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Eurekaweek Testimonials ..................................................

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Dear Future Erasmian


On behalf of the 48th Eurekaweek Board, allow me to welcome you to the week where the very first memories of your life as a student will be made.

Because this is it. This is where it all starts. The parties, the friendships, the new experiences and the memories. At this University that breaths innovation, in Rotterdam with its distinctive character, everything is possible. During the Eurekaweek you will learn that being a student at the EUR entails so much more than just studying.

Over 9 months ago, when we started planning for the Eurekaweek 2020, no one could have predicted the situation we are in now. But something the city of Rotterdam and the EUR will teach you is that a setback is no reason to quit. You get creative and will think of a way to make it happen.

You are about to be part of the most unique Eurekaweek ever. An unforgettable week in which we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Get to know us, but also yourself. Dig in, dive into this new chapter of your life and Discover not just our, but more importantly, your Identity.

Sander Doude van Troostwijk

Chairman of the 48th Eurekaweek Board


To make the Eurekaweek a success, every year a team of senior students is appointed as an employee of Erasmus University Rotterdam: the Eurekaweek board. They are responsible for all aspects of organising the Eurekaweek. This entails for example compiling the programme, applying for permits, classifying the groups, making the program booklet and collaborating with Erasmus University and the Municipality of Rotterdam. They start this project in January and work through the entire summer to make the Eurekaweek a big success.


Meet the board Passp(eur)ts -


"Take the risk or lose the chance"

- Mark Zuckerberg


Identity crisis Discover your identity The theme of the Eurekaweek this year is “Discover (y)our Identity”. The theme emphasizes the quest that the prospective students will undertake. The newstudents are going to study for the first time and arrive in a new city where theydon’t know anyone yet.

The “y” in (y) our identity is deliberately in brackets. In this way, we want to emphasize that students will not only discover and develop their own identity during their student days (your identity), but also the identity of the city of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University (our identity).

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

– Desiderius Erasmus


The game The game combines classic game mechanics from tabletop games, escape rooms, treasure hunts, and alternate reality games to build a unique collective experience.

The game is centred around knowing, defining, criticizing and developing (y)our identity.

In three days, you will face challenges, dares, puzzles and timed objectives. You will have to be brutally honest, vulnerable, witty, and a little manipulative to bring the game to its thrilling conclusion.

Just like the rest of your student days, it won't always be easy. But it will be wildly entertaining and rewarding.

It is the chiefest point of happiness that a man is willing to be what he is

- Desiderius Erasmus


Hello New EUR Students!

Welcome to the page of the best soccer association in Rotterdam and surroundings. We are RSV Antibarbari the student soccer association and if you are looking for a perfect mix between sports and fun, keep on reading!

We are a mixed club with teams for women and men. There are 15 male teams and 5 female teams. The higher teams play serious soccer while still enjoying a drink or two (or more) afterwards. For those who think drinking is a bit more important than playing soccer, there are also enough teams to fill!

Practices are every Tuesday and Thursday with a game on Sunday. Which also includes having dinner after or before practice together with your teammates. These evenings often end with a party and a lot of fun. Last but not least, throughout the entire year different events are organised like ABB Open, a big tournament with hundreds of participants.

So if you are looking for all of this or you just want to play soccer, look no more and pay a visit to RSV Antibarbari during the Eurekaweek. We will host drinks every night with music! We hope to see you there.


Are you looking for an interesting and innovative way to learn more about the world of coding? Jumpstart your career with tech through TSR!

Turing Students Rotterdam is a non-profit organisation that provides practical tech skills for students from non-technical backgrounds. It is part of the biggest network of student tech communities in the world, who are jointly working to change the educational system through tech. On campus, TSR strives to inspire students through educational events, coding and web development bootcamps, workshops and social activities. It creates a complete tech education ecosystem and enables students from all backgrounds to learn hard skills and start their career in the time of this digital revolution.

Check out our website and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! Get ready to disrupt traditions and create new ones with us. 11

FAECTOR is the official school association of Erasmus School of Economics and with over 1900 members we are the largest and most prestigious association for students interested in econometrics worldwide. We enrich the student experience of all econometricians through our three pillars: Social, Education and Career.

We have social events like the famous After Exam Drinks, the City Trip, the Ski Trip, sports tournaments and dinners form a bridge between all our students. During our social activities econometrics students have a lot of fun and at the same time build a network.

We broaden and deepen students’ knowledge and skills related to the field of econometrics. Our Education portfolio consists of projects like the FAECTOR Research Project, the Excellence Programme and several workshops. With these projects we help students develop themselves and excel during their studies.

With our Career pillar we are the stepping stone to the career of our students. At successful events like the Econometric Career Days, the Business Trip, the Quantitative Finance Tour and Find Your Match many of our students meet their future employer each year. These events connect ambitious students with prestigious companies and form the bridge between student life and career.



DISCOVER to terdam

Rotterdam R

Rotterdam has got a lot to offer!

There are plenty of nice cafĂŠs, restaurants and museums to visit.

On the next pages we have collected some nice hotspots for you.


Fenix Food Factory

The Fenix Food Factory is not only a great alliteration, but also a bubbly foodhal where you can do your groceries, drink a beer and have some amazing food.

Nico Koomanskade 1025

picture from Fenix Food Factory


At Weelde you can have breakfast and lunch, but there is also a restaurant, a bar and space to organise an event. Bonus: it has a beautiful garden!

Marconistraat 39

Picture from Aloha


What once used to be the swimming pool Tropicana, is now transformed into the beautiful Aloha Bar. Enjoy slow food and low waste along with a view over the river Maas.

Maasboulevard 102

Picture from Weelde



Bokaal is a city cafe right in the centre of Rotterdam. It is positioned on the lovely square Maagd van Hollandplein. They serve a great variety of beers with yummy finger food as well.

Nieuwemarkt 11

picture from Bokaal


For those who love Latin-American street food, Supermercado is a must. They serve Mexican, Argentinian and Peruvian dishes and the most delicious cocktails.

Bonus: the interior is definitely Instagrammable.

Schiedamsevest 91

picture from Supermercado



Biergarten literally means beer garden. So yes, in this garden you can drink beer! This small paradise is hidden between high buildings in the city centre. A great hotspot for a afternoon drink (and also fun in the evenings).

Schiestraat 18

Mooie Boules

Do you love beer? Do you love a game of jeu de boules?

Say no more!

Mooie Boules got both (and more!).

Picture from Biergarten

Vijverhofstraat 45

picture from Mooie Boules


What to expect? This year, the Eurekaweek is more unique than ever before. Due to COVID-19, the entire program had to be adjusted. However, worry not! Eurekaweek 2020 will still be an amazing way to get acquainted with the various aspects of student life.

For you as a participant, You will be scheduled on 1 physical day in Rotterdam. Either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The exact day we’ll invite you to visit Rotterdam, will be communicated to you as soon as possible. The other three days will be online and these activities will run parallel to the physical program. The International Day on the 16th of August is, unfortunately, cancelled.

Keep an eye on your e-mail and on our social media channels (Facebook & Instagram). All updates on the program will be shared via those platforms.

did you know there is also an Eurekaweek podcast? 17

The physical day will consist of three different parts

An information market on campus Woudestein, to get to know all relevant parties at the university.

A City Game (Identity Crisis - The game) to get to know Rotterdam.

A picnic where the participants have the opportunity to ask their guides about what is studying in Rotterdam is like.

These physical days will take place from 09:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The day will end with a broadcast of our exclusive Eurekaweek talkshow: @Eureka LIVe at 8 p. Participants will watch these broadcasts from their own home.


Physical Programme






O n li n e P la tf o r m In addition to the activities and the city game a part of the program will take place online. Therefore we developed a brand-new digital p l a t f o r m . T h i s w i l l b e t h e p l a c e w e r e y o u fi n d a l l Eurekaweek-related information to prepare yourself for your student life. Also, you can watch the Eurekaweek talk show here and f o l l o w w o r k s h o p s a n d a c t i v i t i e s f r o m d i ff e r e n t a s s o c i a t i o n s a n d p a r t n e r s .

About a week before the start of the Eurekaweek your will receive the link and your personal password to gain access

The E urekaw eek Talksho w T h i s y e a r, t h e r e w i l l b e a d a i l y t a l k s h o w . This talkshow will consist of Eurekaweek based topics and is presented by Dzifa Kusenuh. Each day will feature at least one live, interactive broadcast. In between there will be collaborative video sessions, daily updates and cool guests.


Erasmus Tech Community

Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Things. Big Data.

These technologies, amongst other up-and- rising topics in the tech industry, are at the heart of our discussion. Our mission is to educate the students of Erasmus University about these disruptive changes shaping our society. As a community, we are passionate about learning and understanding these disruptions and finding ways to incorporate them into our lives. We believe that being able to understand the growing importance of technology provides students a competitive advantage. Ultimately, we want to provide students access to technical knowledge to leverage this in their future careers.

We actively collaborate with private sector companies (such as Google, Microsoft & IBM) to organize events and workshops where companies share their expertise in utilizing the latest technologies. Past successes include the Erasmus Tech Summit, DataCon, the Google In-house day, and our rising ETC//Learn series. Furthermore, our recently launched ETC Consulting branch helps tech-focussed companies and entrepreneurs in solving their real business problems by connecting them to the bright talent available at the university. If you want to get involved, join us at our various activities during the Eurekaweek!


RSBV Erasmus Boxing

The RSBV is a boxing association for students, but everyone is welcome. The practice takes place on campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We offer training for all levels of boxers so regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced you are welcome to train with us. Our training mainly focuses on conditioning and technique development.

Moreover, we offer a competition training for people who aspire to be in the ring. Additionally, we organize at least two boxing clinics a year which are hosted by professional boxers.

Apart from training we also like to have fun. Once a month we organize social events for our members such as bowling, dinner or paintball. So, this is definitely the place to meet new people and become invested in a thrilling sport.

Interested? Check us out or sign up under Find us on Instagram (@erasmusboxing) or Facebook (RSBV Erasmus Boxing).


Het Rotterdamsch Studenten Gezelschap is a student association with 450 enthusiastic members. Only Dutch speaking students can sign up at RSG. In the oldest student association building of Rotterdam there is always a lively atmosphere. You can always come by for a drink or to study. Also, RSG knows many traditions that will make your student years unforgettable. Ever y day you will enjoy new experiences!

Why RSG?

One of the distinguishing elements of RSG is that we do not have a hazing, but rather an introductor y period. This consists of a week full of fun activities where your student experience will really take off and you will get to know the association. RSG also distinguishes itself because equality takes centre place. Whether you have been with the association six years or you just became a member: ever yone is equal.

In short: RSG is the start of a fantastic student life where you can, besides your study, fully develop in your personal and social life.

Curious about RSG and want to pay us a visit?

You can contact us via Whatsapp at: +31627244736 or by sending a DM at Instagram: . You can find more information at our website:


Did you know? … that there will be multiple student-, study-, sport- and cultural associations participating during the week?

… that Erasmus himself felt he was a citizen of the world rather than being attached to one place? Sounds like a true Erasmian!

… that the participants of the Eurekaweek come from over eighty different studies?

… that the Erasmus University was the first university to be named after a person?

(This happened in 1972)

Picture: @vedarvisuals


Testimonials What is your best Eurekaweek memory?

The performance of the Rotterdam song at the Night of the Songs. It was constantly raining but no one cared about it anymore!

Do you have a funny Eurekaweek story? One thing I definitely remember from the Eurekaweek when I came to Rotterdam, was when I met a ‘true Rotterdammer’. We were cycling and as we went past him, he yelled ‘Pleurt op Eurekawijven!’ (Roughly translated ‘Fuck off Eurekab*tches!’). So that was a bit intens but mostly funny!

My favorite memory of the Eurekaweek are the parties. After four years, I still reminisce with my Eurekaweek friends about how much fun we all had together. The experience really made an impression on me.



Rotterdam Student Rugby Club: RSRC forms the perfect combination between rugby and student life since 1968. With four teams we have different levels of rugby.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have heavy trainings and afterwards we gather in our own clubhouse with some food and drinks.

This association is the only one in Roterdam that is still single-sex. We are very active, social and traditional.

Every year there are different activities you can participate in: ski-trips, student parties, the DiĂŤs, rugbytrips, beachrugbyfestivals and more. RSRC is one of the most active student rugby assosciations in the Netherlands.

Are you interested? You can visit our Instagram or website for more details.

Do you want to sign up already?

Call Jelle at +31 (0) 6 38 23 20 58 or e-mail to


SKADI Rowing is the most renowned student sport in the Netherlands, and with almost 700 members, Skadi is the largest sports association in Rotterdam. Most students that join Skadi have never rowed before, so almost everyone starts at the same level. Rowing is a sport where you can quickly progress to the elite, with the possibility to accomplish great sporting achievements both nationally and internationally. But even if you don’t have a top s p o r t a m b i t i o n , S k a d i h a s a l o t t o o ff e r ; w h e t h e r b e i n g a c t i v e l y involved in one of the club’s many committees or enjoying weekly d r i n k s a n d p a r t i e s a t o u r b a r .

Come to Skadi during the Eurekaweek to step into a boat for the fi r s t t i m e a n d h a v e a c h a t w i t h o u r c u r r e n t m e m b e r s . Yo u c a n e n j o y a d r i n k o n o u r t e r r a c e , s t a y f o r d i n n e r, a n d c o m e j o i n o n e o f o u r e v e n i n g a c t i v i t i e s !

Have you become enthusiastic about rowing and do you want to stay active during your time as a student? Then Skadi is the place f o r y o u !

Can’t drop by during the Eurekaweek? Send an email to, and we’ll gladly provide you with information about o u r a s s o c i a t i o n !

V i s i t u s a t N o o r d e r k a n a a l w e g 2 0 - 2 2

w w w . s k a d i . n l / l i d w o r d e n

@ k o m r o e i e n b i j s k a d i


Student-for-Students Students-for-Students (S4S) stimulates and facilitates students’ projects which contribute to improving the quality of education for students. S4S is funded by governmental resources, which are freed up by the abolition of the Dutch basic student grant (“basisbeurs�) in 2015, and are now transferred directly to the universities to invest in the improvement of education. By enabling students to contribute to the improvement of their education and supporting them in making their education future-proof, S4S brings these resources back to the students.

S4S offers support so that students can set up their S4S initiatives or further develop existing S4S initiatives. The S4S Support Platform provides the following support:


We offer advice on marketing of your initiative and for the organisation of events. We have easy access to all the marketing channels (e.g. big screen on the Erasmus Plaza, sin-online posts, etc.) on campus and organise several events ourselves throughout the year.

Practical support

As a part of the university we are eligible to book rooms on campus, have easy access to catering options and you are able to use the Education Lab.

Financial support

This could range from covering financial costs of marketing to covering the organisation of a workshop/masterclass.


Did you know? ... that the Erasmus University is home to the first Nobel Prize winner in economic sciences? The prize was won by Jan Tinbergen.

... that last year the Erasmus University had 29.477 enrolled students?

... that the famous Dutch delicacy ‘kapsalon’ originated in Rotterdam?

‌ that the Eurekaweek is the largest event for upcoming students in Rotterdam with about 4000 participants?

31 Picture: @vedarvisuals

Testimonials What is your best Eurekaweek memory?

Seeing so many fellow students going on this adventure.

Do you have a funny Eurekaweek story? One night my phone died and I did not know how to walk home. I asked some random guides I saw on the streets if they maybe lived nearby so that I could charge my phone. I ended up at a very fun houseparty! My guides started dating after the Eurekaweek and are still together (I think).

Did you make friends during the Eurekaweek? During the Eurekaweek I got a good impression of student life in Rotterdam for the first time. Getting to know all the student associations was great. Running into friends I made during the Eurekaweek later on campus was always fun and made me feel right at home.


Hey you,


Are you looking forward to immersing yourself in the world of philosophy? We at ERA Rotterdam provide our members with engaging extracurricular events to enrich your own philosophical understanding, and provide a comfortable environment to have a good time whilst discussing your favourite topics. We achieve this by organizing pub lectures, faculty drinks, debates and much more!

Are you worried about the difficulties of the course materials ahead? Don’t worry, this is absolutely normal and we are here to help. ERA organizes study sessions for almost all courses, provided by experienced and helpful teachers who will guide you through the course material. Furthermore, with our “inter-esse buddsysteem” we are able to match you with a more experienced student to help you out with studying.

And last but not least: We are here to have a good time. Our events are known for their exciting and friendly atmosphere in which you can engage with professors and other teachers on an informal level. On top of all that, you’ll have a lot of fun with your classmates whilst engaging in activities in Rotterdam, and even on an international level on our yearly study trips!

We hope to see you soon!


Become a member of EFR for free now!

EFR offers the cheapest books, supplies summaries for every Bachelor 1 & 2 course and provides activities to get to know the other hundreds of students in your lectures.

Follow EFR on Instagram (@efrerasmus), Facebook (@efrnl) and Linkedin to keep up to date with all the activities EFR organises to bridge the gap between theory and practice!

With over 6000 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. From academic events, to recruitment occasions and social gatherings; we bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Each year, we organise various activities and events for all students of the Erasmus School of Economics, as well as other students of the Erasmus University. Among other things, we offer the cheapest books, provide study support, and organise social events to help students feel at home in Rotterdam. We also help prepare you for the labour market, bring you in touch with your future employer, and enhance your student experience.


Donate The Eurekaweek is for everyone.

For every age, gender, ethnicity and sexuality.

Every student has their own identity and participates in the Eurekaweek with a different purpose. It is important to take these different needs into account. For these reasons the Eurekaweek also supports a charity every year.

This year we support Edukans. A child that learns, is a child with chances.

However, worldwide, 258 million children and youngsters don’t go to school or quit prematurely. Edukans is active in developing countries where it contributes to good quality education, because whatever you learn at school lasts forever!

This autumn a unique project will start to improve education in Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenia and Ghana. 400.000 primary school children will receive a Correctbook; a notebook with reusable pages and pens with erasable ink. 

These notebooks will last throughout primary school, extremely sustainable! With Correctbooks we do not only solve the shortage of teaching materials; it is also a resource to improve teaching. Edukans trains teachers to actively engage children in class by using Correctbooks. As a result, children learn so much more by simply participating. With reusable pages, there are endless possibilities for children to practice, make mistakes and learn.

For only â‚Ź10 you give a child a Correctbook and a pen. Do you want to help us during the Eurekaweek to provide 1.000 children with sustainable teaching materials?

Donate by scanning this QR code with your camera


Invest. Connect. Exceed.

Dear participant of this year’s Eurekaweek, we would like to welcome you to B&R Beurs Investment Society!

Our society introduces students to the financial world in three ways, through education, career workshops and social networking. Throughout the year, we host academies on different subjects, hosted by experienced members or professionals, all related to helping you understand every aspect of investing. After these academies you can put your knowledge to the test by taking the Investor Exam. With this knowledge (or without) you can join an investment group and put it to practice!

Learning to invest can be an exciting experience and hopefully earn you some extra cash. The financial world however is much larger than investing alone. That’s why B&R Beurs also hosts events such as company dinners and in-house days with our partners to help students to get to know multiple companies and jumpstart their career. Of course, our society is not only about finance and investing but also about making new friends and making connections that will last for life. We hope to see you at one of our introduction drinks in September and we wish you a great time during the Eurekaweek!


Hello everybody! We are R.S.T.V Passing Shot and we offer you the best combination of tennis and social activities. Both are a great way to meet new people during your student life and make the best out of your time in Rotterdam!

At Passing Shot, we offer the opportunity to play competition, have affordable training sessions and you are always able to use the courts if you want to play with friends. Furthermore, Passing Shot hosts a bunch of social activities, such as occasional social drinks (guaranteed for escalation) and visiting tournaments such as Roland Garros and ABN Amro Tournament. Moreover, there are many committees which you could join to contribute to the club and are fun to join.

If you have any questions, please stop by our stand during the Sport & Play event or simply join our night programs at Tennis Park Kralingen.

To all new students, we would like to wish you the best Eurekaweek possible and we hope to see you as a new member of our great club!

Become a member of


Hopefully you enjoyed reading our magazine! We wish you the best of luck in your studies and hope the Eurekaweek will be a great memory to take with you.

Debora de Ligt

Kelly Irvine

Content editor

Content editor

Daniel Osorno van Wissen


Julia Bramer

Art Director



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