can be customized for each customer and enhanced with warm chocolate chip cookies or brownies and topped to their liking. Make ice cream an event and create a manned chef’s table offering this delicious, refreshing treat!



Q2 Promos


MADE IN BBQ #bbqworldtour Celebrate summer and your regions favorite style of BBQ by grilling, smoking and cooking up some of your customers’ grilled favorites. Nothing says summer quite like a BBQ. From the South to the Midwest and all around the world– each region has adopted their own style of BBQ. Join us in the café as we celebrate BBQ of all kinds by grilling, smoking and cooking up some of your favorites. Korean BBQ has been trending… This year we are including a Korean BBQ Extension with a focus on signature bulgogi with our clean label sauce for authentic bulgogi and trending menu items like signature Korean fried chicken.

Made In... #madeinmystate Celebrate your state and all it has to offer by featuring a weekly menu full of state inspired specials and local grab and go snacks and beverages. This program features each state’s most iconic dishes and was created just for you, by chefs in YOUR state. Each state menu will ensure customers are proud to be eating and celebrating locally sourced favorites like signature key lime pie in Florida and Coney Dogs in Michigan.


Food Truck #foodtruckfollower Food Truck allows you to create an event that customers will want to be a part of. Break free from traditional food styles and cuisines and use fresh, local, seasonal products to create fusion on a level that will truly excite our customers, just like your local food trucks or carts do. This year, we feature specialty handheld burgers… Sliders!

Summer DIY #dineyourway

Drink Up #eurestdrinksup Drink up! It’s easy to keep our customers hydrated when we have such an amazing portfolio of innovating and trending beverages. Drink up focuses on introducing new and innovative ways to drive bottled beverage with the right mix of products and positioning in the right place.


Customers love ‘do it yourself’ by building their own meals. Let’s embrace the DIY trend and allow our customers to plate their own food, buffet style! With this fun and trendy program, we can even save on some labor in the café. These DIY buffets can increase participation and generate sales while you manage your labor efficiencies. Perfect for a Monday or Friday in the slower months, these buffets also work well year-round. Manage the food cost of these DIY bars by offering plenty of well-priced food options, and charge by the ounce or by the plate. Setting up a beautiful DIY bar with lots of toppings will get customers excited to buy!

Back to School #eurestgoestoschool With all of the excitement of our children going back to school, we want to make it easy for our customers to transition back into the swing of things. With back to school inspired specials throughout the café, customers will feel confident that they will have a healthful and delicious meal without all the fuss of brown bagging! Focusing on a better breakfast, we are allowing customers to think less about getting themselves prepared in the mornings, knowing they can grab an amazing meal or snack once they arrive at work.

Eat Local #eatlocalnow Behind every meal is a story. Local produce is fresher, tastes better, supports your community and is better for the environment. Eat Local is an annual campaign focused on serving local produce in our café. It is designed to promote awareness on the rising trend to eat local across the country. The goal of Eat Local is to support the viability of the mid-sized American family farm and local communities by promoting local produce and creating awareness of its many benefits.

Peach Festival #peachyseason Peach perfection happens only in the summer months, and the Peach Festival event encourages you to offer menu items that feature peaches as the main ingredient, side dish or dessert during the entire month of August. During this time, peaches are at their peak season and have the best flavor, and with only 70 calories and 3g of fiber, they’re the perfect snack to curb your appetite and boost your intake of vitamins A and C. This event is focused on seasonality. It’s a great opportunity to bring a touch of those summer festivals into your café.


National Whole Grains Month #nationalwholegrainmonth Packed with nutrients, fiber and protein, whole grains contain “good” carbs and are an important choice for healthy eating. Our chefs will highlight popular Mediterranean whole grains such as barley, brown rice, bulgur, whole wheat couscous, and farro, for main dishes, salads and side dishes. Here’s a chance to teach our customers the benefits of adding whole grains into their diet in a fun and enjoyable way. Everyday recipes can be “switched up” to offer a whole grain option. Offer brown rice with stir frys or substitute whole wheat pasta in your baked ziti.

Oktoberfest #oktoberfestbest Oktoberfest is a time-honored tradition. Millions of people flock to Germany each year from the end of September to the beginning of October (this year, it’s September 16 - October 3, 2017) to partake in this twoweek-long bratwurst eating, beer tasting, merrymaking festival. Don’t let location deter you from joining in on the fun, though. Host your own Oktoberfest party with authentic German fare. Promote Oktoberfest beginning September 16th and throughout October to create a month-long event to honor this fun celebration and to kick off the fall season.

Tailgate #tailgatethecafe If it's the season, odds are most of us are participating in, cheering on or watching our favorite football teams. For many fans, a game is not a game unless a tailgate party precedes it. When it comes to tailgating, it's all about food, friends and fun. A tailgate event in your café is a great opportunity to capture the spirit and enthusiasm of all the sports fans at your location. Even customers who aren't sports fans can be tailgating fans.



Q2 Promos


Kitchen Comforts #kitchencomfortfoods

Our People #connectwithpeople

This quarter, celebrate slow-cooked, home-cooked style meals with roasts and braises. Succulent and full of flavor, both braised and roasted dishes fit into every culture around the world because nearly any combination of aromatics, vegetables and liquids can be used to build an entree. Customers won’t be able to resist these delicious dishes which remind us of good old fashioned home cooking. Featuring hand carved pit ham for the season.

The moments that create the Eurest story start with our people. This quarter we will be highlighting our people through fun events in the cafĂŠ that offer customer engagement and associate recognition. People behind the food recognizes our associates for their passion and engages our customers to appreciate our people.

Halloween #snacktacular Whether you're featuring tricks or treats, the café is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. So this year, why not create a business line appropriate event for your café? Celebrate with a Halloween or fall-themed special throughout the month, and take it to the next level the week leading up to Halloween by creating multiple specials, treats and events throughout the café!

World Series #scoreonemore

National Seafood Month #celebrateseafood Look no further! National Seafood Month supports our company wide commitment to purchase sustainable seafood while promoting the health benefits fish provide within a balanced diet. During the month of October, feature sustainable seafood on your menu every day if possible. We’ve included a variety of recipes utilizing a number of “best choices” such as Shrimp, Arctic Char, Tilapia and Salmon. Make your residents aware of our policies and the many ways we can help benefit our oceans.

With baseball playoffs in full swing, we will engage our customers by offering unique, creative retail items. Our customers will "score one more" deal with festive retail specials like.... Our team will add some special fun with the promotion and support your local team even! In addition to retail, our creative names will capture customer's attention with names like, 'Pirates Pepperoni Pizza' or 'Cardinals Cuban Sandwich.' Opening day has never been more exciting in your café.


Restaurant Week #caferestaurantweek Customers are looking for an experience—great food at a great price, all in a fun atmosphere. The Fun Food promotion series is focused on increasing customer engagement and satisfaction, while driving sales and participation. Restaurant Week is a chance for our chefs to be front and center, as well as showcase their many talents. This week is the perfect time to erase the perception that customers have of a 'cafeteria' and let them see us as a restaurant and destination!

Superfood Sides #superfoodsides Superfood fruits, vegetables and whole grains are part of every well-balanced diet – often in the form of side dishes! Putting a little effort into the flavor and presentation of your side dishes can help these health promoting food groups become a bigger part of what we eat every day. Consider making your superfood inspired sides your main feature and use meat and other traditional center-of-the-plate items as the smaller, accent items.


Home for the Holidays #takehomeyourholidays Ready to serve, take-home desserts are ideal for on-thego customers. Choose from traditional holiday pies or delicious individual desserts. As an additional component to the promotion, incorporate Home for the Holidays desserts into your daily cafĂŠ menu or into your current catering program! Holiday desserts can drive a lot of revenue during the busy catering season. Be sure to incorporate these great seasonal sweets wherever and whenever possible.

GIVE BACK #eurestsupports Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life. The vast majority of the world's hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 percent of the population is undernourished. As the largest foodservice company in the world we have an opportunity to make a difference and through our strategic partnerships to make a difference during the holiday season!

Home for the Holidays #takehomeyourholidays Continue your Home for the Holiday promotion right into December!

Café Takeover #euresttakeover During the slow week between Christmas and New Year’ we want to give our customers an unforgettable experience. Café Takeover is just that! A pop-up concept takes over the café to keep our customers engaged and excited.

Ready to serve, take-home desserts are ideal for on-thego customers. Choose from traditional holiday pies or delicious individual desserts. As an additional component to the promotion, incorporate Home for the Holidays desserts into your daily café menu or into your current catering program! Holiday desserts can drive a lot of revenue during the busy catering season. Be sure to incorporate these great seasonal sweets wherever and whenever possible.


Beverages and snacking

take ownership of your cafÉ's retail experience!

With the right product mix, merchandising and marketing strategy, our beverage and snack programs will drive profitability and customer service in our accounts.


As we continue to focus on innovative solutions that we also know bring success to our business, it‘s essential that we focus on aggressive beverage and snack strategies. The cold beverage and snack category is one of the most profitable categories in the café. Ensuring that we are offering a variety of beverages and portable snack options to help maximize opportunities in your café is sure to lead to even greater profits. To ensure that our operations offer beverages and snacks aligned with consumer buying trends, as well as within contractual agreements with our business partners, we have seven key initiatives to focus on: ENHANCE the customer experience by creating best-in-class retail strategies. DRIVE participation, transitioning non-users to loyal customers, growing cold bottled beverage sales in every account across the U.S. GROW additional same store sales and increase bottled beverage case sales. INNOVATE to expand our innovation platform to effectively offer our customers the right products, in the right place for their business type. COMMUNICATE and streamline the communication process to achieve greater efficiency, educate and knowledge of sector and company initiatives both internally and externally. CREATE excitement for our team and make selling bottled beverages not only an enhanced experience but also one that is ingrained into our culture. PARTNER for continued excellence through business partner relationships, understanding our business and how we can work hand in hand to achieve success.


A Bottled Beverage is So Much More

Even though regular sparkling sodas are still a fierce competitor in the beverage world, there are a lot of new products on the street when it comes to bottled beverages. With energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas in the forefront, we want to make sure we are offering the most innovative items on the market. To ensure we are ahead of the curve we work closely with our business partners, have updated our promotional calendar and participate in the Beverage Void Fill program which reflects our commitment to our beverage strategy.


The Snacking Generation:

Snacking is on the rise and has taken on a new, very important role in our cafés. Traditional dayparts are eroding and consumers are replacing meals with snacks. What some know as an afternoon snack attack may now be a late afternoon meal to others. When we look at the snacks we offer, we have to be more strategic with our options and the selection we offer has to cover a wide range of tastes, wellness criteria, trends and innovation.

Frito Lay Void Fill Program: • offers a balanced mix of products based on current buying trends within two categories: core or fit • captures your audience by featuring high-demand products and brands • ensures compliance to snack contractual agreements

We have two great programs to help our cafés ensure they are able to easily mold into these new snack dayparts by not only offering the most popular consumer snack products, ensuring they are also receiving the newest in snack innovations! The success of the Recharge Snack Program continues to grow and is the direct result of a team-wide commitment to creating operational solutions that drive sales, introduce innovation and place the right products in the right locations for customers. The goal is to grow snack sales by taking advantage of both meal bundling and grab-n-go snacking opportunities while offering new and original snacking options each quarter.


the moment we adapt, create and innovate

Chef’s Tables

Chef’s Tables

Same Store Sales:

Maintaining Innovation to Drive Sales When customers visit on a frequent basis, our cafés can often become “stale” to them and they may start to experience fatigue with our menu offerings. In order to avoid this, we’ve provided the top 10 ways you can continue to capture customer interest – and sales. 1. Combo. Bundle. Upsell. Customers see value and convenience in bundled meals and combos. Try mixing and matching with different bottled beverages and sides for optimum participation. Upsell deli and grill items with our “Upgrade Your Taste” program, which allows customers to create a premium experience by adding bacon or avocado at a minimal price.


2. Be Creative, Innovative and Local Tap into your creative mindset and create a Chef’s Table with a theme: feature local produce or recreate a favorite family dish and share the story with customers or try creating pop up stations that highlight a holiday, specific food theme, or regional specialty. 3. Refresh No matter the scale or money spent, never underestimate a refresh. Transform your café by introducing new brands, replacing the décor, and creating new menu items. Your customers will be sure to notice the difference – and you could see an uplift in sales for up to a year after implementation.

4. Get Customers to Come Back Drive customer participation during non-peak hours by offering bounceback coupons, frequency cards (or our eDine! app), day - specific promotions, and afternoon breaks. 5. Capture Brown Baggers and Non-Users Win over potential customers by comping a free meal, providing bundles and sides for them to complete their brown bag meal or offering samples of popular menu items – you’ll be sure capture their interest! 6. Engage Our People Our people are our number one selling tool. Engage them to be a part of the business by reviewing specials and sales at Pre Service meetings, encouraging them to interact with our customers and listening to their ideas.

Driving Beverage

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“It's essential we stay in step with trends and proactively innovate in order to deliver a memorable dining experience” – Ed Mugnani, Western Division President 7. Price it Right There are many strategies when it comes to pricing. Ensure you are pricing your products correctly by knowing your food/product cost, discovering what the local competition is selling the same or like products for and knowing the national SRP or the suggested retail price of a packaged consumer goods. Review your products and price effectively. 8. Map the Servery Evaluate your servery as a whole and identify opportunities for change by reviewing the real estate, customer flow, menu engineering, add-on sales and profitability.

9. Product Placement Review the six P’s of product placement: product, presentation, positioning, promotion, pricing and place. 10. Seize the Daypart Examine your dayparts (breakfast, lunch, snacking, dinner, catering and beverage) and look for opportunities to increase incremental sales, such as offering brunch between meals or bringing a snack cart to popular afternoon break spots.


23% of pro are b ducts ought impul on se


What Does value mean to our CustoMers? What Is Value?

Value is often defined as the estimated monetary worth of something, which is why many of our customers attribute it to a discount. However, value is also defined as the regard, the importance, worth, or usefulness of something, which would appear as perceived value for our customers. So how can we show our customers we offer value beyond a discount? By defining value and how we should approach it, we learn that value isn’t just about discounting, but value perception, providing premium experiences and much more.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” Warren Buffet


–L – VA U E – – #1 Premium Experience

#3 Free

Customers who seek a premium experience are often looking for a meal that creates a lasting impression. Many times, this can be something wellness-driven or ingredient-focused. Some customers look for customization tools to make their meals uniquely superior.

Price-conscious customers respond to anything that may be free. They see this as an added value.

#2 Discounts

#4 value Perception

A destination for a high-end experience or meal for a great price

Value is based on a price-conscious decision Customers who bring their lunch from home or those who are more price conscious are looking for ‘deals.‘ This includes true discounts, loyalty cards, sampling and giveaways, which encourage them to become frequent users of the café.

Value is perceived based on giveaways to build loyalty

Value is not an actual discount but a perception of a deal as a result of menu engineering Perceived value offers bundled meals tailored to our customers without a discount and is geared toward increasing check averages and making our customers feel that a composed meal was created just for them.

Value Platform Implementation Plan


Dos & Don ts have a quarterly strategy

determine how you’re executing value to ensure that you’re being financially responsible.




offer samples tied to a promotion or product that’s slow moving at least once a week in the café.

utilize a value retail mindset when strategizing for your café.

price as a whole number

price on whole numbers and exclude dollar sign, for example: 8.5 as $8.50


find the “middle”

when looking at different items or packages to buy, have you ever noticed that the middle option is always the “best deal” or the “most popular”? customers often purchase the middle-priced item rather than the highest or lowest one because it feels like they’re getting a better deal, and it’s better quality than the lowest priced option. customers are looking for bargains and value, and that combination can be difficult to come by.

map the café

review the hot and cold spots in your café and understand where your customers browse. use the hot spots to situate your impulse tables.

however don’t discount on your overhead signs. Upselling is key.




offer more than two loyalty cards at a time

be sure to change the cards frequently to drive participation to products you’d like to move in the café. be sure to draw attention to the new offers when you change them out.

think value is just a discount or free

value is also looked at as the premium experience, so make sure to do weekly chef’s tables and create a “fun” experience to drive incremental purchases.

post a limited time offer without an end date

you don’t want customers to be surprised when the promotion is over.

run discounts for too long

unless it’s an everyday value and labeled as such.

go overboard

always consult with your regional marketing manager and/or district manager before implementing any extended value promotions.

play “the price is right”

when deciding on a price for your value promotion, know the cost before you discount.




The Eurest wellness strategy begins with knowing what’s important to your client and understanding what drives your customers’ purchases from a wellness perspective. In addition to your unique client and customer priorities, current research, emerging consumer trends, culinary innovations, marketing techniques and industry insights help create the foundation for a customized wellness approach.

Blue Collar (including call centers and manufacturing) • Convenience and better-for-you options • Ethnic foods are typically thought of as “healthy” • Incentives such as frequency cards and pricing differentials to guide them to the FIT or better-for-you options • Silent health initiatives provide an easy way to make their meals healthier

White Collar • Quality, authenticity and sustainable foods • Menus of Change™ messaging • Customers want to know where their food comes from • FIT meals and promotions • Fresh, unique ingredients to customize meals • Chef’s Tables

Blended • Knowledge of what is in the food and where it comes from, as well as quality • Easy-to-understand nutrition information • Sampling and chef’s tables to experience wellness • Locations may lean more toward the white collar or blue collar groups depending on your customer mix

We provide high visibility to our wellness and sustainability initiatives by creating access to a variety of great-tasting, betterfor-you menu options, a food environment that encourages well-being, providing engagement, education and excitement in our cafés and beyond, and offering incentives to help drive healthy lifestyle behaviors based on these business type trends.

Eurest is committed to partnering with clients’ nutrition, health and wellness initiatives to foster and promote a more healthful workplace. We understand that everyone’s nutritional needs and preferences are different, so through our new Food with Purpose platform, we educate and help customers make choices for a healthier lifestyle based on these wellness trends for specific demographics. New with a launch in spring 2017, Food with Purpose sets the stage to market our great food with wellness and sustainability integrated effortlessly, to drive sales and participation while keeping customers engaged. Food with Purpose is the overarching theme for all of our promotions with a focus on FIT, Superfood Ingredients and Simple Ingredients. FIT A FIT or co-branded icon can be added to all menu items that meet the FIT nutrition criteria, which was developed to be consistent with current dietary recommendations. Superfood Ingredients Superfood Ingredients feature nutrientdense foods that offer additional health benefits ranging from nutrients and vitamins to anti-oxidant properties and more. Incorporating superfood ingredients in a diet helps customers get extra benefits for their calories.

We also have an emphasis on Menus of Change™ which focuses on more whole grains, more fresh produce and less red meat. The Menus of Change™ initiative was formed in 2012 as a Compass partnership with The Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard School of Public Health. FOOD with PURPOSE, for your well-being • FIT recipes that meet the FIT nutrition criteria based on current dietary recommendations • Superfood Ingredients that are nutrient packed foods • Simple Ingredients with an emphasis on sustainability and local procurement guidelines that focus on our high quality and in season ingredients • whole food offerings moving towards eliminating preservatives, additives and artificial colors • certified humane cage-free eggs • yogurt and liquid milk free of artificial rBGH • local, seasonal produce that supports American family farms • poultry produced without the routine use of antibiotics • Imperfectly Delicious Produce that has slight cosmetic imperfections that is perfectly suitable for cooking instead of being left un-harvested in the field or discarded • sustainably sourced seafood • canned skipjack tuna from fisheries that don’t use Fish Aggregating Devices

Simple Ingredients In our research wellness comes up in every focus group session. And it is critical to understand that fresh for many is healthy. Regardless of business type, simple ingredients, sustainability and local are key drivers - the foods they eat must benefit them.


1. The meaning of the calories posted on the menus 2. The recommended daily calories they should be consuming 3. How to balance calories and physical activity

BRANDS and PROMOTIONS With our focus to incorporate wellness into everything we do under our Food with Purpose platform, our brands and promotions have wellness built in. In addition, we have exciting new brands such as Earth Bowl, developed by Chris Ivens-Brown, our Senior Vice President of Culinary Development, that combines superfoods, grains and more to create flavorful, nutrient-dense meals. This program features vegetarian bowls with optional sustainable fish and cage-free egg proteins: all topped with a healthful dressing. It allows for customization and building the perfect meal around preferences, since customers can create their ideal bowl that is good for them and the planet.


CAFÉ SIGNAGE and NUTRITION INFORMATION Coming soon… café menu boards and other signs will have a new look. Core menu items served in the café will soon include calories. Some examples of where you may see calories posted are on menu boards at the grill, deli, salad bar and breakfast station with 11 nutrients available upon request. If you already have calories posted in the café, you will see changes in the signage format due to new FDA regulations. The posting of calories on the menu boards provides a great opportunity to communicate and educate your associates and an opportunity to partner with client wellness teams to educate customers on:

In addition to accessing nutrition information through myfitnesspal, we now have a new partner in the digital wellness space! Lose it! that helps you track your food and exercise, set a daily calorie budget and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your health goals. Eurest menu items are now easily found in the Lose it! database by either barcode scanning or text search. Lose it! also offers premium level customer wellness challenges that you can use to engage your employees and reward them for healthy behaviors. In addition, our Eurest dining websites link to our Balance website with new features that has tools to help people make better choices in our workplace cafés and also suggestions on how to create healthier meals at home through recipes, articles and videos. If you have specific wellness needs, we have a solution for you in our portfolio of many choices!

"Wellness Inspiration" from our Eurest Wellness Division Leaders

“Choose food with purpose and cook to help people live.” Suzanne Landry, National Accounts Wellness Director

“Promoting delicious plant-forward meals on our menus helps our customers add more fruits, veggies and whole grains to their plates, all the while reducing our carbon footprint. It’s a win-win!.” Michelle Sadlowski, Eastern Division Wellness Director “Teaching & engaging our customers thought a variety of wellness-focused strategies while maintaining choice can shift behaviors & make a difference” Jill Woodward, Central Division Wellness Director “Change does not happen overnight, nor do people’s eating habits. Taking on gradual shifts and offering new wellness options has been key to customer buy in.” Amy Lucas, Chevron Accounts Wellness Coordinator “Wellness means something different to every customer. Eurest has many culinary options to meet these needs, while also engaging and providing an educational component to drive healthy behaviors” Shari Mermelstein, Senior Wellness Director


“Onsite Insights allows us to go directly to our customers and identify exactly what they want. Our flexibility permits us to make immediate changes based on their feedback.” - Mike Fiato, Vice President of Customer Experience The Onsite Insights process allows our customers the opportunity to provide honest and valuable feedback about their experience within our cafés. Due to the nature of our business, in many cases we’re able to make necessary changes and deliver results almost immediately. Providing Analytics • Information is sorted by region, age demographic and business type • New accounts can be matched with the right programs to the work demographic • Data from Millennial suggestions used to stay on top of trends Catering Findings and Improvements • Relationship and Personal Touch: Teams work directly with administrators to customize menus, confirm orders and perform call-backs after every function • Menus: Adjusted menus include more wellness and value options, regional favorites, celebrations and rotating seasonal options • Back-of-House Systems: Updated strategy to receive and execute catering to eliminate service failures • Setup: Account-specific training to ensure that catering setups meet customer expectations









9 -11%







catering sales BY 18 - 22%


The moment we deliver what our customers are really asking for

never underestimate the power of a As leaders in the foodservice industry, we need to stay current and on trend. Refreshing our cafés, seating areas and menu offerings show our customers we’re not only invested in the business, but we’re invested in providing a unique culinary experience.

Month 10-12

Month 7-9

Month 4-6

Month 1-3

Refresh sales vs. base sales

Why it’s important to do a refresh: • Sales continue to trend upward even after a year of implementation • Menu engineering will drive profit and margin • Brands draw awareness to new menu items • Customer satisfaction

base line sales For a refresh to be successful, we don’t need to spend a large sum of money. By simply observing what the customer wants and making the necessary changes to the menu, décor, or café space, we’re demonstrating to our customers our commitment to our brand and to our success. It’s really marketing 101 – find out what the customer wants then give it to them in the manner that they would like. – Tom Teves, national accounts Division President 67


It’s Easy to be Green Our industry is facing rapid demand for services that have a meaningful sense of environmental and social responsibility. Study after study consistently reinforces that American consumers are embracing “sustainable” values into their daily lifestyles. The origin of food—how and where it’s produced—should be top of mind for our customers and our clients as they walk into our cafés. We offer a variety of programs so your accounts can customize their own sustainability platforms. Imperfectly Delicious Produce Imperfectly Delicious Produce is a program that utilizes non ‘retail’ Grade A fruits and vegetables that have slight cosmetic or quality imperfections. This produce is typically left un-harvested in the field or discarded but it would be perfectly suitable for cooking. Cosmetically perfect produce is not essential for food service operations. Our chefs slice and dice the produce so flavor and quality are most important. Sustainable Seafood / National Seafood Month Increase awareness of our industry- leading sustainability policies by only featuring approved species on your menus. Through this commitment, we can further the future of our seafood supply, the health of our oceans and the long-term success of our business.


Fair Food The Immokalee region is the heart of the Florida tomato industry which provides 95% FA I R F O O D of all U.S. grown tomatoes eaten by Americans from October to June. Compass Group partnered with the OUR TOMATOES Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to pay an additional 1.5 cents per pound for all the tomatoes they purchase annually in Florida, with 1 cent per pound being passed from the supplier directly to the harvesters. This additional money represents a 64% wage hike for the harvesters who pick the tomatoes that go to Compass Group. are harvested by workers who are paid a premium for their efforts.

Love Food Not Waste This campaign is composed of four key areas of waste related to foodservice: food, water, energy and packaging. Each area addresses ways that our staff and customers can impact the amount of waste they produce by encouraging them to change their behaviors. We encourage our clients to implement each of the four points to drive a change in behavior.

sustainability Carbon Foodprint Our clients have a growing interest in creating a strategic plan for lowering their carbon footprints. Commercial foodservice is a resource-intense operation (on-site and in value chain leading up to and away from it), and we have an opportunity to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions to lower the environmental impact of their food services. This web-based tool allows you to build a step-by-step strategy for lowering the carbon footprint of your foodservice operations. Eat Local Eat Local is a year-long, cross-sector campaign that supports the viability of the mid-sized American family farmer and local communities by promoting local produce and creating awareness of its benefits. Local produce is fresher, tastes better, supports your community and is better for the environment. Menus of Change Compass Group is committed to the health and well-being of our customers and our planet; therefore, we are adopting the Principals of Healthy, Sustainable Menus, developed in partnership by The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard School of Public Health. These principles focus on engineering our menus to create a more sustainable food supply, provide delicious, nutrient-dense meals for our customers and protect and improve the health of our planet.



a whole new network nutrition on your Desktop

Giving our customers and clients the most up to date web portals to connect to us

Thanks to a partnership with myfitnesspal, as well as our proprietary wellness platform Eurest Kitchen, we are able to help our customers make healthy choices every day. The café website has an upgraded nutrition tracking page, linked directly to the daily menu. This makes it easy for customers to plan their meals for the day and week based on the nutritional components most important to them.

When attracting non-users, recruiting new clients and even working with current clients and customers, the place to be is online. Face-to-face communication will always be a paradigm in our business to provide the personal Eurest touch and put a face to our business. However, the fact remains that the average adult spends more than 20 hours online each week, excluding time spent online for work.

Creating a web home for Eurest

Paramount in creating a successful web presence is having a communications hub to tell the story of a company. Our newly updated Eurest USA website does just that; showcasing everything from our leadership team to employment opportunities to the numerous services we provide. The updated design is innovative and easy to navigate, with eye catching graphics and succinct summaries of our culinary, service and technology offerings, as well as giving a peak at the future of Eurest USA.


Keeping Our Cafés up to Tech

In addition to a corporate platform, we have also created a new look and updated capabilities for our individual café websites. Customers could always come to their café website to see the daily menu, but now they can use desktop ordering to have their meal ready in advance, read up on the latest wellness news, follow the café’s social media platforms or see what events are coming up in the café. The new site design also makes it easier for chefs and managers to update and customize the site just for their needs, increasing efficiency and creativity.

We work with national and local wellness teams to make sure our nutritional information is as accurate as possible, and will be making continued updates to always stay in line with any FDA requirements.

Going mobile

One of the most integral updates to both our corporate and café websites is increased mobile friendliness. Our customers are using their phones for everything else in the café, including our frequent buyer app eDine!, and to track calories. Thus, it was a totally natural fit to make our sites more mobile compatible. Now customers can look up breakfast specials on their morning commute, or dream about that afternoon snack with ease!

Staying Social

CafĂŠs can link directly to their social platforms on their website home page, and all Eurest USA social media platforms can now be found on our website as well. This gives a behind the scenes look at our business, puts a face to the associates who work so hard every day, and allows us to showcase best practices in the field.

As a company, we need to stay current not just of technological advancements, but also how our customers react to them. In the end, it’s not technology that defines the market, but the person that uses it. - Tracy Vessillo, Senior Vice President, Gulf States Division


o The Need for Speed of Service o


We can enhance the customer experience and team productivity by having them spend less time in the café and more time enjoying a meal with their colleagues. Our approach incorporates the latest trends and efficiencies to transform the speed of service. • THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE: creates a compelling offering that can be delivered quickly • POP-UP CAFÉS • FAST FARE: provides those who are short on time with a great option and a direct line to checkout • FOOD TRUCK FORMULA: offers meals that are fun and fast with high customer satisfaction

aSSEmBLy vErSuS “COOKED-TO-OrDEr” InDuSTry TrEnDS Chipotle revolutionized quick service restaurants with its focus on “fast assembly.”

Customers truly enjoy our Chef’s Tables, but in many environments, the process takes too long and customers do not have time to wait. We have the opportunity to deliver the fresh and exciting Chef’s Table experience in a much faster format. In addition, an “assembly” format will provide our customers with control over both portion size and price.



Providing customers with full control of content, price and portion size is spreading throughout the retail marketplace. Allowing customers the option to graze, customize and control costs is typically well received. The key is to add new concepts that build off of our current successes and make them even faster. • SOUP WELLS: provides a great opportunity to deliver full meals to our customers • WEIGH AND PAY: allows customers to choose as much or as little as they like • GRAZING: offers multiple options and provides customers with the ability to choose two, three or four options at a fixed price • THEMED SALAD BARS • CUSTOMIZABLE “ON THE GO”


By 2017, the Millennial generation will compromise 51% of the workforce and they have had a powerful influence on how we order, pay and pick up our lunch. • POS BAR CODE READERS: improves speed of service, accuracy and generates data • SELF CHECKOUT: increases throughput at peak hours, as well as improves efficiencies • ORDER PAY KIOSKS: allows customers to order and pay at one stop • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: creates a personal message to our customers • REMOTE ORDERING: eliminates wait times and allows customers to order from their desks

Strategic DayPart Deployment

The diversity of work environments opens the door to creative solutions. Many environments challenge us to have food “always available.” • BREAKFAST ANYTIME: offer breakfast more often in fast, satisfying formats • RECHARGE: provide a solution for the afternoon lull will increase both productivity and satisfaction • BRUNCH: give customers access to food whenever they need it with Circa ‘68 • ALWAYS ON: create café spaces that never close and always offer food • STEALTH OPENINGS: continue to refine and modify the current process

Queuing Solutions

Operational transformations that will increase our day-to-day speed.


• Efficient station setup eliminates both process and physical steps during setting up • 30.7% reduction in meal production time • “Build-to-Order” stations instead of “Made to Order” stations • 50% faster throughput

i"Our customers’ time is valuable and they are looking to us to improve our speed of service so they can make the most of their time. Staying on top of trends in this marketplace will improve our labor costs as well as efficiency" – Mark H. Maloney, Eastern Division President


• Set up and man stations before and during peak business periods • Rotate associates’ responsibilities to avoid “burn out” • Cross-train associates to build a stronger and faster team • Offer “pre-made” sandwiches, salads and sides • 50% faster throughput than “Made-to-Order” • Promote Pop-up station solutions for peak meal periods


• Provide clear signage for customers to eliminate drifting • Offer online and posted menus in advance to assist in decision making • Encourage managers to walk the servery and direct traffic while making recommendations to customers


THE HUMAN The Fear Factor and Technology Many of us can remember when an attendant pumped gas or when you had to go inside the bank to withdraw money. Technology has totally changed the way those interactions take place. In every case, those industries feared that the loss of human contact would cause the solutions to fail, but they did not. We have the ability to embrace and enhance the customer experience in the following areas with new technology.

1. Service Platform

It is easy to overthink your service platform when you add order kiosks. With customer service, simplicity is always best. A change in ordering process leads to a change in service delivery. We must think through the new interactions and how they work to amplify the moments of truth and enhance the customer experience.

2. messaging

The story is key and the truth is that order kiosks empower our customers to speed up transactions and create an environment for our chefs that improves order accuracy and food quality. These are the key messages our team needs to convey to customers.


3. The human Element – moments of Truth

The addition of ambassadors greatly improves customer interaction, as well as removes the stress of process. Ambassadors are not part of the transaction chain like cashiers; they are outside of it, which allows them to focus more on individual interactions. For our chefs, we will focus on the key interaction – providing our customers with a personalized meal made with care. Our managers will need to take an active role and be part of the change process.

4. The moments of Truth – Focus and Train Generating excitement and spreading hospitality A. Ambassador Interactions Greetings, random acts of kindness and creating fun B. Managers Table touching and on the floor behaviors C. Chefs

NEW FOR e2017f

experience it.

We’re pleased to announce that our café websites are receiving a much needed redesign, in order to better align with our company brand.


In addition to this new look, the new website is optimized for mobile viewing, connects to our online recipe database so customers can make better informed dining decisions, and has tabs to announce our café promotions and programs.

wellness & nutritional information


daily & weekly menus catering resources specials & event information VISIT„

As Eurest progresses, so does our brand. Consistency is crucial across all platforms, which is why we’ve streamlined the look of our website to coincide with our new branding.

– Tatianna Emerson, Corporate Marketing Manager Eurest & Eurest Services


Eurest Services is a premier facility services provider, offering leading national Business and Industry organizations a comprehensive range of self-performed and managed services that allow them to focus on their core businesses in an optimal professional environment – an environment maintained by an exceptional, dedicated workforce.

Services We Deliver Business & Office


Materials Management & Logistics/Transport

• Audio Visual

• Janitorial

• Mailroom

• Inventory Management

• Building Service Coordination

• Cleanroom

• Shipping & Receiving

• Material Handling

• Industrial Cleaning

• Asset Tagging

• Shuttle Service

• Conference Room Setups

• Light Maintenance

• Moves/Adds/Changes

• Liquid Nitrogen

• Printing Graphics

Laboratory Services

• Courier Service

• Project Management

• Reception

• Laboratory Support

• Records Management

• Event Planning

• Notebook Management

• Space Planning

• Dry Ice Management

• Signage

• Laboratory Glass Washing

Our Competitive Advantages


• Financial Stability and the ability to deliver economic savings to our clients

• Multiple/Bundled Services Capability

• Large Global Company with Local Flexibility

• Fortune 100 Reference Base and Client Relationships

• Minority Solution: We can provide a Tier One solution through our partner, Thompson Hospitality Services

• Strong Operational Teams at Unit and Regional Levels with a Corporate Support Structure

• Corporate Responsibility and Safety First Culture • Experience In Managing National Accounts

• Management Focused Operating Model, Resourceful in Finding Solutions & Meeting Glide Paths

• Best In Class Safety Culture and Results

• Exceptionally Low Hourly Staff Turnover for the Industry

• CIMS and CIMS-GB with Honors Certifications

“Our strategic vision is to be a premiere provider of “Integrated Soft Services” to the Business & Industry sector. We’ re a unique company that can offer our clients a ‘ one-stop-shop’ for all of their facilities management needs. We’ re building a people culture; one where honesty and integrity guides everything we do.”

– Steve Barnett, Eurest Services President


Upgrade Your Marketing Kits

Today! Our gold and platinum enhanced marketing kits offer different marketing vehicles to excite our customers once they walk into our cafÉs. Through On-site Insights feedback and trend studies, we understand better today how our customers want to be communicated to and the relevant messaging to capture their attention. To opt in, visit MyCompass and follow the instructions given to update your unit!


Be BOLD, come down to the café & show us your Latin spirit



limited time offer!

#EurestFiesta of you & your favorite latin dish! Fiesta de mayo.indd 1


3/10/2016 2:57:23 PM

keting? r a M r u o ing Y crease sales ou Optimiz

Are Y

e known tcousintomers r a s p e t s y s these 9 nead connect with your a

Own your campaigns! Ensure that your entire team is informed on the “who, what, where and when” of every promotion—they're your best sales tool!

Less is more! Just because we have multiple promotions running at once, it doesn't mean that you have to run them all. Choose one or more, but offer only one promotion a day. Don’t overload your customers!

Integrate wellness into at a minimum of two promotions each month. Using social media is the new norm. If you’re not participating, then you need to start! Find a platform that's good for your business and update accordingly. Keep your information limited to the entrance area, and only display what's happening that day. Exit areas should promote catering and tomorrow's featured special. Don’t overload this area with paper clutter. Interruption tables should always sell something. Limit POS to those pertaining specifically to what you're selling. Use marketing kits and directional clips to steer customers to your featured promotion(s). Lengthy reading materials should only be available outside of the café, as handouts or posted to your website to read later—your customers are hungry. Let’s educate them on a full belly!


the Moment

ment mothe

We envision the future of food service to be a holist ic experience where our customers & clients find it easy to live well & thrive.

the moment we adapt, create and innovate

we share the love, the inspiration & the culinary excellence! the moment we

our customersfĂŠs ca and make our n a dest inatio

the mom


we turn ap customer otential into a cu stomer

Eurest 2017 Marketing & Innovation Magazine  
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