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t’s Spring again! And one of the great things about Spring is that it offers so many wonderful opportunities for getting outdoors and enjoying a variety of activities. And not just for people without disabilities. For everyone. If you don’t already know it, I’m here to tell you that there are all kinds of sports and recreational activities available for amputees. Some of you will want to and be able to participate in activities that are designed mainly for able-bodied people. Others will want to participate in activities that are designed especially for amputees. Either way, I encourage you to get out and have fun this year while, at the same time, being physically active for your health. If you’re looking for a sport or recreational activity to participate in, visit http:// There’s pretty much something for everyone there. Other activities are mentioned in this issue of Amp It Up! in our ads and on our Upcoming Events calendar (page 24). If you think you can’t participate in sports and recreation because of your amputation or prosthesis, be sure to check out Bob Radocy’s article about adaptive devices on pages 14-17. Bob’s company and a variety of other companies offer prosthetic solutions for amputees who want to participate in sports and recreation. Some amputees also participate in wheelchairs, and others, like the soccer players we wrote about in our premiere issue, participate on crutches. We understand that prosthetic devices for participating in sports and recreation can be costly and might not be covered by insurance. However, there are several organizations that might be of assistance. Go back to page 16 of our first issue of

Amp It Up! ( and read “Tools for living: Prosthetic devices help amputees ‘Amp It Up,’” by Kevin M. Carroll, MS, CP. On page 19 of that issue, there is also a list of funding resources for prosthetic devices. Whatever you do, don’t believe the myth that now that you are an amputee you can’t participate in sports and recreation. You can - if you really want to. Enjoy your spring and summer. Participating in sports and recreation is also a great way to meet new amputee friends and enhance your social network.

Rick Bowers


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Amp It Up! Vol. 2 Issue 2  

The Health & Lifestyle Magazine for Amputees Who Want to Live More Fully

Amp It Up! Vol. 2 Issue 2  

The Health & Lifestyle Magazine for Amputees Who Want to Live More Fully